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This all came about via a Chiron-Sun transit.

Allow me to introduce my new rescue cow Fehu (an actual Taurus) with his minder Hedley, a Leo Jiu Jitsu practicing, tech whiz animal advocate. Why, you may ask, does my cow need a minder?  Or how come i even have a cow, living as i do in the inner city?  Fehu – the name is from the Norse rune – is a bit of a jumper. So until his – also being rescued – mother and baby calf sister – arrive just after the New Moon – he needs to be minded to stop him jumping out of the animal sanctuary and going looking for his herd…whom he does not know are being, um, processed.

Some of you know that Mega Mystic members now sponsor the lovely Pluto – see her picture below or click the link for more on her.  Fehu was not planned but i went on a trip to the country with Not The Typical Virgo and – this is what cinched it – with Chiron exact on my Pisces Sun.  The cow nuzzled me for no particular reason, i saw its goo-goo eyes and flashed right back to my first farmyard holiday, the one that turned me vegetarian in the first place. And voila, after a lot of effort/$$, Fehu is now resident at the beautiful Whisker Woods Animal Sanctuary.

This amazing place is run by a dedicated and passionate Aquarius woman. Along with volunteers like Hedley, above, she looks after over 120 animals. The sanctuary looks like how i always imagined farms to be when i was a child; horses, alpacas, cats, dogs, roosters, pigs, lambs and probably more all hang out together in harmony.  And now, there is a cow, soon to be three!

When you have Chiron exact on a personal point like the Sun, it is like having a new spirit guide who is an elite shrink. You cannot help but have therapy-style insights and pattern recognition all the damned time. It’s amazing but the sensitivity factor can be hard to bear. Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, who just passed, has the same birthday (March 20) as me and i thought, my god Chiron. (And multiple other factors, obviously).

So if you live in Australia, near the A.C.T. and you have skills/love animals, consider volunteering at the beautiful sanctuary or you can find out more/contribute via their page.  If you are a Mega Mystic member, you are already helping to keep Ms Pluto in well deserved clover (or lucerne, whatever) after her stressful racing career and subsequent dramas.

And hey how about Chiron – it is handing out between 28 Pisces and 2 Aries for ages. Specifically; from May 2017 until April 2019. This is the hot spot of anyone’s natal chart energies for drastic evolution, therapeutic insights, rad realizations and extreme sensitivity…it IS healing but you have to adjust to a whole new vibe.

So…thoughts on Chiron??

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62 thoughts on “The Leo Cow Whisperer

  1. Fehu! What a great name!!

    When Chiron went retrograde I found myself mentoring a suicidal teenage girl relative…her situation reminded me so much of my past…HELLO CHIRON

  2. I’ve got it returning just now hovering about my ascendant and Saturn. I think I’m just so used to Chiron energy that things feel pretty normal. My health however is crap what with menopausal stuff going on and auto immune sensitive crap.
    My biggest shift is saturn who is also hovering over my MC which sits on the galactic centre. So I’m awaiting the next couple of months with interest.
    Had a few tower cards in the tarot so maybe I’m due another major life quake. But hey I’m used to those too !!!

  3. Loved the responses in this thread and the wisdom shared. I havent taken a look at Chiron too much in terms of transits, but now I feel as if Im missing a big chunk of the picture by not doing so.

    Re Chester Bennington – in the 2 days before his death was announced – my iPhone randomly shuffled one of his same songs twice: Opening from Reanimation album. I never press the shuffle button, in fact I dont even know where it is.
    Major goosebumps when news broke.
    There is a Reanimation in process.

  4. Chiron is on my North Node atm. Trying to move forward with old wounds but also losing my mum. Very sad time but learning a lot. All very my mother myself.
    And I love animals. I have lots of rescues here––some greyhounds, cats and a plethora of chooks, geese and ducks. I love the vibe. They all come together as a very comforting unit, which at this time in my life I am so grateful for; there is no love like that of an animal x

  5. Cows are wonderfully sensitive, I found myself weeping on a windy hill with a mob of brood mares sitting with them in consolation for the recent loss of their foal’s– being warned a bit early in my view…The mates ignored me, but a cow down the hill a ways, gazed at me intently with an expression of unmistakable sympathy. Geez Mystic, your animal philanthropy is truly commendable.

