Mercury In The 3rd House Genius

She lived in a tower in the woods, writing worldly-wise works on Jungian psychotherapy. Marie-Louise Von Franz was a fab example of Mercury in 3rd House genius. Her Sun, Mars, and Mercury were in the sector of communication and hermetic magic. Some samples of her words.

“People who have a creative side and do not live it out are most disagreeable clients. They make a mountain out of a molehill, fuss about unnecessary things, are too passionately in love with somebody who is not worth so much attention, and so on.


There is a kind of floating charge of energy in them which is not attached to its right object and therefore tends to apply exaggerated dynamism to the wrong situation….


To Have No Illusions And Still Hold The Inner Flame


It’s easy to be a naive idealist. It’s easy to be a cynical realist. But it’s quite another thing to have no illusions and still hold the inner flame.


“If we could see through all our projections down to the last traces, our personality would be extended to cosmic dimensions….”

Marie-Louise von Franz

I have read Jung, but never the works of the Jungian analyst and writer he said was better.  It is something i intend to remedy starting the next book.  Seriously, how profound are even the above tiny take-outs from the dozens of books by Marie-Louise von Franz? A Triple Capricorn – Sun, Mars, and Mercury – she spent her whole life writing, studying, counseling, and thinking.

Mercury In 3rd House People Are Word-Obsessed From An Early Age

She lived in a tower in the woods, next to a frog and toad populated pond, taking her wood for heating & cooking from the forest. She wanted to live in ‘in tune with the spirit of nature’ but also traveled widely, lecturing, and influencing thousands. You can see the Mercury in 3rd House contradiction here. She would have relished solitude, to let her thought develop without any interruption. But mercurial nature feeds off the buzz. Theory: if she’d had decent broadband internet at her tower, she might not have been so widely traveled.

Is it possible that now, in the 21st Century, the long-ago hatched Jungian theories of Anima and Animus, mother-bound men and subliminal projections influencing relationships could be more relevant than ever?

Hands up who wants to Jung out with me?  Mercury in 3rd House people are word-obsessed from the moment they discover the alphabet, reading early and voraciously. They’re avid consumers and generators of information and ideas. It’s Mercury – the Magician – in his home house. In the case of this woman, Mercury was energized by a super-strength Mars and her Capricorn Sun.


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The Green Witch

Weird – but in old English I think the word meant fate.
I have just been re-reading The Cat and musing on ‘yer woman’ when I checked into MM.
There are parts in The Cat that I do find a bit ‘of her time’ and I wish it had more of a focus on women’s psychology rather than men but her analysis of the real meaning and importance of fairy-tales is superb.
Really recommend ‘The Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales.


This post…
It is just..everything.
Perfectly timed and bang on target as ever.
MM is my literary mentour / guide / MM could staand for Mother Moon since we are all Jungians now.
At least it is official and has been stated.
Thanks to Prowincrab for helping me see that Freud is not the enemy or my bad dad / bluebeard intrapsychic entity.
How much easier it is to externalise that which we don’t want to own.
Narcisism is so last season.


I like post-cynicism, am also going to go with post-Narcissism, after your note there.


for those who are reconstituting their sense of self and identity, what might feel like narcissism to us is just basically ‘taking care of your needs’ to more habitually self-centred ppl (not using self centred in a pejorative way.)

Year of the Phoenix

I had instant resonance and screen shot these for library visit

Mid mid life extended existential crisis I had to have (thanks Saturn squ Sun Pluto post Uranus V Uranus) I am feeling the bit about

”…It’s easy to be a naive idealist. It’s easy to be a cynical realist. It’s quite another thing to have no illusions and still hold the inner flame.”

The seeing the whole of yourself in situations the positive and negative and the growing pains of working through the knowledge you have to take on your own shadow to see your own light


googling (yes if inbox is a verb then deal) “is my sudden crush barista into me or just being friendly?” is totally normal yeah?

whats the most fun to google is “i think my therapist is……..”

no need to end the sentence because
the most searchd for results are hilarious and make the effort of typing the words “playing hard to get” utterly redundant


goal for tonight
eat more chocolate
bingewatch all three seasons of Kimmy Shmidt
How does Tina Fey know my streetwise alter ego ?


