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The Moon in Scorpio is going Void off a square to Mars and crossing asteroids Sappho and Minerva. (See Daily Horoscopes for the exact times in your zone).

The Scorpio-Moon-Mars-Leo square/void is a tad psycho but the poetic involvement of eloquent Sappho and Wisdom Goddess Minerva promises heightened perceptions if you’re not throwing a Moon-Mars tantrum. It’s a ten hour Void.

Any of it you get to sleep through holds dream guidance and once-upon-a-life memories. Yes, it’s also in square to the South Node of the Moon, matrix of previous existences and alternative dimensions. I’m going in with the Reishi.   

This inland Scorpio sea (of the psyche) is also a welcome opportunity to connect back with source and intuition in an astral terrain that is otherwise all Air and Fire at the moment.


Image: Danse De Lune

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39 thoughts on “Your Inland Scorpio Sea

  1. For the part I was awake, I had an intense conversation in which I asked my dad to consider his reasons for being on earth and if he actually wants healing or just to be energetic enough to keep up the act. Not sure where, if anywhere, it’s going, but I said my piece.

  2. My sleep directly aligned with this void. I think my unconscious Scorpy self got more from it after a week of family wedding time. So much fire and air !!!lots of fun and socialness but alone time and quiet processing needed stat

  3. overtaken by a very soft, old, sad memory unexpectedly last night. I guess as the VM was trine my sun, opposing jupiter? it’s always important to let it be felt it as it arrives, i guess.

  4. For me this manifested as a grim migraine for pretty much the duration of the void! Scheiße, as we say in Berlin. Love the illustration & caption tho.

  5. Well me too Awake at 2am again feeling dreadful headachey and just lethargic That lasted all day and no energy for anything and a desperate need for sugar ! I’ve Neptune in Scorpio in my 8th. Maybe I’m a bit hung over from the eclipse which I seemed to glide through without a second glance.

  6. I woke up last night almost exact to the time the moon went void, couldn’t sleep at all

    Managed to get myself into bed at 4 am + slept through the rest of it, had the weirdest dreams but awoke to amazing news of support!

    Downloading Source at rapid speeds

  7. guys…just please pray that my neighbour gives me his cat tomo.
    i looked after it after she turned up out of nowhere because he went away for so long…and then because she kept coning back to me when he was back he shut her in.
    i saw him today and asked after ger and he said he was gonna put her down as she had ‘gone downhill’ and hes going away again.
    i asked to see her and she’s in a dreadful state.
    she’s depressed. she shouldnt be kept in. he shouldnt have cats.
    he says he’ll bring her round at 12 tomo, but im not convinced.
    that gorgeous little cat came twards me and meowed.
    im praying, praying, praying.
    yes, shes old but i can give her a peaceful home.
    how did i get attatched so quickly….oh gush (my sons name for her!)

    • ahhh <3 <3 stay on his case in an awesome way – get under his feet like the cat – knock on his door if you like..? save him the trouble of 'bringing her round' if he's the neglectful type – everyone let's focus on turning this neighbour's mind to cat-donation to lovely Scorpiodawn.

      • awww pi i actually did that ladt nite and used those v words…i went round with a cat carrier, but he wanted to b with her for one last nite.
        anyway, theyve just bought her round, HOORAY,
        i really didnt think they would.
        shes on her last legs…shes managed half a prawn, but i got her back.
        now i m just gonna give her lots of love.
        thanks for all the supportive energy folks, well appreciated x x x
        meow! x

    • A couple of weeks ago a friend mentioned looking after pets for a good friend travelling for treatment of aggressive cancer. That person with the two pups passed last week.

      My friend only mentioned her friend’s passing and not the pets today. Didnt want to ask about pets yet as she has been providing food for the people. She has her own animals and adores them.

      If that can be a counterpoint, consider yourself an angel xxxx

      • thankyou milleunanotte, and thankyou mystic-im guessing you meant the bast photo that came with weds e mail?
        i have been amazed at how much i care for this cat…ive never had a pet since i left home….but shes been soo gd for me and i will get another when she passess.
        it wont b long now for the beautiful girl

        • beautiful girly died tonight, 9pm.
          first time ive witnessed a cat passing over.
          no more suffering, and she died with me and my family.
          v proud of my ten yr old son who carried her body to the garden…i couldnt!
          what a beautiful, delicate thing she was.
          love you gush x x x

            • yes i did, thankyou mystic.
              was amazing to have the chance to say goodbye…i kept looking forlornly out of the window…think i’ll always have a cat now because of her x

  8. Somewhat as an aside, I personally don’t consider this Moon Void until it gets past 27Sco31 as any celestial body in late Water, Earth, or Mutable signs is going to aspect Chiron @ 27Pis31, making VOC Moons in any of the above rather short in duration (5 hrs) at the moment. I so wish algorithms would start taking Ptolemaic aspects to Chiron into account when determining VOC Moons – it’s like the poor fella gets ignored/relegated to “chopped liver” status. I think software developers have just gotten lazy with this – Chiron’s been on the scene since ’77 so I think it’s time to make a push for greater astro-inclusivity. 🙂

    • I actually disagree – the Void Moon is a very old concept and it goes by old-style rules. There is some longer guff on the Astro School about this but short version; i think the classic method stands and that is why i use it.