  6. I just checked to see where Chiron is right now and it’s right on top of my Venus degree and minute. 28’40 both of ’em in 11th house. I’m in a wonderful relationship. Not sure how this is playing out…. My Sun is 3 Aries so perhaps it’s coming… Is Chiron on Venus then Sun supposed to be “good” or “bad”?

    • I don’t think it makes sense to apply a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ judgement to transits. A lot of wisdom and clarity can come from difficult times, or even just learning and self development from crazy busy times or big changes e.g. new job, moving across country, further study, kids, friends coming or going etc. It would also depend on what else was happening at the same time. The Chiron stuff that I mentioned above was compounded by some difficult personal aspects and also an ongoing square to a chart angle. Translated irl was that I was compelled to get closer to understanding this total lack of self belief in relationships and other things. But you might have a different personal history, or your existing relationship might offer a lot of emotional or logistical support that lets you experience Chiron energy differently. Maybe your partner might be the one who needs the support in some way, or another person who you’re connected to, and as a result you discover more depth to your own healing abilities or capacity to embody compassion, for yourself as much as anyone else. So, I dunno. It’s complex 🙂

      • If your sun is 3 Aries, you’d also have a Saturn square coming up in 2018 but also a trine from the Leo north node, and Jupiter would be supporting your Pisces late Venus in 2018.
        Oh hey you said 11 th house too, so that’s kinda the house of friends and social circles, wider community, teaching and teachers, maybe you join a healing circle? Meditation for world peace? Lots of nice stuff is possible. Your decan 1 Aries sun could make you some kind of advocate or leader for a cause 🙂

        • Thank you Pi 🙂 I’m thinking of leading a world wide revolution against the corruption we’re currently unearthing but I’m pretty darn tired. LOL My usual sunny temperament (darn you Saturn on my moon) is squished by the global pain. Personal level not so much. Thank you again. xxx

  7. Well I LOVE how you are handling Chiron! Feng shui-ing that transit like a mofo. If transits open up reciprocal chakras in us, it’s like you are feeding that chakra, giving it a long meal of compassion (instead of being drained), serving animal karma and loving life actively by supporting these beautiful animals. It’s far reaching in impact on a symbolic level and I think it must feel great, no?!

    It makes me happy anyway. Yay Fehu and Pluto! Can’t wait to see more photos of them and their doings. I would looove to see how Fehu reacts to seeing his Mother?


  8. Chiron sun conjunction natally. I feel like sometimes I’m his student that he has to hire a handler for. I’m always trying to jump fences.

  9. Screaming inside bc I forgot about Chiron being on my 0 Aries MC/3Aries Moon point for the next while.

    (Asteroid Magdelena @ 2 Aries)

    LOL no wonder.

    While ps. my birthday is tomorrow, 0 Leo Sun, and the upcoming eclipse is ON my Venus conjunct SNode and Mars–ahhhhhh.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And Chiron on MC is amazing – MASTERY…I started Mystic Medusa with Chiron on my mc…

      And i am not sure where your love life is currently at but that Mars-Venus-Eclipse scenario = epic

  10. Virgos attract all domestic pets but what about wildlife?
    Since, I was a child I was drawn towards all animals including the neighbors cows, horses and then I started hand feeding wild deer including bucks and fawns, wild raccoons, squirrels and it continued until I moved to the city but I still attracted every feral stray and every crow to my window/doorsteps.
    I love animals and they are so much easier to understand than humans, so much easier to read/understood.
    This wildlife refugee looks amazing.

  11. Thank you for the Chiron insight. As a fellow March 20th Sun at 29 degrees, I’ve been a little anxious with what to expect. Do you by chance offer Chiron transit readings? It’s about to spend the next several years cleaning house in some important areas of my chart, and it would be good to get a rational understanding on it. Much love and thanks for all that you do!

    • Hey i do not offer Chiron transit readings specifically BUT there are some amazing posts on it in the astro school and i am also doing a post this week…It is a super charged awareness situation so it can be difficult if you are not in the mode for that.

  12. And also, beautiful Fehu wanting to get back to his people. Of course he does, a herd animal looking for his own, look at those big gangly legs, he’s just a young dude needing a place in the world. I hope he makes some lovely new friends.

