Prepping For The Pluto-Boosted Full Moon

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The Full Moon in Capricorn this weekend comes with a bonus – it’s Pluto boosted.  We didn’t request this extra turbo-charged Full Moon but we got it anyway. So – see your Horoscopes for the more nuanced take, obviously – cue catharsis!

The usual themes of a Full Moon in Capricorn are strong enough – the intense focus on practical life structures and their strength + our power or status versus the primal emotional needs and intuitive desires of the Sun in Cancer/Kataka.  But Pluto alongside the Moon spikes the whole deal with the potential to profoundly transform thinking, policies or loyalties.

It is also square Jupiter, just to really big it up and set up the flash-lines for the flash point that is Jupiter square Pluto in August, right in Eclipse Season.  So take any opportunity to feel more authentically and intelligently change settings so as to be more Anti-Fragile. Note the omens that turn up this weekend – they’re a harbinger of the deeply Pluto early August.

Thoughts? Where are you at with this? Feeling Pluto yet? Or did you so thoroughly do the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) that this barely reverberates you’re so composed?

Image: Planet Comics

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103 thoughts on “Prepping For The Pluto-Boosted Full Moon

  1. Ha, i just read my scopes for last week ;

    Asteroid Industria AND – of course – Saturn in Sagittarius mean that yes, actually you CAN distract yourself from existential crisis type crap via vast bouts of work and well, more work. But nowhere in the Saturn guidebook does it suggest you risk burn-out or overload via confusing yourself with a robotic entity. Mars-Uranus inspires a smarter-not-harder revelation by Aug.

    Must remember to read them before confusing myself with a robotic entity in future!

  2. My weekend horoscope for libra rising said something to the effect of “don’t be guilt tripped into taking on other people’s crap” and this happened to me quite literally on a trip to my parents house this wknd. My husband was cracking up when Inread that to him because I came home from the visit flipping out that I let it happen. Oh well, off to the donation bin I guess. And figuratively – lots of family issues reared their heads and I just need to accept that I am not in a position to help them and do me. It just sucks, I love them, and I see them suffering, and there is nothing I can do to actually help them.

  3. In the middle of some hard stuff right now but it’s all purposeful and mid-transformation so I get up every day and GRIND no matter what the mood or the situation. Pluto is the mood!

    • I just listened to The Power Of Broke, he’s finally made an audiobook.
      Rise and grind!
      I need to start getting some sleep and stuff tho..
      I went into full on rainman mode when the new imac my ex box gave me started coughing up java and metasploit goop.
      I do love the mental intensity of it and if I can find a balance then it’s something I’ll take seriously but lately it’s become a bit of an adiction, or even an avoidance mechanism. Not the worst one in the world thou.
      But yeah, the new imac (light of my life) is properly dead after only a week or two so I hope he can still get a refund from amazon.
      I got a chromebook (because I’m loaded :)) ha
      Who needs food?
      But its actually great. None of that sexy swift everyone wants so badly. They can have it.
      I tunplug the cables when I’m not woring online now and feel like …phew, can breath, think …mmmmm internet bad …black mirror…
      Its not I’ve just used it as a focus for all the pain and saturn stuff I guess. But body is like “please? I’m withering away here…I seriously feel ancient after days of staring at a screen in weird position…

      Yeah, I wasa definately targeted.
      Cyber rape.
      Its envy based or something and its so uncool.
      I quite like the idea of becoming a feminist penetration testing data security evangalist!

      Pluto say Rise and Grind.

  4. This full moon was in my 9th house but all the drama involved romantic relationships 7/8th house topics. I am confused by this.


  5. Hmmm… So Friday 7/6 was interesting. I have Pluto and Saturn in my 3rd house of Communication.

    I am a contractor working with a client over a 1000 miles away. I have been working with them for 12 months come August 1st. I receive government spending since I am 50 miles away from my home. It has been nice when I work onsite with this client.

    I also get to work from home periodically and my salary decreases because I am no longer working over 50 miles away from my home. It is still nice since I want to be home and the salary works.

    I had decided to rent an apartment near this client. Found one at the end of May and applied. (was Mercury retrograde at this point… didn’t think to look. I thought I did but….) So, I got in, got my keys and made my first rent payment 7/1. Then Friday 7/6 shows ups. I work in pharma and FDA requires a lot and put this client under pressure to meet a 11/2017 deadline. They hired me through a recruitment Agency to help. I also got my contract extended until 11/2017 to help. WELL, FDA changed the terms for this project. Manufacturers need to meet their deadline by November 2018 instead. Wow… this removes a lot of pressure for this client and it might change their need for me to continue to help. I get paid a lot of money compared to the others that are contractors helping.

