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Dear Mystic

A staunch Uranian, I am not usually one to be outweirded by the times. This cool customer is happy to surf even the most turbulent of waves as foretold in your daily mails, full moons, crazy conjuctions and the like. But of late I find myself without board, neck deep in the weirdest of waters. People ‘share’ faces, enemies are friends, lovers are figments, NOTHING IS REAL. We think we know, but we are blind beyond belief. Dramatic, LOL. While I can’t clearly SEE what’s going on, I am increasingly aware of this other ‘dimension’, not in a spooky way, but of course I don’t understand it all…yet? The energy is dense and this poor Aqua is ever so lost. Can I blame this on the void moon or what? Is this what it feels like to be a Pisces?

Aqua Sun & Venus, Leo Rising, Mars & Mercury Pisces. (8th house moon but whatevs)

Dear Ms Uranian,

Yes i get it!  It’s hyper-surrealism with the veils between the realms thinned out. I am getting my druid in next week for a personal energy clearing because i absolutely feel like it is necessary. I was walking down a dark lane the other night, feeling totally safe and in my own zone, when i felt something like a person behind me. I turned, surprised as i had heard no footsteps and there it was; a distinct shadow entity. And yes, this was with total sobriety, right after yoga. It’s not Jupiter square Pluto and it’s not even Eclipse Season. You are correct that this energy lacks the Uranian buzz…Do you know what i think it is and i have only just realized this is happening? I think it is Neptune square the Great Attractor. It has been going on since April but is perhaps stronger now because of other influences?  What does everyone else think?

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64 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Aqua Out-Weirded At Last

  1. Warning: antagonists removed to protect the guilty.

    A chair attacked me. I grabbed the chair. I had to fend off a second miraculously moving chair. A third was successfully evaded.

    After a rather long momentary lapse of reason a steel bin came from near orbit. I fended it off.

    Uranus about to turn Rx on my MC @ 29* Aries.

    • I am very Uranian. My Aqua Moon is opp both my 1H Kat Sun and 1H Leo Uran cj 2H Merc. Jup T Sqs my Moon & Uran / Merc.

  2. Oooh! Yep!
    Also an aqua and ‘seeing’ things in my peripheral constantly. My peripheral vision has always been on but not like this.
    Love reading about the great attractor…
    my dreaming world & the understanding I’ve gained through working with a very talented witchy archetypal dreamworker for the last 6 years has created a very secure, sometimes hard to find, lovely stepping stone pathway for me to walk/ trip/ skip across… the next cobblestone is right there.. and jump!

    • Oh oh. I’ve had weird peripheral stuff too ?!?! Thought my eyesight needing looking into. Glad to know others are finding it too and it’s not just me. My MC is the galactic centre and I’m awaiting Saturn to move forward onto it again. And literally my life has gone supanova in the past month. It’s bizarre.

      • I’ve also had weird active peripheral vision lately but hadn’t really thought much of it. Also, my life has started transforming in the last few weeks too. I am seeing/realising the layers that sit over everything and that form this idea of ‘reality’. It’s like having the gridlines revealed and having so much ‘stuff’ become clearer as a result. I feel genuine personal power establishing itself and growing for the first time in my life, in a completely non-egocentric way.

        • Wow… I am also having the periphery thing, as recently as last night! I also hadn’t thought much about it.

          • Whoa. Periphery stuff here too! Been seeing flashes of light out of no where, like a light bulb dims or pops. I first thought a bulb was loose, but then it started happening in various locations, and all the bulbs can’t be bad. Seeing other stuff too where I’ll blink and just wonder what the hell that was. I am super Aqua and Pisces, Uranus bang on my Ascendant.

            • Have Aqua Venus IC and Uranus 11th House trines Aqua Venus. Aqua is most of my third but not ruler of it.

              Yesterday i started getting electric shocks from everything again. Quick checked the textiles i was wearing and nothing unusual. Sometimes i go through charged mini-eras. Can’t wear a watch. I’ve had ten of them.

