Weekly Horoscopes and History Crushes

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The Weekly Horoscopes from July 29 are now posted!

As always, like the Daily Mystic email, they are written to be relevant for all time zones on Gaia BUT if there is anything time-specific, it is spelled out. For example, the “first 15 hours of the Moon in Libra” rather than a specific day and of course, the Moon times in various zones are all on there.

Also, i have a new category if you are interested: History Crush.  So if you are ever in need of some inspo via someone amazing from the olden days, hit up History Crush.  I have some posts in the archive that should be in there but are not yet, they will be added a.s.a.p.  The other category that is always good for a fast blast of inspiration is Sagacious – this is where all the books and poetry posts are filed.

And, Wealth Wallet news: they are all sold but now on back-order, so if you order one now, it will be a pre-order, with your wallet being shipped mid to late August.  I AM introducing a Vegan version – this is just waiting on a color swatch & a sample. The Mercurial Key Rings are also imminent. Pre-Orders for those will open over the weekend. And then there will be other Magical Talismans to follow.

Image: Libra De Los Juegos

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes and History Crushes

  1. Yes to the next weekly, yes to the history crush and as always yes to the art/image. Forever your loyal sponge(not meant to sound weird but rather like sucking in all of your guidance and well you know)

  2. I’ve stopped reading. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but when Pluto is in your 8th house, Neptune in your 10th house and Saturn in your 7th …. you just kind of give up and go “oh whatever the fuck”.

    • example: the department for child protection rang me today regarding an ex housemate. Let’s just say toxic needy Sagg with a a Cap stellium and victim mentality (Pisces). I said no she’s not a bad mother (she is). Yes she cares for her kids (in a weird way because she has no self identity). It was the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had where I had to put my true feelings aside and just say … this lady needs help. She abused me all weekend when all I have done is tried to point out she needs support from services.

  3. amazing. thank you.. love a good research category. maybe history crushes are good for prog cancerian moon. get out of the doona and into the Archives.

  4. Oh thank you MM you can’t imagine how many times I’ve just wanted to write you to ask if there is a master list of all the awesome reading you have recommended over the years.

  5. Yay to the vegan wealth wallet! I have to say, I’m impressed at how fast you were able to get that going. Brilliant! I’ll be first in line

    Have you decided what material you’re most likely using? X

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