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Welcome to the Vortex.  The next 72 hours are Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Vibe – the Moon in Aquarius conjunct asteroid Magdalena opposite the Sun, Mars and asteroid Circe – the Sorceress.

See your Horoscopes for a proper Sign/Rising Sign take on this other-worldly astral vibe and/or the Daily Mystic email for Monday in regards to strategy.

But broad themes include awareness of strong polarity between ‘outsider’ female energy, resurgence of the Divine Feminine (Wonder Woman, Atomic Blonde, the women of Game Of Thrones) and the desire for vestal/hermit space to do one’s thing with the urge to merge, to be SEEN and receive tribal validation.

The Circe influence makes it fantastic for artistry, potions, cures, scheming and intricately reworking the fabric of your everyday. The Aquarius energy is high-order objectivity. The Full Moon Eclipse crap potential would come from any attempt to force through a whim or a gesture in the cause of short term aggrandizement.  Don’t go impeaching yourself, leave that to the full blown narcissists who are also going to be feeling, unfortunately, inspired into innovations.

Stick to your sorcery – remember this; ‘every sorceress is a pragmatist at heart.’ *

Men; substitute shaman, sorcerer, whatever you want.

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67 thoughts on “Sorcery & Narcissists – Happy Lunar Eclipse

  1. On Saturday night/Sunday morning, a guy that my best friend had tried to set me up with last year when my bf and I broke up for a bit…he murdered the girl he had been dating. She broke up with him. He stalked and harassed her for weeks. His efforts became more and more desperate. Then, he deleted and blocked everyone from his job (where he knows my friend from), including myself. He obtained a gun, and bullets, and borrowed a car from his roommate. He drove to this girls apartment complex downt he road from me. Waitied inside the car in her parking garage for her to return home that night. He shot 12-14 bullets at her. Hitting everything in the garage. He only grazed her. She ran for the door to get inside and couldn’t get the key in the door fast enough. And then he shot and killed her.

    The police station was 1500 feet away. The heard the gun shots and ran over. He was still there, but began to run. They chased him for a bit. He crossed into the next town and ran into the woods. When he realized he couldn’t get away, he killed himself.

    They keep calling it a murder-suicide. If it was a murder-suicide that he planned, he would’ve shot her and then immediately shot himself. He didn’t do that. He ran. He took another persons car. I am certain he was going to return to his life, had he gotten away, and pretended like he had no idea what happened to her. It effing terrifies me. And I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all I’ve thought about all week.

    I only spoke to him on social media. He was super funny and he was very handsome and educated and accomplished with money. I didn’t go out with him because my friend showed me these photos of him. Handsome in all of them. …but then I saw a group photo from his work. 20-25 people all together for a group shot. Everyone laughing and smiling. …he was in the back center. Not as close to everyone as they were to each other. He was kind of slunked down…he was the only one not smiling (even tho he was very charming and affable and funny normally). He looked …well, creepy. I got a weird vibe and passed. …I don’t know what to think. I’ve just been in such shock all week long.

    • That poor woman. The fear she must’ve felt. You must feel like your whole being has been invaded by that one tragic event.

      Good thing you intuited that photo.

    • Wow so disturbing, I am so sorry to hear this. Your hair must be standing on end.. just wonderful you have such great instincts and know that all that glisters is not gold. This tragedy will have ramifications for everyone around you who knew him and also the gorgeous girl he murdered. Hope you are feeling better soon Star.

  2. Today is my last day at the office, then I am on holidays for 2 and half weeks.
    So glad this FM was in my 6th house and allowed me to do one final “detached” rush, if that ever exists 😀
    Also I found the perfect balance doing 30 mins of Mindfulness and 30 mins of physical training every morning.
    Did I say I loved this Aqua Moon? <3

  3. Outsider energy indeed! Not sure of my place within a tribe, just want to be myself around people that get it + honestly yes a bit of acknowledgement career wise would be nice.

    Sitting with it instead of running away from it, which is a shift while remembering that “this too shall pass.”