              Today no shocks but I did find out what the Aquas at work talk about when noone else is around: their cats. They’re both pretty tech-savvy, so i presumed there was a bit of work tech talk, but one of them is apparently going to attach a cam to their cat.

              I just don’t think you can outweird an Aqua.

              Unless the cat encounters ghosts and the capture on film weirds the Aqua out.

    • I think the peripheral vision of things not technically there is like a layer of the thin veil between worlds.
      My Dad (who has passed) is often there which I love, other times not so friendly energy that I ask to move on.
      But yes! I’m in a state of massive change on all levels- physical, emotional & spiritual.
      I couldn’t have gotten thru this year without my dreamworker, amazing acupuncturist & the lovely naturopaths at my local herbals shop..
      A few weeks ago I went in and the lovely witch said ‘how can I help?’ I replied ‘I’m getting divorced& selling my house, I need a magic potion!’
      Voila magic potion created, she said all will be well in two weeks.
      Three weeks later my house has sold, my property settlement with ex gone through court & my offer on new abode accepted!
      I don’t care if it’s placebo or not… it worked!

  3. Insights galore and everything is happening on multiple levels/dimensions at once. Hard to glean which dimension to operate off of since they are blending somewhat. Didn’t think of the GA!! Makes a lot of sense. So factoring that in, my natal Virgo Merc/Mars is also sq the GA and is currently being opposed by Neptune. Saturn is backing up to my Ascendant, nearly exact before going direct: one last, powerful lesson. It’s a weird year that feels like being in the Kubrick movie 2001.

  4. Aqua here and EVERYTHING IS STRANGE. I’ve questioned if I feel lost or out of tune with myself and everything or everyone around me. So much has felt off or fallen off.

    I typically delight in your tarot and right now I can’t accept or feel connected or even understand my readings, they don’t feel like their mine. I don’t feel like me. And to top this off I’m mega emotional menstrual so… In these goggles my world looks like it’s crumbling but in reality I’m having the best career aspects to ever occur in my life thus far. And yet there’s an unknown. A shadow. Old ways of my own popping up. Extreme paranoia (or is it not idk idk!). I cannot wait until it has passed. I want back the confident knowing and clear gut instinct that thrived just before this. And all while with a new partner, classic aqua distance kicking in … Working hard to accept ups and downs without labeling and planning for the worst. Ohhh the tune was much different last month. I’m steering clear of all readings… Either I can’t handle the truth or I’m in a shadow dimension. For now I choose the latter.

    • Mmmmm same. Aqua sun/asc/Mars/Merc. Uranian.

      I feel the same. But with a double dose of paranoia, but maybe it’s not paranoia! Maybe it’s the TRUTH! Normally I just don’t give an actual fuq but something atm is just not letting go! I don’t know if I can trust my instincts. Very unsettling. I don’t often comment but feel very much compelled when other Aquas are on the same wavelength and want to reach out.
      Sweet Sanity

  5. Something weird is definitely going down in the liminal world. I’m not particularly Uranian but I am one of Mercury’s own and can confidently confirm the message that this is quite the Zeitgeist. Thanks for identifying the Neptune square Attractor transit Mystic – really helps in navigating it. Maybe it’s esp strong for those born of us in the 60’s who have a natal square with the Attractor and are now having a Neptune opposition?

    Currently, I’m experiencing it as though some kind of unofficial chi vampire frenzy has been called in the ethereal and temporal planes. So far the best defences in all this have been; following Mystic for navigational tips, a black sense of humour/ the absurd, kind friends and “feeding the tiger i want in my life” Strange days indeed

  6. Aqua Asc and Jupiter here: I think it’s the South Swamp Node, people. A lot of surreal and synchronistic endings and beginnings are vortexing right now. 🙂

    • I agree…endings can augur wonderful a prospective…

      Lol, eternal. In the mists of neptune chiron like metamorphosis is very mystifying! Fire will be interesting…

      So presently it’s a meandering journey as to what & who & why!