    Also in line with this FDA change is a change to my salary. Come August 1 being with this client for 12 months my government salary is removed. I am only aloud 12 months of coverage. So, I lose a lot of money. Thanks Agency who found me this job for waiting until the “LAST” minute to tell me AND to let me rent an apartment knowing full well that I would lose the money that covers this apartment cost. OUCH!!

    So, I am onsite for the next 2 weeks with this client and it will be interesting to see how this falls into place.

    I hope they keep me on board until November 2017.
    I hope they let me work from home fulltime
    And I hope they consider more work that “might” bring back the government salary.

    So, I am hoping for good communication around this situation.

    Virgo Sun, Libra rising and Leo Moon.

  6. Work has been like whoa

    Diving into my bed now gonna sleep off this full moon fever – what a day, Cap as my 5th house so f-ing illuminated

  7. Oh I zap zoned! Right into a totally different life. It’s not perfection and I am still feeling opposition in my work life especially now – I am taking tomorrow off my casual job just to avoid the difficult person at work as I know I will be at a low ebb due to a huuuge day yesterday at a Design Market with my twin/biz partner living my dreams so there is balance ha! It’s like it’s still half morphed and I am being pushed into leaving this job due to working with a person who lies about me to cover her own mistakes to perhaps learn more somewhere else, maybe meet more of the right people…. not sure but it does make me feel sad and a bit vulnerable. I have withdrawn a lot from people at work including the boss as the situation keeps detonating and talking to him just results in excuses for her and her behaviour. Now I feel like I just need to stay until I can go on my first holiday in 5 years with my extended family to the most magical place we know just to feed my soul and get a better mind frame and then begin my search for something new, something full time and less cool ha! it’s a literal rock show with dealth metal drummers/printing assistants and wanna be rock photographers/warehouse managers (no experience necessary as long as you have the look and know the right people) I have a Virgo 1st house Sin/Pluto/SN conduction work ethic but understand that it’s not normal but the bludging culture is too much for me – when the boss rocks up at 11am everyday there is slot of opportunity to slack off

    • Just looking at my chart and the action is in my Cap 5th and VERY close to my 20* Kataka Lilith which forms part of my kite shape trines my Sun et al + 3rd H Scorp Moon Neptune conj

      What to make of this

      I know I have a bit of a crush going on and am trying to not go overboard with the likes atm …. but come on he’s just launched his Greens candidacy! Hot or what!

      He ordered tees through my work and I already liked the idea of him as I live in a fairly small city and he’s pretty easy to spot in the alternative music scene and know people who know him etc. I ordered one for my niece the week after and a couple of emails in I didn’t hear anymore and thought he’s a busy guy – check my FB on the Saturday and he has private msg’d me (all other correspondence through work emails) and he said could he drop it round to my place that morning!! I got a hug from the guy! He smelt good! Ahh made my weekend <3

      That was last weekend and ordered more so no more pda's just an opp for me to look all together and Lord Mayors wife material ha!

  8. I’ve just spent 24 hours on a massive home rearrangement jag to give myself dedicated space for next-levelling career /10th house stuff. It’s fixed a heap of minor-but-didn’t-quite-work aspects of my living space and upped the whole vibe. Weirdly I dreamed the solutions the night before, and then got up and did them.

  9. I just purchased Jessica Snow’s PLUTO meditation. Seems like a good tool to navigate this moon – which is within 1 degree of my 9th-house moon!

  10. Plutoed Cap full moon huh… explains my wkend so far of clenched jaw pain/ wallet disappearing/ sibling communication /boundary fight. 3rd house fun

  11. I’ve been meaning to chime in for a few days.
    you had me at Chiron Insights. I’m easy that way 🙂
    But whew…the time they are a changing.
    Yeah so its all still so raw and my brain is a tad fried from weeks and weeks of intense cryptography- days of 5 or six hour phone calls from top security at Apple.. Their advice, move, change your no, definitely get a new email address and….I mean, you obviously need to go to the police….(imagining some well intentioned Bobbie with 20 year old PC asking in all seriousness “ave ya tried pressin control alt delete love?”
    Or maybe check the cables, are the plugged in..LOL

    When the staff at google chrome can’t verify any of your accounts or even get back to me after the emails and phone calls and the the tec security dudes at apple do the verbal equivalent of “lady we just make the machines, we can’t be responsible for what people do with them”
    Basically- turns out, I am not delusional (in this particular instance and the fact that I’m seeing a screen shot from a windows PC in Barcelona and that my Apple ID is being used by a server in NY and that some creep from Bristol who visits London to indulge his interest in fetish escorts is undisputed.
    The history of these three guys shows up in my activity monitor and timeline and although most their activity on my feed gets deleted, some doesn’t and the whole “your password was changed” email every three minutes and text notifications I didn’t inniate is wearing.
    The infuriating part is that I’m blocked from using the internet and when you’re applying for jobs and uploading – or trying to access the site to upload CV’s and cover letters etc it has resulted in the odd pillow punch.

