Competition: Discuss “Pisces Girls” To Win

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More eerie strange vintage astro and this time…it’s a competition with rad prizes!

So to be in the running to win one of the prizes below, all you need do is expand (in the comments on the site, not Facebook or via email please) upon this vintage astrology vignette, “Pisces Girls” and/or sexist vintage astrology in general – anything vaguely linked really.  The witty winners will be announced just before the Full Moon Eclipse and they will each win one of the prizes below.

The Wealth Wallet – a beautiful, well-crafted blend of magic and design, made to the Divine Ratio proportions and incorporating alchemy, astrology + Feng Shui principles to up the carriers prosperity Qi.

The Mercurial Key Ring – Mercury aids wit, agility and successful journeys. Honoring him via your key ring is auspicious and apt; Mercury ‘rules’ keys and is metaphysically the ‘opener of doors’.

Lifetime Access to The Astro-School – this has actually evolved into more an astrological library, like one of those old style esoteric bookshops, for when you really want to astro-geek out. Fully searchable and with a gallery where you can upload your chart for discussion, it’s got hundreds of posts on it now, suitable to newbies and the more advanced lover of celestial info.

Seven Pentacles Candles – these are actually all sold out now but i saved some just for this competition so one winner will get seven shipped so that their house can smell satisfyingly super magic for the Solar Eclipse in late August.

One Year Of Mega Mystic – access to Horoscopes, the Oracle, Instant Tarot Reads, the Daily Mystic email and the Scheduler. If you are already a member, this is just added on to your current membership or you can give it to a friend.

Good luck in the competition and i look forward to reading your comments!

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178 thoughts on “Competition: Discuss “Pisces Girls” To Win

  1. Happy Loonie Eclipse!!!! It was exact a few hours ago but in effect for the next DAY…So there is more wit than i have prizes, I am stunned afresh at the genius of some of you! It has been difficult to narrow these down but narrow them down i must and here are the winners! If they are not you, there is another competition this Friday!

    The Wealth Wallet – Emis4magic
    The Mercurial Key Ring – Dark Star
    Lifetime Access To Astro School – Sagitta
    Pentacles Candles – David L
    One Year of Mega Mystic – Cherie Achilles

    Please email me to arrange delivery/activation!

    • But David L is an Aries and he’ll leave those candles burning and set fire to something!!

      Just kidding, congratulations all. My favourite was David L’s, too 🙂

      • David L is Fire Sun so perfectly capable. You don’t want Fire MC, Fire Rising, Fire Merc opposed Uranus catting it up in your chart because that is where the fire trouble lies, in the unguarded.

        And it won’t be a simple fire, it will include petrochemicals or somehow what appears to be water, which is really weird and fqs your adrenaline fuelled brain when there is fire.

        Um… speaking for a close friend??

    • Omg ! Thank you Myst. The candles are beautiful and much appreciated . The Katakas ( I live with 2) are already preparing space for them in our home. Thank you x
      That Pisces girl I mentioned was a classic and unforgettable. So beautiful so unique and so much trouble !

    • That is fantastic! I had so many mixed feelings reading these posts i sometime couldn’t even check in with it. Great stuff! Best Piscean wishes to all the winners xx

      • Thank you so much Mystic!!!! Am sorry i’m late to this, been keto-tripping thru the eclipse. (The tarot told me to get my fit and rich on and boy was it right!) Much love, much gratitude!!

  2. “You’re going to have to try a more elusive bait to hook me, Jerry. I already know I’m smarter than you”
    *kicks him off the balcony*

  3. The Pisces woman has you at hello. Through either her gregariousness or deep-eyed intensity, you can’t help but notice her. She seems very sure of herself, and reveals herself to be ardently interested in at least one esoteric or sense-stimulating past-time such as music, yoga, shamanism, veganism, astrology, theta healing, wine, sex, drugs – or all of the above. More often than not, you will share one of these interests with her and form a quick and close bond.

    To be sure, as the Zodiac’s 12th amalgamated water sign, you see yourself in a Pisces woman. It’s as though a mirror shatters and a shard of glass represents you. She has many friends, and you can’t understand how she has time for them all. She brings people together, and her friends soon become your friends, for as long as you’re in her orbit.

    However, at one point or another, she’ll disappear from your life at a moment’s notice. She moves overseas, head interstate to study reiki, or go to Vipassana. Exit strategy is ingrained in her development and even if she were to stay close by, her manner changes and so does your relationship. Therefore a period of physical separation inevitable. It appears to affect you more than her. She’s a tough cookie and rarely lets on when she’s upset, despite her deeply sensitive nature. Ruled by the 12th house of self & the unconscious, it’s her birthright to deal with matters in private. That, or she needs to retreat from those who know her best to ensure her identity is never pinned down. However if your paths cross again – and they likely will – it’s as though no time has passed, and your bond picks up where it left off.

    You’ll never forget a Pisces woman. She’s dreamy. She has grace. She forgives you. She doesn’t care if you don’t come to her wedding, or give her a present. She tells you she loves you and is affectionate. She never seems to run out of love for her friends, no matter what is going on in her life – Venus incarnate. She looks you in the eye. She often interrupts you and talks over you. but always listens. She knows what you’re going to say before you say it. She takes the time of day to see you, to write to you, to spend time. She’s a dime a dozen and you only hope you can stay friends for a lifetime.

    And while one lifetime is enough for you, it feels like five minutes for the primordial ‘old soul’ of the zodiac.

    Love, the Virgo woman.

  4. Easiest to flatter? Perhaps you’ve mistaken the numinous knowing of a Piscean woman, who can detect and appreciate an attempt at honest connection at the root of flattery, with naive acquiescence. Words or no words, a wise Piscean deeply understands interdependence and can decipher intention using her adept navigation of the murky, labile energy fields of her surroundings.
    Lacking tact? Are you even sure of her intent? Her motives are most likely obfuscated so as to remain fluid and adaptogenic.
    She’s attuned and mysterious…not to be underestimated.

  5. Pisces girl gets into bed and turns the lights off and finds herself weeping for your pain, for his loss, for all the small and isolated creatures who find themselves out in the cold and dark and not knowing their way back,
    for all the fear in the world that has us backed into a dark corner of our soul and wanting our mother figure or some kind of magic salvation, hail Mary, full of grace
    Pisces girl knows there is not enough of her to bring respite to all the pain and sadness she feels in the world, she knows we are alone in the ocean but that we are carried along on the same currents.

    • “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

  6. In a nutshell: love stories for Pisces girls usually begin like a classic Hollywood romcom, end like a Lars von Trier nordic drama.

    Believe me I know all too well:: Aries Sun here with Mars in Pisces (not to mention 8° house Chiron, 9° house Mercury conjunct South Node and obviously Venus all there).

    Maybe I should draw a new Tarot Major Arcana: the Hanged Woman.

  7. Pisces girls are smiling, sometimes shrinking, not sure but so, so sure – if only they can back themselves. Feeding quiet jokes to loud boys to applause from everybody else. Take time to grow into their own skin but when they do it’s magic.

  8. None of this comes anywhere near to explaining my alleged mother.

    All 6 of us kids never speak to her. The first 4 of us are Kat Asc (Nep in Scorp/4th House); all differing Suns.

    • wow that’s some powerful DNA time capsule stuff going on there. My other half thought he was Capi but turned out 0 degrees Aqua then his sister thought herself Scorp but turned out 0 degrees Saggi. So having two 0 degree suns in the house and both of them not knowing until their 50’s chiron return I suppose or with her it may have been a Saturn thing?

      • I was watching Today (Oz version) and 3 of ’em were claiming to be Scorp but the one born the 23/11 was clearly a bright n breezy Sagg.

  9. Bjorn gazed up at the mysterious figure in the pale blue dress. It was the seventh night after the sacrifice had been offered in rec – a skinny nerd was now gracing the halls of Valhalla. Could she be the one?

    He uttered the ritual words ‘Could you helpppp me. With. A Math. Probe. Leeeeeeeeeem’

    The figure paused, her twitching skirt left and right like an awkward angora.
    He stared into the cavernous void the shadows cast across her holy features. Did something dark move in there? The silence stretched out like a scary wad of bubblegum teased to breaking between the finger and sulky mouth of a teenage prom queen. He continued, more hesitant now,
    “I was told you are the most intelligent, gracious lady of our calculus and you grant boons to those that please youuuuuuuuuuuuu…..uuuu”

    The moonlight seemed to flare and he thought he caught a glimpse, but no, it couldn’t be…? He dropped to his knees and gazed up at the monolithic figure looming above him, “…pleaaaaasee? I have the five dollars, most geometric one.”

    Bjorn turned his eyes downward as he hesitantly offered the sacred fiver he’d been saving since Monday – a small mercy as he was immediately engulfed head first by a river of black tentacles flooding out of the moonlit crown of perfect blonde curls. After the last kicking Sketcher was sucked back into her face hole, and the seething worm-bouquet was sucked back to its cross-dimensional home and tucked in for the night, and Cthulhu crossed the Styx closed the door and poured himself a nice cuppa tea, then and only then, Peggy Sue sniffed, dropped the fiver and muttered, ‘Not bloody likely. Sex and the City’s on in five.’

  10. Little did he know she was a pieces Moon, a garfish, if you will. Happy to bite at the flattery under the luminous full moon, but when it was dark….diving to the depths to avoid the false light and nets of the dabbers.

