Geminis Are The Most Flirtatious – True Or False?

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Women born under the sign of Gemini are considered the most flirtatious.”

This is from 1953 – was it true then? Is it true now? Is “flirtatious” even a thing anymore or is there a more mindful term for it?  Please debate this here. Anecdotal proof welcome.

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91 thoughts on “Geminis Are The Most Flirtatious – True Or False?

    • Venus in Gemini here I flirt without even thinking about it I can’t seem to help it to both male and female ?!?!?

        • I think that’s a way of being exclusive while reclaiming slut shaming.

          And that is my thought after some shocking statements a close family member recently made, a propos of nothing at a close fam event, about the childhood (primary school) mating styles of the siblings present. Mine of course was reserved for last (as the punchline, i think, because i’m an easy punchline for that person at times…blame my unhidden Sag that my Piscean self often wishes was more circumspect in these situs): “Mille would go with anyone who wanted her, boy or girl”. Absolute silence from the entire table. Well, that was a brand new punchline, and has been 40 + years of being one, so…kudos, i guess.

  1. We had a friend who was born on the 13 th June and she was still battering her eye lids at men when she was 90. Such a flirt but always kept herself looking lovely. My mother was born on the 14 th June and she was the biggest flirt. She kept herself looking nice in her 80s. So I really do think that Gemini women are the biggest flirts without a doubt.

  2. I disagree and I am a quadruple Gemini.
    I’ve found Gemini men to be very flirtatious but that’s another point.

    Back in the 50’s “flirtatious” wasn’t a good thing IMHO. So because us Gemini woman aren’t afraid of the intellectual confrontation with whoever, man or woman, I think this was mistaken as flirtatious.

    At that time a woman was supposed to have a convo just with “the girls” possibily inviting them over.

    I can totally see though a Gemini woman holding up a convo with a man, or answering to her boss or some stranger at a bar in some sassy and humorous way because that how we ALWAYS answer, and this was mistaken for a flirtatious attitude.

    • I would agree with this actually. If a comeback or a calling-out is merited, v strong chance a Gemini will step up! But being one for exchange and not sudden-death conversation, the opponent’s stocks will increase if they can respond with wit, awareness and intelligence. So, I guess that can be seen as flirting, but for a Gemini it’s more commonly known as “breathing”

  3. I think the key word there is “considered”. Considered by whom? Being related to and friends with many Gem ladies, it’s not them. They are just good communicators with low boredom thresholds and little tolerance for stodge, in form or in function.

  4. True!! Moon in Gemini on the MC here, with Leo Rising – I am a terrible flirt (as in effective, with no self-control)

    • Leo rising had GOT to count for some of this flirt power amirite??? All the Leo’s in my life activate their flirt powers with devastating precision

  5. I am Gem Rising (1H Merc/Sun/Mars in Cancer) and I admit I am percieved as being flirtatious..but don’t realise it until after its happened (intercepted 12th house Gemini)And its always in a lighthearted joking sort of setting that it occurs..not meant to offend anyone.I am more aware of it now so tend to tone it down alot these days.Depends where yr natal Mercury is too.I can also chop and change between modalities of communications with lightening speed, multi-task (amazing what I can do safely whilst driving), talk you into doing something I personally believe in & hate passive smoking with a passion.Almost all my close friends have heavy Gemini planets esp 13-15dgs Gemini (conj Rigel) & are all BIG flirts.My prog MC is now in Gemini so Im mindful of how I express all planets that cross this point last 12mths.My ex has H2 Gemini/Cancer where he attracts females by flirting heavily at first base, then talks you into paying for everything well and truly at third base (no prizes for guessing where his “hands” go in second base)..hence his current “ex” status (4th base).Right now my prog Merc ia conj natal Pluto in Virgo 3rd stalking here but I am aware of being stalked, my vehicle breaking down or changing in someway and swearing lots (although its the opposite here..I seem to be writing/reading heaps instead as in very opinionated..don’t know if thats good or not).In sum..yes Gemini’s still own the flirting trophy..hands down!

