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This is just a quick note to say that if you generate the same Tarot reading twice in a row, it is probably not the case that your current vibe or destiny is that set in stone LOL.  It is more likely that, due to the recent migration to a new host, you just need to clear your browser cache and hit reload. If you’re not sure how to do that, please email support@mysticmedusa.com for help but the Tarot is definitely working and once the browser is cleared, you should be able to generate fresh Tarot reads as usual.

Also, for those of you affected by the brief outage yesterday, apologies! The new host is an Amazon Cloud server and it should automatically scale up for up load (like lots of people deciding to do Tarot reads at once) but there was a strange glitch that the developers are putting down to ‘teething troubles’ and they are now resolved. It was frustrating to me also, having spent thousands of $ on a faster, more stable hosting situation but thankfully, it is unlikely to recur. So thank you for your patience and keep on having an amazing Dark Moon!

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14 thoughts on “A Quick Note On The Tarot

  1. I got the most wonderfully helpful and clarifying reading a couple of days ago. Thankyou Mystic for this resource.

  2. I work in IT and this things happen a lot. Doesn’t mean the service you bought isn’t worth the money you spent. Sometimes there’s a chain of events so the back up server fail to enter and support the process too.
    Let’s say you got all of your troubles out of the way in one shot, you purifed your servers during this DM and with the New Moon everything will ramp up and be all you wanted it to be.
    Didn’t notice the Tarot thing: haven’t done a reading in a long time!
    Meanwhile I had to empty the browser cache because I was testing one of our software delivery so I should be fine 🙂

  3. Enforced break from tarot here 🙂 I’d like to think that I am refining my piscean intuition and working my progressed cancerian moon inner sense

  4. Brilliant! I was caught in the wheel of death trying to do a Tarot reading last night, I knew you’d sort it

  5. Hahaha I did wonder about that. I asked it two very pointed questions – what would happen if I did or didn’t do a certain thing – and got the same reading… I wondered a) if it meant the universe was telling me to stop wasting time on the Tarot and get back to work or b) it would make no difference at all whatever I did. I chose the latter, put on my jarmies and went to bed to binge-watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

      • I agree – so menacing, without the gratuitous ick of so many recent series.
        Yes all good now thank you with the Tarot – I put it down to a site migration thing. xx

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