Coming Soon: Magical Talismans

So I have long been fascinated by the concept of magical talismans for everyday living; practical objects charged with cosmic vibe. And now, I am about to launch two of them – the first of a whole line, hopefully.

The Wealth Wallet is designed by a Taurus who works for a major Parisian fashion house (we can’t name it) so it has actual style cred and with obsessively researched input from me using the Divine Ratio, Feng Shui, Alchemy and Geomancy principles.  Every single bit of is literally measured out to be the Divine Ratio, the Feng Shui prosperity coins in it are placed in the “wealth cure” alignment and the gemstone on the zipper is red jasper, an ancient $$ attractant.

Obviously a wallet can’t go out there and hustle for you. Our hard work, stamina, focus and talent is always what matters – again and again. But a wallet is an everyday item that we all use which holds our money and thus our symbolic fortune. It needs to be charged with extra celestial vim and prosperity pow.

The Mercurial Key-Ring is super-high quality metal, unisex in style, satisfyingly chunky and heavy to hold and it has an affirmation plus the auspicious Mercury symbol on it. The launch of both these products is imminent. I am basically just waiting till the next New Moon.  The shipping will be express and included in the costs of the items. I will do a post and provide more details – obviously – once they are in the Shop but in the meantime, you can add yourself to the list to be the first to hear about them here.

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27 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Magical Talismans

  1. Oh Mystic! That wallet sounds like all my dreams come true! Currently carrying a Flat open wallet, only drawback is it’s colour (pink) Part of my financial hygiene is keeping it clean, organised, anointed and all the little pockets full of cinnamon/bay leaves/citrine. I’ve been actively searching for a wallet update and oooooh I’m so excited that this might be it!

    • This wallet IS a dream come true. This goes down as one of THE best purchases I have ever made. The attention to detail, quality and design is amazing. Love the practicality – everything fits, love the smell, texture, colour and all the magical touches – embossing, crystal and feng coins. LOVE IT!

    • This one is…I don’t eat meat or dairy but am yet to make the full and obvious leap to being fully vegan. I am researching a Vegan version but it is harder to create than you might think. the synthetics are highly chemical and come with their own set of problems. I am looking into one made from pineapple plants…

      • The vinyl vs leather thing has preoccupied the craftswoman in me quite a bit. In my experience vinyl degrades hideously over time and ends up in the trash long before (generations before) any well made leather item of the same form & used on a daily basis. It’s lifespan is 2-3 years at best and is looking a bit sorry for itself before then. Although leather is made from animals and must also go through an industrial curing and tanning process (depending on scale of making, nature of finished product etc), the totally synthetic nature of vinyl has its own enviro footprint outside of the fauna it was made from. Long story short, am curious about the pineapple leather, have read a bit about it.

      • Oh yes! Pinatex! I absolutely LOVE the idea behind this wallet. Stunning too! But yeah, I’m trying to abstain from leather and from what I’ve researched, Pinatex sounds like the best leather alternative.

        Ever since I got the good on you app I’ve been unable to turn a blind eye to the whole ‘I’m vegan but buy leather products’ conundrum.

        A tote/ handbag would be amazing too!!

      • Thank you Mystic, it looks great I would rather have leather than a hand full of toxic chemicals xxx

      • Thank you for researching this. I am vegan as well- and finally made the leap this year to not purchase leather or non-vegan items, which is really difficult!

  2. I love the look of both. I am on the lookout for a new wallet. I bought a very expensive one a while back with the same intention – symbolic change of approach to abundance etc – it looks great but it totally fails the practicality test. The zip on the coin part doesn’t work properly and coins spill out in my bag, and the place for the notes is totally the wrong proportion for Australian money – l the notes end up squashed and crumpled. Not the feng shui I was hoping for 🙂

    • Three – Yang Side up – i am going to put a proper explanation on the product page when it goes up shortly. It also has the infinity symbol on the brass domes and other detailing!

  3. I love everything about this… although am not in the market right now as have recently purchased a green wallet in which I carry a tiny bit of citrine, green and citrine both being money attractants. A week after owning it my mother in law called to talk about a money transfer *this never happens and so clearly it is green wallet’s doing*. Might you release one in green? I am going to add some I-Ching coins right now.

    • One more thing… while the avatar bears a kind of resemblance to me except I only have 2 arms, eyes and legs, I’d like to personalise it and have trawled through My Account to figure out how to no avail. Pointers appreciated.

  4. Mystic,

    Congratulations. I look forward to buy g th wallet and then reaping the rewards of hustling away

  5. Definitely buying this as a treat to self for surviving Pluto in cap …well it’s still gotta roll over my venus in the next couple of years but after coming through Pluto conjunct sun, descendant and Lilith I’m feeling optimistic 🙂


  6. Well, that’s decided. In a past apartment I had all of my books arranged by color and this Dark Moon I will now be doing that again, your photo looks so great.

    Of course also loving the talismans. Mercury is my chart ruler so I think I need that keychain. Love the wallet and the concept of the wallet (I’m currently taking a Feng Shui course focused on bringing cash prosperity) and I totally get the red but it’s so not my favorite color. Not sure I’d be happy looking at a red wallet on a daily basis. Gorgeous work though!

      • Awesome! I vote hot pink. It’s close to red but it’s my power color. Vegan or not vegan, I love leather but also happy to support eco options, I’m a Multi-Pisc. with Virgo rising so nothing if not flexible.

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