  6. I would say not. I’m a triple conjunct Gemini (Moon, Venus & Sun) and I don’t flirt unless I’m interested in the person. I just happen to find most people interesting, like the interesting types… like most people. I’m around people a lot. I can’t help it.

    *paws the ground*

    So, you seem interesting…

  7. I think each sign has their own flirting MO… Talking is a clear sign of interpersonal engagement and the animated Gemini is hard to miss. But then say you have Scorpio who kind of radiates vibes and emits a kind of low-frequency electrical hum (you know, like an electricity substation) when you pass by until ~voomp~ you kind of get caught in the electromagnetic field like iron filings. Or then there is Libra, who suddenly turns Super Nice All The Time and always seems to appear smelling faintly of lovely cologne and is never without lip balm and freshly-combed hair (Libra ever-ready for a spot of canoodling). Pisces attempts to drown you in ocean eyes and the psychic equivalent of whale song, cancerians bring a caring pragmatism with a whiff of home baked lemon vanillla sponge cake, and taurus will just be bodily in front of you (or cook for you) until you walk into their (sigh) strong taurean arms.
    So it goes…I could write more but I’m recovering from a thing…

    • Although gemini rising conversation based purely on curiosity about the other person has often been mistaken by a third party as home wrecking

      • Oh yes to all of this. I do admit having all my defenses taken down by bodily Taureans in weak moments. Those strong Toro arms …

      • Sadges kind of attack you with some kind of intellectual bear hug I think. Or they pass you the spliff before fixing you with an impish sadge gaze and while exhaling say “so, tell me about the time you ….” And then the stories get wilder and wilder until you’re tumbling around in the grass/sand with them or they’re showing you their yacht / cliff diving photos from a very up close and personal angle hahaha
        I think caps are like the story below – shy but proficient. Like a cancerian approach but more directly and unashamedly technical?

        • Caps aren’t afraid(?) To tell you what you’re doing wrong, but some do it in a more oblique fashion maybe.

  8. It’s not just people we flirt with. I spend waaaaay more time flirting with ideas and philosophies, with diets and friends. Trying them on for size. Seeing if they’re a good fit – or not.

  9. IHaving both Mercury and Sun in Gemini is funny thing.
    I was first aware of others’ perceptions when a (teenage) housemate assured me that I was “very charming”. When I questioned her about her observation she said “You know about and are interested in so many things that you can talk to anyone.” (I attributed it to being my Australian-Irish (Leo) father’s daughter! My father who loved a “yarn” was also a careful listener and was a walking archive of Australian oral history.)

    Decades later, at a party, I was chatting to an Irish guy from the county next to where my dad’s people were from and he was telling me about the powerful pre RC religous sites in my family’s county. Unbeknownst to me his (non Irish) girlfriend was crying in the next room because we ‘were flirting with each other’. Her friend told me that I was ‘really upsetting’ said girlfriend ‘with my behaviour’.

    Nothing could have been further from the truth. It was obvious to me that both these women were judging me by their own standards and couldnt imagine that I and ‘the boyfriend’ could ‘connect’, pleasantly and without intentt!

    On the other hand, with the people to whom I am most attracted, I am rather tongue tied.

    • Yes, I think this is the essence of Gemini flirtation. We like banter and can “flirt” with anyone, but it’s usually pretty innocent and more about the mental connection. I get downright awkward and shy around people I really fancy – luckily, the Gemini quick wit can still show up to save me in those situations. Sometimes.

  10. I think Geminis are easy conversationalists and their natural curiosity about, well, pretty much everything is often mistaken for flirtatious interest by onlookers. But just because they talk to you it does not mean they want to date you – there are a lot of guys out there who think a woman chatting them up automatically = “She totally wants me, dude!” LOL, no. You have to remember that Gemini’s raison d’etre is to communicate, and communication is by its very nature a two way street – they are always going to seek out someone to swap info with, bounce ideas off, share stories, or compare notes to regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I think the better word is “fraternize” rather than “flirt” – this is the sign of siblings, after all, and my sense is they are just perennially trying to find their (intellectual) twin.