    I’ve got Mercury at 14 degrees Taurus – zing! (Sigh)

  4. Thank you Mystic for the unbelievably helpful Horoscopes! *praying hands emoji*

    I just became a subscriber after being a fan of the site for a couple of years. I’ve already learned so much and made big changes and realizations in my life! And I laughed out loud when I checked out my boyfriend’s scope for his ascendant Gemini. You warned from trusting juicy money/biz situs in the hands of a ‘High Functioning Flake’. I’ve had intentions to propose a business deal to him but ‘High Functioning Flake’ (multiple mutable hello!) hit a bit too close home so I think I’m gonna let him handle his business by himself… Thanks haha xx

  5. Well, the eclipse happened on my kiddo’s asc/desc which is exactly flipped from my progressed chart asc/desc (I’d love to know what that’s about). And the upcoming solar eclipse happens 2 degrees off my natal Sun. One thing astrology has taught me is that I have no control and that wait and see and trust that I’ll survive are about the best options I have.

    I got painfully inflamed from bad food/drink choices over the weekend. So my eclipse day was spent managing pain and getting acupuncture. I felt like I was processing the pain/emotional bodies of several of my ancestors—ones who died in coal mine collapses and the unprocessed emotions of my mother or all my motherline.

    There are certainly amazing things that could come from this wormhole time. But I also worry about my health. And my mom’s–her house is near the totality line. I’ll take what comes however it reveals. No choice but in how I respond.

    • Made my knees really hurt! Very unusual for me! And yes felt lots of ancestral mother stuff too…o Chiron on my ic

    • Interesting you mention Chiron, he’s in my 4th house right now. Will have my return in about a year. So, still yet even more going on in my abundant astro basket.

  6. Truly do not know what to expect. In general, I dislike lunar eclipses and the energy that comes with. Scorp Sun, Leo rising, Cancer moon. Wouldn’t even begin to know how to figure out where this is happening in my chart for me. Horoscopes generally mentioning some sort of family weirdness/upheaval (which I can see the potential for, but really it’s not a thing at the forefront of my mind). Aquarius neighbor suddenly evicted yesterday. My office is flooded, no idea when we’ll be able to work there. Mostly though, I’m just really pissy. At everyone, about everything. What I want to do is much more “HULK SMASH” than any sort of detachment. What I’m really feeling like doing is calling out/clarifying all manner of bullshit. Terrible idea and one to resist? Anyone else feeling this way?

    • the moon went over my natal mars a bit after the eclipse. phwoar. i just made myself stay offline. whatever i have to say, if it’s important, it can wait until my hands are away from the big red “FIRE MISSILE ONE” button and i’m out of the situation room after the briefing.

      • Ha. A good rule, no doubt. I was unable to resist pointing out that a quarterly booty call full of promises of love and forever, etc, followed by 2-3 months of utter detachment and silence, cannot, as the gentleman involved would like, really be excused with “I’m a Taoist.” Other than that, though, I’ve held back.

        • Highlighting the shortcomings of that alleged Taoist approach to relating is not unreasonable. I’m probably mixing my belief systems here, but a reminder that (poor) form and emptiness are the same thing was no doubt reasonable..

        • Maybe it’s a Venus thing. 2-3 months sounds like Venus hitting a square, opposite, conjunction to something etc

  7. It was on my Ic/ mc axis exactly, sun in Leo conjunct midheaven conjunct natal Pluto. Ic Aquarius moon conjunct natal chiron. I was trying to focus on my intentions and my dreams that have been somewhat neglected, expending too much energy on helping with grandson..they came round and my Scorpio daughter ( sun conjunct pluto) took offence that my son had offered to help buy my flat and went off in a mood claiming she is left out of everything. As a Taurus don’t quite get it…she has no money to contribute is doing an m a . Left me feeling upset/annoyed/perplexed and found it taking too much headspace! Vampire like energy! New altar. Powered crystals in moonlight last night now I just feel flat, fed up. Want to walk in the woods but there’s about to be a thunderstorm. I am glad I see a lot of my adult children but am sick of dealing with moans about stuff that happened almost 20 years ago! Going to bake lammas bread and take flower essences. Sheesh;.