  7. I’ve definitely felt things pushing at my home wards recently. I’ve been trying to sort of surf the energies, as the OP described, but it’s definitely a challenge. Since I’ve also been trying to deepen my spiritual/magical practice recently, I was thinking it was that I’d been stirring things up. But I’m not surprised to hear it’s been a more wide-spread phenomenon.

  8. With Neptune in my 3rd house opp my natal Virgo, I have been experiencing the realization of the illusion of meaning in our words. How the language we use covers over reality in multiple confusions.

  9. Let’s see, I’m actually going to put money on the Nodes fuqing with your Sun/Venus &/or ASC/DSC axis. You want some sudden, strange, fated topsy-turvy reversals and that sure will tend to do it – during this particular cosmic weather, you’re like a lightning rod with this polarity emphasized in your chart. Depending upon where your Venus is, prep yourself for the potential for random, strange encounters with exes when the SN passes over it – think of it as helping you to clear out any lingering emotional residue of Relationships Past.

  10. In contrast I’ve been feeling like quite a Muggle these last few weeks. Dreams have been rooted in daily life as opposed to my normal outer space adventures, and waking life has been a grindstone of shit to do do do do. Haven’t felt this disconnected from the all in….Oh let’s be honest I’ve been feeling like this since Pluto got all up in my junk circa 2013. Frump city. I know I know, phoenixing has ugly bits too where the crap has to all lift to the surface etc… But dayam I want to feel this great attractor dancing with Neptune!!!

    Anyone got some tips to blast off that don’t involve substances stronger than flower essences? I’ve um, totally done my time with all that before Saturn returned nomsayin

      • yes yes this is all happening on the regular – daily meditation, twice weekly kinesiology sessions, twice weekly chiropractic, gardening in my spare time and whatnot.

        Probably it’s just the daily crammed schedule that’s got me feeling all uncosmic 🙂

  11. Just online listening to strange noises that are inexplicable heard all around the world.
    Trumpets for one…
    NASA says it’s the planets harmonics – wtf
    Empirical NOT

    Deja Vu, synchronicity, shadow beings, get enemies/lovers shift, and shifting reptilian faces yep…strange times indeed.
    Veils between the realms thinned out, Samhain all year long!
    A lot of bleeding between dimensions, Maya
    Beings like Djinn and Dakinis slip between the dimensional cracks
    See some strange things lately
    Now trumpets!

  12. Are there any other leo rising/aquarius moon people out there? Wishing to hear from anyone who can explain the last seven years and whatever the shit Uranus and the node changes are doing.

    • My other half is Leo rising Aqua sun. He’s had to face radical growing up pangs. He’s had to fight for his power and he’s had to get to know his strength and his Achilles heel. He’s learned so much mostly from those away from his tribe of origin and he’s learned his family are as crappy as he thought. Still a way to go and I await Pluto on his sun !!!

  13. Aqua rising here… I have also been feeling the ultra-weirdness lately but assumed it was Pluto sq Jupiter opp Uranus happening over my Sun/Moon/Pluto/Lillith stellium in the 8th (in the Via Combusta no less). I thought my witch powers were leveling up, lol!

    but in all serious on a personal level this entire Jupiter opp Uranus period since late 2016 has been increasingly surreal and some time in March I gave up trying to have any angsty feels about it. Things are changing, now is the time for me to find what that change means ideally for me, where I need to adapt and/or make choices to reach what I want. Like temporarily a lot of limitations seems to have just dropped away assuming I don’t stress over the extreme weirdness ongoing. If I were to look at this period from 5 years ago I wouldn’t recognize me or the things I am doing at all! In a very good way! But it absolutely wasn’t something I could have planned out.