    So yeah

    The issue is ongoing but so am I.

    It’s funny how starkly this example of gasslighting and abuse mirrors my experience and how much self doubt that created then and even sometimes does still. Except, turns out, I can read code. Trouble is, once I start, I can’t stop for three days and nights straight…oh err two weeks, ten months? Longer.
    The level of obsession to “get to the bottom of it” and feel vindicated makes me feel a bit Claire Danes ala Homeland….
    But although I’m dyslexic and ADHD, pattern recognition is a core competency- spaces between the digits have always been so much more compelling that the first year of school I honestly thought the whole reading the letters focus was like…?
    Just visiting this planet type feeling.
    And I’m in love with binary math.
    I told you Mrs Crosswell from grade 2. You’re over complicating things.
    Aristotle (bugger four the bottle PF 😛 )
    he said, Everything is either A or not A and reading that at 10 years old felt like the truest, most logical thing I’d ever read. I guess I still struggle with the shades of grey but I’m working on it.
    In terms of a system of numbers though- it’s perfect and I have always thought I was not just math averse but genuinely- challenged.

    Not binary

    But as my therapist so wisely said today, “why are you still fighting this alone if even Apple security can’t solve this problem?

    I know, I know I need to learn to disengage…
    It just makes me agry and also I’m excited because I was a code code was not intuitive or designed for humans to be able to read easily…so the fact that I can, and I know NOTHING is ..well adddictive.
    And I resent not being asked, the deception. If he wanted to run IOS Sierra from his windows PC, why not just ask me?
    5 years ago?

    Yes, I should have trusted my gut.
    The social engineering aspect of hacking is the most upsetting I think because it hits on the spot where I’m already Pavlovian canine wincing so….There a need to regain MY administrators privileges and the fantasy of perhaps getting some justice for the 5 new mac’s he did this to. I won;t get back the time, or the money lost but now I’m down to an iPad I’m usually locked out of, and iTunes account and iCloud server that isn’t iCloud and I’m pissed. I don’t like being messed with and its like so not cool.
    It’s up there with sheathing in my book, but as a celibate coborg I would say that….

    The guys I’ve been talking to have been calling ME to discuss snippets of aberrations in the apple script which prove it isn’t IOS but Linux/ Ubuntu/ Samba? Windows code dressing up as apple code and metastesising …..and

    These aren’t normal tech support dudes, they have degrees in computer science and if it’s beyond them the what can you possibly win by burning yourself out ?
    Claire Danes starts mumbling at me and she’s breathing really fast. It doesn’t look good but…

    There’s so much else going on but I’ll leave that there since is very Pluto (2nd house NN) stuff and relates to my process of reclaiming what’s mine and seeking justice for those who’ve intentionally deceived me to take liberties that cannot possibly be legal.

    And I have back ups of backs up of back ups,

    It’s not just ARD
    It’s really more far reaching and complex. Very sneaky.
    Found the actual serial numbers and of all the products he used and downloaded the white papers and tech specs again, through settings in google maps…

    Maybe i should try study computer science and network/ data security?
    It’s three year course but since I’ve already figured out so much on my own, it might be an option…

    Anyway “thank you India” as Alanis would sing.
    Oh and the water works.
    Scariest month of my life, bankruptcy, need to move out, spending per week what I’ unwed to spend per meal, not just per day.

    And with no reference from bitchy estate agent who despite a five year extortionat tendency crazy rent Iand not property maintenance surrport whatsover and I’ve never been late with once, She won’t give me a To whom t may concern refernce.

    I’m still sanding down the walls and have bought paint as requested returning it to it’s a generic but mandatory “back to beige” re me conditon anywway…

    But, I suppose I could use the library to work on CV abd apply for jobs?

    • I actually think you would be really good at that, especially as
      a Virgo you would probably be good at penetration testing or security QA. My boyfriend and a good friend of mine have severe ADD-Pi and ADHD respectively and both work in IT/DevOps. People shit-talk tech and it is problematic in lots of ways but it’s also very inclusive in that anyone can learn this stuff pretty fast with enough motivation and support and the support is out there if you want it and believe in yourself.

      I have Asperger’s and I kick myself every day for not taking learning to code seriously earlier. It’s just puzzle solving and pattern recognition all day and I love it. My dad was a programmer and I always thought I was “too stupid” (despite getting all As in school until I started getting into trouble late high school) or something..

