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Dear moon, we blame you for floods, for the flush of blood. For men who are also wolves. We blame you for the night, for the dark, for the ghosts.
—  Warsan Shire

The Dark Moon is always a low-ebb time but Mercury aligned with Saturn – in all its hard-edged, warp-core, radically candid and pragmatic intensity – can make it an actually quite a punish.

But the Darker the Moon, the brighter the New Moon following and the one on this weekend IS conjunct Mars in Leo…And the Mercury Saturn info flow and clarity blast will feel ultra-useful after the New Moon!

So is your Dark Moon vibing more swamp of psychic sludge or peaceful indigo cocoon?

(Mega Mystic People; the Daily Mystic for Thursday is going to have Mars and New Moon cues – so you can put this Dark Moon to work for you)

Image: Camille Chew

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97 thoughts on “In The Dark Dark Moon

  1. I was screamed at by a sort of client who really got to me and I was left super distressed and unable to sleep. My ‘other’ is being stand-offish and was rather cold in a text, my family are giving me great up set at a level even new for them, and money is flowing out but decidedly not IN. Suffice to say, this is one hell of a dark moon.

    I am staying in today!

  2. Yup done with this dark moon. Stolen car so I can’t even drive around the summer air and feel semi liberated. All vibes are heavy and hemmed in, praying for Leo sun relief

  3. This dk Moon has been shit. On my Asc the past few hours. I got up at 5 and just drove like Forest Gump and found myself “Miles from Nowhere” (C Stevens) – 5 hrs later. I’ve done near 500,000 kms since Uranus went into my 9th! 100,000kms on the bike.
    Just doing my multi-multi-multi Moon Nep stuff. Just playing Joni and Neil and Johnny and Cat and Linda…you know the usual Water sign suspects. And tears.

    • Uranus in your 9th?? Book an overseas trip dude!! Anywhere 🙂
      Higher education! (Well, more of it). The astro is probably the belief-challenging/expanding part of it, but just in case, a good Uranus 9th house check in imho is: are you feeling like your worldview is /has seismically shifted, expanded? Then again it takes the whole transit to bed down maybe. What if you took a sabbatical and did the Paris to Dakar rally???? I WOULD TOTALLY BE ROAD CREW FOR THIS
      omg do that.

      • New Zealand. You could do that. It close and no stressful language barriers. You could drive everywhere. Kind of Zen and the art of campervan maintenance or whatever. Maybe you could pick up a cool teaching job and leave all the AU crap behind you.

      • I’ve been musing about Norway, Maldives and the Caribbean, or the Caribbean, (whichever way you say it) very strongly. My only further ed is the astro.

        I think you need at least $1750 to do the PDR.

    • A little more sensitively though.
      9 th house can be journeys within, too. There’s a lot packed ‘within’ you … so it stands to reason (or not, we all know reason has its flaws) that hard lunar transits or aspects might unavoidably stir up pain or difficulty. Is there a process, or practice, or method, that might allow you to feel less ‘drowned’ each time? I can’t help but think of a dharma practice that would slowly begin to help strengthen your inner resources – resourcing (Capricorn) – so that you are still exactly PF and at the same time there is a safer place for you & the moony times, less tears and more inner peace. This is also a Neptune practice…
      I’m truly not trying to dictate here, I’m coming from personal experience of recent months and the difference is slowly making itself felt…

      • Yes….the journey within and astrology has been the vehicle. I will instavestigate Dharma as l know knot much.

  4. Checking back in to say thank goodness for Mars in Leo + cold brew coffee! I went into work today to find a cold brew station installed in our break room – it’s the little things these days!!

    I’ve also really been perfecting my dark moon vibe :

    – yoga nidra
    – exercise (walking + vinyasa yoga – I have to move all this heavy energy)
    – cleaning (laundry, vac, mop, sage/salt – repeat as necessary). I got my car cleaned yesterday and it feels SO good to drive it now.
    – giving things away that I no longer need feels amazing too.

    Ok only two more days to go until the new, keeping the faith!!