  11. Pisces girls will…
    Drink you under the table
    Pretend it didn’t happen
    Read your palm
    Subscribe a crystal
    Blow your mind
    Fuck with your mind
    Channel Atlantis
    Paint Lemuria
    Have sex in the astral realms
    Laugh hysterical
    Fuck you in the kitchen
    Forget to eat dinner
    Tell you to call a psychic
    Wait, she is a psychic
    Loves the beach
    Scared of the water
    The Atlantis mermaid thing…
    Turquoise..the color not the stone
    Tourmaline. For chi vampires
    Those dreams…
    And life…
    Living life
    As an art installation

  12. Her: Hi! I didn’t even know you where in my class, but I guess if you know me then you must be. If I was out here while you where looking for me then it must be fated, thank you for acknowledging I am the smartest in the class. I was pondering that idea the other day. Have you seen the moon?
    Him:But could you help me out?
    Her: I think I would help you more letting you help yourself.
    Him: That doesn’t make sense, i came for your help. If I can’t do it…”
    Her: If you can’t do it, you haven’t tried. If you followed my advice maybe you’d get close to your math.
    Him: Mumbles”You’re confusing me.”
    Her:Of course I am, until you drift through the oceans not knowing where to go you will be lost.
    Him: I thought we where talking about math.
    Her: Math, cooking, physics, fish, love, its all the same.
    Him: I think I might have been wrong.
    Her:Finally you agree that you are wrong in everything.
    Him: Ok this is getting weird.
    Her: Weird is what you make of it. That’s why you need my help at math.
    Him: I guess Ill be seeing you around.
    Her: Well maybe, i suppose, if we coincide in time and space because you have elevated your vibrational energies to mine.
    Him: I think I’m better at the tutoring center.
    Her: The tutoring center! Yes, Ill see you there! Had an F in my last test. Guess the professor made a faulty test. Divine kisses until then! Have you seen the moon? Its so precious!
    Him: Riiight… Ill be going now. This certainly wasn’t what I expected.
    Her: I imagine as you are kind of square.

    Boy leaves feeling as though he had walked away knowing the voice of madness.
    Girl swoons over at her bed dreaming over her new true love that she just met that must be her soul mate as he found her at her balcony just as she walked out to sing to the moon.

  13. In a vintage scenario this young Pisces woman would have been riveted by that moment in time as she was asked by this attractive young man for help. In her world her innate compassionate nature is sparked by the combination of the senses of the moment, the moonlight, the waft of perfume from the garden or park, the sound of their surroundings and the atmosphere of the romantic moment.
    His face is looking up at her, moonlit, she is aware hers is in shadow, she is aware that he is flattering her to get something out of her but .. her love of the sensory illusion is drawing her towards being in the moment going with the flow ……..
    I would say vintage or not, many a Pisces woman would still be immersed in such a moment and with the empowerment to understand that all experiences are worthwhile she understands that people underestimate her resilience, strength and depth … it is her secret weapon!

  14. Male person:- “You’re the smartest girl in our class…Can you help me out with a math problem”?

    Pisces girl (said in a thought bubble):- “How the Fuq do I get away from here’?

  15. Guy: (ostensibly does need help with the math problem, but could have asked anyone. Has chosen this in because pisces girl in his class is not only a babe, but has a way of floating out answers above and beyond the questions.)
    Guy: ‘well thing is see I need help with this math problem.’
    Girl: ‘which would explain why you asked to meet at midnight on a tuesday night? Why not ask me earlier or tomorrow when we’d see each other anyway?’
    Guy: (did not think of the rendezvous time whatsoever..He was writhing in his room and followed a magical compulsion)
    Guy: well…I…I like the nightime’ he mumbled
    Girl: I like Pi too…
    Guy: confused. ‘soooo, uh..I’ve got a car..If you need a lift home later..Seeing as it’s late and all.’
    Girl: ‘we’re in my backyard..’
    Girl: takes a liking to this boy and his convoluted ineptness..’Can you be honest and tell me why you’re here?’
    Guy: inhales audibly as girl states expansively at him…He feels invited to bear all, wants to bear all, but what is this all he thinks.
    Guy: I…I..I like youuuu, want to be around youuuu, want to know youuuu’ it’s not quite a whimper, but a very uncomfortable confession.
    Girl: smiles ‘ ohhh, well why didn’t you say so? I like you to’ *demure smile and eyelids close slowly and softly*
    Guy is relieved and floored as he gazes at her under the moonlight.
    Girl behind her eyelids sees him now like this
    Guy: (ostensibly does need help with the math problem, but could have asked anyone. Has chosen this in because pisces girl in his class is not only a babe, but has a way of floating out answers above and beyond the questions.)
    Guy: ‘well thing is see I need help with this math problem.’
    Girl: ‘which would explain why you asked to meet at midnight on a tuesday night? Why not ask me earlier or tomorrow when we’d see each other anyway?’
    Guy: (did not think of the rendezvous time whatsoever..He was writhing in his room and followed a magical compulsion)
    Guy: well…I…I like the nightime’ he mumbled
    Girl: I like Pi too…
    Guy: confused. ‘soooo, uh..I’ve got a car..If you need a lift home later..Seeing as it’s late and all.’
    Girl: ‘we’re in my backyard..’
    Girl: takes a liking to this boy and his convoluted ineptness..’Can you be honest and tell me why you’re here?’
    Guy: inhales audibly as girl states expansively at him…He feels invited to bear all, wants to bear all, but what is this all he thinks.
    Guy: I…I..I like youuuu, want to be around youuuu, want to know youuuu’ it’s not quite a whimper, but a very uncomfortable confession.
    Girl: smiles ‘ ohhh, well why didn’t you say so? I like you to’ *demure smile and eyelids close slowly and softly*
    Guy is relieved and floored as he gazes at her under the moonlight.
    Guy: (ostensibly does need help with the math problem, but could have asked anyone. Has chosen this in because pisces girl in his class is not only a babe, but has a way of floating out answers above and beyond the questions.)
    Guy: ‘well thing is see I need help with this math problem.’
    Girl: ‘which would explain why you asked to meet at midnight on a tuesday night? Why not ask me earlier or tomorrow when we’d see each other anyway?’
    Guy: (did not think of the rendezvous time whatsoever..He was writhing in his room and followed a magical compulsion)
    Guy: well…I…I like the nightime’ he mumbled
    Girl: I like Pi too…
    Guy: confused. ‘soooo, uh..I’ve got a car..If you need a lift home later..Seeing as it’s late and all.’
    Girl: ‘we’re in my backyard..’
    Girl: takes a liking to this boy and his convoluted ineptness..’Can you be honest and tell me why you’re here?’
    Guy: inhales audibly as girl states expansively at him…He feels invited to bear all, wants to bear all, but what is this all he thinks.
    Guy: I…I..I like youuuu, want to be around youuuu, want to know youuuu’ it’s not quite a whimper, but a very uncomfortable confession.
    Girl: smiles ‘ ohhh, well why didn’t you say so? I like you too’ *demure smile and eyelids close slowly and softly*
    Guy is relieved and floored as he gazes at her under the moonlight.
    Girl, eyes still closed is seeing him like this

      • as I was reading the second one I was wondering if you were doing some literary version of mise en abime…or a parallel quantum universe idea where each story has a minor variation on the previous one, etc..

  16. I’ve been toying with the imagery that is reflective of a Pisces woman having totally been there and done that. Being a Pisces myself I’ve experienced similar moments as depicted in the comic above. My idea is of the fish not biting. Instead of the “No Fishing” sign you have the fish swimming and she’s posted her own sign stating “No Biting”. The hook is there but she’s become much more hip to the game.

  17. I bought an old Sun/Moon sign book back when I just found out my moon sign was Libra, so 20 years ago. I think it was from the 60s- It was pretty brittle and discoloured.
    It said Libra moon women: ‘look refined and respectable, BUT THEY ARE NOT. Their appetites are voluptuous and carnal, so much so that they may end up in the proffession that we call the oldest.’ or words to that effect.
    And I was SO offended, I destroyed that P.O.S.
    Although I wish I still had it, now. So that I could share other bits of decaying misogyny with you all.

    • I have a loaded 8th House and you should see some of the descriptions of THAT in the old astrology books. There is a really good post on here by Jessa Crispin about sexism in astrological books of yore

  18. Pisces girls know – there is no way to win. As Linda Goodman said, we are “the girls everyone wants to have for their girlfriend”. So accommodating, so down-to-earth sexy, so servile – hard day at work? we are the concubines who will not only feast you, sex you, but then let you sleep!
    At the same time, as the oldest sign, we know everything, we live on neptune and our most earthly burden is that while we can show you the LOVE, getting you to understand it and pass it on, without ‘self’ is our entire modus.
    I hope someone wins. In the meantime, I’m spreading the love, no doubt. Those in my wake know who they met. And have been affected by that ‘flaky’, (ha) undeniable force. Catch up, earthlings.

  19. I believe these traits can happen with Pisces of any gender but in my experience Pisces men are more prone to using flattery on others than having it being used on themselves (though I’ve definitely seen that too). I would consider a Hi Pisces to be pretty immune to flattery and would not be so shallow and manipulative as to use it on others… and if they blurt out anything weird it’s less about their own egos and I probably wouldn’t call it tactless per se…more like it would have strong potential to be not well received by someone whose not ready to hear such truth. Anyway, the best examples I have of Pisces’ exhibiting the qualities in this vintage astrology actually happen to be women so here they are:

    Exhibit A: Singer/songwriter who is moody, insecure, and prone to making public confrontations with people – running up to a woman at a coffee shop “Why didn’t you invite me to X’s birthday party?!?!!” … Or stomping into one’s place of work during their shift to demand that they stop seeing someone. (This cray cray Pisces was sleeping with neither of these people…but very likely had feelings for the one she confronted.) She was crying and carrying on in front of customers and coworkers for a while. And when someone compliments her she lurves it and also repeats it to everyone around. Lots and lots of pictures of herself on Instagram looking intense and dramatic, but also very inauthentic looking. (I don’t necessarily think that posting lots of pictures of oneself automatically equals ego issues or anything, but yeah…hers definitely did) Anyway, she may still be a qi vampire/chaos addict, but I cut ties years ago.

    Exhibit B – Pisces boss. She’s actually pretty good at using flattery on others too; she has a sweet sounding voice and a baby face that woos people. Anyway, she’s very susceptible to being on the receiving of flattery end as well. Two of her direct reports would suck up to her and showboat, and she would be totally smitten – especially by the Scorpio who’s a lot of talk (he’d volunteer to do stuff for her all the time but there’s often a lack of follow’s possible she finally started noticing but who knows). She’d get giggly, bat her eyes and push up her hair when he’d show her attention and be flirty (and of course he was fully aware of her being smitten). She’d blurt out weird things sometimes… I think it’s often because she’d get so fed up and frustrated with with having such poor boundaries that it’d just eek out. Also there was lots of venting about her annoyances and judgements about colleagues and her staff – she wasn’t always wrong about them but still it was pretty unprofessional. Also I would like to add she has big googoo eyes, full lips, and a very full torso but with tiny legs and arms. She pretty much resembles a fish standing up in its hind fins. Or, especially when she was grumpy and in a foul mood, she’d remind me of a frog. I don’t recall seeing someone look soooo much like their astro sign to me than her, it’s pretty mindblowing.