    On a more general level I feel like this year or maybe the whole Jupiter-Uranus opposition period is the ‘priming of the pump’ so to speak for 2020 and the major changes coming then. A lot of things are starting to be discussed openly that have up to now been completely dismissed without discussion – for example the ongoing healthcare ‘debate’ in the USA has unexpectedly started to shift in favor of benefits for all without the insurance industry – even now major party leaders are struggling with talking about it as it is exposing their connections to that lobby group, but the protests and political situation are so explosive they can’t put the genie back in the bottle – something will have to change. I can see some kind of temporary solution which pleases nobody going in this year, that keeps the discussion ongoing at a lower temperature for a few years, until the formal, permanent changes start rolling in after the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions in 2020. That’s just one example but I see that dynamic all around.

  14. It’s aspects crumbling in the Matrix–the personal one you didn’t know you were fueling…mental constructs shifting, realizations looming, stalking, that the secure habits and dependencies are a farce. And a block to real movement. It’s an opportunity to embrace insecurity as true wisdom, and see this moment with fresh eyes….I’m aliiiiiive–how amazing-I’m proof of a mysterious existence I didn’t create– I am the mystery…..and I’m not going to try to figure it out Sherlock style…I want to live it.

  15. I laughed at the line “is this what it’s like to be Pisces?”
    Ha yes and then add some but we get by by not having a grip on anything so the shape shifting is just reality and we move with it.
    Just pour a glass of water into the ocean…
    Pisces Asc here with cancer sun stellium and Neptune in 8th Scorpio grand water trine

  16. Totally!!

    I’m so relieved that someone else is bringing this up!! Lately all I can do is laugh at just how insanely clear the messages I’m getting from all around me.

  17. As Cancerian/Cap rising I seem to be more stable than usual, less flaky or weepy. More in tune with self, which is always good!

  18. just when I think I cannot adore you anymore, you casually mention that you have a druid on call. but of course.

    and yes. Pisces moon exactly conjunct Lilith. I get it, Aqua. I get it.

  19. Aqua rising Uranus Conjunct Pluto in 8th. Driving home in the dark after meeting, drove across a squeezy bridge onto a straight stretch of road music keeping me company. Ipassed a huge dark truck (peripheral) and all of my dash lit up radio went LOUD and accelerator had a power surge for a split second. That got my attention and spooked me out for the whole trip home. Was it my car???. Was it the truck??? Was it the carwasitthetruckwasit…

    • Oh woah Jacqui…that would have been super freaky.
      Yes the veil ( or whatever it is that keeps us thinking we are separate) seems super thin at the moment.

  20. Considering our eyes only see 0.0035% of the light spectrum under normal circumstances we can often misinterpret light and shadow that is on the edge of our visible spectrum as ummm odd ? Spooky ? I was taught some years ago that if you want to see the ‘other’ exercise your eye muscles and brain to easily double the % of spectrum your eyes can see. No spiritual development necessary just awareness of muscle control. I suppose the point is, do we want to see it ?

  21. I don’t know how reliable it is but I read that there has been a spike in the power of the earth’s geomagnetic field affecting the schumann’s resonance, as it apparently quadrupled in the last week. The sun is perhaps also involved in some kind of interplay. I keep reading that the sun is going to be inducing us into a period of climate cooling soon too.

    I imagine Aqua’s being electrically affected or bothered by frequencies that disrupt, so maybe this? But everyone is feeling scrambled in the last year. I have geared down into muggle speed cruise control during this time. I don’t know how people do it for real permanently?!

    • Aquas being sensitive to the changes of frequencies and electricy sounds plausible… I have zero Aqua in my chart but I have Uranus and Neptune brushing each others sides in my 1st and I feel like I’ve had extra room mates since the late 2016. They can be loud but I feel like I have power over them and I just appreciate the extra intuitiviness. The last couple of weeks I’ve felt them following me to my work place – sad loomy shadows sometimes straight in front of me. I think I should use the ghost busting protocol – on myself!