  5. Feeling all the feels.
    Don’t know whether it’s time to move on or not.
    Opened my heart after a long time and i feel all raw, vulnerable and sensitive.
    I’m done flirting and blushing – I want to get to the real talk and real connection. Culturally, he would need to approach me for that to begin. So i am sat here waiting for him to take the first step…
    I’ve resorted to saying to myself if by september he doesn’t approach me…I will quietly slide out of view. The zapzone taught me how precious my heart is and how i am worthy of deep meaningful true love. I won’t settle for being someone past time.
    Meanwhile I am trying to get on with my career and being bold and brave and showing up. Its paying off thank goodness and keeping me sane.

    • If it’s an approach you want, have you given any small approach yourself? Culturally, even if he needs to show you some kind of declaration of intent, you may need to also open some kind of invitation, or create an inviting space for the invitation that encourages him not to feel it will fall flat.

      Just thinking that the FEELS that loom so large in our own minds might not APPEAR as amplifiied as we think when it is all about emotion, especially if you are geared towards needing that person to take the big proactive step.

      You have said you open your heart now. But how does he know that? You could dance around each other forever, if you’re both shy.

      Sorry i may not get it. Your post pinged my thoughts on recent reading (i’m back to along public transport commute 🙂 ) which was selected after a recent dating post here. Culturally speaking, is it you or him, or both, who need the man to make that move? Only i read a piece of junk journalism a few days ago that made me think about the inner vs outer signals and intensity, and what we think we are revealing, where we may be enjoying something more “quietly” than we realise. It was a Vice article, i think, let me try find it for you.

  6. My peaceful indigo cocoon got a tear and some toxic psychic sludge got in. It’s seeming quite harder work than normal to clean my cocoon.

    I put it in my XX3 “Hera’s Third-Eye” – Galactic Dirt – Etheric Focus Washing Machine but I am thinking I might need to use some “Mars All-Out: Blood ‘n’ Eros Stain Formula”.

    Apparently it’s useful for sibling issues raised on a full moon too.

    • Mars is in Leo; *need* we any more encouragement to throw a chair/flip a table or do we just *want* some? 😀 The Thoth version of Strength (the Leo card) is Lust – in this case, perhaps it’s bloodlust. Or maybe it’s just the spectacular dramatic flourish of a circus fire-breather a la Mercury in Leo on the North Node – say it with flamboyance & give ’em a show!. 😉

      Leo New Moon conjunct Mars: When the only “scene” that will do is a bloody one. Screw theatrics, though – I’m going for creativity points. Think: Jackson Pollock, only redder. 😛 Ooops, my Plutonic Gemini Mars is coming out to play again, I see….redrum, redrum! #Fratricide4Eva 😀 😛 😀

      • I just took relationship dysfunction by the horns. Much needed. Natal Mars in Leo. Leo and Aries moons fuel a take no sh•t attitude for me. I have to be careful during fire moon and mars influence – but when you know it’s right it provides a nice boost!

      • Haha! Yes I bought extra 🙂 . I think my zero deg Mars in the 3rd House is just awful for being bullied and jumped on. Which I know doesn’t make sense, I should be the bully and maybe they experience me as such? Still other than psychic washing machines I don’t know how to help this scene other than not to take it personally. It’s always about some primal lesson learned in the early days of childhood development or some past life complex being triggered. Attempting to make people conscious with freshly laundered facts just makes them angrier.

        • You 0* Mars in Virgo too? From memory. I wonder if it is our willingness to do above and beyond that makes certain idiots think they can expect, us so astrologically placed, to become their vassals for their own inadequacies?

          • I don’t know Powder! I have heard that the pellet with the poison’s in the flagon with the dragon and the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true. 😀

            I was looking at picture of the sibs towering over little 3 or four year old me and it occurs that their assumption I would be a vassal at that age is set in concrete. The hassle of a vassal, with a Virgo Mars..

        • “Attempting to make people conscious with freshly laundered facts just makes them angrier.”

          Oh, yes. If they haven’t done their own laundry and their lens is still dirty they just return the facts to you, covered in poo.

          I recently lost a close friendship with a Leo sun. I went through intense self-assessment and reflection, examining my behaviour and integrity…but it was definitely her poo, not mine. In the end I decided it wasn’t worth trying to get through to her. She just wasn’t there with me.