      • MM, please understand that was not at all a critique of your personal methodology; rather solely intended as an observation about how I don’t feel software is necessarily keeping up w/ variance in individual preferences in certain respects (ergo my mention of it as an aside). For those who would prefer to see greater astro-inclusivity in programs re: asteroids, TNOs, etc. we have to have good calculations to work with and when this is not even an option for consideration, IMO it is something worth (tangentially) mentioning. It’s similar to the way some programs won’t factor VOC planets if the planet in question is retrograde – lots of peeps get frustrated with the limitations of their software regarding these kinds of issues as we can only be as good as our program’s calculations allow, after all. Don’t even get me started about the accuracy (or lack thereof) of certain apps (Time Passages, I’m looking at you).

        In my own humble view, Chiron (or rather, its discovery) turns 40 this October and this is simply too long to keep him seated over at the kids’ table – your mileage happens to vary on this and that’s completely OK, as everybody is different. But by the same token (and I’m not trying to make a convert out of anybody; just following a particular rationale to a natural conclusion) though I understand re: Traditional astrology, I think if we’re being stringent about the application of old-school rules then it would stand to reason that we stick to visible planets and Traditional rulerships while leaving Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto et al off the table; my only point being that I’m of the general philosophy that like everything else astrology evolves over time and developers should consider actively soliciting feedback about particular variances in individual preferences regarding matters such as this. I have a deep respect for Traditional methodologies, but have always questioned and tested everything I’ve encountered along the way to see what works for *me* while making no assumptions this will be subjectively “right” for anyone else. My deepest and sincerest apologies if any offense was taken; none was intended as the observation wasn’t directed at you personally <3

  9. My source and intuition seem to be in an epic battle with…harpies, harridans and hags. All in a bad bad mood, worse than normal. If I can get them to understand that I’m not interested in banishing any of them, maybe I can get some good cackling in and enjoy life, a little.

    Scorpio is my 12th house and home to my Neptune. Can’t say I’ve enjoyed that last 24 hours emotionally. And especially upon waking–all the ugh.

    Putting my Saturn lesson to work re: it isn’t about how you feel, it’s about getting the right things done. Issue is: judging what is the right thing.

  10. When l saw post topic and that I’d be asleep, in the void l thought, Mugwort or Reishi?
    Reishi it is that l brew.
    See you on the Sunnyside.

    • Well. I had mugwort instead. First time. I dreamt l was a traffic controller on a 3D highway. That was weird enough. Then my next dream was that l owned both a restored 48/215 (Holden) & a 4dr 351 XB Falcon. They are quite valuable and l thought l could sell em for a good buck. Then l awoke at 2am for a minute; no cars to sell tho. My sleep was fantastic.

      • Wow as a Water Sign, you make me less afraid of trying it.

        But can you tell me again your 12th house and Neptune influences?

        • 12th is Gem. Mercury cj Uranus on 2nd Cusp.
          My Neptune has 10 Major aspects inc Cj and is Stationary Direct Focal in my T-Sq involving the Sun/Moon oppposition. Funnily enough my dreamscape is rarely remembered. Reishi and, now Mugwort, seem to help with recall of dreams. I am not as Nep as that suggests because Moon, Uranus and Pluto have to have their ‘piece of the pie’

          • Oh, well your 12th is my 6th. We both have Merc-Uranus contacts, but mine are opposed and just make me angry at worst, and are in 5th / 11th so i guess if my dreamtime were harder to get out of or even more surreal than usual, my companions in waking life might suffer.

            That does not suggest Neptune to me, though it seems apt, only because if Neptune is super strong, ingesting things dull the dreams rather than enhance the awareness and crossing over, in both the waking and sleeping (not just one way) consciousness.

            Sounds lovely for you, PF!

            Most grateful for the detail.

      • Mind you, i have to ask, did you enjoy taking them for a pleasurable spin before sale plans? Or did you feel like that a desire to keep them would derail your sail?

  11. Moon on Natal Neptune in my 10th House da da da daaaa! I have been waking up exhausted because I am dreaming loads, but not remembering more that little snippets of a couple. Feels nice to know I am dreaming.

  12. Mystic, it’s how you say things, I am a Moon in Scorpio conj Neptune and inland sea really captures it they all trine my Sun Pluto SN ness

    They square my Martian Sag which trines Venus in Leo….

    Am perma torn at the moment and the sense of being in a tetro time warp between my now and my future is getting stronger

  13. When I get in touch with source lately all I get is loud chuckling and then it hangs up. I’m like, come on guys !

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