  11. Yes! Sun, Venus + Mercury Gemini here and this is the way of it. All of the things (not just human ones) get tickled and teased out and darted around with a little touch of a wry grin. Flirtation is fun, like playing with sex/creativity/life force/connection/God through the intrigue created in the mirror of another human being. Leaning in toward a thing of interest with the glee that stems from knowing you don’t know, yet but probably soon will.

    It’s clear how this could seem like merely smutty suduction in more archaic times. But these days it could be unpacked more clearly as somewhat a natural state of desire. Being hungry for the tension of mystery and how this shows up is different for us all. I guess it is just displayed more obviously and loudly with Geminis mercurial wit, and more quietly and steadily in others à la terra firma.

    The same energy that drives desire forward and keeps us feeling alive, in all its diverse and bizarre manifestations. But I will always be biased in experience of it being light, enjoyable and peppered with intellectual hedonism, given my natal positionings… 😉

  12. I worked with a Gemini male who thought it was perfectly reasonable to try his bar pick up lines on me every work day. He considered it practice.
    He never understood why I was offended at having my skills reduced to ‘you’re looking hot today’.

    Two Gemini women I know are always attracting lurkers, stalkers and love sick types who desperately want their approval.

    I put the flirt tag down to a combo of intelligence, curiosity and the ability to unselfconsciously discuss any topic from quantum physics to sex orgies.

  13. I am not a Gemini, but I know plenty (my 7th house cusp is Gem so maybe I attract them – both of my kids and my sister are Gem-infused, as well as a few exes). Suns in Gemini, Moons in Gemini, Venus/Mars in Gemini, whole stelliums in Gemini – what they all have in common is loquaciousness. It’s not always flirtatious – the Venus in Geminis do flirt shamelessly though – but even when it is, it focuses mainly on their damn mouths, they never shut up. They’re funny, inquisitive, light, butterfly types who flit around from flower to flower with something to say about everything. They are fun to have at parties. I genuinely love their company. The problem is, they like to remain at that meet-cute level. Some call this flirting. I call it flirting with reality. They prefer not to go any deeper than that party-level of banter and if you take them there anyway they’ll split. Too heavy for them, gotta keep it light if they are going to touch and sip from all the flowers in the world. Oh look, a rhododendron!

  14. I think the combination of Venus and Mercury in a person’s chart would have more influence on their flirtation (which I’m defining as communication with a sexual and/or romantic undertone) skills than a person’s sun sign. I’m thinking a Scorpio with Venus in Libra and Mercury in Gemini could flirt like whoa. Or, indeed, a Taurus with Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Libra, could be one heck of a flirt.

  15. Absolutely false. Genuine interest and care for other humans should be the norm, not a sign of defect. Also the fact that others find us charming or attractive is not our problem, you think we’re flirting when in reality we’re probably considering the issue you just presented, already have the probable outcome and have moved on to the next issue.

  16. I mean, clearly there are other astro factors in play with this–

    My experience with Gemini vibe is that they do tend to be in fact rather charming and “flirtatious”–WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT at least, LOL–and can then also go cold on a dime if it strikes them. The lightness about them, mental activity like fluttering wings, quick wit, humor, etc. does translate well to flirting.

    Leos flirt with everything though–lovers, friends, the stars, the moon, THEMSELVES , LOL. And really, unless hungry or otherwise enraged, Leos crave affection possibly more than any other sign. Perhaps this does sometimes translate more to a desperate vie for attention than flirtation though, lol. I do suspect a Leo with strong Gemini and/or strong Mercurial vibe might often vibe “flirt.”

  17. I’ve gotta mate who is listed in my phone as Quicksilver. He is Gem Sun, Asc, Moon, Merc & Venus. He can make a purchase of concrete sound like he is trying to flirt the salesman. And he is totally hetro. He’lll even talk to a 75 yo woman the same way as a teen girl. I swear he even once made a pass to a…….Dalmatian.