  13. And OMG, re Chester Bennington – I heard about it like an hour or two after they found him and immediately knew it was no coincidence he did it on Chris Cornell’s birthday even though I did not know the intricacies of their relationship. So sad; Chiron transits can be excruciating but they can also be incredibly healing. We must remember that tears are in fact Sacred Water from the Heart Chakra that help to cleanse this energy center and keep it open/flowing. They can purify and sanctify, so allowing them to flow freely without being swept away by grief is so very important. And speaking of 29 degree Pisces Suns, a loved one is having their first child during Tr. Chiron conjunct Sun, and I know the birth of this baby is going to help heal childhood wounds for them <3

  14. OHHHHHhhhhh… wow. Makes sense. It’s directly opp my 27 Virgo Pluto and my 1 Libra sun now. Then I move into Chiron return territory once it passes my IC at 4 Aries. Good times.

  15. What a lovely site this is that our memberships help support such worthwhile causes <3 I’ve been an animal lover all my life and grew up with quite the menagerie so this makes me incredibly happy! The love I have for fauna seems reciprocated – I have so many close and friendly encounters with all kinds of critters both in my waking life and in my dreams on the regular. Natally, Chiron is the apex planet of a potent configuration while by transit he & Saturn are all over my chart like white on rice for the foreseeable future. I just saw my first bald eagle on the wing last week out of nowhere – it was awesome in its majesty <3

    This is why I see Chiron as resonating with the shaman archetype – when he blitzes a chart, Power Animals do tend to make conspicuous appearances in our lives. Chiron is the bridge between Earth (Saturn) and Sky (Uranus), after all. Love the synchronicity of (cash) Cow appearing for an astrologer just before Uranus is due to ingress Taurus, LOL. You’ve got two of your zodiac bases covered so far, MM, between Horse (Pluto) and Cow (Fehu) – 10 more and you’ve collected the full set! 😀 “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

  16. Chiron at that not quite opp 150 degree angle to to my Moon with Uranus really dead opp has given me insights, forgiveness and boundaries. Seeing the trauma-story -pain behind many masks. Pisces 28 is my 5th- so kids, creativity, games, what passes for recreation.

    Seems super big deal- that Chiron rests long pre- Aries Point- non?

  17. Thank you for saving Fehu, his mama and baby sister. I wish we knew more of the who, what, where, when and hows because I’m sure it’s an interesting story. Sorry for not discussing Chiron – I just love that you did something so noble as saving a loving little bovine family. Thank upstairs for peeps like you xx

  18. Chiron’s been chillin on my Ascendant then. I’ve recently been told I could be an energy healer of sorts, so that explains a lot. But mostly I’ve been learning to heal and aurically nurture myself. I’m done being negative and depressive 25/7. I’m learning to make gratitude and positive manifestations a habit.

  19. Didn’t realise Chester was gone till I read your post, heartbroken. Lovely about Fehu though, that’s an amazing thing to do Mystic.

    Chiron’s in my 8th trining AC and Uranus and it’s been non-stop sheddingxtransformation of identity-authenticity trauma compounding creativity-actualisation trauma.

    Painful in a good way.

  20. A jumpy Taurus bull being minded by a jiu-jitsu trained Leo. Mystic, you really do make me smile.

    Chiron has just come off the degree of my Sun. It seems necessary though it has not been particularly fun sort of growth.

    Cut off some dying associations with people i had some underlying admiration for, but whom i realised make me feel wounded and judged. It was a tough process because nothing’s on the surface, and my Sag side just likes to know the truth, as does my Pluto in Virgo shadowing/opposing my Sun. The tough part was also that it included a variety of interconnected people, so i really lost a tribe. But there is also a non-associated person who showed themselves in a different light, around the same time. My disappointment made me feel quite lonely.

    I gained self-possession. Finally i feel quite okay with whoever, and however I am, even if there is Chiron-like always with me “wounds”. I feel everyone has them, and I do not need to strive so hard to back away from that, or fix myself. I can just grow. And i’m enjoying that the fewer people around me are real, honest and loving. Yes, i really enjoy that feeling of being on equal footing for no reason.

    So i’m going out tonight in gold. I can let my Leo MC shine a little, though its clearly not taming a jumping bull.