      Don’t know the details on your situation and how this happened but it sounds as if you are being targeted and I am curious as to why. You are correct, law enforcement is scarily behind the times when it comes to this sort of thing. Please be safe!!

      Oh, I feel you on the A or not A thing… that was an obsession for a long time… But now I’ve become an Intuitionist I think and I’m all fuck the excluded middle! lollll

  12. The moon side of the full moon falls right on my Karma. It feels like the culmination of so many years of Pluto!! My SR this year has me with a 2nd house Pluto-Juno Cap moon, and I LOVE it. Have gone full Capricorn, power slacks and living breathing work, meaningful work, power, hierarchies, doing this! I also just found out that Pluto and my moon are exactly parallel, which I guess is like a conjunction, which is the missing piece that makes my chart make sense.

  13. For the last 2 days, I have been burning old papers, receipts, bills from a painful, long ago era — and it feels great!

    Bring on the new $$ era (please & thank you).

    • Awesome! My house goes on the market next week. I cannot wait till the property settlement between ex & I goes through court & the house is sold. I have a small bonfires worth of paperwork to burn with reckless abandon & glee…. or how I hope to, not sobbing and filled with dread of a totally unknown future!

  14. No direct hits for me aside from a semi sextile to NJupiter (Aquarius 12 hs) a loose opposition from Sun-Mars to NMars & a square to PVenus in Aries – interesting though is that transit Venus squares my Chiron on Sunday so am all set for a facial or hairdo or something.
    Am more interested in my former lover’s chart – transit Pluto is square his Jupiter, so whatever he’s up to will likely be made quite public during this lunation. The Sabian symbols for these degrees may shed some light too, they being:
    Libra 18 – Two men placed under arrest
    Capricorn 18 – The Union Jack flies from a new British war ship
    Of course it’s never a good idea to translate the Sabians literally, but these do appear to illustrate the harsh readiness for battle and the dangers inherent in engaging in questionable behaviour at this sensitive time. The moon is in its detriment in Capricorn so I doubt any wrongdoing will be treated in empathic ways.
    Interesting also are the fixed stars present in the degrees of the constellation Lyra; Vega (otherwise know as Ma’at) is there, but almost exact to the degree of the Moon-Pluto conjunction is fixed star Sheliak who represents the strings of the Lyre, so think of all imagery associated with strings: playing strings, pulling strings, weaving, the warp and weft, spiders webs, even the World Wide Web. This star was first brought to my attention during transit Saturn’s square to my Neptune where it created some real trouble for me; I associate it with boarders and boundaries, asylum seekers, immigrants either legal or illegal, personal boundaries, deception, forgeries and fakes of all kinds; it seems this star’s more negative traits do tie in rather beautifully with the Sabians; I should note also that the Lyre constellation is more often associated with Venus, whereas Sheliak has distinct Mercurial tones.
    The weekend looks to be interesting indeed, if not from a personal standpoint then at least the world stage promises an illuminating revelation – Jupiter rule religion no less, and Pluto’s all about violation and taboo.
    I’ll be at home most of the weekend completing a lovely crocheted pure wool throw for my daughter-in-laws birthday; I know it’s pure 100% Australian wool, I know it was made ethically and that no one was exploited in its creation, and I can guarantee its hand made because I made it. That’s what I mean about the fixed star Sheliak, and be careful what you bring into the country.

  15. Both Full Moon AND Pluto smack in the 6th squaring natal Jupiter-Saturn AND Pluto in 3rd and both trining Chiron in 10th. Pluto also on my Cap Mars. Like Syrena, am feeling this majorly in my professional life but also in identity-related ancient woundings, which I’ve been working on articulating as healing creative expression for past few months, but upped the ante in past two weeks, so hoping that I’m working the energies right!

    Pluto x the intensity of Full Moon = Owww, like literal pain in the body from transmutation, from the inner wars of ancient crap vs. striving to be in the now discipline.

  16. Pluto and moon in my 12th house and Ceres about to cross natal Jupiter in 5th…. what will I lose (weight and not a daughter moving out hopefully) all sounds so ominous but I ♡ full moons and Pluto so expecting great things

        • Mystic ? You mentioned the eclipse season which I noticed in the scheduler is also retro season Pluto, Neptune, Uranus…mercury -stronger influence. I have Rx Uranus Neptune and Pluto natally. Does this have any relevance? Anyone???

          • I just read cafeastrology’s stuff on natal retrogrades and it was pretty good. I haveSaturn Rx. In fact ky progressed Saturn has just come out of retrograde.