    • I would love to have overheard that concrete phone sales order. Hahaha. Purely out of curiosity, mind! Gems don’t even have to resort to officially salacious language or heavy breathing. That’s the magic y’see

  18. I worked with The Most Gemini throughout the Nauties in a high end fashion atelier he was a puckish gay man child first spotted in Brigit Jones Diary as a scene stealing extra in the egg peeling scene long before I met him

    He was a persistent flirt who had a sexual harassment case brought against him by a WOMAN

    Even I pashed him

    He personifies the Gemini elements of mutability, his alter ego is a hilariously middle aged widow now filling Arthouse cabaret shows in major festivals in Australia after starting his career as a incredibly talented designer / seamstress / illustrator who also claims to fame TV reality show finalist!

    Some nights when I shared a rambling Qlder in New Farm with him I would be concerned he would say the most outrageously sexually explicit pick up line to the WRONG drunk guy walking home from The Valley but I didn’t need to worry cause even when he was dressed head to toe Geisha he even the bogans were charmed

  19. I’m a Gemini and never intentionally flirt other than back when I was dating. I do go out of my way to be friendly with all people and creatures though.

    Unfortunately I’ve found that when an attractive woman is friendly it’s seen as flirting. And when an attractive woman is shy she’s “a stuck up snob”.

    All the Gem women I know are not flirty but I once dated a Gemini chef (multiple Gem planets and ascendant) who flirted like Captain Jack Sparrow and could woo just about any girl with his confidence alone. Oh, and his tendency to call all women “darling” and write cheesy but adorable poems. He told me I was “as beautiful as roses” and compared me to Basil (his favourite herb). He was dreamy.

  20. Gemini: MVP-Flirt Olympics. Charming is their baseline pulse like breathing or eating. Witnessed it recently: was hanging out with my friend and a Gemini acquaintance. The Gem had, as my friend put it- blacked out a few drinks earlier but was somehow spitting decent game while barely standing. Haha quite impressive.
    I also have a friend with strong gem vibes fielding a proposal to be a third member of a marriage (a professor while we’re in school no less), become a designer for one of the biggest tech companies in the world with no actual tech experience, star in his music hero’s tv series, even charming my mom who has a strong BS detector (probably her Scorpio moon). I suspect flirting is behind all this.

    • Is it possible that scorpy moons see the bs but still enjoy the entertainment value ? They are easily bored by the mundane otherwise it seems. Gem energy adds court jester levity to an otherwise humdrum moment…

  21. The person who penned this quote in the 1950s was obviously hypnotised by the smouldering pout, dramatic lashes and restless skirt hem of the gemini queen Norma Jean a.k.a Marilyn Monroe. The woman in the picture even looks similar with only a change of hair colour to disguise the obsession.

    Marilyn certainly acted the role of a flirtatious, suggestive and possibly available dame with an ease that is totally gemini – as for flirting being more prevalent in one sign over another though? flirting has a myriad guises and forms, and the more passive forms of flirting (i.e., cancerian woman wearing slightly more figure hugging sweatpants than normal at yoga class) need to be considered here too!

    As a multi cap I have totally flirted by demonstrating proficiency in a workshop I took on sacred geometry. Hey, the facilitator was really delicious, couldn’t a help myself 😉 I expanded on all the concepts he taught us in the first day and came back into the second day of the workshop toting some mad sketches and concepts for street art I planned to implement once the workshop was over. Needless to say he asked for my number by lunch time, came over and cooked me dinner after the workshop finished and certainly made sure I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night!

    Flirting is just an old term for shaking what yo mama gave you, nomsayin. We don’t all have the gift of the gab or amazing sexy eyelashes to flutter…

  22. Flirtatious is loquacious but depending on INTENT
    A conversation with Gemini.. can get rather bent.

    Depending on the quality of Mutable in store,
    On it’s aspects and house placements, applicable planetary lore,
    We may find ourselves in conversation (in variable situations)
    with a multitude of conflagrations (expressed by variable vocations) as Gemini must vary by the very nature of God’s Law.

    Moon may make for grandiose, especially with Fire on hand
    A Gem Ascendant champagne-giddy, ever dancing to the band
    If Saturn is well aspected a walking Ethics Committee you may find
    Or perhaps a steel Sword-swallower, who can can also bend your mind.