Invicta, you silly thing. Goal attained – Kimmy but the costa Coffee thanks you for your generous contribution to their coffers which given your financial status was unwise but not the MOST regrettable choice but not your finest either.
High on the sugar spectrum – glad you’ve moved on.
Saturn says PACK LIKE KONDO is the goal this weekend.
Monday we move. Onwards and upwards. Slowly is holy.


i know its not the best timing but i just signed a lease
what a stressfull week/ month/ day / era
please Mercury baby, lets be retrograde lovers and coconspirators?
you know i love you
and retro is just orter spelled backwards anyway so like the velvet underground “ill be your mirror, reflect what you are in case you dont know”
oh this is my stop
london bridge


im at london bridge station inhaling chocolate and drinking quad esspressos – yes plural What? been lurking outside a seriously dodgy (seeming) estate agent’s office all day in tropical climate attire despite freakishly blustery mid winter weather conditions i was running late/ forgot to grab a jacket etc etc neighbourhood was ….remote…inhabitants….. considering inwas alone and carrying passport / all £20 or whatever i have saved and any all finance biz related documents i have access to…. wee bit scary i was wobbly but i may have made friends with more people today than i have in years of not… Read more »


What I wouldn’t give to be at London Bridge station right now! Enjoy Invicta


Hi Dizzarina! Thank you for reminding me how truly lucky I am. It did make me so happy and grateful wandering around Borough and Southwark in the drizzle and fizzle, high on my brief caffiene and sugar relapse. Wonderful at the time but a momentary lapse of reason. I was in recovery mode and gluggling water and and guzzling medicinal doses of sauerkraut a few hours later. I could have given myself a blasting for falling off the wagon but my relapse was an important reminder of why I choose what sustains me and builds me up inside over temporary… Read more »


Hi Invicta! It’s true that those relapses are sometimes necessary to remind you why you chose a healthier road. I know this from long and bitter experience… Thank you so much for remembering, and for asking, and you need not be frightened, because… IT’S STILL GOING ON and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t even feel superstitious about writing that– that’s how right it is. All I can say is, I did a lot of work to get here, and it’s still not done, but… I found what I was looking for. And goddamn, it… Read more »


“up yours agoraphobia”

<3 <3

i think all this Leo is helping…


obviously im so up for it / down with this / into it etc

and this site…. salagente – every time


ipad dont spoke italinan 🙂
spiritual life saver / that floating doughnut thing with a hunky lifeguard and the end of a rope
did i just make drowning sound sexy?


the Salvateggi (italian life savers) sure make getting caught in a rip a more pleasant notion, although I don’t think there are many rips in the Med unfortunately..


Heaven yasss! Wrote down so many wise titles to check it out and add to my infinite reading list…
So pumped to engAge with fellow counscious women and deeply insight into our sacred power…
Lets do this!
P.s: how is it gonna work?

Betty X

“People who have a creative side and do not live it out are most disagreeable clients. They make a mountain out of a molehill, fuss about unnecessary things, are too passionately in love with somebody who is not worth so much attention, and so on.”
she is describing a blocked artist.
creativity needs a healthy outlet, besides creating non-stop crises and dramas. The world craves art but instead is fed a steady diet of “reality” tv instead. Our soul is anemic.
I love her writing, look forward to more posts/discussions regarding her.


*Hands up* I would love knowing I’m reading a book at the same time as amazingly current & savy people-especially ones who bless this realm hyperspace. Count me in!


Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas both write/wrote extensively about collective, shadow, puer-youth- and myths -journeys of each sign.

Calli G

Unfortunately, my library doesn’t have the Alchemy one. But they do have On Dreams and Death, so I’ll get my Pluto on and report back if anything profound jumps out at me.

