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Some announcements:

(1) If you are a Mega Mystic member with a Hotmail email, there seems to be an issue at the moment with Hotmail. I am trying to get Hotmail to fix this but it is proving quite the process, as i do not personally have an Hotmail address. SO if you are a Hotmailer not receiving the Daily Mystic, that is why. Solutions: please email if you would like a link to read the D.M. If you could also let Hotmail support know that they are blocking an email you actually desire, that would be helpful. Thank you !

(2) Refer A Friend is now enabled! This is all automatic and you need do nothing special at your end. It is just a way to thank Mega Mystic members if they refer a friend. You refer and you get store credit here to use however you like.  You can go here to activate this – you just need to be logged in to see the page properly.

(3) The section of the site where i can see the Top Commenters has just been enabled again!  So from now on, every New Moon, there will be prizes & i don’t know, praise for the Top Commenters on here. At the moment it is quantity based but i am thinking of adding in a ‘comment ratings’ feature. It’s not a like button but rather, a star rating system. So if enough of you would like this, i can enable that so the prizes go to the highest rating commenters every New Moon! While i am at it, i think i will add in prizes for the top ‘sharers’ on Facebook. So if commenting is not your thing but you are an avid sharer of posts, you will likewise be in the draw to win!

Please let me know your thoughts re all/any of this below in the Comments below.


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22 thoughts on “Hotmail, Refer A Friend & Top Commenters

  1. I’d like to try the star rating system. There are times I want to show my appreciation of a post but don’t know what to say so a star rating is an easy way to do that. I use social media a lot though and have a fairly thick skin so I get that it may not be for everyone. Can we trial it?

  2. I’m torn on the star ratings! There are so many good comments that I’d love to cheer on, but I also don’t want to feel self-conscious about what I write. One of the things I love about this community is that it’s a container for us to just riff casually without censoring… much at least lol!

    • Yes, I totally feel the same! But I think it is worth trying. Mystic is sensitive to the tone of the blog and I think she would change it up if it felt wrong, so I am kind of for it for that reason.

    • that is great to know – thank you Renata. Because it is proving tricky to fix from the back end as it is not all Hotmail/Outlook people…

  3. I resolved the hotmail issue by going to options and adding the Mystic medusa email address the safe send/receive list.

  4. A star/rating + reply system like kinja would be nice. There are so many brilliant posts that I want to star/like/acknowledge for being brilliant 🙂

  5. i loooove the idea of being able to rate posts

    contests might also encourage me to discuss more… i have been trying to break out of lurker mode but to no avail so far, lol

  6. I’m a facebook phobe or rather a social media reluctant and there must be more like me, so I can’t share in that fashion although I frequently paste and email or text to specific friends. I’m into specificity !

    • Yes, I feel this. And don’t love the rating posts idea, since it adds a level of self-consciousness + slight but subtle pressure to say something that will be starred / liked / whatever which is one of the reasons I don’t like social media. But I’ve been taking to heart a really excellent new book called Deep Work and am on the web for entertainment less and less these days anyway — though this site remains a favorite and source of wisdom. But of course if there’s demand for ratings from others then by all means. <3

      And very cool about the refer-a-friend option, and all!

    • I’m not on FB. I was accused of starting a riot, on fb, by a school principal. The only prob, for him, was the fact that l was not fb. So l said get my all my electronic devices, his right, to see ‘what’ l said. He backed down, l said you gutless prick. He said you can’t say that. But l retorted what if it’s true?!?!?.

      I agree with the ratings having some influence with what some may post. Like l post what l want to say, mostly quipy shit, because I’m all thunk-out fr work. My crazy Sun/Uran/Moon stuff is my shopfront. Plus l love making out I’m a dumb-fuq.

      • Ha You make me laugh. You’re very much like my daughter who called her deputy head at school out in an email directly to him. Stating that a school such as this should not be run by a man who was a stubborn fool, determined to run with his own opinions and beliefs, with blatant disregard to his students. She told him it was a shame that they had such a questionable character as head. When asked to apologise to him the first utterance from her was “why?” I meant everything I said and I’m right.
        From that day forward he always acknowledged her and was very polite. He met a match

  7. I like the idea of being able to rate posts. Would there be a sorting feature to view chronologically vs. “top rated?”

    Very excited about prizes!

  8. Lucky first isn’t the contest cause boom! synchroncity
    How about if other people reply to comments for a star?

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