The Vortex Moons


When the Void of Course Moon Is a Vortex, it is like a Void Moon on peptides. What the hell, you may be wondering, are the Vortex Moons? Well, the official term is Void Moons, and so they are named thus in the Moon Calendar. But I think of them as Vortex Moons. “Void” implies nothingness, a gap or a weird lunar black hole or something.

Vortex is a whirlwind of air and magic – the so-called Void Moons can be just that.

The Moon is considered Void between the time that it makes its last (significant) aspect one sign and the time of arrival in the new sign. Some Voids last but a few minutes – others go for a whole day. The latter is when things get interesting.

Some people say you should never start something you want to take root during a Void Moon – others that you only meet true soul bonded people during a Void Moon. I think it also depends on who you are and how you are handling your natal vibe.  The Void or the Vortex Moon is not a ‘stop everything’ cue.

But it is a time when tangential activities and intuitive promptings can be surprisingly useful.  Note the long ones and try not to schedule things like a Space Shuttle launch, wedding, surgical procedure or I.P.O. for then. Cut yourself/others more slack during these times – but be open to the eerie synchronicity.

Once you get used to a few lunar cycles (months) of noting how the different Voids/Vortexes play out for you, you are more aligned with your Moon-Yin rhythm!


Image: Helmut Newton

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gogengoMM Member

Void moons = weird but yes, magic! They always make me so sleepy for some reason…

I want to do my yoga practice but feel so tired energetically + physically, void moon protocol calls for yoga nidra instead of asana :).

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I really need to start tracking my responses to the moon….

I also had the most bonkers-cool-meaningful dream last night…

AlouettaMM Member

That beach looks so uncomfortable.

I had the most vivid dream last night of visiting an old highly mercurial friend who informed me that she had a rare genetic disorder that gave her both male and female chromosomes. Then an old scar scar on my arm (that I earned around the time I knew her) opened up and started bleeding. I wish I could decipher this because I woke up just after and thought ‘this is important’ but the meaning eludes me.


Stray random connections. …mmmm. Methinks the fella i did yoga next to and then spied in woolies the next day could qualify. I wanted to accidently bump into him over the meat counter but was too shy so i just cruised by, gave him a smile and wiggled my pretty leo tail as I headed for the checkout.

SamboMM Member

Long time reader, first time poster. Love all the posts and.comments but a good deal goes over my head as I’m not as versed in all the Astro lingo. Always feels like I’m a high schooler that’s stumbled upon a uni lecture. Anyhoo I wonder if someone could clarify something for me. The post talks about this moon being void off Mercury affecting Virgo/Geminis but then the dates say Sagg and Scorpio. And what does @26 Scorpio mean. I need this spelt out. Thanks for helping me shake off my muggle skin. If there are any ‘101’ astrology type posts… Read more »

ElectroMM Member

VOC moons usually slip my mind. Usually we do not watch fireworks but last night we stayed late at the party to watch. We were in view of the show but off the beaten path so I had no clue just how many people were at the park watching. We left immediately after, I was driving and absolutely froze when faced with pulling into throngs of people walking down the street. My husband was trying to navigate me through but I was angry at the situation and could not bring myself to pull out into the road. What an uncomfortable… Read more »

ElectroMM Member

To tie this experience into it all, I thought about when I “freeze” and cannot go forward due to negative feelings about a situation. Sometimes it works to avoid such a situation, other times you have to mindfully enter the uncomfortable. As a Uranian, I know I don’t listen to directions well but sometimes that could use some softening.


As a Uranian l don’t listen to anyone’s directions….mainly bcos I know where any place is. I can read maps, left or right brained, either way.

ElectroMM Member

I’m terrible at directions of all kinds.


“To be a rock and not roll” (LZ)

When ppl ask me how l know so much l say “Uran in the 1st with my Sun and conjunct 2H Mercury. Also it is in a Mutual Tri-receptivity (Leo’s ruler in Cancer, Cancer’s ruler in Aqua, Aqua’s ruler in Leo) and square my Jupiter and opp my Chiron.” Throw in @ 3rd house NN & amped by my Kat x2 memory.