    • Gawd, i hope i don’t look like a fish or a frog!

      Pisces woman Camilla Franks, who designs ethereal kaftans for wearing by… you guessed it, the ocean…definitely does not look like a fish or a frog.

      • LOL I’m sure you don’t…I’ve never seen another Pisces resemble either really at all except this one. It’s so uncanny to me I had to mention it.

  20. I would like to comment for the competiton :

    Head in the clouds because the noise around was too loud
    Imagination of space or love and unity
    But couldn’t hold a conversation which wasn’t of her duty
    Oh hello my dear she greet a friend before sitting down to talk of their affairs but something caught the mermaiden by her eyes
    While her friend blabbed her mind floated to possiblities
    Hello, her friend said to her but she got no reply, but a simple, isn’t that a pretty butterfly?
    Didn’t I mention that its hard to hold a Pisceans attention?

  21. Ahh the Pisces paradox of the fish swimming both upstream and downstream….

    A Pisces girl won’t eat margarine (ugh!) or ‘food sprayed with chemicals’, but will chain smoke cigarettes in the bar on a Friday night. A Pisces girl will spend a Saturday night in doing the Responsible Service of Alcohol course online, while watching the Slumdog Millionaire (so it is written!) and also knock out a couple of bottles of Croser to make that a sweet ride.

    Pisces somehow knows how to make everything exist simultaneously, because Fishgirl instinctively knows you have to pick which forces you meddle with and try to to leave the rest to float out there in the existential soup. If anyone out there is buying this ‘easiest to flatter and less tactful’ things,it’s because whoever thinks this has already been judged a fool and hasn’t read the signs right….they’ve already been cut loose! Back in the soup you go, silly irritant!

  22. Pisces girl thinks.. Should I give him the right answer or just make one up ? He won’t know the difference and anyway, the same question can have different answers for different people ? Can’t they ? Omg the bath is still running !
    Pisces girl says…

      • I’m a huge fan of Pisces women. The first I met in my formative years interviewed me for the position in her huge tub of bubble filled warm water. Little did I know someone else already had the job. A small angry Italian who drove a Mercedes and had a key to the front door 😉

  23. Pisces girl (annoyed at his attempt of flattery when they both know that it’s not sincere – she can see through it from a mile away)- “if you wanted help you could have just asked, your attempts at flattery will get you nowhere. I don’t feel like helping you, I have other, more interesting things to do.”

    Now if he would have started with “Hey, could you help me with this math problem” and if she were in the right mood, maybe then it could happen. Maybe.

    (Pieces rising)

  24. Pisces Sun and Venus me…

    – In her head….”I suck at maths but I know how to work this equation”
    Out loud “Sure- 1 plus 1 equals…”
    In head ” Someday my prince will come”
    Him ” You and me babe”
    Her out loud ” I have the soul of a Disney princess. Cheesy lines are not good enough. Lay bare your throbbing…heart!”

    Him ” I am rather shallow actually”
    Her ” I’m real deep. Can paddle in the shallows but don’t want to live there. Sayonara!”
    She swims off into the sunset with a toss of her dorsal fin.

  25. A Pisces girl may seem easy to flatter because she is always looking for someone different, someone bold, someone perhaps a bit different and misunderstood who says and does the right things. She is elusive, seductive, and a bit mysterious often grabbing the attention of those with intentions that are not always from the best place. A Pisces girl may seem naive to some. A Pisces girl is dreamy. She is always looking at a pursuer, trying to determine if they are the person of her dreams. She wants someone to get lost in. Someone who is a living escape who will sweep her off her feet and make reality feel as good as her dreams do. Still, a Pisces girl sees the best in someone and sees a real person underneath a facade shaking in vulnerability. She walks the end of the zodiac which gives her an understanding of every sign before hers. This understanding makes her attract, and be attracted to lost souls who often treat her poorly yet she makes excuse after excuse for them, wishing to somehow save or fix them. A Pisces girl may dissolve her boundaries and allow others to walk over her at times, holding her disappointment in out of fear of conflict and hurting anothers’ feelings – one may call this lack of tact indeed. A Pisces girl may not know the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. She may not know the truth about how love really should be. She may believe that love is supposed to hurt or be complicated. She will not speak out when treated poorly, but instead harbor resentment within that is waiting to become a tsunami. She is a martyr and a bleeding heart. She is just yearning for someone to consume with her ocean of unconditional love, waiting for someone to surf the ethereal waves with and live out their days together romantically on some secluded island somewhere. So she dreams…

    (I feel I speak from experience. Both my parents are Pisces (though my mom may just barely be an Aquarius as birth time is uncertain) and I currently have progressed Venus in Pisces. Natally I have moon in the 12th opposing Saturn, which rules my Sun sign. My sun conjuncts Neptune. My North node and Juno are in Pisces. I have found myself in very Pisces themed relationships and feel very connected to the sign and its themes.)

    • Also, I don’t think that guy really needs help he’s just a demon sensing her vulnerability and taking advantage of her susceptibility to flattery….and she will probably give in

      • Oh Passionately peculiar, permeable, procrastinating, paranoid, passive aggressive, Piscean polarity…she is the end and the beginning, everything and nothing, ethereal vapor leaving you wondering if she even really exists

        • One more thing promise (Gemini moon my brain never stops)

          Its not that I don’t think this girl cant be brilliant at maths (or maybe she is pretending to be to get his attention?! Hmmm…pisces are great actors for a reason…deception, delusion, illusion)…….its just that I have a hard time considering pisces as very interested in math at all. Too mundane! I don’t buy it!

          • Love your words. Although I know a piscean accountant , I think she has strong Virgo influence. Otherwise Pisces prefers pure mathematics. Theoretical things. Not at all mundane. 🙂 Adding and subtracting is for the 6th house, and applied maths for the more grounded among us … 🙂 but maybe it all depends on mercury

            • I have a 6th house stellium (an epic one I tell you!) With sun mercury and neptune conjunct and I could never get into math…I’m far too daydreamy and frankly it bores me because I could never understand the why behind all the rules and numbers 🙂 numerology makes
              more sense ha ! How interesting. What you say makes sense – and thank you for the compliment!

  26. There’s comfort in the scatter. She’s been 360 round the wheel, and has done all the expressions and environments already. She’s at the very tail end. She teeters on the edge of real vs. surreal, and she’s forever hanging in the balance of the 12th. She’s immersed in universal collective. She’s leaving the body, the materials, the mind, the home/work, the mundane, the adventure, the community and so on to the other signs. That’s what they are good at after all! But that Pisces girl can drift in the cosmos, she can expand beyond the limits. There are no boundaries. The possibilities are infinite. That Pisces girl feels all the feelings there are to feel, and she is on a whole… ‘notha… level. She has no capacity for Virgo’s silly microcosmic organization. She’s way past that – that girl is MACROcosmic ~ weaving in and out of space and time. Squarely Gemini can’t get a response from that Pisces girl, she’s always out of reach. Squarely Sag can’t drag her along one of her wild rides, she’s so damn elusive. Cancer intuition, and Scorpio ideas flow into her and feed her – and she just keeps on going. She may frustrate you, but you dream of being her.

    That Pisces Girl, dips down from the cosmic sea for a moment, “Oh, Jimmy, were we talking about math?”.

  27. Except for the soft sounds of the crickets and the gentle murmur of a couple of fish splashing in the nearby pond, the park was still and warm.

    “You’re the smartest gal in our class… could you help me out with a math problem?’ he asked. “What is Me Plus… You?”

    “Oh Gary…” Jeanie smiled modestly.

    “Honest Jeanie, you’re so smart and gee… oh, I don’t know …enchanting. I feel all funny when I’m around you. It’s almost as if you’ve put a spell over me!”

    Jeanie tossed her head back and gave a small laugh. The moon, full and heavy in the air, made her eyes sparkle dangerously.

    “Enchanting? I don’t know what you mean.” Jeanie said mysteriously.

    But Jeanie DID know what Gary meant. Exactly what he meant, because during Mr. McArthur’s 5th period math class, Jeanie hadn’t been studying her geometry- no! She had been studying a different craft- hypnotism! She knew that Gary was meant to love her and only her! So with her daring smile, infectious laugh, and her surprising knowledge of dimly lit park benches, she set off to make Gary her own. Yes, she would teach Gary a thing or two. Not about addition and never about division… but definitely how to multiply.

  28. If the guy with the (maths) problems is genuine, pisces girl will do everything she can to help. If he has a proper crush on her, which I mean take a look at her he probably does, she will still help, but she will know anyway, and he will probably fall in love with her somewhere around explaining double integrals and polar coordinates, but it won’t be because she is helping him understand a bit of calculus.
    if there’s a whiff of judgement or un-invited critical pressure that is not of the mathematical kind, and pisces genuinely showed up with the intention of assisting, then the joy fades from the connection and the guy is re-categorised as ‘ordinary human’ not ‘potential lover’. The only exception is if there’s eye-melting chemistry, in which case everything above is rendered irrelevant.

    • pisces (being a piece of work herself sometimes) knows that we can wrongfoot ourselves so if she does indeed like this mathematically-challenged student would-be lover, it’s not the end of the world for him…

  29. Pisces sun here, and that image/summary does not reflect Pisces accurately.

    Pisces is not easily flattered. Fish can see through BS before it even rears its head — hello intuition — although we may play along depending the situation/prey/Pisces energy level.

    Pisces is so NOT the least tactful sign — that has to be either Sagg (I see you, Sagg moon foot in mouth!), Gemini flippancy, or Aries bulldozing over everyone.

    Quite the opposite — Pisces tends to be ultra tactful, to the unhelpful point of putting everyone’s feelings/needs first before their own. Fish tend to believe the best of people, running the risk of being disappointed time and again if not discerning with the company they keep, especially when young.

    …Which is why I hope, in above scenario, Pisces simply smiled a knowing smile, ignored the maths question, and went home to read a good book/take a bath/daydream/all of the above.