            Check to see if any of yours a “Stationary Rx” or ” Stationary Direct”. If they are they’re very dominant in your chart.

            • well well well!
              Nep direct 1 week after my birth, Pluto direct 10 days after BUT North Node and South Node Direct 1 degree from my sun on my birthday! boom …more research coming up

              • Other things that can add ‘oomph’ to the stationary planets are the aspects they form and how many are involved. Also the simpatico of the signs, houses and rulerships they come under.

                Hey Mystic, a hack on this would be good.

  17. The full moon will be on my moon so it’s full on. Again. Although full-on has been the new normal for aeons thanks to Pluto.
    It’s pinging my grand earth trine, professional image/status is looming large. The cube farm is imploding – external reviews and internal stresses/psychos. The centre cannot hold, to quote Yeats (I think it was him). I’m there to get debt-free and don’t often engage that much but it is hard to get free of the psychic sludge sometimes.
    I’ve made a good plan though – 5th house creativity stuff. I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking in to-do lists. That’ll be Pluto / moon / Mars in Virgo / Pluto-Uranus in my first and I think Mars is currently transiting my 10th. No wonder I can’t sleep.

    • Also a Cap Moon, at 19 degrees. It’s interesting, isn’t it! Mine is in the 9th house, square Mars and Jupiter in Libra. The last two and a half years have been all about work, lots of concern about professional credibility and image being zapped badly by current job – it’s a good job, but no one understands what I do, it appears trivial although it’s in fact a very stressful and demanding job, and my lifetime of establishing myself as a writer and editor is now just what I used to be.

  18. OMG, YES!

    I even got a pluto haircut to mark what feels like a new era in ways of being/feeling!

  19. The Full Moon falls right on my Mars in the 8th house. I’ve been experiencing the Pluto conjunction on that Mars since last year, and the energy has been very slow but deliberate.

    I wonder if this Moon will intensify the themes of the transit as I’ve felt them until now? I don’t claim to fully understand them yet, but they certainly include a deep (often difficult) change around mother figures, and a new and steady commitment to creativity.

  20. Adding a +1 to tripleL’s comment.
    With the squares to Jupiter on my IC I’m feeling a little “gawd please keep the home stable for now, I’m only just remembering how to live” – I need a few more months to get my 4 th house together. I’m wondering what a Jupiter north node conjunction (linking directly to grand air trine) might portend and what kind of pre-hustle I have to undertake to ride that wave.

    • But other than that – the only way that I could possibly be thrown at this stage of my life is to fall MASSIVELY AND IRREVOCABLY IN LOVE or receive something come hitherish from the Capricorn, these are two definite black swans on the outer limits of probability (although I guess the definition of black swan is that you didn’t see it coming, lol .. )

    • I can’t remember if I wrote here about my Jupiter-NN transit (I did write to MM, who I think put it in the school). If I did, I apologize. Anyway, it’s an amazeballs transit! I finally got a job at the perfect place literally like an hour after the conjunction perfected to the minute. Then Jupiter went retrograde and sat a degree from my NN for 3 weeks… the day the conjunction hit exact again, I got promoted. To the boss (technically 2nd in command, but my director has multiple sites). How amazing is that?!? So, before Jupiter-NN, I was an anxiety and poverty-ridden unemployed person, and after J-NN, I run a homeless women’s shelter in downtown SF.
      You prep for it by believing in it and yourself, no matter how dark it seems. Also eliminate the barriers in your head… it is absolutely the “fuck it, why not” transit!!! It will bring GOLD for you, Pi!!!!! Just believe. <3

      • Thank you hdq, wow, long time no see round here xx
        I’m really impressed at that major levelling up! Congrats! Ah, yummy Jupiter. Do you have a 4th house node as well?
        I went through my diary and emails for around when jupes was around my nn for a few weeks, I made a couple of submissions… Not sure. I guess it could simply mean I feel a proper sense of inner replenishment … Maybe home shift.

      • I had Jupiter go over my 3H NN @ 6* Libra. The only thing l can think of is that my Kombi motor gremlins got sorted which for the kilometres l do is good. 3rd house being short journeys and all.

      • So that was YOU at astro hacks – wow, that IS amazeballs impressive, Hdq – congrats & power to you.
        (Btw, I now understand your choice of moniker – my god, that’s some 12th H, baby!)

  21. I hope I placed this in the right spot Just wanted to say Blessed Be for giving a 50 percent off on everything in your store, that was such a treat! As a senior citizen on an almost non-existent retirement, I could not have afforded the full price for a six week access, sad to say, but was able to with the code. I really appreciate it, and again, many thanks.