          Your wisdom will guide you Sphinx. xxx

          • oh, I am sorry, that really hurts to lose a dear friend! Poo flinging is only for the imprisoned, may freedom always be yours!

            • Thank you! I’m okay. I have other very rich, supportive relationships. This one had been high maintenance for a long time. Right now I have Chiron sitting one degree away from my Pisces sun, and a few degrees from my Aries venus and moon.

  7. Ha! Now the darkness begins…. insane relations trying to break my
    Happy vibes :(. Not good thought I could get away. Might hide until
    It’s all over. Happy with myself.

  8. My date (a Sagg Sun) cancelled, and didn’t mention a reschedule. Ok, I’ve got to stop putting any energy towards dating. It seems an utter waste of time, especially online dating. The scene there is getting worse and worse. People flaking, not really wanting to meet up in the first place, just talk online and then disappear there, too. It’s getting bad..

  9. Full Sloth Troll. Verging on a cold. Forced to eat fries. Slumped over laptop sitting on the heater.

  10. Not sure if its just me (Sun/Moon Gem, Virgo rising) but since Tuesday its been intense psychic sludge all the way with dark moon fuqery….people losing it left right and centre around me, qi vampires and love zombies coming out of the woodwork after lying dormant for at least 4-5 moths, kids getting sick ie no one appreciates a 4am wake up to the sound of a child vomitting, clients and colleagues losing their schizz, and my neck/shoulders have been extremely painful….pain in the neck lol.

    In full retreat mode today and tomorrow until this passes and the notion of a cocoon is really enticing right now.

  11. I think I finally discovered one of the disguises that my fear adopts. It’s take a few episodes / events / avoids to realise that the solar-plexus-level sentiment, the one that very effectively talks me out of something, is in fact fear. Not ‘thats a bad idea’ or ‘something bad will happen’ or ‘lol’ or too hard basket’… nope – fear. the little sh~t!
    it’s a kind of really ugly gut-level feeling, i don’t think it even gets very far up the spinal cord – it doesn’t become a thought process so much as a visceral sense of “nope!” but when i peel the lid off it’s a real grimy, yuk, avoid! avoid! feeling.
    The rolling sense of distress or no-mans-land upon going into it or sitting with it for a while is actually the fear being stirred up and seen, you know like the T-1000 melting in the vat of molten metal in terminator 2, not an actual problem with the situation. whoooaaa. wow, i’ve knocked back a few good things thanks to that pos. wow. interesting. ok. hmm.

    • and it’s wierd, there is some stuff i will do no worries – face down deep-set personal issues, go solo travelling for 2 months, quit a career whatever but it’s certain interpersonal things , the ‘little’ things (super lol) that have me retreating into a shell faster than a hermit crab in a tide pool. so, yeah. fear, it’s tailor made eh

      • and where there is a genuine extension outside comfort zone, which for me appears to be set by Saturn, well he is the god of fear and limits I suppose, and pluto I guess, existentially speaking (projection, identity morph etc)

      • ahhhhhhhha. saturn transiting on dsc. the direct addressing of. pluto still transiting 7th, going deeper.
        Venus transiting my 12th and opposite Neptune, dissolving hidden/unseen relational habits? blessings and protection of expansive jupiter on my Libra pluto IC.
        North node currently completing a grand fire trine in my chart with venus, south node, chiron, descendant (saturn / uranus transiting too).

  12. swamp is keeping me low key enough to not jack up the swamp creatures surrounding me. everyone at work is funky. and i’m too mired down to freak overly … though i feel nauseous half the time. need to better align with this vibe and surround myself with salt, mirrors, and black tourmaline

  13. Peace and an uplifting sweet feeling in the heart after prayer. It was unusual because depending on the mood the peace and be subtle after prayer, however I felt really peaceful.

  14. I’ve been sick this week, sinus and head cold, and this is the FOURTH time I’ve been ill since November, which is so unusual for me. Before that, I hadn’t been sick in literally YEARS. I don’t know why my immune system is all of a sudden not working well. I guess ‘stress’, but that can always be a reason for everything…..not sure what to do about it in the big picture.