      I’m a new member from Finland – hi everyone!

      • Welcome! Ghost busting protocol is always useful I think. I ghost bust my physical and mental health as well as the house!
        I have Aqua in the 8th, so my Aqua likes to hide… and ghostbust.

        • Oh hi 🙂 and thanks!

          Today at my work place a heavy object moved 1,5 meters by itself while I was gone for a second. I think I need to ghost bust the entire large warehouse…

        • Hey Sphinx! Can you tell me a bit about the ghost busting protocol you use? I need to learn. I sage my space, but feel like its not enough.

  22. Well I have the great attractor at the root of my base/ IC, and neptune currently is transiting 7th, so square this and my Gemini MC…

    I feel as though disillusionment, uncertainty, pervasive neptunian nebula are misting up my sense of clarity around relationships and home?? Yes…unresovalble and yet somehow the elusive vision of what could be intrigues…

    I am trying to master non-action…and practice more positive intention through acceptance what cannot be changed now…but may gently shift, evolve to give me the authentic liberation I wish for. Uranus is I guess getting wonderful support/ insight from the nodes 12th/ 6th and saturn in my 4th.

    Somehow I think Jupiter travelling through my 2nd to square pluto’s visiting conjunction to my venus 5th might more quickly alter my lanscpape than I am prepared for. Jupiter is trine my Aquarians stellium 6th…so really hoping this will give me the impetus to keep persisting with dreams…

  23. I washed my walls with mugwort a week ago and that definitely helped.

    I’m putting my money on eclipse season re: all the intensity and weirding. Lots of planets in mutable signs right now. Nothing very grounding out there.

  24. Mystic can you look at the Beatles Astrid considering this time of year or in relation to current Astro epic storms for thier Astro and or their chart? Watching “Eight days a week”

  25. libra sun, virgo asc, sag moon, heavy scorp, uranus/pluto 12th virgo and i spent all last week in bed, drained, completely weirded out, crying and so disconnected from reality i was literally unable to do much more than sleep and cry. it’s like i just can’ any phuquing more. i seriously thought i was losing my mind. the oracle told me i need to clean out my fridge. i am all for ringing myself with black salt and staying in bed until whatever the hell is going on passes. and lots of sage. and mugwort, and black tourmaline. and Lilith and hissing at all that ultra weird. but then there’s work. blah.

    it is definitely stronger now than ever before. if it’s the neptune square, how long are we looking at? i may have to get a vw micro and run away from the world.

    • oh so i am now reading the august monthlies , well duh then on my virgo asc. spot on. holy crap. (Libra too, man love the hell out of you MM.)

  26. The Moon is on the Great Attractor today… while Uranus stations retrograde. Should be an interesting 24 hours!

  27. My Sun is conjunct the Great Attractor and re this being a Neptune square G A thing, Mystic, I agree with you. That goes double for me given the current Neptune blight to my GA/Sun/Pandora.

    I am also uber-Uranian, with Stationary Uranus on MC square Sun opp Chiron/Jupe in Pisces,and I know Uranus vibe. Like today for example.
    But this is indeed not Uranus vibe..

    My take is that the GA is scaring even Neptune given that it (the GA) is drawing our galaxy in at accelerating rate like a tractor beam through a black hold and maybe to the other side – Andromeda.

    Bring it on.

    What is hard, though, and increasingly feels like a double-life, is not giving a crap about this life, personally, for me, but needing to show up to try to do right by loved ones who aren’t on the same wavelength.

    • Correction: maybe what I mean is that the Neptune square is heightening the cognitive/emotional/bodily/soul dissonance – and thus the suffering – of GA-wired souls. (ie anyone who has a key planet or point conjunct).

      And let’s not forget Saturn in Sagg near the Galactic Centre…hola, Jimi H and all fab musos who died at 27 xx

      Robert Hand was also GA conjunct Sun. Wish he was around to give his take.

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