  30. I have nothing witty to add – haven’t had my morning ginger/lemon rocket fuel as yet – but these are brilliant!✧

  31. She’ll dream the answer to a question you didn’t know you’d had
    She’ll see your banal facebook post and turn up with lasagne to find you’ve just lost your dog
    Don’t put her on public transport at peak hour – she’ll come home with bits of everyone else on her skin
    Invite her to things but don’t make her commit
    Love her but don’t lock her in
    Be prepared for a mirror to your moods
    Forgive her weird foodstuff tangents and rollercoaster swings between vegan/sugar/free to carboholic/alcoholic on the same day
    Understand that she’ll pity someone robbing her blind and somehow see a connection between that and what’s happening in Bosnia
    Try to find one who channels her rage into forest or ocean rampages – let her go walkabout. Worst fish behaviour appears when unable to flee.
    She’ll have a bawdy sense of humour even if she loathes swearing
    At the movies you’ll find her on the aisle, up the back – or anywhere no-one else is
    At a bar she’ll have access to all exits (and possibly use the garden gate if you’re too intense, too quick)
    If she loves you, get ready for surprises
    if you love her, don’t expect presents on your birthday

    If you’re a scorp, she can outspook and outsecret and outphoenix you
    but she’ll do it quietly, with the doors closed, after something has come to her in a dream.

    She’ll look weak when she’s really strong, but it takes her double the work of a virgo to get even the vaguest amount of muscle tone
    She thinks all truth is just that day’s perception – so she might change her worldview every couple of hours (see vegan/paleo note, above)

    Oh and don’t expect anger or rage (or bluntness!) or verbal arguments if something is wrong – she is queen of the phantom disappearing act.

    But she always leaves the door open.

      • Thanks, the foodstuff tangent is the funniest (most infuriating?) trait of the fish girls i think. I once lived with a fish girl born the day after me who would swing between eating nothing but apples for days at a time (6 or 7 apple cores would be found next to the couch, along with finished Tolstoy / Ayn Rand / James Baldwin paperbacks), to a week of eating nothing but packet carbonara pasta thingies loaded with MSG and two magnum ice creams for dessert while watching reality TV on repeat.
        She was very funny!! My mirror – gulp. I can have sworn off alcohol / sugar and then if someone offers me some/eats some in front of me in a certain way i completely forget what i just told everyone about not eating/drinking it.

        It’s not easy being so contrary!

    • Great! A couple of bits here and there i disagreed with, but only for myself. You described us!

      Oh but i do have to say, the door is open multiple times but once it’s shut, we’ve dismantled it from doorknob and lock to frame and what’s left is the image of the old door in the other not-moved-on person’s mind. The old long rope style of forgiveness.

        • Yeah, just the diet stuff. I have a fast metab and too high insulin naturally, so I have to be a protein and full-fat rich, vegetable loving person, and I don’t do diets, i just let my body morph with the diet i need for energy and grounding, and read my physique and energy levels and neurological pings to trust my cravings. I eat what i seem to feel like, though it’s not often junk, and i wonder why people eat unnaturally prepared/grown food if they don’t have to, even tho I kno it’s childhood patterning. But i have Uranus/Aqua, Mars and Fire things strong in my chart so i may not be typical Pisces that way . Also i suspect there may not be a typical bodily metabolism type for Pisces since we’re so prone to letting the other astro influences meld through how the system works. In short, highly sensitive, and the body is the conduit.

          Otherwise the behaviours, now i think about it, yeah they are extreme and compulsive and mutant. Sorry, mutable. And i suppose i’m a gastronome or gourmand (heavy Jup Sag). With different genetics and same eating habits I believe i’d be obese. Have had food enjoyment buddies whom i think might be classified as overweight or obese…but we just enojoy flavours and textures together and i adore them for sharing it.

          I think i may have that Sag Rising warrior bod but i hate that my good mates get some kind of scorn and judgment for unavoidable genetics. And i loathe “diet” talk. I have fam who have completely different body types, and share love of flavours, textures, alchemy of cooking, and eating together. Even the ones who are hopeless cooks share this. So, I just can;t stand compliments for my body type and giant eating and gourmet habits because i think of all my meal mates. Xx

  32. Mermaidiliscious was flattered by Chad’s attention, she was smart and pretty so why wouldn’t the captain of the football team be attracted to her! She readily agreed to meet him for a study date at his house. As they worked their way through the trigonometry, their hands would briefly touch and small sparks of electricity would bring goosebumps and an electric shiver down her spine. Chad’s parents were away for the weekend and he poured a shot of tequila as he stared at her longingly with his limpid blue eyes. He drew her close and as their lips touched the shiver turned to heat and their bodies melded as one.

    The next week at school she smiled as they passed in the corridor, he was with his friends and there were glances and sniggers. Her smile faded, she had been played! She immediately turned, and blocked the sound of the ‘boys’. It had been fun but Chad was obviously a dick. Her head was held high as the smirks and giggles from the cheerleaders and footballers continued to follow her through the day.

    Later she took the strand of his hair that was on her sweater, she thought through what had happened and blew the hair into the night.

    …she hadn’t been back to her home town in years but was passing through on her way to pick up a rescue puppy that was in the same state and thought she’d drive past the old family home. It was also a chance to drive the new car, listen to her fav tunes and take a break from the responsibilities of work. The gas station thankfully had the fuel she needed for her European car, as she approached the attendant to pay there was a spark of recognition, did she know this man? He took her card with barely a glance as he sat slouched reading a paper, she declined a receipt and stepped lightly out of the building, smiling.

  33. Pisces girls are way smart. And love to be prettiest at a party. If they aren’t they don’t like the party. Actually they don’t like parties much but like dressing up. And they don’t like classrooms much unless they are smart & they like being smart. And they like boys who like them but only if they like them & not if they don’t like them yuck. And they like snuggling up in bed & reading a novel & plotting something smart. Like whether they are more mermaid or seahorse.

  34. “You’re the smartest gal in our class…could you help me out with a math problem?

    Yea sure I could but your better off asking the smartest guy, that’s what I always do.

    Now tell me how fabulous I look or this date is over.

  35. Love the comp!

    “You’re like a beautiful mermaid,” I told her. Her skirt swished as she walked to me, occasionally revealing sandals with jewels on them. “Are you even from this planet?”
    She lowered her eyes. For a moment, long curling locks obscured a blushing face.
    Women always wanted to rescue me, salve my soul, but it had never been like this before, it had never been like a religious experience. It was the best type of drowning: immersed in the shadowy depths of some forgotten Atlantis, while on solid ground. Entangled in reeds, me wrapped in her arms, at the point of the ocean that’s so deep and blue that nothing exists but absolute peace, the wonder of existence.

    Week Two of my rescue arrived. I met her as she emerged from her house in a crisp white shirt and black work trousers, hair in a neat bun. I blinked.
    She glanced at her watch and said briskly, “Everything ok? My shift’s about to begin.”
    “I slept badly last night,” I began, ready to have my worries absolved in those strange, beautiful eyes.
    She looked at her watch again and said, “Just go with the flow babe.”
    When she took my arm it was more to move me out of the way than anything else.
    I tried texting, did I do something wrong? But she never did reply.

  36. “You’re the smartest gal in our class…could you help me out with a math problem?”

    Gahh seriously? A ‘math’ problem? I’ve been waiting for this guy to approach me. He’s failed to muster up the courage to talk to me after class countless times. Maybe this full moon has inspired him to take his chance.

    I wonder if he could handle anything I have to offer him math wise. Is he open enough to understand that man didn’t invent numbers? So that I could explain my intuitive understanding of their magic? I’d love to muse with someone about the audacity it takes to name numbers, that have always existed, and think you own them.

    “Well, that depends on your math problem,” I reply.

  37. Pisces the slippy dippy fishy
    The girliest girly there can be
    She makes absolutely no sense at all
    And all the sense in the world
    To no one and everyone
    And everyone
    And then no one

    She’s so lovely and soft
    And bright and light
    And smart
    And silly and frilly
    And quiet and beautiful
    And then
    She’s gone

    The slippy fishy girly girl
    The talky flirty slippy fishy
    Mishy misty wispy whirl
    Lovey dovey dippy whippy
    Misty fishy dippy girl

    The woman
    The chrone
    The witch
    The one
    The mystic
    The fishy

    Fragile like glass
    And breakable too
    Bare and naked
    Soft and brave
    A delicate heart
    The finest art
    She is the toughest
    Girliest girl of all

    The every one
    To anyone
    The no one at all
    She is everywhere
    And nowhere
    She is daylight
    And midnight
    She is spring
    And she is fall

    Misty dippy slippy fishy
    Pass my way again
    Just so I can have
    A moment
    Where everything is everywhere
    Where nothing matters
    And matter is nothing
    Pass my way again

  38. Pisces competition……

    “You’re the smartest gal in the class,could you help me with a math problem”

    Said the smooth talking young Libran ,whilst flashing his dimples
    At first the Pisces lass was confused by his comment as she didn’t consider herself the smartest girl in class ,in actual fact her Virgo maths teacher was always telling her to focus and stop being distracted as she had a tendency to float away in dream land …..however as she her big round innocent aqua eyes gazed into those Libra dimples ,she thought “maybe i am smart ,maybe he can see something no one else can ”
    Shame her friend Sally the savvy Scorpio wasn’t around as she would of pointed out “,hes hitting on to you” but Sally wasn’t there ,
    The Pisces lass without any further hesitation agreed to help this beautiful boy with his math
    “sure I will help you ,but can it be tomorrow as i have a shift at the animal shelter tonight as Im a volunteer and I promised to go tonight” she said in her soft sweet voice ,
    The ever so tactful Libra was deflated but didn’t show it , then quickly thinking on his feet ,he then said “hey what about if i come with you and help out i love animals ”
    The Pisces gal by now was bursting at the seams ” that would be great ” she replied her voice nearly squealing, just like a dolphin

    Wow she thought , he thinks Im smart and he loves animals too !!!! …….

    Hook line and sinker the fish was deeply and madly in love …..

