Emilie Du Chatelet Was Sun Square North Node

For a stunning example of the Sun square North Node, read on!


“If I were king, I would reform an abuse which effectively cuts back half of humanity. I would have women participate in all human rights, and above all, those of the mind.”


Emilie Du Chatelet – The Woman Science Forgot

People who defied convention in previous centuries lend us strength today. Futuristic people, living ahead of their times were often born with the Sun, Moon or inner planets square to the Moon’s Nodes. Sagittarius Emilie Du Chatelet was Sun Square North Node.

She was widely known as the illicit lover of Voltaire, the muck-raking multiple Scorpio polemicist. But her real strength was as a genius mathematician and advocate for women’s rights. Her accomplishments were during the 18th Century when women were not active in public life, let alone politics and academia.

Told she could not study Mathematics (too unfeminine) Emilie studied it anyway. Then she became a physicist, philosopher, and author.

Some Say She Invented Financial Derivatives

She lobbied hard for girls secondary school education, wrote a critical analysis of the entire Bible and self-published a book on “happiness for women.”

She also devised “an ingenious financing arrangement” to pay off her gambling debts. That’s SO Sagittarius. Some credit her with having invented financial derivatives.

Tragically, this super-gifted and audacious woman died in childbirth at Uranus Opposition, in her early 40s.

Here, the Sun square Node delineation from my Astral DNA report.

Sun square North Node

Sun square North Node people are often at a crossroads but they like it that way. The path of least resistance is not for them. You see this aspect in people who have a clear heritage or established destiny that they thwart in order to be themselves. They’re not casual. They are super-aware of how choices affect one’s life.


Sun Square North Node people think in terms of maps and navigation. They’re unsure of themselves until they realize that constantly checking their direction and identity is a strength.


Paolo Coehlo is a Sun-Square-Node person: “Stop being who you were and become who you are.” It is an everyday practice for them.


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Yes, Mary Wollstonecraft a rough contemporary and obvs astonishing, intrepid author and feminist also died in childbirth: such a painful irony. She’s likewise ultra-Taurus: the fixed earth must have been a necessary bulwark to be so solid and ahead of their times: http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Wollstonecraft,_Mary


You are incredible Mystic. Thank you for this. Currently considering learning to code and eventually taking the exam to begin working as in cyber security. Something I wouldn’t ever have imagined concievable – ever. But yes. I’m also super turned on by psychotherapy and would love to start that in my mid fifties which I feel is the perfect age to become a psychotherapist, perhaps a parent too although adoption has only ever been the method of asending to motherhood status. I intuitively knew even as a child that my biological and emotional clocks were set in different time zones… Read more »


I didn’t know much about her but thank you for bringing her to my attention, her wikipedia is fascinating. Truly ahead of her time and inspirational to say the least!

Calli G

France was a really interesting place for women’s rights in that period. Officially, and, generally speaking, practically, women were not supposed to be part of the intellectual world. But we have Emilie Du Chatelet. And we also have the rise of salons [link], especially in France. Women were the driving force of the salons, which usually took place in their homes. If women couldn’t go to the Sorbonne (or other colleges), then they could make the graduates thereof, along with other luminaries, come to them.


Wow, I didn’t know all of that. Thank you.


Neat. That’s fascinating reading! It made me think where such things might exist now, but then I realised I was tap tap tapping away inside one 🙂


Whilst most of her endeavours are worthy derivatives are not something to claim fame over. It’s rather like the bloke who put lead INTO petrol; in an abstract sense.

Caroline B

Great portrait of our gal – gazing up to the stars. So way ahead of her time.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is so important. What an inspiration!!


Oh I love this. As a woman in the trading and cryptocurrency world, I am always interested in the women who dare to play on this field and question the ‘status quo’ of the accepted financial system. Who knew that it was a woman who kicked off derivatives?


Noooooo, but that name keeps coming up. Will get onto it 🙂

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