    Kings and Queens of the Air don’t always flirt or tease
    But if they do, and boy they can, it’s done with perfect ease.

  23. Gemini ascendent here. I’m friendly. Then shocked when my charm, giggle and eyelash flutter gets taken seriously. Dude, I mean, I talk to EVERYONE like that, even 3 year old kids. Actually especially little kids, we get along famously. 😛 Stop taking friendly banter and appreciative glances as anything more than “I notice people and talk to them” k?
    PS my vote is for the poet above. Though I’d probably change my mind for some haiku 😛

  24. Geminis are kids! I mean that in the best of ways and I’m talking more about the Gemini essence/energy rather than the people themselves (seeing as no one can be ALL Gemini)
    That childish energy is childish not in the sense of immaturity (though it can be) but rather a very genuine curiosity – a curiosity first and foremost I think in ideas and concepts (it’s the first communication sign afterall!) – and their enchantment with those things is reflected in the way they express themselves. Other people are like pockets of ideas and concepts for Geminis to look into, to offer themselves (through their ideas) from their pocket to expand their own already occurring and morphing ideas and it stands to reason that their enjoyment of intellectualizing and discovering more is going to come out in their interactions. It’s not entirely their fault that this sort of trait is mistaken for a deeper interest in the person. Or a sexual attraction for that matter – seriously, the definition for flirtatious:
    behaving in such a way as to suggest a playful sexual attraction to someone. The sexual attraction is assumed. What about the simple sexuality of human beings, that playful life force?
    However there are totally those Geminis who understand this effect and will then consciously use it for whatever means or ends, but that’s a deeper layer of relating which I think, if it’s engaged, isn’t actually the Gemini energy but something else in the chart.

    That’s the other thing, Gemini energy is not naturally deep. It skims, it hums, it delights at ideas and even more so at the idea of ideas, which, personally speaking, grates on me. Not in a way that dismisses this way, but rather, as a Cap rising/moon, I can’t release my innate seriousness in order to be a butterfly or a bee just as much as a Gemini rising or moon (as an example) can’t really comprehend the comfort and satisfaction of weight attached to things. Like ideas. Imagine a Gemini trying to be an anchor! Maybe a fulcrum, but certainly not an anchor.

    I liked Kel’s story about how she flirted with the teacher by showing proficiency and going above and beyond. I feel like a Gemini would instead take to asking many questions, slipping in some personal ones about the teacher if they indeed were flirting, allowing their charm to show, or complimenting the teacher. Neither is better or worse but are clearly different.

    Geminis are also can just be generally entertaining! It’s the childlike wonder, that enchantment. And everybody wants to be entertained, wants to have fun, and that’s what Gemini’s promise – intentionally or not.
    I don’t think Geminis are the most flirtatious though, especially if considering the definition of flirtatious Geminis are likely not even thinking about that most of the time, but others read it as such and then Gemini is like ‘ooooooo!’ and then gets to further juggle ideas about the other persons response.
    By the definition of flirtatious I’d leave that to Scorpio or Pisces, Taurus and Libra (sex, union, sensuality, partners)

  25. So slightly off-topic here but I swear what is it with Geminis and clogged tub drains? Too busy flirting to get drains cleaned?

    Just about everywhere I have showered at that is owned by a Gem (both male and female) (rich and struggling class), and I don’t fucking care how famous said Gem is …fucking mansion…NYC flat in Manhattan place….you’d think since they have maid service…..the shower drain is a mess where water trickles down a slow pace. 🙁

  26. I have Gemini sun conjunct Venus in the 5th, with Lilith conjunct MC in Scorpio, and I am accused of flirting all. the. time.

    Quite often I am flirting but the amount of times it’s assumed I am, yet I’m not, is pretty hysterical.

    I like to think I’m sprinkling a bit of love and charm wherever I go, because life can be pretty drab and everyone needs a bit of pizzaz in their day – especially if they can’t generate it themselves. (I can’t believe I used the word pizzaz, but yeah it makes sense to me).

    I also think it greases the wheels of life. If you can generate instant rapport with people your day is so much easier and nicer. I am interested in people and I ask about them, chat and dispense smiles and it is repaid in sometimes surprising and lovely ways.

