The Fortune Teller

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I just read The Fortune Teller by Gwendolyn Womack and loved it. It’s commercial fiction with themes of reincarnation, lives linked across time, magic and tarot. But beneath the Da Vinci Code style plot twists and a stereo-typed Mills & Boon type hero (hot, rich, at first aloof blah blah blah) the details, facts and philosophy of this book are super on point.

Particularly brilliant; the way in which she describes divination, the stars, symbolism and dreams – how once upon a time this other language was infused into our everyday life, that the so-called sixth sense is actually the first sense. It re-aroused my first passion, Egyptian mythology and was evocative of many a personal esoteric mystery. So, as a Mercury in Aries person who barely ever recommends anything and obviously as a site with no ads nor promoted posts, i do recommend this.


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17 thoughts on “The Fortune Teller

  1. Oooh intrigued! You know when the vibe is ON, rather than off in a author’s work.

  2. Thank you for book recommendation – it’s exactly what i need to read & will go on my summer reading list for sure. Esoterica, Egyptian myth and schlocky romance – what more could you want?

  3. hmmm – so i just got an annoying connection request window – still working on this obviously – thank you for your patience

  4. hey guys – i think the comments glitch is working now…the new server is a LOT faster but as always, there are a few things to iron out.

    while we are here, can we comment on the book?

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