Memo From Mars In Leo

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Memo From Mars in Leo – Valid Till September 5.

Defy sub-optimal circumstance. Be non-receptive to negative transmissions. Trophies matter but your opinion of your self is the most valuable of all. Self-Validate. Exfoliate. Floss. Every day. It’s easier to scale back down a grandiose goal than it is to try and energize a feeble one. Reclaim Your Version Of Ultra. Make your bed every morning. Use all of your mind, even the Lizard brain. Start again again. Music is Fuel. Creative Will is a secret super-hormone. Mentor and Role Model to those behind you. Think about the deeper Jungian (Jung = Leo) meaning of how trolls lurk beneath bridges in fairy tales. Run your schedule to Einstein Time. False modesty is toxic. “Shallow” is a moral judgement not a reliable measurement of your depths. Subtlety can be turgid. Take your dreams out of storage. Burn excess for energy. Own your awesome. Eclipse your own dark shadows.


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40 thoughts on “Memo From Mars In Leo

  1. ‘Music is fuel’. Yes! Today I played my guitar for the first time in ages and figured out how to play a song I like by ear. Last night I spent a lot of time singing… The creative side in me is firing up again. It’s raising my vibration up from the ‘ick’ I’ve been living in these last months with my apartment situation, career change, financial woes, etc. I feel strengthened and more optimistic when I have an outlet for creative expression.
    Also, the weekend before that court date, I designed, drew and colored a sign for myself that said ‘this too shall pass and better things will come’…

    • You’re doing Mars in Leo right!

      I love singing… I attend a singalong party every other month, and I always wake up feeling… unburdened, the next day. It’s good for the soul.

  2. I think I need to print this out and read it loud every morning. I’ve had the wrong approach to this Leo vibe. Low Leo all along, my jealousity issues with my triple Leo man eventually made it to the national radio… He got bad rep for his business and I’m just Officially Crazy now. LeoDrama. Sigh.

  3. Haha – love it!

    Proposed addendum: Fight only the battles your heart (not your ego) is truly in, rock your own brand of swagger but avoid self-aggrandizing behavior/“stunting”, and recognize that sporting a natural tan is, in fact, a legit Vitality Elixir.


    Eons ago I once dated a Mars in Leo, Sun in Aries boy (ergo mutual reception) w/ a Sun & Mars trine to boot! Mars in Leo is alright, but it can be a bit “cock of the walk”/pro-wrestling for me sometimes; a tad too much machismo for this Venusian – I much prefer Leo Sun and/or Venus instead.

  4. I saw an observation written about me by a young prac student that said i was pretenious! I think she meant pedantic…bahaaa

  5. Wow, everything you’ve listed here I’ve been doing somehow, instinctively, and none of it is natural to me. I’m Aqua Sun, in the 8th, so all Leo transiting stuff is opposing my Sun from the 2nd house. It’s been really good, though really stretching me, because it’s not natural to me, so painful, but in a positive way.
    I’m remembering a Leo Sun friend of mine saying to me once, probably 20 years ago when I had never, as of then, experienced anything remotely feeling like empowerment and he said ‘reach out and take some of my (Leo) fire’. … god, I can’t believe I’ve made it nearly 50 years in life on virtually no fuel. I’ve only put gas in my engine within the past few years, and even then it’s been touch and go. Amazing grace!

    • Make changes while you can

      I have the same, however mars is transiting the 12th opposite 6th…I feel as if I really am “burnt” out

      vesta is conjunct natal sun (along with a few other asteroids)

      Hell next week sun & moon conjunct regulus are all on my ascendant…mars will be in exact opposition to my sun..

      Only respite is a minor grand trine with mars – Jupiter / saturn aspects to natal south / north node…

  6. Boy is August the loneliest and most echoing month or what.
    Leo is 12th house for me so, except for those years when many planets had already moved to Virgo (rising) or were still in Kataka (11) summer has been very haute 12 with a lonely echo in my chest.

  7. Leo is my 12th where my Venus hides herself so Mars and the Sun are hanging around making trouble

    Am keeping my head down at work Leo difficult person has been threatening me and Leo boss was taking her side and now we both know the Gemini has been fuelling things

    I talk to him in coincidence he talks to the Gemini who then goes straight to the difficult Leo and I cop it and now really FED UP – as in actively looking for a new job

    Eclipse season here I come

    I just need to go on my planned holiday to my actual happy place with my extended family and the POOF what me disappear

  8. Thank you. Leo vibe has been a missing nutrient in my Life to date, it is becoming easier to access lately. Maybe Saturn in Leo Customs Officials have finally relaxed the border / import restrictions.

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