  22. Ugh, as if I need more internal churn….! Will be avoiding potential Family Grudge Flashpoints like the plague – uncharacteristically, I’m actually nursing some resentment re: the above ATM. I try not to hold grudges and think they’re for wusses, so this is rare. But my fam sitch is fuqed up six ways from Sunday right now so I have been unable to constructively address a (comparatively recent) instance where I feel I was treated quite poorly by a family member after really going out on a limb and extending myself to them in a huge step-up-to-the plate kind of way. And I find the longer it’s sitting with me, the saltier I’m feeling about it. However there is no “safe space” to address to address even minor things at this point – the dynamic is *that* fuqed up right now. So when I received a phone call from said individual recently, I let it go directly to VM & did not return it – I really don’t feel like I owe them jack; least of all the courtesy of a returned call that would have me continuing to stifle the fact that I’m hurt by their behavior. I can (and have) monitor(ed) and control(ed) my own responses in an exemplary manner, but I will only do my end of the heavy lifting – their participation is also directly required for success, which is why there is no “safe” container for any of the ugly stuff right now. So limited to no contact is the best way for me to manage this, unless and until something changes…which I will not hold my breath for. My family is pretty much the epitome of “stuck and fuqed” – it sucks to understand that I am completely and profoundly powerless against this kind of darkness; the only one I ever have any control over is myself. If they want to be fuqed up, I have no choice but to remove myself from their blast radius and let them. I respect myself and my feelings enough to opt out of the ties that bind when those ties turn toxic.

    Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: For those moments when the family that (somewhere in an alternate dimension) should be supporting you is instead draining and taxing the shit out of you. Sometimes you just have to take the loss and realize that – emotionally and psychologically speaking – the only life you can save is your own.

    • Mmm. Just because blood is thicker than water doesn’t mean that it’s also better for us, or something like that.

      • I agree Pi. Just because we are born into a group does not mean anything other than they are human beings. You can make a choice about who becomes a friend but our society seems hell bent on considering that familial humans make the best companions. They don’t very often and should be taken on their merits and nothing else.

        • Absolutely. I think when it comes to family, much of what has been ingrained in us regarding preserving the nuclear family at all costs stems from the whole Christian deification of our parents thing. It was made very clear to me very early that my parents were deeply flawed human beings and while I loved them both, I was pretty sure taking my cues from them was going to be a bad idea. With one noted exception, my siblings simply did not dive into self-healing the way that I did, so the residue of all of this lingers. I’m sympathetic because I lived through it too, but once you are past a certain age you have to be accountable for your own choices and behaviors and try to do better. Especially once you start bringing kids into the mix. :-/ Nobody is perfect, but an earnest effort coupled with basic self-awareness and some good therapy can get one far…

    • My sympathies & total understanding, LV.
      It was precisely during Pluto conjunc my Saturn 7 yrs ago – & combined with my Chiron Return in 4th (hello) – that the whole birth family merde finally hit the fan after decades of partial estrangement & dysfunction (since birth, actually). We had already been v distant but Pluto/Saturn sorted the final stage out. I had to strip away things that were threatening to drown me. It was a matter of survival – a necessity. Not just for my emotional sanity but also for my physical body. It was such a relief to finally let go. I won’t lie and say it was a total breeze, because when it comes to family (even an estranged or totally dysfunctional one), there are emotional chords that bind tighter – whether it is a societal reenforcement of this or whether it’s an innate thing – i’m not sure – probably both.

      I liken irreversible family dysfunction to root rot in plants: A plant with root rot will not normally survive – it is too bogged down with water and then rot sets in – but it can often be propagated to form a new & healthy plant – away from the rot and toxic soil. This is how the Pluto/Saturn conjunct & the following Pluto/Sun opposition has felt for me. And using my own aerating (Libra asc – like yours) capabilities to help the process.

      Stay strong in your very own healthy roots, LV. xx

      • That’s a really great analogy, Skarab! It was a long series of Pluto transits that did it for me; I think as I leveled up (down?) and went deeper into my own self-healing, I just became more aware of the dysfunctional dynamics that had always been there. In this lifetime, family has always been my cross to bear, unfortunately. However, I do have one sibling that I have a very good, very strong, very healthy relationship with – go figure; they’re also Plutonic. 😛

      • Yep. I am with you all in this right now. This Moon is in my 7th along with Saturn the Strip-Back King.
        North Node in my 3rd House near my Mars :-/ … the scheduled sibling meeting yesterday went well as expected. I lost my voice the day before in anticipation of the event. Gem wonders if it is time I cut them all but loose. I cannot do it! Even as they bully I am fascinated by our similarities and differences. But as for you LV the lack of interest in self healing, and level of fear and hostility towards all things spiritual in kin who drink/fight/run from issues is confusing to me at times. Good luck to you all!