Kim S

Hey MM
What about Psyche and Matter and Divination and Sychronicity. Happy to wait after the other books but these two seem to be where she is pushing the envelope. Be interested in comments from anyone who has read these. ThanKs


hnnnngghhh juuunnng. yes please.
transiting NN in leo exactly conjunct my natal ceres/jung conjunction rn.


Yes yes yes count me in.


Oh yes please, I’d love to Jung with you. I’m so into reading work by Jungian psychotherapists. I’m a fan to Jean Shinoda Bolen. I’ll add these books to my book wishlist (all I want for my birthday). I’m hoping I’m gifted the Barbara Walker book you have recommended.


The synchronicity of this post for me is mind-blowing. I have JUST AN HOUR AGO had a deep realisation that I need to reclaim my feminine, creative, fairy side. Count me in.


Please also explore June Singer, fellow Jungian analyst. Verbose as hell, but global and deep.

dark star

Marie is dead on re: creativity and love zombies! After much guidance and processing I realized that my type of unavailable musos was happening bc I wanted to make music. I want to read more of her !!!


Story of my life!


Sorry for the possible silliest question but this has hit my mind that as a non native speaker, messes with my understanding and cap ascending trying to control… what does it means “re ” something??

I was planning on emailing mystic because this shows up so much on the horoscope, which so wisely written and intellectual challenging (love to open a dictionary and learn a new word every time…


The Latin originally means the “matter” or topic.

But even with all my language knowledge, I found I had to stop and translate this by going backwards through my understanding of Latin, which I always found hard as it’s not a living language I could practice with anyone or with current interesting texts.

So, I found that thinking of it as short for “Regarding”, as in in “regarding the following topic”, gives me a more immediate understanding. Maybe that will help?


Hey Mistic, which book is the first quote from ? About being a thwarted artist ?


I’m all in : )


She is one of my favorite Jungian authors along with Marion Woodman and Helen M Luke.Yes, the interviews on you tube are worth checking out- Rembering Jung and the Way of the Dream. She has a wry sense of humour that really comes out. So wise! The Way of the Dream is worth checking out of Library. I bought the 4 DVD set years ago. Worth a re watch. There is a funny antectote I read, where she had a ritual with her roommate, that whoever had some success or good fortune would take out the garbage that week. What… Read more »


I’m so up for all of this.


I’m in


Thank you Mystic. Yes from me! We have a ML vF Fairytale Group going ATM along with a semester devoted to fairy tales at the Perth Jung Society! Synchronicity sparks 🙂


“It’s all about the shadow,” said Neptune in Scorpio, but Moon in Pisces smiled and said, “It’s Anima that feeds the soul,” while Aries Sun, sniggered wryly, and knew it was all about the Animus; then, just quietly, Chiron in Aquarius gently embraced them all and said, ‘It’s the Collective Unconscious that will set our spirits free.” Thank fuq for the journey!


!!! love it


BTW It was Freud that realised human beings needed spirituality for survival. Jung just hijacked the idea and used it as an excuse to have sex with his patients.

Kim S





In fact Freud was trying to bring respectability to the whole idea of psychoanalysis and trying to find scientific evidence for his theories. Of course. Taurus.

Jung was a just a randy Leo who made the whole thing seem sexy (for awhile). Freud had to fuck him off because he was messing with Taurus Vision.


freud. of course he did. the tail end of the Enlightenment being what it was. taurus says, show me the numbers, or else it’s a figment.


