Hubris Versus Nemesis

This extract from Signals – by Pippa Malmgren – makes me think of Jupiter and Saturn aspects. It is very much that interplay.

“…the economy begins inside the human soul, driven by the never-ending battle between the Greek goddesses Hubris and Nemesis for possession of our psyche. The ancient Greeks described Hubris as the spirit who lights the fire or desire or greed and compels us to take risks to achieve what the ego desires. The ego wants more: more status, more money, more success, more material possession, more recognition, more knowledge, more confidence. Hubris is a powerful force in the world economy, because to propels individuals and societies to innovate – which is always risky – and thereby generate growth, wealth and G.D.P.


Nemesis is the goddess of retribution, targeting those who indulge in too much hubris. She douses the fire of hubris with doubt and punishes hubris with loss. Nemesis lurks at the edge of every business and every balance sheet and every job. She peers over the shoulder of every risk-taker, threatening to undermine the hope and aspiration of the endeavor. Hubris gives rise to hope and Nemesis gives rise to fear, but both are critical to the proper functioning of the world economy. It is the balancing of the two that permits people to successfully achieve their goals and contribute to a flourishing economy. An excess of either spirit is likely to end in economic catastrophe.”


Jupiter and Saturn Aspects Can Be Seen As Hubris And Nemesis

Can you feel how this is a la Jupiter and Saturn aspects?

Balancing out your Jupiter-Saturn Vibe brings rapid results. If you’re born with these two in friendly aspect, you’re astrologically advantaged.

You could also argue that Jupiter is hedonistic and Saturn is more stoic by nature. With Pisces – ruled by Jupiter and Neptune – there is a jovial type and there is a more Neptunian type. Aquarius tends to turn up in Saturnine mode or as full-blown Uranians.

The Jupiter and Saturn aspect that’s most significant is the conjunction. Occurring every 20 years, it’s the basis of the Feng Shui Ages and portends new eras of leadership.

Image: Peggy Sirota

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I have Jupiter (conjunt Neptune) in Sag in my 3rd in 2 deg direct to Saturn (conjunct Pallas) in gemini in my 9th
Above describes my life – keeping the two in constant balancing act.
Keeps my 1st Libra stellium busy I guess!

Mistress of Mirrors

I have no particular aspects between Saturn and Jupiter but I have Saturn in Aquarius in my 2nd house and Jupiter in Libra in my 8th house sextile my Leo sun in 7th. So there is definitely a certain opposition, which Jupiter tends to win as I’m also triple conjunct Sagg. But Saturn in Saggitarius has been a hard school for me, especially around 2nd house themes and my Jupiter Hubris happy go lucky has been introduced to some stone hard BOUNDARIES. I hope my Saturn return in few years won’t be as hard because of all this Saturnine action… Read more »

Sally Wilde

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in the 8th in Capricorn square a Mars/Mercury conjunction in the 5th in Libra. My life has been characterized by feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and feeling like I need to earn the right to my next breath. Saturn crushes my spirit. Then Jupiter looks around from his place on the couch, where he’s drinking and eating chips and says, “eh, might as well keep on, blah blah, hope’s absurd, death comes to all, but what’s the alternative,” and Mercury and Mars say “yeah fuq you Saturn” and I say something or write something and another day begins.… Read more »


You might recall my Hubris driven, Nemesis impacted comments on the Strangler Vine threads. Just as i am seeking inner and divine wisdom to lift up my approach and energy ( with a blast from Merc Retro to rocket fuel my digital organisation – yes, my personal hardware fried suddenly – yes, im trying to job apply), i looked up to see a RAINBOW. Sphinx, that prism metaphor. I just felt at the time it was going to be meaningful thru the eclipse-retro business. Thank you so so much. You’re like the psych healer-reader i’ve been seeking. Profound appreciation for… Read more »


Hmmmm, I read this as a bit like a marketing spin on a faulty concept. Hubris and nemesis are the tools of Jupiter and Saturn, that’s how they run the economy, run us. There are better ways. If the central foundations of any system are guided by ego and greed then they are limited and essentially faulty. People and systems can be effective without either.


Would this apply to Jupiter in Capricorn? I have sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorp. I’m an Astro novice but from what I’m learning Cap and Scorpio seem to be complementary energies?

dark star

I love thinking about this stuff …pondered sat v jup after reading mm’s article you are you strongest conjunction(s). Neptune Saturn conj in 3h cap; mars Jupiter Conj in 7h Taurus. No aspect between these. So I guess I need a solid plan for my art and dreaming /communicating and to just let the action / business partners/ lovers roll in with luck?

I am glad the conjunctions aren’t square or I would probably be stunt driving Maseratis off of cliffs into a pile of space dust intensity.


Cafe Astro says Saturn in the 1st House is about putting others ahead of the self, keeping self in check. Then that it is in Cancer, so maybe about nurturing/protection, so I think in that my Saturn is trine with my Jupiter in the 9th in Pisces probably could be a ‘martyr’ kind of placement. Except that being in trine, it’s almost like, it’s not an issue emotionally, it’s ok if that is the way. In fact, I would see it more that not serving others would be painful and mean depression has set it’s claws in, because Jupiter needs… Read more »

dark star

I see it as serving/ being a welcoming presence/inspiring others especially your “tribe” but having good boundaries with your energy


I like your interpretation better! Xx


Worlds to ponder. I love this, and as a slightly manic/depressive (luckily very slight tendency) I see hubris and nemesis in my own psyche… thanks Myst


soz to be off topic, will check my Jupiter Saturn & come back 😀


Jupiter in 1st house taurus conjunct part of fortune, saturn in 11th pisces ??