        • Thanks Sphinx. Well if you can’t do it because the fascination still has a pull (i so understand this) then there’s probably more you all have to live through together. Loosing your voice is rad – but when it really starts to impede on your emotional health and affect your other close relationships because one’s giving it too much emotional time, then you may reevaluate (or not, of course)

          It’s no light decision to cut ties with family and believe me i crab-clung on and on … until Pluto/Cap/Chiron combo. I’m not saying that it will be forever – and ties are never really fully cut with family, imho. Memories & emotions (bloody Moon aspects each month) make sure of that. But it sure is good to take a good long indefinite break and not feel tied to the obligation of having to contact them because they are birth family.

          • Hi you are right re the emotional health for myself and my partner!
            Gem is fond my family but sees clearly how they treat me and advises me to cut them loose periodically, as he gets upset that I get upset and then get upset with those around me. He is worried I get sick so easily (Moon in the 6th!) and wounded (Pluto/Uranus in 4th) by them.
            Anyway, I am tied to the family via the need to care for my ageing parents as we now represent them legally, financially etc. as a group, signing off on things together.

            It is NO light thing to cut ties with family, I am sorry you were put in the position you had to for your mental equanimity? It’s a painful process disentangling I think because it’s the place we were nurtured and it feels like when we do this we are literally rejecting life: survival and nurturing qualities all.

            I did it for years with Kataka sis as she enjoyed to cut me down. She is more careful now with her verbal arrows. Gem says I should only meet them one on one now. The Aqua sib is not too bright, highly aggressive/generous, obsessed with Kataka sis to her own detriment and they gang up.
            I understand the crab-cling as I have Mercury/Venus/Kataka in Cancer, so I do have tenacious claws. Maybe I should use them to cut myself free of the pot and scuttle across sea floors to cling to better lobster pots.

  23. Having horrid deeply stomach sick dreams bringing up all my angst ridden baggage and it’s yuk. Can’t call them nightmares just crappy dreams and then drove to work angry and yelling at everyone who’d hurt me in the past. Very bizarre behaviour for me. I don’t dream as a rule and I don’t yell either I’m so zen but this is all on my cancer sun so I’m bound to be digging up the dirt still to cleanse. Bleugh

    • Also Cancer sun and also having some nasty non-nightmare dreams. So many! Sleep has always been a refuge from emotional stress so these dreams are really invasive. Hope you manage to get some use from them and that they stop soon x

      • Yes, Cancer here & this FM-Pluto is opp my Sun. I was really hoping for a fun weekend regardless of this. But my non-stop dreams are unpleasant, and though they’re not gut wrenchingly so – they are enough to suck the joy out of my waking hours.
        Feels like these dreams are waste residue bubbling up from the subconscious from what seems an aeon of Sun/Pluto opposition.

  24. My nerves were shot (menopause too with much hair falling out) during the ZZ years of 2012-2015 … but I learned a whole new level of Zen from those grinders, also. I think I’m good this time around. I pray that I am, anyway.

    • Likewise, 2012 to 2015 was harsh. Sometimes wish we had actual markers, like in games, to actually check that we *have* levelled up! Level 10 to 20! In reality though, it’s really just hoping that our shit stays together once everything else hits the roof LOL!

      • You just sparked me a fab idea, Silver — In between my vision board & my altar, I’m going to erect a “Shit Contained” board, where I shall honor myself, first & foremost, & shithead muggles/merde maelstroms during which I held it together gracefully, not allowing myself to get pulled into the faecal fray.

        Should be worth many a guffaw & selfie arm punch in reflection. Genius, SH! Thank you! xoxo

  25. My partner (Cap, Scorp rising, Leo moon, recently turned 30) left me (Pisces Sun/moon, Taurus rising, 37) abruptly on Friday after 4years of marriage to become the person he needs to become. It was shocking…and not. All signs/portents point to this cosmic relationship running its course, Wheel of Fortune, Tower cards, all that. Still though, gasping for air.

    • Oh bless you. My first marriage to a cap ended with him hitting 30. Being a Pisces you can see the biggest picture. Heal, learn and move on in love. Best wishes to you.

    • O Sweet Tarotkitten…..May you breathe easy soon my lovely…..
      I remember this pain – slowly keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving towards the future – it’s got magic there waiting for you
      With love from
      London, England

  26. Getting excited and nervous about it! My Sun is at 17″ Aries completing the Cardinal Grand Cross…

    I have Asc. 25″ Virgo, so Pluto is at my 4th House. I have been out of my city for the past 3 months and I just got back yesterday. Hoping the family gathering this weekend goes smoothly and maybe the Pluto energy goes towards talking about the past. Who knows?