    • Scorpy daughter is poss feeling also concerned about you and maybe wants to contribute, support, but frustrated that she can’t in material ways? Btw I am projecting like mad here but an idea anyway

      • Thanks that had crossed my mind. I think she’s annoyed as she done well managing money up until last month. She’s very self critical. Massive stellum in 2nd house sag

        • Ah, yeah. I have 2 (male) friends , fire signs, with 2nd house fire stelliums. They could pass for taureans. Quite security (cash flow) oriented. It’s a nice energy mix actually, imho

  8. I was hoping for one kind of “sudden reversal” from Uranus rx (to help a cause), but got another one (hurts the cause). :/ Eclipse has been tiring… Affected two people in my household’s Moon and Mars. Felt a rather eerie vibe outside last night. I’m not really sure what to think yet. Drew cards for it yesterday and got all cups- 4, ace, queen.

  9. My hands literally have been sorta electro-shocked while i was washing my hands during the eclipse!!! I am not even kidding! Apparently the faucet was messed up cuz of the washing machine nearby. I couldn’t help but think AQUARIUS! ELECTRICITY!

    • And because of that “aquarius electricity” combo and the FM is lasting for 3 days, I would call a handy man of some sort and have that faucet / washing machine proximity all checked out. 😉

  10. Oh I didn’t know my girls were in the mix too. This is really special.
    quintiles and noviles and yod’s oh my.

    Off to see the wizardress.

  11. Traveled cross border en famille and returned pre-FM. Skirted skirmishes between younger clan women- sibs and stayed haute. Hit museum upon return to recharge 12th H and recover from 24/7 convo-company.

    Craving silence of art and color then read about Aziz Ansari on media fast- and deleted FB and twitter apps.

    Airbnb home vibe was ideal match to my Kobdo vision- which I lacked.

    Cross gen tiff with Saggo Moon eldest- I remembered grandfather’s adage, “Don’t get in a spitting match with a skunk.” I ceded ground- he apologized. He had huffily accused me of being only a second wave feminist. I had protested inartful and vulgar scene on a show. Yes, so Libran but still- my house…

    Mind the Muggles and mind the gap!


  12. Turn away from the world completely each day upon rising. Meditate and discover the witness, the pure Self as consciousness devoid of identifying with passing thoughts.

  13. Aqua Venus on IC just been through some dramatic shizz with some peeps who have had previously buried that shizz, and while I hate to use the “them against us” mentality, they are Muggles in the sense that they usually self-examine without empathy, though they may be seen as sweet or mild or whatnot. One a Virgo (no other birth deets, so I’m aware i have a broad brushstroke and pay it no astro mind); another an Aqua with behaviours others have described to me as a disorder (again, i looked up the behaviours and can pay that armchair diag no mind, but only see it as personality I am not completely privy to understanding without astro).

    I am love???? I’m trying to blend and balance a real insight into the dark shit others don’t get to see of those two (unconnected people) with the dark shit i have seen of myself in recent …well, it’s been super crap i cannot lie… astro times.

    Borders and boundaries are really fortified by my Mars contacts: Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury (all squared or opposed) but it feels more like the calm battle strategy of battles within a greater war.

    Also I’m Leo MC, so am using the dark shit that came up to effect more appreciative strategies, genuine, rather than isolating myself. But that only works because I isolated myself earlier to get prep done, and it’s during those times I was attacked or questioned.

    I’m also Aqua NN so i can only hope that my previously unappreciated isolation bears fruit in the now, when it benefits all. Even though it will probably be seen as Leo MC, oh something to do with leadership or pride, or some such.

  14. Warning: Serious Issue about to be Broached.

    This Moon is Xact opp my 15*Leo Uran cj 19* Merc; 17* 2/8 House cusp. Money issues are big big big. l am agog at the machinations. I am aiming at Eclipse for a resolution.