Wow. this is amazingly relevant: Saturn in 11th house With Saturn in your eleventh house, your goals and objectives can only be attained through hard work and persistence. But persevere, for “Saturn delays but does not deny.” It has been said that you have to earn everything with this placement of Saturn, but if this is done the rewards will be great, and life just gets better as it goes on. You seek older friends; but use discrimination in your choices, for the wrong ones will cause great trouble. Although you know many people few are really close to you,… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is deep and so true…must ponder on this


I have five planets in Sagittarius including Uranus and I have Jupiter in Aquarius. I feel like it’s a pretty sweet mutual reception.

Uranus and Jupiter are sextile. 17 degrees Sag and 15 degrees Aquarius.


I have a Jupiter-Saturn quincunx. Both make several other aspects, but I’ve never really felt (or perhaps I mean understood) Jupiter in my chart. I definitely feel Saturn. That said, I’ve never thought about Jupiter as the hedonist, so I will ponder that in the morning when sober!


I have them both quincunx too. I’m Jupiter / mercury ruled, as Jupiter in Virgo, early degrees/ regulus – is 12th house conjunction asc. Yet Saturn sits in mars ruled Aries on cusp 7/8th, and is fairly gritty, but I think it’s hard/ tough going…

Stoicism…some kind of exacting mission?


My natal Saturn (Aquarius/1st house) does not aspect my natal jupiter (Scorpio/9th house) but until recently, I’ve alternated between being detached and feeling everything (moon conjunct mars in over-the-top Sagittarius also adds to the latter). Just now I’m getting the balance and exercising the ability to detach enough not to drown in my feelings but not so much that I act too alien. A cool exercise to do is tracking your Jupiter and Saturn transits and evaluating them to see how to work them in a complementary way, e.g., identifying what lessons/limitations Saturn in libra (2009-2012) brought and how those… Read more »


Tangentially, I just want to say that I particularly appreciate that last tidbit – these days the world seems so Modern Astrology-centric that peeps do tend to forget about or outright disregard Traditional assignments. So I love seeing astro-PSA reminders about old-school rulerships because I feel they are important to consider for a more complete view. This is especially apparent in the case of our Aquas – Hickey said there were 2 types of Aquarians (the ones dominated by Saturn and the ones dominated by Uranus) and she was right. They are quite different in disposition and to understand which… Read more »


Hmmmmm, I’ve got a saturn jupiter trine. cap saturn 0 degrees(exact conjunction to uranus), but both are one degree behind my Cap Asc so in 12th house Sag (conunjunct Mars) Jupiter trines from late degrees of Aries, in my 3rd house. I can’t say I can fully articulate how these energies play out, but even if I were to try going to far in either direction the opposite brings me right back relatively quickly (and often in the past painfully because I wasn’t at all aware of the patterns.) If I get to down and inert (Sat) even dig my… Read more »


interesting idea about mars w/ moon named phobia. did not know / remember that. warrior and fear. thank you Rubent


I have a natal Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. I’ve always wondered what it meant and yes, “the never-ending battle” between work and play, casual and serious, ant and grasshopper, feels like a constant fight to the death at the core of my being


Regarding Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions, it’s always good to bear in mind that one of the two will still tend to dominate to tip the balance in its favor. For example, all other things being equal the conjunctions in ‘61 & ‘81 generally featured Saturn as the Alpha Dawg since they took place in the signs of Capricorn (where Saturn has rulership) and Libra (where he has exaltation). This can certainly be offset by other factors in the chart, but I think when dealing w/ planets who are natural opposites or when there’s a dual rulership scenario going on it’s definitely worth… Read more »


Hm, this is interesting. I have the asteroid Nemesis opposite my Jupiter exact.


Re: the last sentence, I tend to use the Saturnine end of my Aqua rising as a sort of Stealth Mode for interacting with Muggles. Helpful when you work in a field as aesthetically conservative as medicine. I almost feel like that has to do with the whole Style Your Ascendant (might not be remembering the name right), with Aquarius being either Total Normcore or Magnificently Bananas.

Triple Air Gem

I totally relate to this! Aqua rising too and I recall being more Uranian in my youth and maybe swinging more to Saturnine now to balance out

dark star

Haha yes! My dad is an aquarian in the Heath care biz..he’s pretty saturnine but with a kooky side -picture business casual but secretly rocking the psychedelic mushroom or ninja socks


Oh my Lordette all I could think as I read this is it is my parent’s relationship in a nutshell. My father is Pisces with Sun conjunct Jupiter and my mother is a Scorpio Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus. He is full of blow hardiness & whimsy, she can be quite a pin to his balloon. Sadly she would have to be a porcupine to really have any impact as his hubris really is otherworldy.


Ps I have Saturn Cancer (grand) trine Moon Scorp & Jupiter Pisces.


I was just thinking this, though in reverse. My mother is a big-thinking optimistic Pisces, and my dad is a pragmatic Capricorn.


Yeah, Pisces can and do think big in lots of surprisingly material ways, I always get a shock when some property loving, structure hungry, herder of sheep in Piscean clothing comes along, but there are lots of them! They just chuckle and sparkle as they wield their crook I guess.

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