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Innovation books - lessons in creativity from pirates, gangsters etc.

I love The Misfit Economy as my first of many innovation books for the new Uranus in Taurus era. Nothing from before counts anymore. It’s a super relevant book.


A book that argues that lessons in creativity, innovation, salesmanship, and entrepreneurship can come from surprising places: pirates, bootleggers, counterfeiters, hustlers, and others living and working on the margins of business and society.

Who are the greatest innovators in the world? You’re probably thinking Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford. The usual suspects.

This book isn’t about them. It’s about people you’ve never heard of. It’s about people who are just as innovative, entrepreneurial, and visionary as the Jobses, Edisons, and Fords of the world, except they’re not in Silicon Valley. They’re in the crowded streets of Shenzhen, the prisons of Somalia, the flooded coastal towns of Thailand. They are pirates, computer hackers, pranksters, and former gang leaders.


Pirates, Computer Hackers, Pranksters, And Former Gang Leaders – The Whole Uranian Grab-Bag

Across the globe, diverse innovators operating in the black, grey, and informal economies are developing solutions to a myriad of challenges. Far from being “deviant entrepreneurs” that pose threats to our social and economic stability, these innovators display remarkable ingenuity, pioneering original methods and practices that we can learn from and apply to move formal markets.

This book investigates the stories of underground innovation that make up the Misfit Economy. It examines the teeming genius of the underground. It asks: Who are these unknown visionaries? How do they work? And how do they organize themselves? How do they catalyze innovation? And ultimately, how can you take these lessons into your own world?

People, I think I have found the ultimate prep read for Uranus in Taurus (May 2018 until April 2026).  This really is a new era incoming and in particular for business.  The economy and financial structures are in need of rad reform.

A drastic evolutionary process/paradigm shift has been underway with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008.

But without becoming completely cynical OR becoming consumed with activist fervor, what to do?

I am only a third of the way through The Misfit Economy and have decided to post about it here because it is utterly inspirational. There is something that pings off an existential eureka flash on nearly every page. It’s an extremely ‘now’ book and just as relevant to employees as it is to entrepreneurs.

Tank Girl "we can be magnificent, we can turn this shit around."

Image: The Misfit Economy

Image2: Tank Girl

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you’re the coolest!

vikingwomanMM Member

Bingo. This. So much this. You are a Goddess, Mystic! Thanks for the recommendation. As the muggles wig out with all this looming uncertainty, a misfit pirate attitude about money and survival can help me deal a whole lot better.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This looks like a great read!

AlouettaMM Member

I will look for this. I’m so sick of working. I know, novel thought right? But seriously full-time work is a trap. When I think of what it means to work for my dreams it’s not to own a mansion or do 5-star yoga retreats. I just want time for myself and my loved ones. How do you find a way to live authentically without playing into the game that keeps people in their place? I genuinely want to know.

davidlMM Member

Your asking the right questions, your motivation and goals are totally possible, so the solution is not far away. You just need an appropriate vehicle to get there.
Imagine, design and communicate your vehicle well enough and it will appear before your eyes. Keep it simple, like your goals, it won’t take long.

JupiterRuledMM Member

Although not intended for me, your response is brilliant and inspirational. Many thanks!

milleunanotteMM Member

Flip my brain! DavidL, two years later i am in a hugely different lifestyle and headspace, and these words inspire and recalibrate my thinking at a key moment. When i recall your professional journey over time, posted here that is, i have always been amazed but now i really appreciate you as outlier but almost-guru. Guess that’s why you’re an outlier. True inspiration never comes from a guru, self-proclaimed or adulated-into-being xxx

ICPlutoMM Member

Thank you, Mystic! Looking forward to future posts about Uranus in Taurus. Uranus transiting my Aries Sun saw me leaving my job, and joining an investment consortium. Four years ago, it was the promise of building local sustainability through innovation; these days, it has become more bottom line, as in “let’s kill what is not generating revenue”. With Uranus going into my 12H Taurus and touching my 4 planets stellium, I am leaning towards my own “economic self-determination”. However, right now, it’s all a blur, and I have no idea of how to go about materializing this principle, especially with… Read more »

emgMM Member

Need this I’ve a north node in my second house and that house being Taurus. I got pretty mashed by the financial downturn and am constantly trying to reinvent myself to create a new way forward for me. The breadline has been hard and I’d like to be thriving again doing something utterly fabulous for people. So I’m going to order this book Thanks MM

scorpiodawnMM Member

yeah, will deffo b buying this, thanks mystic.
luuuurve tank girl…definitely a wannabe for that sh!t


This looks like a must-read.


Hi friends and Mysticians.
I’ve been in my cave and just breathed in the scent of early jasmine.
Great post Mystic. Since I can remember I have sort out the hidden masters. Those that know but feel no need to tell.
I’ve met only a few and spent years in their company hearing the news.
Most are gone from this world now and free from their burden. Seeds planted. Seeds are hard to see and lie under the ground.
The harvest is for someone else.

PiMM Member

Greetings earthling.
If you are still an earthling.

davidlMM Member

I’m not dead yet 🙂


Where’s ya wheelly been?
I’ve missed ya….l must be a bad shot.

davidlMM Member

Everybody needs a little time away, I heard them say. Good to see you too x

baristagemMM Member

Davidl! Where have you been!

I think you were in my dream last night… we were catching up a long hiatus. Has it been that long since you were here?

davidlMM Member

I’ve been down to Buckingham Palace with Christopher Robin and Alice.
And fully focusing on my family. The years are slipping by and they are growing their wings, so I’m taking in as much time with them as I have left while they are still living in the room down the hall.
Good to see you Barista 🙂 I’ve had a picture of you in my mind for years so I always recognize you in dreams x

PiMM Member

It could have been because I dated a gemini rising double Pisces with Libra moon for so long, but he was a master of deal making , more like brad Pitt in snatch crossed with Fagin but not the stolen goods as such or maybe just wheeling and dealing, I feel like Pluto in cap also playing here (book subject) because business is business and Pluto is just like well what even IS this thing you call legitimacy anyway Reminded of that guy who did time for running a successful international drug smuggling enterprise mostly over water, then was looking… Read more »

HoudiniMM Member

There are so many unsung heroes in this world. So many geniuses in obscurity. Bring them to the light.
What a great subject to explore: financial misfits. And as it turns out we ar all becoming misfits in this economy. Damn the 1% and the shackles they have so artfully slipped on our wrists.


Sun/Uranus says: Freedom is a state of mind

VirgLibrScorpMM Member

Fantastic. Amazing. I love this. Kudos to the misfits and the informal/black (non harmful) economies.

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