      • When that New Moon hits, I hope your straitjacket magically unwinds, and you can step out of that padded cell.

        This was a somewhat poignant metaphor you wrote above, and weirdly enough I found myself watching prison drama. Somehow learning something about self-imposed restrictions versus rebelling against society. And just who my society is, what is loyalty and how it shows where you haven’t expected it. (I’m so over overthinking about the lack of loyalty i experienced.)

        Had a great night! Hope you have one too, Pi xx

        • Hope you get some more cool genuine fans and friends now xx
          Vibe is more safe-cracking I think 😉 … Sometimes hear/feel a soft *click* that lets me know one more thing is loosened

    • I was trying to recall when Chiron was on my Sun and just looked it up and it was 2000 – a year i will never forget (shivers).

      Chiron and Pluto were pretty much conjunct for a lot of that year, crossing back and forth over my 1st house Sun, exact square to natal Pluto/Ceres conjunction…
      just after they’d (Pluto and Chiron) squared my natal stationary Uranus on MC opposite Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in 4th house. (1999 was a bitch too.)

      Funny that I was aware of the Pluto on Sun hitting my natal Tsquare thing at the time but didn’t know about Chiron so much back then.

      Now it all makes sense. The losses, betrayals, disillusionments and other emotional hits during Chiron/Pluto in Sagg (unborn child, love, job, friends, Dad, in that order in the space of a few years) were pretty relentless.

      Hopefully having that experience and having since had natal Chiron return (on natal Jupiter opp Uranus), I will be able to handle Chiron near then on Moon in 2018/9.

      But the thought of it is making me shiver a bit. At the end of my 4th house, bet it is when we lose Mum who is 88 this year.

      Damn, I don’t spill my guts on this site much but my moon is in 8th right now and these last two weeks of Sun/Mars in 8th opp Pluto square Uranus business – It’s been hell on wheels health-wise and at work. Guess exhaustion is making me sensitised to fear of another loss. Must-sleep-early-tonight

      Roll on new 9th house moon right on my NN tomorrow night. Back to stoic Saturn in Sagg-I-can-survive-anything with a touch of 9th house faith-in-positive-belief-or-at-least-that-something-out-there-will-give-me-strength-because-it-always-does mode tomorrow.

      • That is some tough series of losses, Pandora, and mine was much less grievous. But i’m natally Sun-Pluto-Mars Tsquared, and Mercury-Uranus-Mars Tsquared, so it may be my fortune not to get hit by that as a transit, where it shocks. I’m sorry you have been left quaking from it all.

        But yes, you have that good astro coming now or soon, which helps forge new faith.

        • Thanks hon. Illuminating to look back and realise that Chiron conj Pluto was the factor I hadn’t been aware of.
          Think I only vent when exhausted, and it’s usually work demands that does it (Pluto in 10th square Sun).
          Much, much better today since New moon in 9th, after a homey Sunday, and big work project (lol, involving classic sagg publishing effort advocating for justice/the underdog) pretty much wrapped up as of today. x

          • Weird thing I also realised after I posted – my progressed chart now has Cap asc, so Pluto once again transiting progressed first house! How the hell does that happen in one lifetime I wonder !?*&%?

  21. its gonna be hovering near my moon then -4 aries….
    i would’ve thought chiron on someones sun would help them?
    so sad abt chester

    • Yeah I would think it would be helpful too. However some are already fighting back the pain on a regular basis so any added light shone on it may just be too much to bear. Plus the sun was trine at end of Cancer, and occurred on his friend, Chris Cornell’s birthday. Chester just sang at his funeral two months ago after HE killed himself. I think his grief overtook him. Super sad.

  22. Hi from a recently finished Chiron sun transit *waves from padded cell*
    Most of mine was simultaneous with south node conjunction sun, the mars retrograde smashfest of 2016, uranus squaring moon, and I think it probably was bookended by the mercury stations on Pluto square my IC Pluto and stuff, so NFI where Chiron actually has a unique profile in that fuqing mix although I will say if you can locate the existential space of Forgiveness (self, other/s, circumstances) and Acceptance (pain, the past, a situation, love, etc) then something hard and spiky and unpleasant dissolves in your soul and you’re kind of freer somehow. Work in progress of course…

    Lovely photo of beautiful Pluto.