  39. Pisces Girl (thinking)- Oh he much really like me… but wait? Do I like him? Better play it cool…
    Pisces Girl (outloud)- “Sure, what kind of math?”
    Yellow Dude- “It’s a word problem. Logical fallacies. You ever heard of a Straw Man?”
    Pisces Girl- “Sure, like in the Wizard of Oz… he wanted a brain… and I want new shoes.”
    Yellow Dude- “No, it means your opponent builds an argument—“
    Pisces Girl—“Who’s arguing? Are you going to buy me new shoes?”
    Yellow Dude—“No, listen—“
    Pisces Girl—“Don’t tell me what to do! I’m not going to go out with you if you talk to me like that!”
    Yellow Dude—“Go out with you? I just want help with a math problem.”
    Pisces Girl—“Sure you do. That’s what they all say. But I can see it in your eyes. You and I have had lifetimes together before you know. We need to get this one right.”
    Yellow Dude—“I mean… I do think your hot, but what about our lifetimes together?”
    Pisces Girl—“I don’t know, I need to think about it. Now that you tell me you like me, I can’t be sure if I like you back. I need more romance, i.e. head games.”
    Pisces Girl—(Leaves hoping he will follow)
    Yellow Dude—(confused)—“What about my math problem?”

  40. As Pisces woman…has an artful ability to feign vagueness or to move into a dreamy state, alternative realms when channelling, mesmorising, strategising and being immersed in other surreal acts, creative schemes…

    Mind journeys that fascinate, intrigue, are potentially physically absorbing and illuminating.

    Entrain seduction or genius principles, spirit mediumship…transcend the mundane.

    Retrograde pisces mercury opposite ascendant, neptune trine mars/ chiron Pisces…

  41. I am the IceQueen.. i rule the deep, dark oceanic waters where light only flickers from above. It is down here where i hide my treasure, which very much likes, with sparkling delight, to slip away during an Eclipse Night to bath in the lunar light of a pitch-dark night. I always retrieve my treasure in all its slippery magic, and hide it once again in the deep, emotional caverns hidden from sight. I am emotionless as I swim my dreamy mermaid tail through the cold, emotion-filled waters ~ trying my best to dance alongside, and away from, the warm dizzying currents touch by the warmth of the light. A new Eclipse is approaching, and i must guard my treasure from the light… from the warm currents.. my treasure must stay hidden for it would transform me if i were to allow it to surface into the light.. into the warm dizzying currents.. what is this treasure that i keep, which wields such power over me still ? This treasure bestowed upon me by none other than Mighty Neptune himself ? Why… it is the object which can deliver unconditional love and swoon the masses. An object that can fill my ice cold waters with warm tears of sunshine and light. This treasure of mine… the IceQueen Mermaid of the bitter sea… my very own ocean of roaring emotion… is quiet simply… my Heart. 🙂

  42. Veda St. Clair was born on March 15th 1940 in Carmenta, Michigan. Her grandmother warned that the full moon and the lightening storm on the night of her birth augured ill, but to all appearances Veda grew up into a healthy, red-blooded Midwestern girl. She was a perfect specimen of her Zodiac sign, the indecisive, mystical, self-undoing Pisces woman–“the easiest to flatter and the least tactful” in the words of Irene the Sky Queen, the horoscope writer at the Carmenta Chronicle (of course everyone in town knew that was just the nom de plume of Clint Griffins, the divorced notary, an unhappy Gemini who lived over Quik’s dry cleaners and who also moonlighted as the chronicle’s lonelyhearts columnist).

    Among her many Pisces charms, Veda was whimsical–feeding and calling to the ravens in the cornfield who her ma had sent her out to poison (the odd thing, some folks said, was that the ravens appeared to call back). She was undistinguished as a student at St. Brigid’s academy, known for her day-dreams and indiscipline (except when it came to her theology class, in which she wrote her term paper on Saint Theresa and Mildred Pierce). She displayed a worrying penchant for chocolates and Virginia Slim’s cigarettes, and when her parents were gone for the yearly agricultural convention, shocked her classmates by preparing gin fizzes, a drink they had only read about in Life Magazine. Her senior year, she was voted “Most Likely to Become a Nun” and “Least Likely to Become a Nun” by the yearbook, which printed twin pictures of Veda under those headings: one in her choir uniform, and one in her beret and tap shoes.

    But let this be a lesson you, my astrology pupils, from reading too much into a sun sign. Perhaps it was the fact that she was born with Pluto in Leo Rising; perhaps having Mars exactly conjunct Uranus in Taurus was a stabilizing influence or that Jupiter in Aries made her driven: Veda surprised everyone back in Carmenta, first by getting a scholarship to the regional university and then by transferring her sophomore year to the University of California at Berkeley. Some of her friends from Saint Brigid’s might have predicted she would hang out with beatniks and swamis but instead Veda became the university’s star female physics student, being recruited by the local Department of Defense representative (a debonair Scorpio) when she graduated, and taking a job at one of the military installations near San Francisco (she did continue her habit of swimming in the ocean every evening at dusk).

    Three years after that, Veda vanished. In subsequent decades, one fellow sorority sister claimed to have glimpsed her in Paris with her hair died black, speaking perfect French; another suspected that she changed her name and gone to work for the Russians. One childhood friend wondered if she had become disillusioned with the government and become a nun after all. But Louie Delgado, her lab partner in college, also a Pisces, who nurtured an unspoken, unselfish, and therefore, in his mind, perfect love for Veda all his life (even as he married, divorced, and remarried a Taurus stewardess)–well, Louie always swore Veda had dissolved in her own fission.

    • The Pisces girl outwardly gentle, soft spoken and accommodating. They bear their troubles quietly and inwardly. When the burden becomes too much they will walk away rather than struggle endlessly.the Pisces girl doesn’t mind being last in the line, overlooked as long as they have a secure home food on their table they’re ok. The Pisces girl has kind striking eyes who is often hurt by the words of others.

    • LOVEHEART this!

      (Pisces sun & mars, Leo rising, Aries moon, venus & mercury – I am probably that “easiest to flatter and least tactful” Pisces woman described…)

  43. The only Pisces girl I’ve known was an OUT THERE creative I met while waitressing in the late 90s with Tequila Sunrise coloured hair and glittery bits everywhere

    She lived in a Grey Gardens decorated flat with pathways to the kitchen and bedroom, the amphetamines didn’t inspire a quick clean up for some reason

    She now travels as a wardrobe assistant to exotic destinations dressing giant purple dinosaurs or cross dressing Arthouse acts

    Magnificently unashamedly flirtatious she had business cards made up and would hand them out to hot guys who never seemed confused by the offer of costumes

  44. The Pisces girls I know are very organised and ambitious in a non threatening way, Everything has its place type thing Great fashion sense and eclectic style. Sexy in a bookworm takes her glasses off and shakes her hair out of a bun underlying sex bomb style I think Nina from Offspring is a Pisces.

  45. I think Kylie Minogue sums ups the Pisces mentality best in the song “Dreams” from the album Impossible Princess….

    When I think of pisces women, I think Impossible Princess.
    It works.

    To have any man but to love only one
    To wake with the moon and sleep with the sun
    To be a sinner a saint, a lover and friend
    To know a beginning but never an end

    To fly in the ocean, swim in the skies
    Believer in truth, defendant of lies
    To be of purest love, the deepest pain
    To be lost and found again and again and again

    These are the dreams
    Of an impossible princess

    To know the power of wealth and poverty
    To taste every moment and try everything
    To be hailed as a hero, branded a fool
    Believe in the sacred and break every rule

    To give into pleasure with no boundaries
    Living in chaos and harmony
    To feel the touch of a man, a woman’s caress
    To know the limits of torture and tenderness

    These are the dreams
    Of an impossible princess

    Man and woman boy and girl
    They want to escape this world

    (Nothing’s what it seems)
    These are the dreams of an impossible princess

    It’s a way of dealing with all the feeling
    Keep believing in dreams

  46. Plot twist: pisces women are actually part of the praying mantis family. After being swept off her feet, she’ll devour his lifeless body after mating.

    I would read the hell out of those horoscopes. Hahaha

  47. Ardabelle was born on the 22 February, 1961, and was 2 years and 360 days old when her little sister was born. She didn’t understand at all, that this birth had coincided with one of her mother’s psychotic episodes; something she had previously been oblivious to, possibly due to the Largactil that zombified her beautiful mother. That must have stopped during pregnancy, and so she naturally thought that the new baby must be the reason for her mother’s very troubling behaviour.

    When Ardabelle turned four, she was enrolled in an exclusive ‘school for girls’ with full school uniform, hat, gloves and blazer. This was the best thing that had happened to her and she happily escaped the unstable and highly charged emotional life of her family, into the predictable, ordered world of school, where she could easily conform and blend in.

    Every morning the family had a cup of tea in Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom. Some mornings Ardabelle would open the curtains and say ‘hello day’. She felt very happy at every new day; predictably the Sun came up and predictably she would put on her school uniform and get herself off to school early.

    Ardabelle was careful not to be too outstanding at school. She was very popular with her friends who voted her ‘house captain’, because she was essentially, a very nice person. But more importantly, because she was so obviously well-behaved, she was popular with the teachers. She was very careful to never bring her friends home.

    When she was twelve, the family moved to Tasmania and she became a boarder, while her little sister stayed at home and went to the local primary school. (what a loser!) She loved being a boarder, the routine, the predictability and more rule to obey. She didn’t miss her mother or her sister very much, but she sometimes missed ‘Daddy.’

    She didn’t really want to grow up. One Christmas when she came home she cried, because she was made to wear grown-up stockings, while her stupid little sister cried because she was made to wear childish socks. She was so unhappy at home, where there was no consistency and no predictability her little sister was simply weird, her mother was selfish and crazy and Daddy worked all the time.

    When she left school she went into nursing and lived at the hospital. But she didn’t really like being a nurse. She didn’t like people who were too vulnerable and were forced to be too honest. She didn’t like all the ‘grot’. She liked people to play by the rules and behave themselves, she liked people to keep up appearances. Rules were there for good reasons. She only very, rarely broke the rules, and she was very, very careful not to be caught; her glowing track record held her in good stead and she could tell a bald faced lie and still be believed because she was such a ‘good girl’.

    *names have been changed to protect the…. guilty. LOL. Sorry for any perceived snark. Thank you for this opportunity. !