  15. Mystic, your “unfortunately” popping into the last sentence has me smiling, frowning and mentally high-fiving, if i would even do that mentally, and imagining you don’t either, but you get the drift.

    Taken as a sharp bit of Merc in Aries subtle slice, and loving the affirmation of what i am seeing around me.

  16. Did some admin stuff (FM i Acqua is in 6th house) and today I am going to the bank.
    I am also having my pets vaccinated for the summer. Health wise, I have also installed a fitness routine and try to get a bit more sleep: it has been hot has hell (38°C) and I have been very tired lately due to the sleep deprivation.

    Enjoying the cool detached Acqua vibe but that’s pretty much it for this FM.

    • Actually, last night I went out to look at the moon,it was beautiful BTW, and this before I knew it would be at my exact birth degrees. I did feel that it ‘spoke to me’ in a comforting way….maybe a healing way….hard to put into words. Sometimes these things are transmitted on a cellular level.

    • I have my true node 14 degrees in Aqua, in 12th house, moon in aqu, Mars in Aqua and Leo in 14 degrees.. I watch and wait too..

      • Thanks. Hope it’s really positive for both of you. 12thouse is such an unknown. I think the old adage form = function is very Aqua right now. I work in the design field. But it just feels like clever reduction of information and ideas to the point of manipulation where ever I look. But then I’ve been sick for several days with a cold after an epic job interview.. I never get colds.. Bloodily 12th house.. groan..

    • Holy shit 15 degrees 12th house Aqua here too. Have no idea what shit im walking into at work tomorrow. This eclipse is freaking me out! Hope it works for you x

  17. I’m feeling completely electrified right now, and it feels great and terrifying, but I’m feeling a sense of humor, too, so that’s taking the edge off. I did connect with my garden community today, so that felt grounding.

    I’m 11 degrees Aqua Sun, so this full moon is pretty close to me, there.. The new moon eclipse on the 21st will ping off my 29 degree Aqua Mercury..

    I’m charging my crystals (something I usually forget to do) and I wrote out some intentions last night. I also found, serendipitously, as I was doing a desk clear-out, intentions I wrote for the September 2015 eclipses. I re-read them, and then tore the page into strips and recycled the paper. That set of eclipses was gnarly for me and it was great to finally get rid of that energy. I realize I’ve got a lot of stuff like that lying around, papers, notes, that I never threw away, that I really need to. Never meant to keep this stuff, it just gets buried and forgotten about, but that’s definitely not good feng shui! Stuff on paper is my downfall, there. I’m so minimalist and so good at throwing away all other sorts of stuff.. it’s like I want to make sure not to forget things, so I write it down…. The good thing about finding these past eclipse writings was that I saw how much I’ve grown and gotten stronger and more insight since then so, in the end, it was a great find, but again, so glad to get rid of it, too!

    • Oh, and I love that the eclipse is at 11:11AM tomorrow here in California! I’m an 11:11 person, so that timing makes it feel all the more special. I experience 11:11 as supportive energy.

    • I’ve got a feeling that you have, as an Aqua, a lot of charge right now.

      Almost physical. Well, it will be physical, through metaphysical.

      Channel well. Here’s a prayer and blessing for it! xx

  18. I’m deffo feeling the aqua tribe vibe

    and the need/benefits of detachment!

    bring on the Circean wiles…

  19. Oh to being a sweet, loving, altruistic fool to being played by a proud man’s ego and his patriarchal led and loyal female tribe…

    I am having a growing up moment, particularly painful, maybe I wasn’t anything more than a child, or a score point to someone too powerful, and in charge, to know real truth…

    Except that I was always in exile anyway.

  20. Hi Mystic,

    Just curious to know your take on eclipses concealing things? I thought eclipses revealed the truth.

  21. ‘Outsider’. I used this very term to describe myself a few days ago.

    I have been putting off talking to a reporter who has been trying to ferret out the “truth” about decades of a hostile, sexist climate and rampant sexual harassment at the Uni I attended years ago. Apparently, my name came up several times, as others thought I might be able to shed light on the general atmosphere towards female students, having been there for 8+ years.