    I have a date on Friday and then going to a wedding on Saturday, all right before the new moon. I’m Aqua Sun, so as the scopes said, relationship stuff should be heating up, with NN and Sun and Mars going through 7th, but I’m feeling ambivalent…

    I feel the ‘sludge’ and it’s mostly around finances, my home situation, and a home/financial/legal thing that has dragged on with the landlords. I’m waiting on money from that and also in my work world. ‘Holding pattern’ feeling there, a plane circling and circling waiting to land. Speaking of that…..I have yet a new weird health problem…….Vertigo. ….and it is an utter nightmare to live with!
    What is this life?!??! Urgh! 🙁

    Dark moon is in my 1st house, I’m Crab rising..

    • This sounds familiar. Did you have Ilke a mega flu first and then it keeps coming back? (Maybe during hormonal cycles every other month?) – I’ve had that a couple of times. Slow release vitamin C everyday solved it for me.

      • Thanks, Gemricorn, the symptoms seem to be different each time. This one is total sinus infection, last one was wickedly awful and violent compulsive cough (which may have caused my vertigo, via whiplash) Sort of aligned with menstrual cycle, but not exact.
        I had been doing 1000mg Vit C per day for the last couple weeks before I got this sinus thing, so I feel a bit defeated in that it seems like the Vit C has been useless! 🙁

        I’m going to keep on, though, and maybe get a better form of Vit C.

  15. Ughhhhhhhhh

    Financial f**kery (again!) abound, vamps + Virgo style guilt tripping got me in bed early, avoiding my phone and an ache in my neck –

    Pulled the hawk oracle card today, trying to remember the big picture and remember that nothing is permanent + that I have the ability to shift things in my favor always. Trust, release, surrender…

  16. This one is killing me. My legs feel like lead, I can’t think straight, I just want to lie down…

    As I was writing this my colleague popped his head over the partition and said, “You’re not feeling it today, are you? You just don’t want to be here”

  17. “Dear moon, we blame you for floods, for the flush of blood. For men who are also wolves. We blame you for the night, for the dark, for the ghosts.”

    Mystic, this was NOT written by Beyoncé! This is from African/British poet Warshan Shire, the woman behind all of the spoken words paired with the music tracks on “Lemonade.” Beyoncé has NOT given this chick enough (or even clear?!?) credit for the words that MAKE “Lemonade” so powerful. Casually allows herself to be given credit for them. Drives me crazy. I would def vote Virgos off our mutable island first. >:(

  18. Completely waxed & feeling generally shi-tay. Neural overload of re-runs from what seems like every, single asshole who ever wronged me. F’ugh. Sludge-a-thon. Going to market to buy immune boosting, power foods.

    On a brighter, more productive note – de-cluttering like a MF; looking forward to spending time with nieces tomorrow.

  19. Yesterday was a blast: I got great feedback from the boss and the head of HR. I start seeing an interesting fall, workwise.
    But today the Muggles seems to be everywhere and I feel dead tired. Regardless of the good nite of sleep I had.
    Chiron retro was a great insight deliverer and so was the Full Moon: I loved it.
    I hope to get more clarity from this DM. So far I feel very anxious and surrounded by the above mentioned Muggles.
    New Moon is supposed to be in the 12th house for Virgo rising. But for me it will stil be in the 11th. Shall I take both into account since 12th house start at 9 degree Leo?

  20. the week starting with the full moon was a bit ‘swamp of psychic sludge’
    but i think that was also because i was placed in the middle of a lot of social fears about being accepted, and also a redux of the situation with the Capricorn except not him

    then I slept for a monumentally long time in an effort to escape migraine claws, and capped that with a mild dose of painkiller, so i think all the extra sleep and dreams have helped the neurochemistry adjust to peaceful indigo cocoon from here on.. it’s been huge…

  21. I feel like my interpersonal relationships are taking a bit of a beatdown. Do people really consider me so disposable that they can’t answer a blasted email invitation? I feel like they’re saying, “Oh, we’ll just drop by if there’s nothing better to do. She’s always around.” On one hand, they’re dealing with the dark moon sludge and trudge, too. On the other hand, this seems like a good time to take note of who respects my time and effort, and who does not.