  48. “You’re the smartest gal in our class… could you help me out with a math problem?”

    “Aww, you’re sweet, thanks. [winks] What’s your sign?”

    “My what?”

    “Your sign. Sin sign, rising sign…?”

    “Oh, you mean that zodiac garbage…”

    “What is zodiac garbage? Is that, like, a new style of trash bag?”

    “What? Uhm…no. Your figure is magnificent! Has anyone ever told you that? Anyway, [looks at watch] do you think you can help me with this math problem? The fellas are waiting for me…”

    “Thanks! Omg isn’t the empire waist on this dress amazing!? My friend is a seamstress and taught me how to do it so I made this yesterday and the aquamarine fabric is SO in line with my Pisces stellium, I love it. Actually I feel that I am more *me* in this dress. Does that make any sense? Wish I could help you with your math problem but I have to run – meeting the girls at our new new Polynesian cocktail start-up… OMG, you should meet your friends there! Our bartender does reiki and foot massage… it’s amazing. What’s your math problem anyway?”

    “It’s… uh… algebraic. Listen, can’t you help me even for just 5 minutes? I’m not so sure the fellas would be into fruity drinks, if ya know what I’m sayin.”

    “Oh yeah, that’s right. This is 1950. Uhm, let me think it over for a min… No.”

    “Well… you’re a frigid bitch.”

    “See, if you would’ve just told me your rising sign, this could’ve been over so much sooner!”

    “You’re a nutcase!”

    “Nope. Pisces.”

  49. We Pisces girls fall hook, line and sinker for OUR OWN romantic illusions. I spent 3 years with a Leo asshat because I dreamt I was making out with him on a bus, and the next day (in reality) he and I both get off the same bus and he asks my name. Kismet!
    Years later another Leo hits my fantasy button by knowing the next line to “You remind me of a man …” (“What man? The man with the power …) Of course I swooned. L’amour, toujours l’amour! Took me 8 years and lawyer’s fees to get out of THAT one!
    Now I skip the mess by directly falling in love with characters from tv shows. The unreality is the same, but it’s much easier when I wake up from the love zombie spell!

  50. The Pisces woman….multiple personalities, swims and shifts with the tides, is receptive to all energy currents , then finally remembers who she is and finds her own truth and alignment. Then she becomes unstoppable, and has more love, wisdom and compassion to give because she is whole and complete unto herself. If she chooses a lover, he will be one lucky man!

    A poem I would like to share from the heart (from my book ‘A Message from Source’)


    ‘I loved the feeling of my tail
    the way it always left a trail
    of ripples, with the encompassing waves
    upon the body with the cold I craved.
    The sounds of movement circling around,
    so many sensations simultaneously found,
    through one breathe and one swim,
    one vast ocean allowing me in.
    My sea…my home…
    permitted by the gods to be free to roam.

    They’re entrancing creatures, yet so strange..
    how they can breathe in the air and not harm their brains?
    How they can survive above water and only appear
    once or twice a lifetime, every one thousandth year?
    The scriptures say they are aliens, creatures alone,
    beings so mysterious that they do not wish to be known.
    they are the sky gods, from another time and space,
    here to show us that we are not the only race.

    I wished to know more of these magical masters,
    these transcendental alchemists that survived through disaster.
    I once read an article that told of a story
    how their world above was taken out with rage and fury;
    their homes were destroyed, few survived left to weep
    yet still they remained, at peace in the deep.
    Through cycles of time generations have come and go
    yet why they associate with us, we can never truly know.

    then I once had the honor to meet one of their middle young,
    at the seventh cycle of the light rising when my powers had just begun.
    the elder’s conch had been blown and the first drum beat,
    a magnificent pearl had been gifted, forever mine to keep.
    The celebratory ceremony drifted by in a daze..
    one moment I was mortal me, then by magic my DNA changed!
    It was like I had been sleeping for such a long time ,
    I could feel trickles of crystalline fluid drip slowly down my spine,
    my vision intensified as I saw the world around
    my tail glowed brighter, I could feel each grain of sand…

    Can you imagine what it is like to feel each grain of sand?
    Or to smell the essence of something from far away
    and hear each individual sound as if emanating from my brain.
    Memories once out of focus came flooding back again,
    I could tune into the timelessness of all my past reality-
    somehow through the mystical waves that connected me to my family,
    hear their thoughts, feel their feelings , see through all old illusions-
    and it all made sense in that moment of fusion,
    why secrets had to be kept, in order for our race to be…
    (we’re a magical rave,my father once told me)
    yet how we compared to the gods of the sea was still beyond my psychic ability.

    That day I was blessed to meet this young one,
    a deep desire came upon me to sing him my soul song;
    it filled me entirely as I was too mesmerized to tell him
    so I sung from my heart and could feel his every cell
    merge with my spirit, as we danced as one energy,
    entwined through the air, feeling hypnotized to be
    completely at ease and at one with this frequency.

    As the music grew louder my hands reached for his soul;
    I knew I could heal him, give him a gift from my world.
    Filling him with unconditional love…as I started
    a glowing light flew from my hand to his heart,
    and in that moment I knew he was filled with total bliss;
    his eyes shone brighter than any orb I bore witness to.
    His lips surrendered to a smile as I moved around,
    and I could feel his whole being shake from my radiating sound.
    Colors danced around and his breathe sank over us
    and in that moment of ecstasy- he was overcome by lust.

    My soul song stopped short and the orb washed away,
    and the once enlightened look on this gods face
    sank into despair as his heartbeat slowed,
    his body became distant and cold.
    Every part of him melted, merging into the abyss
    as the gift of love and realization of eternal bliss
    now deserted this creature, his body lifeless…
    But wait..
    If my healing gift of pure light and love had caused his decease,
    does this mean these men are mere mortals
    and the true gods remain in the seas…’

  51. Pisces women, like mermaids on land not quite grounded in the physical world they drift easily back into the depths of their home to seek refuge from the “real” world.
    You can see the ocean in her eyes, or the way her hair falls. she’ll collect treasures from the sea,forgo shoes feel everything deeply.
    Love is her anchor, her teacher and her streangth alas is can break her, confuse her and shake her. She will retreat to her sea sanctuary. Only to return bringing with her the wisdom found only from a journey to the deepest and darkest places of the soul.

    • Yes I was a bit confused about his description. I suspect he had a run in with a Pisces with a heavy Aries component 😉

  52. Her: I’m a Pisces Sun and Moon
    Me: date/time/place of birth plz
    *looks up chart before running fast and far away*
    Me (a leo): Ohhhh, no no. You’re a Leo Moon. THAT’s why you’re not insufferable.

  53. Pieces girls. All sweetness and light on the surface. HI hi. Air kiss. Chit chat.
    All very nice.especially even nice when the need something…..
    But a pieces girl with an aim will completely
    Ghost out of your Life, she’ll plan endlessly, then summon her team to execute.
    Maybe you’ve been selected for her team- maybe you haven’t.
    What’s certain is that if you don’t have what she needs, you’ll be cut. Execution style.

  54. I was this Pisces girl – though with less hair flip – and I know exactly how this conversation played out!
    1. She was distracted by the way the light of the full moon touched the tips of his long, thick lashes. She was mesmerised by the play of light across his full lips and how it highlighted his strong, manly jaw.
    2. There was a brief interlude where she imagined his masculine arms wrapped around her, and wondered how he would smell with his freshly shaved cheek pressed against her cheek. Would she smell aftershave or something more uniquely him, her one true love? (Because she knew, in her heart of hearts, that when their fingers touched, they would both know they had found paradise on earth.)
    3. She helped him with his maths homework, all the while thinking he was a cute, but lovable dumbass. He was, after all, HER lovable dumbass, and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for her man.
    4. She turned to the dazzling full moon behind her, and bathed in its magical light. She and the moon were sisters, you see, and the moon gave her strength and vitality and intuition on a monthly basis.
    She turned back to him, a smile on her lips, because she knew she could confide this in him, he’d understand completely and they’d be together from this moment on.
    5. The smile died on her lips. He wasn’t entranced by the moon. He was packing him maths textbook in his backpack. He wasn’t The One.
    6. “See you, Geoffrey,” she said, as she sauntered away.
    7. Geoffrey stood there, stunned. He’d been summoning the courage to ask her out, and trying to hide his nervousness by putting his book in his bag. He’d always known she was The One.

    • Or, she actually let him saunter away, thinking whatever he manfully muscularly pridefully thought. And she was all the better informed from the encounter, and mourned the twenty second flash connection she explored and found ever so (21st cent insert: mfqn) wanting.

      But another had been watching and moved in to save the delicate Piscean who was so cruelly let down before all. And she had to let another lesson of soul be learned by her in the next twenty seconds or twenty weeks.

  55. In the spirit of Pisces (and as a Gem rising with a Pisces Mercury), I would like to submit to the competition some old era inspired poetry in limerick form:

    There once was a Pisces from Nantucket
    Whose heart was an ocean in a bucket
    When full was the moon
    She became quite a loon
    Which is why your homework simply says “fuck it”

    The Twin Fish heard a knock on her tree
    A man had come for some free therapy
    As she answered halfway from space
    He screamed, “Where is you face!”
    She sang, “Anywhere you need it to be”

    Jimmy chased Mary home to ask
    If she could help him with his math
    “You’re looking for my sister
    She’ll correct you to blisters
    She’s a Virgo and not an empath”

    • If I could do that whistle thing where you put your fingers in your mouth and at the same time clap I’d do that. It felt era appropriate. Love these.

    • Hmmm. Ahhhh. Love a limmeric on occasions such as this–rising full moon eclipse crazy jungian (takin the piss) trade show festival poetry slam. Like butter flies easy grease odd bed fellows and signature moves. I am making swamp mixed custard apple cocktails me pisces girl is grinding her protestant values into the ur dervs. Dont usually do guests but me grandpa core more rant is coming over for breakfast if we can stay awake or wake up in time. Next damn thing turns from comment to twisted entry. If this wallet brings me a pisces girlfriend you do the math, I will not need the bank I will have my liquidity.

  56. Ok wait, I’d give it a go but can’t for the life of me ascertain what the EFF that wall is. Is he underground? Coming out of a bunker? How is she placing her hands on it yet he’s looking up at her. Both illuminated yet in silhouette. Mercury is in virgo right now and I can’t get past the illustration perspective.