    I also have my Venus Return. Natal Venus is at 3″ Gemini, so lots of talking and catching up with friends. Lovely!

  27. This time and your article remind me of Séraphine de Senlis. When the war came to France, she thrived. It’s when her work as an artist really got the “open space” to take root. She had access to canvas for one, so her work got bigger, but also the war narrowed her focus to painting. She already knew how to live frugally (Sun in Virgo wish I knew her birth time.) And in the end, even when she fully merged with Neptune, and by external accounts “went mad”, she remained connected to her inner sources resources.

  28. Oh yeah, I can feel this one. Like a tectonic shift, mostly in my career sector, and it’s pretty much right between my natal Saturn and Neptune – 5 degrees from both. I welcome it, honestly. I’ve needed this sort of push for a while now, but I’ve been afraid of it. Now it looks like I’m gonna get dropped in the deep end, but I at least know in theory how to swim.

  29. I scheduled a circular tattoo of the Heart Sutra in Sanskrit on my back over the heart chakra for Sunday. It’s by a calligrapher I like and a solid precursor to August when I’m on retreat in Dharamsala.


    • awesome!
      I wanted to get a tattoo at the beginning of this year but the tattoist is so busy (and I don’t have the drawing yet) that it all got scheduled out of any interesting astral passage.
      so i’ll discuss the drawing on the 12th of july (first date available from january) and then see the drawing on november the 13th !! and finally get it (or not, I have had so much time to think about it that I have lost a bit of enthusiasm) on the 23rd.

    • #imnotawitchimjustorganised – love it! can i borrow that for the front page of my diary? 😀

      I dreamt last night that I had been tattooed with a wide, corset-like band of red ink all the way around my torso. The edges were blue, highly ornate and gothic, when I turned around I found I had like a chandelier of tiny blue “chains” tattooed from the base of my neck down to the edge of the band. The rest of me was naked except for my hair which was in long, long tiny braids with metal beads, piled on my head…I felt surprised but super charged, like some sort of warrior. and as though this was how I was supposed to look (!!)… (For about half an hr after waking I was seriously trying to figure out how I could afford to have this done!).

      Astro-wise I think Pluto and Saturn have excessive influence on my chart (grand trine with NN as the 3rd point). With Pluto just over a degree off my Venus, Saturn about to backtrack over my Sun/Jupe/Merc, (with Lilith closing in) and Venus on natal Saturn, I have been expecting something “big” but have not seen any evidence in the external world. This dream though….sorry for rambling, but it’s not the sort of thing I’d share irl!

        • and just saw that the latest episode of a podcast i follow is on Thai occult tattooing!
          …theres something going on here

          • Yesterday, I had this very clear impulse to extend my back tattoo into a full back peice. The finished image just sprung into my mind from nowhere. And to be clear, I’m not heavily inked at all.

            What’s with the tattoo vibe??? I’m biased having a strong Pluto, but the whole pain/scar/rite/ink “being marked” thing feels plutonic.

      • I’m in love with the dream image of your tattoo!! Especially the tiny blue “chains”. There’s strength in the red and the power of the torso region and then you have these connectors–in 5th chakra blue coming down or going up allowing for flexibility/movement and strength.

        • oh wow ! thanks for that interpretation – i really didn’t have any insight into what the symbology might mean. Thanks!

    • I’m getting a new tattoo this weekend too! One I’ve been wanting since my marriage ended in feb. a special lunar magic symbol!

    • I spent the morning getting a full-body massage from an intuitive, healing practitioner with great energy. More of that, please! At a turning point with work as Pluto crisscrosses my Moon at 19 Capricorn – wondering what this full moon will bring. Jupiter is in reach of my Jupiter return, Saturn is retrograding over my Venus, lots of activity, and time is moving quickly. Tons of anxiety about turning 60 in a few months, but time waits for no one…

  30. Oh @Mystic! Yesterday when you posted the Vortex Moon post (loved it, btw) I was hoping for a next plutonian Full Moon post, though we got plenty of useful tips in the Daily Mystic already.

    I have been feeling very light hearted in the past weeks and with Venus in Gemini – my Sun sign – and Mercury in Leo, things have really liven up both in the friendship realm and in the work area.
    But yes I do sense something big – as in underground big, like only Pluto can be – coming up. I am a Pluto in the first house person so I kind feel its vibes very strongly.

    I kinda tend to obsess more often, had a very weird dream and got myself some home witchery smudge with sage and cedar to purify and roses to invite sensuality.

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