  22. Yes foggy thinking, tired eyes. Wanna lay around. It’s everything to complete tasks that need doing. Aries Sun Leo Rising Aqua Moon man and I can’t seem to connect or be on the same page. At the same time total biz restructuring… SO good…because Leo is in Mercury. And I get it double with my Gem Rising or would you say triple?

  23. I have been tired in the evenings the week. Some insomnia. Working on managing life-work balance and getting more social again (leo activated but my scorp always says shy away from lime light)

    Emo sludge! Found evidence of cheating (discovered my beau has blocked me on FB -I’m not on much) and the former hubbby’a third wife called me because he’s now cheating on her- again. ( I prefer him attached to someone else.)

    I’m ok- just processing. Comment from another over weekend tipped me off on a lie so I went looking and discovered the block. Had suspicions of beau. I see no reason i’ve been blocked but for fear Someone Else will post. I’ve spent time gleefully planning some reconnaissance to combat the lies that will be put forth. Best use of time is probably to just cut bait now but plannng a PI tail is just plain fun.

    • In the end I just confronted him on the info I had. Scheming was fun but he’s not worth the time or cash. He started seeing someone else a year after he tols me I’m the one. He only acted like it when we were together though, and I knew it. I was never going to hang my hat on the relationship but we were compatible in so any ways.

      OMG-He’s be LIVING with her for four months. He told me he was temporarily renting a room with a buddy while he looked for a place and it was not too clean. (finally sold out of state house)

      July scopes were dead on- authenticity for sure. I must have known and it’s like I woke up with the July moon!
      Maybe my natal venus square neptune needed the Pluto hit. 🙂

  24. I’m feeling dark-moon tired and the need to cocoon but also, weirdly, super-pragmatic and very plan/do. I’m wondering if I should push it all back to the new moon or forge ahead anyway. It feels right to just do the things, at least for today.

  25. Saturn grinding away opposite my 10th house Gem NN and I’m doing sludge, unfortunately. I’ve taken the week off work mostly to get away from the toxic workplace vibe and to make an effort on my long-neglected postgrad that I started too many years ago now to admit to. I seem to have spent the day alternating between carb benders and making mental lists of all my wrong turns, berating myself for my lifelong problem with procrastination and crippling lack of confidence. I’ll have an early night and hopefully sleep off the negativity.

    • it’s funny but have had a couple of days (weeks) where the demons are having their fun in the sun and the only way has been to live & breathe through it and then emerge on the other side… early nite and sleep sounds really good actually ..

      i think that quite a bit of dharma meditation (breathing and allowing the doom feelings and thoughts to exist while we also exist separate from them) has helped me get through the worst of my existentially-itchy, soul-tantrum-throwing days. It’s kind of alchemical. Something needs to happen, to be seen, so that something new can transpire from the wriggling morass that is the Bad Thoughts

      or something.

    • <3 Personally, I blame Mars square Uranus – hard to dodge the emotional punch you don't see coming…

  26. Well work is definitely sludgy and the low Neptune junk food binge I did yesterday is making me feel pretty sludgy, but thanks to the massive Marie Kondo purge I just completed yesterday, my apartment has definitely become a peaceful indigo cocoon. Too bad my days off don’t coordinate with the Dark Moon Chill this month so I have to spend more time in the sludgy workplace than at home chilling.

  27. So incredibly low. Hoping all this drudgy astro is doing is warping my natural pessimistic, worst-case-scenerio traits, and not that it has uncovered a serious crack in a beautiful relationship. Haven’t felt this sad and defeated in years. Hope like hell it’s all in my head.

      • Returning strength and love tenfold. This world needs all the beautiful relationships it can get, so let’s keep working to keep our beautiful.

    • Yes, too (but challenging my feelings to dig out underlying retaliation – crumbs, there’s a swamp! But not mine, i’m realising). I am taking the words “peaceful indigo cocoon” with me on a new evening journey, all the way until i get to la-la land.

      Wishing you well on your peaceful indigo trip!

  28. I am a generally optimistic person, but this one has been a sludge! Not much writing done and I’m really feeling the qi vampires. Resisting the self-pity/family dysfunction with all my might.

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