    • Theory of pi: It’s an evening class for the bright students. It’s just finished, or maybe they’re on a break. He’s sitting at a standard outdoors bench-table setup like you see at schools etc. Their books are on a table, she’s standing on the other side with her hands on her textbooks having just put them down. The seating area is attached to the building – there are a few sets of double doors oit of view that open onto it. The stone wall/balusteade is built around the whole thing as its a metre or two off the ground. The viewpoint is that of someone who was walking past (or watching haha) standing on the ground itself looking up.

      • AHH, that actually works for the wall. Thank you. The yellow illumination though, and her completely obscured face…I’m at a loss.

        Mercury in virgo is breaking my brain. Can’t even clever up. 12th house swimming is clearing up the last few years for eclipses I think. See you from the other side of the wall…

  57. Pisces inner musing: Neptunian Reasons to accept even when the obvious answer is no
    Your Leathermen’s jacket matches my lilac glasses
    You’re a figment in my Jungian mythos or Significant Dream last night
    I just pulled a knight of cups from the Waite Deck stashed in locker
    Im under a Jupiter transit spell wahooo more homework
    My sixth house sun is under strange activation lately
    Authorship is so 19th century
    Obviously it’s a better vibe to work on 10 pieces of homework at once, better space time continuum task fluidity
    High on beguilement fumes before they wear off
    To see what unfolds in act 2

  58. As an Aquarius, I have never understood Pisces women. My Pisces girl friends always seemed so mysterious, I just don’t get what drives their watery moods. Now I have a Pisces niece, and she is brilliant and sparkly, powerful and resilient, a force of nature, a whole ocean of life.

  59. Men, are you looking for your Sweet Submissive Suzie?  Well our Pisces gal is the one for you! The most feminine sign in the zodiac is guaranteed to let YOU wear the pants in the household.  Be warned, an impressionable Pisces lass can be easily led astray by dominant female friends! Watch out for feminists and beatniks, your Pisces may be unable to resist their bad influence.

    Keep an eye on her cocktail consumption and keep her far away from any REEFER MADNESS as dear Pisces can become the town lush without stern guidance. And I do mean stern, your Pisces is likely to require liberal amounts of over the knee correction.  A strong hand and a swift spanking will save the day AND your happy home.

    • Of course this Gemini read this as a creative writing challenge lolololol. You never need to ask me twice to bang out some copy. And mimicing vintage style tone is twice as nice!

      This is too much fun Mystic, what a kickass idea!

      • Fish are very habitat-specific. One has to understand the ecology of the particular species before throwing a line or net in. Tides, currents, phase of moon, weather, time of year. And even the tastiest bait conceals a hook, meaning pain or death for most fish. And then there is the bycatch. Maybe one is better off snorkelling, or scuba diving, to visit the world of fishes..

  60. Say nothing . Just watch me. Glance away when you catch me watching you watching me. When our eyes lock , offer a shy smile. I will melt at your vunerability and the courage it took you to summon my attention. I am seduced by your willingness to subject your tender ego for my consideration. You must think I am worth it.

    That’s the kind of Pisces Woman I am !!!

  61. Pisces rising. Not very tactful but that’s because of my Sag Sun.
    I would say the Pisces way through a maths problem is pretty similar to reading Tarot or interpreting dreams: you see equations, numbers, as entities. You feel them, merge with them, become them, absorb them, listen to them. Then come out the other side and suddenly you know the answer, because the answer simply IS.
    Then, explaining the answer is the fun part, where we get to play. I wouldn’t want to be the guy there, his simple chauvinist mind is about to get a workout. Also, a Pisces does not ‘respond’ to flattery, we see painfully clearly through it, and through you, and may or may not decide to play along. So, see the lady in the picture: face hidden, feline stance. Clearly evaluating her prey, if you ask me 😉

    • you are right- it looks like she is about to have immense fun and give him a mental workout.
      Any guy with not so pure intentions, or who doesnt see a beautiful, divine and intelligent pisces woman for who she is, literally ‘opens up’ a portal that may not often shine through in a more ‘humble,’ quiet or introspective piscean. It’s like a DNA codon gets activated where she/the pisces woman recognizes that his soul is asking for an upgrade through her sheer genius and free flowing creative, linguistic and intuitive mind/ emotions/ feelings/ spirit.
      It always comes from the heart though, even in a situation like this….there is still always the underlying current of ‘wanting to help and serve’ <3

  62. This is not Pisces specific. Just a bit of trenchancy.

    Tactlessness through the zodiac:

    Pisces: While never deliberately tactless, they are often tactless on accident, because they abscond to a dream realm when stressed, and don’t realize what is being said in the conversation.

    Aries: Most likely to be tactless out of competitiveness, or an urge to toughen the other person up.

    Taurus: Usually, only tactless under extreme duress, and then explosively so. Otherwise can sometimes be tactless from being so grounded in their experience that they do not envision other possibilities.

    Gemini: Tactless because they forget which version of themselves they are being with who. Also, take tactlessness very lightly, both their own and that of others.

    Cancer: Tactless from extreme emotional flooding, or an attempt to prevent incoming psychically perceived disaster.

    Leo: Tactless without realizing it from pure self-absorption.

    Virgo: Can be tactless when their pursuit of perfection supersedes their desire to care for others.

    Libra: Very smoothly and deliberately tactless as an attempt to enforce social harmony. Other signs are left wondering did they really say that/mean that?

    Scorpio: Most likely to be tactless after thinking about it for years, deploying it at the perfect moment for maximum impact.

    Sagittarius: Continuous tactlessness, because they bounce back so quickly, they assume others can do the same. Impervious to the tactlessness of others.

    Capricorn: Tactlessness whenever necessary to preserve order or attain a goal. Will often couch it in such a way that it is impossible to challenge. Consummate in double-speak. Mega studied and deliberate. They assume everyone operates this way and take the tactlessness of other very personally as a consequence.

    • I do honor my spark of divinity.
      I AM an earth angel
      And I love your very being … ^_^

      (pisces would know if this was spiritual sarcasm or a compassionate sharing of the heart )

      but Pisces are also so full of delusion they would probably conclude it was both and neither simultaneously.

      F*ck, I AM a pisces and I don’t even know!. I think we just like to come across as charming and intelligent, kind and attractive and just go with the vibes in the moment, in presence. Social media can be limiting, hence pisces are the most psychic, telepathic and sensitive to subtle energy signs, and above all else- compassionate.

  63. A goddess floating through this realm. Reflecting spirit in her dance. Feeling her thoughts and trying to come into terms of this physical reality… Why can’t we all just get along? Dreaming of the day we all love and trust one another. Feeling the heaviness of incarnation can drag piscean, so we disconnect. We disconnect from this reality to connect to our source, to feel the magic of ascended beings, so we can bring that magic back to this reality in hopes that the magic will stay with us for a bit longer until the day we can all say we are living heaven on Earth. <3

  64. As a Pisces moon, I see this as the concept of: swept off of your feet at the first sight of someone (or something) dreamy and sort of awe-inspiring This article is completely and deliberately inaccurate with this “easiest to flatter “and “least tactical” angle. With a Pisces, you know, a strong emotionally stable Pisces that has an emotional-psychic intelligence sharper than a laser beam could see though this shallow, duplicitous behavior and this type of person wouldn’t even have a chance. The ideal Pisces will begin to ponder and see the person for what they are, a delusional, flawed and undesirable person. They’ll begin swimming away in their depths of their emotions on to something more fulfilling.

  65. This is re: a vintage astrology book I used to own, from late ’60’s – early ’70’s. It was hilarious. Each sign was divided into male & female descriptions, and it was really clear that the author felt certain signs were more masculine or feminine. He’d rave about e.g. the domesticity of Cancer females, but warn them about getting fat from all that time in the kitchen, while essentially consoling the males for being soft & moody.

    It was funny period writing, possibly a little dated in that time, even.

    But what really surprised me was when I looked up Capricorns, my Sun sign.

    He LOATHED Capricorns. He was practically frothing at the mouth at the conservative, imperialist authority created entirely by soul-destroying, money-grubbing, eco-murdering Capricorns. You’d think the entire world government, religious hierarchy, and possibly Hell itself was entirely created & ruled by Capricorns for the purpose of crushing him beneath it’s bootheels. (Or hooves.)

    It was insane. I wonder who in his early life was a Capricorn, and what the hell they did to him!

    (I don’t have a title or author, as the book’s energy was so mucky by that point that I didn’t even want it in my house. I donated it to a charity book store, which I still feel a little guilty about.)

    • He’d warn about them getting “fat” ftw!!!! That feminine business is one little thing i adore about my older Katakan mates, and something not evident in the young ones in my fam, with moon eyes and cheekbones. I can’t have that beautiful thing they have, and i just love seeing it, so femme! So Moon-y!
      That guy writer is a total crump misog piece of unappreciative bullsh*

      Glad you don’t have that book in your home any more.

      A Capricorn has held me up by encouraging my spine and yes empathising, ok in a much drier way than i see it, but i do like to hear her and i feel her love for me. She wants what i want: for me to do well and hold my own, especially in what appears to be my professional trajectory. She feels it! That’s why her dry observations kill the other random “advice” i inadvertently receive. She feels me and she works out a practical stratagem (all right i’m Mars in Cap 2nd house but we all know i’m Pisces. Noone else gets to tell me what to do, or how to take it. Though they all seem to give it a red hot try.)

    • this is really interesting! Somewhere on here is a similar example but about Scorpios. There was this really old and quite anodyne series of illustrations for the zodiac and then Scorpio is this giant killer scorpion with a really terrifying caption. I also think the Linda Goodmans Sun Signs book was crazy against Pisces…that is where the description “trash can of the Zodiac came from”

  66. Pisces girls: Are they seeing romantic nuances in everything, or are they just gullible?

    Pisces girls: When you’re wondering why you keep having to answer the question, “wait, what?” Then you realize she’s a Pisces…

    Pisces girls: Talking to them, thinking they really get you, then they try to finish your sentence and are so completely off topic that you don’t even know if they were listening…? Lol

    Pisces girls: Wait…what?