Freud was an interesting fellow. He was the first acknowledged person to try and document the landscape of “mind”. Prior to him mental illness continued to be considered a lack of Godliness, something wrong with will power, a weakness of character etc. He was also one of the first to point out that trauma and mental illness had a relationship. He was also one of the first to see that female “hysteria” was due to rape, incest, abuse or just general lack of decent orgasmic sex. Freud, being a Taurus, seemed to have an intuitive understanding regarding the body and… Read more »


thank you fr this – i looked into freud’s writing re trauma for some uni research last year.So it’s interesting to learn more about the background to his efforts. other than that i know equally little aboutall of ’em.


i think you just turned me on to / changed my mind about / removed the mental block about Sigmund
i thought he was all space dust and your handbag means you secretly want my penis…. but hey, i was wrong.
how cool


Being a Venetian Jew in the outcoming of Victorian era attitudes, we must always keep in mind that these “seekers of truth” are doing the best they can with the scientific knowledge of the times. Freud was revolutionary. The fact he even considered dreams as potential material for examination in and of itself “out there”. It doesn’t mean Freud’s theories were entirely correct … but he was talking about the interpersonal and the mind in a way that had never been discussed before.


Please count me in too. Currently reading and loving another of your recommendations “the Fortune Teller” by Gwendolyn Womack.


Dear what’s yer face french lady

Don’t fucking preach at me without knowing my background, my trauma, my anything. Go fuck yourself. And thanks for the useful information I can’t actually utilise you spoiled entitled brat. I’m pretty sure being a triple Cap somebody bloody well patronised your frog eating enterprise. Get stuffed.


I bet you anything her patrons were men and she actually hated other women.


😀 how are you champ? Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee!


I missed your refreshing candour B)


Same old moon in Sagg, Merc in Leo … just can’t help calling it as I see it. Oh well ok I have PERHAPS met a few too many multiple Cap women over the past few years. And whilst I love Caps overall … geez the chicks c o n t r o l l i n g


Funny as fuq and longtime no C.

My tormentor was a Cap. I got her as a boss the week Pluto went into Cap. I lost my position when Pluto went over 2* Saturn. Her eX was born the same day as me. She took it all out on me.


Sorry to hear that Finger of ye Powder

Crabs and Caps can have strange relationships being all opposites and stuff. It can be so love hate. Or just hate hate.

Neither of which is useful.

Crabs gain power sideways by manipulating emotionally behind the scenes which drives Caps NUTS.

Caps gain power via the actual power structure and if a low, unevolved Cap … exhibit psychopathic tendencies which drives Crabs NUTS.

What to do? Fucked if I know. I’m engaged to one.


actual lol at this comment. lol.


I love Cap musicians: Patti Smith. Michael Stipe. Susanna Hoffs. Paul Kelly. I have some friends, teachers, that are Caps. I sometimes have to tell em, “You know that horse? Get off it!” Lol.

Like ya say there are high/low.


Thank u



And when a gal has a floating Wendy complex (see above description from MM) Peter Pan men are that much more alluring/glamoured from the reality that both parties are trying to live or get to never never land.


Yep! I’m in!!!!


Hey that sounds like a GREAT idea. I’m in! How will it work? Will we just have a running thread? A reading list? (Sorry, I’m an Aqua so I’m an organizer…)


maybe some kind of temporary perma-link @ top of page (‘Happening Now’)? MM Reading Group “Join Us!” ? Anarcha-Uranian Book Club i.e. not book-clubby? Next Mercury retrograde is in Virgo, could be good for Teh Reading & deeper comms?


Anarcha-urania book club. Amazing.


Love this phrase. May use it at some later date.

Anyways, Mystic sez below she’s gonna order some of the books and post comments. I don’t do much unless I’ve got a schedule and some deadlines that involve other people (Libra Moon, Pisces 6th house, Leo South Node).

I like the “Join Us” idea, frankly. And Pi’s Mercury Retro insight is spot-on. Is MM different than subscriber?

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Thank you for the inspiration. I am long overdue for a visit to my favorite used bookstore.