As Bubba says, “That- that’s about it.”


The Vortex is a term i can understand and work with better. The idea of it being “a whirlwind of air and magic” is particularly poignant this evening. I do believe that the self-triggered perfect storm of flying dessicated crap i got myself into a little bit ago was during Scorpio Moon, and then some (i’m about to log in and look it up) and tonight i participated in something deeply healing of how i got myself into that in the first place. Funnily enough, the night it happened, i didn’t respond in the same way as my n and… Read more »


Fast asleep. There’s a good Pisces. My entire consciousness feels like a void moon lately, by lately I mean since 2012, or something. At what point does a void moon vibe become depressive avoidance? Or vagueness due to stress-fried circuits? Anyway… *wanders off into distance*


After the 4th hour


Based on what?


I’m just having a lend of you. I’d look for the Moon aspect and catch that bus.


Thought you might have been 😛
It’s more like I go through several days of it even sans voc moon, so yes.
Can our progressed moon be void? General q.


This is so amazing.
My moon is Virgo in the 3rd house.
I spent the entire vortex moon writing a love story.
Didn’t even plan to. And I did not stop until I finished, which was a little bit before the void moon ended.

milleunanotteMM Member

Wow, i adore short stories, and i’m guessing yours is one if you did it during a Vortex Moon. In fact, now this is describing what i adore about the short form: it’s a power punch of symbol and unwrapping, which happens excitedly in a short time, and delivers through one’s wonderment and looking back over the wrapping choices, the ribbon, the card and the gift choice. It’s more like a poem than a novel. Hope you love yours! And i’m super intrigued, so if you ever get the means to share it, please do! Esp with that Virgo 3rd,… Read more »

Cherry MoonMM Member
Cherry Moon

Yes great post. Esp re planet the void is off. I’m not a Gem but the Messenger God rules my Sun & Moon’s House – & is conjunct my Moon so he did not disappoint during the void.
But I’m especially happy that the Moon will be in Saggo for the next 60 hours, and like Cynthia stated above, with the Sun on Sirius – my favourite time of year.

MissDeeMM Member

Had a great sleep last night: too bad I spontaneously wake up early, but the sleep was deeper and the dreams were more vivid and about closeness and love but also lust (Scorpio vibe?).
Thanks for the “player tip”. I am Gemini with Virgo rising so no surprise this Scorpio Vortex was somewhat felt.

cynthiaMM Member

Nice post; I like the bit about the planet it is vortexing off ie like Mercury in this case. I felt we had a few other nice aspects today like Venus opp Moon in Sag; and also like Sirius channelling at 13 degrees Cancer through Sun. I felt very happy today despite the glazier coming to replace glass in bedroom window due to break-in yesterday. Nothing stolen, no damage, hardly any interference/disturbance and slept like a baby last night. A friend told me yesterday was Master R’s day – (as in former Christian Rosenkreutz) – and that I should do… Read more »

Cherry MoonMM Member
Cherry Moon

Strange about your break in, but good nothing was stolen nor that it’s ruffled you too much.

I am certainly finding these days buzzing & esoterically charged.

LotusFlowerMM Member

I like your take on things. I also had strange break-in this Spring, again hardly anything taken and no major disrupt of energy. I wonder if it can weirdly serve as a release of excess / stagnant energy in the house, when it is in this way?

What is Master R’s day? Every year or more often? And any suggestions on where I can read more about Sirius and astrological influence? Interest piqued


Gosh, that’s awful, sorry to hear of the intrusion and repairs.

Would you mind giving a brief explanation of the Violet Flame release?

Or maybe pointing to a helpful link or two? I’m certainly not too lazy to goog search but just lately my searches have popped up some very strange sites that i am not keen to accidentally deal with. (For instance a rune search took me to an interesting page that turned out to be part of a red pill type meninazi broflake site.)

Thank you, if you are able to help out.

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