  67. Pisces woman thought bubble: This guy is a little dim, but he’s good looking enough and I can do with a good fuck.
    Pisces woman says: “Sure, Let’s get comfortable and I’ll tell you all about Fibonacci’s invention of zero”

  68. As a Saggie rising This is my courage – strength – and fun
    Fun as in whoops did I just say that with a straight face and confidence? While the Fishie end SCREAMS retreat! Retreat!
    Silently of course ~ have learned to muffle the loud and sometimes frightfully angry child to score more bravado and adventure. Living way out of a comfort zone is fun.
    Of course I always repay her – long dream therapy ~ writing ~ creative. Even love. Ms Fish was always a sucker for the bad boys – emotionally unattached ones. Now I show her an even better self love. No more void soul sucking rabbit holes – this Pisces laughs now at the thought

  69. The key to the Pisces girl is that she only has two settings: On and Off.
    When she’s ‘On’, she’s so in love that it hurts, she’d do anything for him.
    She’s the life of the party darling, just pass the Champagne!
    She’s so into the latest project that nothing else matters, it’s so enthralling.
    She’s so involved in her job that sure, she’ll do that overtime/stay late/finish all your work for you.
    She’ll bend over backwards to show her love/help you out/make everyone happy. Until you push her too far.
    At which point she switches to ‘Off’.
    Love? Honey you can’t be serious. It was just a bit of fun!
    Party? Fuq off, I’m busy (aka having a night on the couch with PJs, a bad movie and lots of chocolate).
    Work this weekend? How much is the overtime worth?
    Project? Oh THAT old thing, it’s soooo last year.
    That’s all you need to know. If you want the key to her heart/attention/bank balance, just don’t burst the bubble. She’ll stay ‘On’ forever.
    But burst it baby and she’ll swish away so fast it will make your head spin. No one controls, cages or traps a Pisces girl. If they try she’s like a slippery fish, off that hook in a flash of silvery scales and swimming free.

    • “Love?” was never just a bit of fun. We saw yours, we tasted yours while you thought you were playing, and we didn’t even have to decide. The whole thing played out before our prismic eyes before you even worked out who you thought we were. If the love sustains? Yes to the party, the project, but not many usually come without keys and cages, so turn me by my fins and face my silvery shark smile. It’s not you i eat (couldn’t be bothered by now) but the illusion i think i sustained of you. And you’ll know it as i look right through and past you.

      • And don’t forget, she has another fish love interest secret fantasy behind the scenes which she would defend and deny to her grave.
        Pisces always need a secret that is solely shared between them and the universe…its like their sense of home, of comfort, of complete independence. It keeps the illusion intact whilst reminding them of their human existence (which is sometimes hard for the pisces, especially one who likes to drift to other realms and dimensions…)

  70. I think the cartoonist found himself quite taken by a piscean girl who possibly took pity on his fumblingly transparent attempts at flattery, but mainly because he was actually very sexy. then, when he began acting like he was the boss of her, she told him where to get off, which affronted his delicate masculine sensibilities and terminated the romance. pisces girl was disappointed – dat ass – but no one wants to cuddle with a dictator. Besides, his arch-rival had been looking very cute lately.

  71. I kinda can relate to this… as a pisces girl, the situation would look like this:

    “Fleshback to a dreamy seashore, sunset, old me to hubby with sparkling eyes:
    -Hey Honey, do you remember when you first asked me out? Gosh, that was some stupid pick up line… helping with math, because I’m the smartest?! Still have to laugh at it!

    Dreamy picture fades away, negligent male voice intterupts:
    -Hey, are you here Smartie? So ’you free tomorrow evening to help with math?

    Me realizing I’m stiil in high school, self defense on:
    -Sure, I was just calculating the chances of you leaving your attitude home”

  72. Multi-Pisces stellium in the 7th house and I am hands down the most tactful person I’ve ever known. I will put up with any kind of abusive behaviour to my face in order to avoid saying anything that might hurt your feelings. Will not confront or stand up for myself at all. Will easily erase you from my existence afterwards but in the moment, I will die before saying anything mean or hurtful.

    • I hear you sister, I avoid conflict at any and all costs-
      It’s like we have a magnet at the core of our being that instantly pushes ourselves away from our opposite / someone who may be seeking to argue or engage in certain behavior
      It’s good to practice self love and respect though. If we don’t love ourselves we possibly love others, and If we give so much of ourselves we simply dont have enough time, energy and resources for our best life, for us!
      Pisces have boundary problems . and sometimes forget that we are allowed to breathe before helping others 😉

      Your comment really hit home as this has literally happened to me in the last few days . I had a very abusive and just meanspirited energy projected at me , yet I wouldn’t dream of engaging. I just said Im sorry but I can’t engage in this and I wish you all the best, and I mean. Without sounding egotistical, I dont think Pisces could truly ever wish any harm on anyone . I think we’ve come to truly recognize the nature of energy and how powerful our thought projections are. We are vessels waiting to be filled with stories. Why fill ourselves with a negative or harmful one? Just allow others to go their own way.

      Peace to you! x

  73. I wish they all could be Pisces girrrrrlllls…
    Well they are. All of us have a little Pisces in us, somewhere in our chart. Some are just more pronounced than others. The more pronounced ones are indeed The Beautiful Ones. Their hidden talent: glamoring. I think they are out to give Leos a run for their money in the glamor department. The difference is that Leos want to shock and awe, while the Merfolk want to cast a spell. There is a bit of witchcraft in everything they do. Not dark, taboo occultism of Scorpio, or the cozy, candlelit housewitchery of Cancer. Pisces exudes an ethereal haze that sweeps you along with their tides, landing you on their secret island where untold rituals will invade your dreams as they sing you their Siren’s Song, a la Circe. The Beautiful Ones know how to work this magic expertly. They know how to swim with the ever-changing currents, sensing the sea change before any of the rest of us do, and they use this information to their advantage. Disliking being caught, because they feel it takes their powers away, these slippery fishes have mastered the fine art of being both in a passionate relationship and simultaneously being out of one, the same way they exist with one shimmery foot in this material world and one in the other realms. They know too much. They have been to all the other dimensions either in their dreamwork, meditations, or past life rememberances. They know life is much, much more than this. Why settle for just one heart to love when the entire Universe is lapping at their shores like a bioluminescent sea? If you find one of these creatures, enjoy the fleeting time with them. They may not be able to stay forever, but the time they spend with you will crack your heart open in ways you cannot yet imagine. And then one day, poof, they’ll slip out the back door in a cloud of fairy dust. Be grateful: it was all real.

  74. I was going to say that saggs are less tactful but I have zero tact so there’s not a lot below zero… and I was also going to say that we definitely aren’t all suckered in by flattery but then I remembered that a bit of flattery from a man can spark a whole lot of flirt. (But WHY is he climbing her balcony in the moonlight to ask her for help with his maths homework?? Maybe HE’s the piscean and using the maths homework as cover for flirtatious intent??)

    • Prices ARE rising and we have to deal with that – no choice – but we can still do luxe where it counts. Non consumer-based, but heart and soul what nourishes your every day. Because any day could be your last, but mostly ‘cos you’re in a body now so every day is meant to be experienced.

  75. A math problem?
    Unless we are talking Madelbrots and convoluted fractal boundaries then Honey I simply can’t be bothered. I’d prefer to immerse myself with your physical to reach your infinite…Possibility??

    • I love Mandelbrot.

      Pisces, both sexes, amaze me in their ability to arrive at an answer / conclusion (or delusion) / position without ‘any’ effort. Yesterday a Fisces colleague, on leave, signed up for some staff development bs. Other staff were miffed that she knew it was on …and they didn’t. I just said she was Pisces and she just sublimated her response to the opportunity.

      • I definitely agree with you – definitely some blurry line between conclusion and delusion…
        but that’s the beauty with being pisces- to them its all the same
        they recognize that all of it is illusion and ultimately life is a game.
        I think it’s because they’ve accepted it all- the dark, the light and the ugly
        pisces never judge anyone and see beauty even in the duality.
        They arrive at a position without any effort because they are truly free to swim,
        between all the multidimensional layers of existence, so effortlessly (as if they have fins..)

        I think it’s great that you saw that quality in her (your colleague)- a comment like that is truly valued
        Pisces are not superficial- they want people to see them from the root!
        Recognition of the self on the deepest level is highly placed when it comes to a higher truth.
        Respect to you…

        Standing up for a pisces gains a lot of trust,
        they are extremely sensitive to energy currents
        and often take on a lot,
        Pisces are literally the embodiment of unconditional love …

  76. Wear their hearts on their sleeve, are capable of loving and hating people at the same time. Always put other people first until they get burned out and retreat from EVERYTHING… only to come out again at the first hint of something sparkly.

    • This is so true, exactly what I am going through,
      It’s like we have an escape clause written in our roots!
      Pisces gives it their all with sheer heart and soul
      then realize they’re pure spirit in a very human world…

      So yes, we get burned out, as you say
      yet we’re so in tune and timeless we still stay connected to the wave.
      Its like one part of us shuts down whilst our subconscious keeps going,
      I think it’s because of our innate desire to never stop people growing.

      We simply can’t stop- it’s just in our nature,
      that need to help and serve being our desire.
      Sparkly….? perhaps
      for me personally its more about the naps!
      I need time to detach and transcend this dimension,
      otherwise- like you say regarding retreat- I start to feel tension…

  77. “Normally dumb guys are better looking.”
    “What else do you like about me?”
    “Well… your eyes I guess.”
    “Oh you’re just saying that!”
    “You asked me!”
    “You know something? I dreamed this conversation last night. I get super psychic around the full moon.”
    “Oh yeah? What do I say next?”
    “You say ‘they’re beautiful, the colour of the sea on a stormy day'”
    “Is that right? Well they are ya know.”
    “No. You say ‘I’m gonna flunk math.’ Tell ya what. Show me what you need help with and I’ll tell you the answer.”
    “That’d be swell! Here it is green eyes.”
    “Well slate grey really. Ok let’s see. Ok I get it. Here goes.” Do you know now?”
    “But… but you didn’t say anything.”
    “Oh I did. Telepathically. If you didn’t get it, just proves we weren’t meant to be.”
    “Meant to be? I just wanted help with math!”

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