    • This is so accurate, I am in awe of anyone who could solidly parse out what happened due to what transit last year, or any year I guess, but so much happened in the last year in terms of “never before in the history of ever” type transits it’s like, “the universe was retrograde on my everything and then it are me and I think I cried because of Saturn Neptune, Saturn Chiron, maybe I lost my sense of self because of Uranus Pluto never actually not bring square ever, maybe I became a time traveler and I’m not really posting this because of Saturn trine Uranus”. I’m so jelly of people who are like ” will this Venus transit effect my date next Friday?”

      Too far into the wormhole, but true on hoping that Chiron was the one where I first felt like I had a right to be here on the planet in the first place, that I’m lucky enough to have felt that compassion.

      “When water gets caught in habitual whirlpools,
      dig a way out through the bottom
      to the ocean. There is a secret medicine
      given only to those who hurt so hard
      they can’t hope.

      The hopers would feel slighted if they knew”

      This line from Rumi, my worst habit, feels like Chiron in pisces.

        • I mean, that implies a lot, so I’m not quite going there, but you know what I mean maybe (I don’t ,haha)

          • In my 7th it feels like the Egos I loved and projected are dead. It’s just occurring to me as I type it. Everything I ever thought someone was is an extension of me, and I’m infinite and bizarre and neurotic so the potentiality for that in everyone, all the mirrors, like carnival mirrors in pisces, I just have to let everyone be who they show themselves to be instead of their potential. The coming off drugs thing has showed me that people wear masks for a reason and though they might take them off its not safe to be around me if I am like ” But that’s not you!” Like I’m outing people’s hidden bits. Pluto in the 1st maybe… My ego was deeply invested in other people’s egos. I really thought they were what I thought they were which is funny because I wasn’t what I thought I was. Pisces is a trip.

            • ah that’s interesting. pluto in the 7th transit seems to be having a similar effect? hmm. will think more…

              those masks are superglued on sometimes and aint coming off without a fight.. let the baby have his bottle i guess 😉

              • alternatively put , we all seek a way to feel safe in a world largely defined by judgement and the exercise of power (o hai pluto)

                • Then of course if we saw into them wed lose ourselves or they’d lose themselves ? The vast incomprehensible universe in me bows to the vast incomprehensible universe in you I guess. In my phoenix report mystic pointed out Neptune coming up on my descendant bringing a big deal relationship, and with aries, my sun moon venus Chiron in aries, that’s like my suns 12 the house. Who knows whose universe is merging with mine and where my progressed sun in taurus is waiting for, patiently chewing grass. The warrior is a little terrified. “I’m sick of fighting but the peace is worse”

      • “When water gets caught in habitual whirlpools,
        dig a way out through the bottom
        to the ocean. There is a secret medicine
        given only to those who hurt so hard
        they can’t hope. The hopers would feel slighted if they knew.

        This line from Rumi, my worst habit, feels like Chiron in Pisces.”

        Goddamn if that isn’t perfect, girl…! Yes, quintessential Chiron in Pisces right there for sure – that is one brilliant catch! xoxo

        • This is a gift of my eternal winter, the reading, the reading. It can get overwhelming to have taken it all in, but being a data aggregator has its benefits.

          I go fishing just for comment section discussions 🙂

  23. Chirons been conjuncting my chiron ^ opposing all my virgo, talk about a valley of tears!
    Its about learning lessons & not letting it break your spirit.
    Since the entry of chiron into pisces the plight of animals has well & truly sensitized.
    Thank you for saving Fehu. In krishna consciousness cow is so revered as its the mothee.

  24. Gorgeous MM!

    I grew up in the Hunter Valley and around horses, cattle and sheep. I started riding horses when I was in nappies. I even had a dream last night about being out on a relative’s property where I used hang out as a child. We would bottle feed the baby calves, it was great.

    I love that your sharing this with us subscribers MM, it’s really awesome!

    I have Chiron right on my Pisces Asc and having some amazing insight. Yes to being a touch sensitive but I’m immersing myself in novels and music, which helps. Also Natal Venus in Gemini is keeping things light and fun, not to mention Natal True Node in Leo which is interesting.

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