    My natal Saturn rests squarely on my MC, between Aquarius-ruled 9th & Pisces-ruled 10th. I have natal Lilith in Big Mouth Saggo 7th, where we all know Saturn is tr.

    If the powers-that-be happen to discover that it is me airing their dirty laundry, the fallout could be tremendous. These are men of ego, influence.

    What to do? Tell the truth and wait for the other shoe to drop? Or let sleeping dogs lie to self-protect, knowing that that option has conscience costs.

    Sorry for all the idiomatics. Just wanted to get ‘er done.

    • Just be aware that the media aren’t normally looking for the ‘truth’, they are looking for a story that will get close to the front page. Don’t expect them to be sensitive to your needs or sensitive to the actual facts. In my experience they normally miss the point and often hurt those most vulnerable.
      If you have information that will assist in making things better in the future then the media won’t be interested, if the information you have has the potential to harm anyone then report the matter to the proper authorities.
      Remember the media in this country has a political axe to grind and if your not on the same side as there owners then you could end up punching yourself in the face.

      • Yes, find a staunch supporter, legally. Pay them. Do what you need to do. If your info is worthy but not handled well, you can always find another media outlet who will do as you ask. But you have to know what to ask.

    • Omg! I just finished reading Helen Garner’s The First Stone. It’s raises some really interesting questions about sex and power. It surrounds the Ormond College sexual harassment scandal in 1992. It’s fascinating!

      Have you read it Triple L?

    • Some wise words up above, mine may not be among them.
      Personally, my ethos would be? Fuq their fuqing egos and their influence. Make this a successful guerilla skirmish in the war against sexist pigs.
      What are the stakes? Personal versus wider circle.
      Is legal advice from a (hard-headed, grounded, feminist, pragmatic) professional an option?
      What is happening in your 12th, 9th, 11th houses? Eris, lilith? Eris as whistleblower risking ostracism and condemnation for speaking or pointing out the truth. Lilith in sadge (!) surely would be champing at the bit to redress this injustice.
      What are your other options for getting the word out.
      Who are your friends here?
      What would these men do?
      How can you out-game them, knowing all the dirty tactics and character assassination that such types might employ to save their skins?
      Irrespective of the media, what do you want to see happen? Do you want heads to roll? See them in court? Firmly plant a question of doubt about their personal and professional integrity in the institution’s mind and that of the student body (but that might be all, if they have sticky fingers in high profile pies)? Switch on the cultural “ugly lights”? Say your piece and to hell with the consequences? How can you mark yourself as beyond reproach?
      Ignore the journalist (journalism and communication: mercury, 3rd house) and find other ways to unpeel the thick, crusty layer of sexist bullshit that infects our institutions? Can you back up your assertions or allegations? Who will support you – or alternatively …throw you under the bus? What’s the journalist’s track record? What’s the worst that could happen?

      I guess I think a lot…

      As DL mentioned reporting to authorities also worth considering.
      If this is in Oz, then the recent report released about safety and harassment on uni campuses is also timely..

      (Thanks b gem for the reminder about that book)

    • There is a wrong time to drop a bomb. You feel that already but as a Sag Moon Rising i have to say it from experience. Naive moi once felt that truth will conquer all.
      Don’t show all of your hand. Your character may be needlessly ripped to shreds down the track; your data may be searched, so insist on protocols.

      Demand your anonymity. It may suffice to give the data collectors an insight into the ramifications for your professional and personal security. They can make that real fear the thing they reveal publicly.

      Also, get some legal advice so that you can quietly and firmly demand that certain protocols be taken to protect your identity etc.

      What you are doing is courageous and important, and therefore you should not take the fall. Ask questions, a lot of them.

    • With Lilith coming back around to conjunct Saturn, there won’t be any question about what you should do, once the time is right. I share your experience with sick men of influence and have kept quiet. Have faith, their days are numbered.

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