Tganj you tgank you thank you. Ive been writing so much about this tgat i actually statrted to blog again. I found a beautiful quiet apartment in a farmhouse by a pind, syrrounded bf conservation land and near 3 unuversities (LIBRARIES!!!!!) And hope i can finally apply some space towards the creation side of the healing. I got halfway through the red book when i said to my therapist “the only difference here between what im experiencing and wgat hes writing about us im not assured my position if i get through this, and i dont gave anyone to make… Read more »


Oh the typos . Apologies all around


Oh dear. “There is a kind of floating charge of energy in them which is not attached to its right object and therefore tends to apply exaggerated dynamism to the wrong situation” ad my profile picture and this has been me for a very long time.
After a long time alone I’ve just recently starting wondering about how much my life does (not) reflect my true nature – supposed that I know what it is.
The cat will possibly end up in my summer books list right away.


Well, there goes my ban on buying books until I’ve worked through some of my stupidly massive TBR pile. I am all over this!


So feeling Mercury in Virgo! All I want to do is read and you’ve given me even more incredible juicy words and concepts to delve into! I just started reading “Burning Woman” by Lucy Pearse and…right now words would limit what it’s doing to me. Love you Mystic! Hopefully these tomes will not be sold out on Amazon!


This has been a theme for me. I’d love to read some of her work! Count me in!


Yes! I’m in!


“Our personality would be extended to cosmic dimensions ” Found her work a few years back, need to re read with another 20 years of age, experience and hopefully wisdom behind and beside me. Been a myth devotee since I was six, so found out about Jung in my early twenties when I worked in a Government dept with a colleague who did Jungian dream analysis in tea breaks! No internet back in the 70s or 80s so I was the Department “expert” on myth and legend and I would provide mythpertise to my colleagues analysis skills. Mercury in Virgo… Read more »


er i think the quote regarding creativity just summed up all my issues in a sentence…wow all the $$ saved on future counselling!


Yes!!! Me too!!! Amazing!!!!


Yeah it has definitely re-levelled something in my mind.


Yes it’s a beautifully nuanced and eloquent way of saying ‘keep the drama on the page’, something I used to live by but still struggle with at times 🙂


I am living through this very new understanding ( metamorphosis) of my
self the past year. The changes bring a knowledge that is joyful and oddly alienating from people around me. I am searching for an explanation. Mystic, I get so much more than my horoscope from your website. Wonderful resource! Thank you.


Ummm, Mystic? Just noticing the highlighted words in the google books page result. “Bound men”?


Umm oh hell yes. So many ticks and in the creativity / projection theme SO synchronously on target. This dark moon was the proverbial punish with Venus-Saturn opp evaluation of romantic projections gone wrong n time for distancing (again). Still disappointing dammit: was a zapzone thing, so was still infused with that past era naïvity-meets-hopeful feeling. New era had reality crunches to get through to get to where we are now: not least the Nep-Saturn square. Really felt I was no illusionsy holding the flame for whatever it is but dark moon just got me in the feels like why… Read more »




Oh shit. Marie LVF. Her books got me through some of my most darkest times as she felt like the rare friend I was seeking but hardly found. She connected me to my light, like that quote of hers about stained glass windows and the light from within. The books I have of hers are some of the most treasured in my collection. Youve inspired me to go back and re-read her books, its been too many years since.


These quotes pack a punch. The first had my ears ringing like a prize fighter going down. I have heard and read about the impact of stifled creativity, but that disagreeable note, WITH further explanation in case you didn’t get it, raises BOTH my brows. I’m intrigued; it seems synchronous; i’m worried about reading it because i want less abstract and more step by step just now (that’s not exactly going to work, though). But your testimony confirms it as my new book choice (haha along with re-reading a book on Managing Difficult People, while wondering if I am one… Read more »


For some reason this quote is brought to mind: “people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” Not sure who it’s by but I picked it up along the way.

We are all beautiful, difficult, loveable and unloveable in some way. Sometimes we wear our light on the outside, sometimes on the inside. Neither is better and more profound, just a different way of being. Happy reading!


I’m in!!! Give me enough time to order the books online!! And…no….I don’t have a kindle 😉 I am Pisces Sun, Cancer rising…go figure 😉


Thank you MM for sharing those scopes too on the blog. X


My sub finished yet I have had the scopes pop up inadvertently also.

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