    I once found my way into an unexpected audience with the Pope simply by being charming and chatty (is that flirting?!) and no! I wasn’t flirting with the Pope 🙂 The Swiss guards gave my friend and I last minute tickets and then a Cardinal took us behind a secluded area to view Paul’s tomb under the cathedral?! And then insisted he would happily take our photo right next to the ‘no photos’ sign in front of the marble crypt. Random. Of course, he was Italian, so he was susceptible to charm lol

    A colleague, a hot pilot I have a crush on, told me that he liked me best (compared to younger, hotter flight attendants) because I was ‘cheeky’. I swear we were talking about training materials and I was not even trying to flirt.
    Though I’ll happily take the compliment 🙂

  27. Flirting is a game of the minds…a sparring match. Know your target. Know your strategy. Work your charm. Knowing whether or not you actually want to take home the prize is another story…

    Gemini Mercury/Venus

  28. There are SO many worthy contenders on here and i love these field notes from the flirtation arena + insights but the prize of three years Mega Mystic + Astro School for a lifetime goes to Pi!!!

    And Triple Air Gemini – i love the visual i am now conjuring up of this charming Gemini air steward flitting around the Vatican. Do you have any astrological observations of peoples behavior on a plane?

    • Thank you Mystic… Slightly stunned tbh! many contenders… this is Gemini we’re talking about. Even I learnt something lol. In my next life I’d like to have triple air gem’s charisma and the confidence to flirt officially and with impunity:)

      • Wow! I did not read back to see it was an Astro Comp…sorrrreeee!

        Pi, congratulations. May i say, you are always intriguingly Gem, as a Piscean. I reckon your spiritual look is the image Mystic used to illustrate Pisces-Gemini, which i just trawled archives for and cannot locate. It was not exactly but something like…

        From your posts, this is not your physical appearance at all, just your spiritual animal.

        • wow, I did not know there was a pic for this!
          lol at these two 😀

          Everyone always writes such lovely responses in the comps and I can’t really bring it for some reason so i feel a bit bashful re this tbh. i think the gem thing for me is just talking a lot… easy when you’re kind of under a self imposed house arrest and have a laptop handy!

    • Hey Mystic,
      Sorry, have been offline flitting 🙂

      People on planes… where to start?!
      I feel like this could be a whole post.

      But briefly, everything people are is magnified when they’re on a plane.

      You’re the Leo VIP who swans in from the Lounge with airline appointed minion helper in tow? When you get onboard it’s all about your masses of Vuitton luggage, hanging your expensive jacket and lots of ‘look at me’ overt hand gestures and chat.

      You’re the Cappy Federal politician with the sharp suit, copy of the AFR under your arm, briefcase, with govt appointed support staff in tow? Depending on which party you’re affiliated with you either smile glacially, ignore the airline crew and respond to questions with a ‘don’t speak to me, I’m busy’ glare or the Virgo version, who smiles effusively and asks about my day.

      There are boho Sagg world traveller types wearing lots of scarves, heaps of silver jewellery and reading copies of Rising Collective.

      Arrogant, power tripper Scorp types who start out being nice and chatty and then lose their shit because they think you didn’t make the Bloody Mary “properly”.

      And I’m not saying that all Scorps, Caps, Leo’s etc are like this. It’s just that the pressure cooker metal tube experience seems to bring out lots of lower Astro urges, regardless of sign.. or perhaps just makes them more visible?

      It’s hilarious to watch

  29. A note on scorpio flirting! For those who remember my work crush Scorp from a recent Ask Mystic – he came up to my desk and said “what’s it gonna take for a guy like you and a girl like me to go to Starbucks?” Everyone in my cube pod cracked up laughing. And the funny thing is I’d just hit up Oracle for “Is X thinking about me right now?” (yeah, I know) And it said “X is right now thinking of ways to impress you.”

  30. Moon in Gemini and Venus in Gmeini are very flirtatious, yes. Sun in Gemini and Mars in Gemini, no. I myself am a Mars in Gemini and I don’t like to flirt.

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