Cancerians Give Good Power-Sulk

Carol Andrews mug shot

Cancerians give good power-sulk. Carol Andrews mug-shot is a good example. Born in 1945 in Minneapolis just nine days after a total Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Crab. So she was Cancer with Moon in Leo. Note the perfectly coiffed hair already.

Nearly 22 years later, with Mercury Retrograde at the degree of that Eclipse, she was arrested for being “part of a Dexedrine smuggling gang of secretaries.”

Her eyes are classic Cancerian – heavy-lidded, with the under whites showing. That gaze transmits an absolute contempt for the process of being mug-shotted.

These days Dexedrine is a medication for attention deficit disorder and machines have replaced secretaries. She was ahead of her time.

But her vibe also seems quietly triumphant. Was it the Amphetamine? Pride at her height to weight ratio? Could she have been thrilled with having at least escaped the typing pool? Cancerians always have tactics. Perhaps this was all part of a grander scheme?



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Late to this but as Aqua Sun Venus Mercury yet Kataka moon & ascendant I so get her stance. Love the fuq you I was caught but you ain’t going to bury me.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Crabs do the best power sulk.


“To live outside the law, you must be honest”
(you know who)

aqua kat

As a fellow crab, I’d for sure be mean mugging in my mug shot, regardless of guilt or innocence.

dark star

This is too good. I nominate Carol as the next Coen Brothers heroine.
I also have been a Minneapolis girl secretary, strange. Managed to bypass addy smuggling rings and mug shots though lol


As a secretary from Minneapolis, currently living here, whose mother also was also a badass secretary in Minneapolis…coincidence???? No. Apparently this gang goes waay back. I hear its still being run out of a little room in a basement of a Lutheran church. Seriously. My 92 year old mom ain’t saying anything but her 94 year old pal definitely knows where all the skeletons are. Initiates are put through intense typing speed contests and drunken boat parties before being allowed in. My mom lived at a girl’s club (residence) during school for business in the 1940s and she worked for… Read more »


Oh my god, this would make the most amazing film, but it has to be non Hollywood so as to bypass the macho bullshit. Kristen Stewart should be involved?… Maybe also Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon? (Typecasting soz) as the ‘present day’ OG’s recounting the story


‘Cept all the actors I mention are Hollywood lol


I love this… mind going into full throttle script writing mode…


Twenty bucks says she had two full packs of Dexedrine hidden in her hair…


Snap! 🙂


Not sure. She looks to me either off chops or downright filthy that she had to go through the arrest process. But it was amazing what a good set at the hairdressers could do for a mug shot. Mug shots are forever, after all…


Lol! Yep. Definitely amphetamine powered contempt there. And omg when are we going to go back to the hairdresser for the semi-perma-set.. ok hopefully never but her do takes me back to my great aunt and granny who went to the hairdresser once a week for their quoff to be reset and voila.. never a hair outta place.

Ellie M

Sorry to nitpick (progressed moon in virgo at the moment), but how can her moon be in leo if she was born 9 days after a cancer solar eclipse, wouldn’t the moon be in leo one to two days later? Her moon is either late virgo or early libra. The moon was in leo the day of her arrest!

Billy D

“Gang of secretaries” – love it! The new Spice Girls perhaps?


They try to make me go to rehab,and I say no no no!!!


She looks contemptuous but I can see addict there as well. It’s a two-way street I guess.


I read this, “part of a dexedrine smuggling gang of secretaries” as ‘part of a dexedrine smuggling gang of secret aries’.

Year of the Phoenix


Caroline B

Bit off topic, but I kinda miss Cancer not being called Kataka in the scopes anymore…


Crabby Carol certainly looks like she knew her way around. I can see her taking over the laundry and dolling out a bit of justice. No one would dare mess with hair like that!


Now she’s what i call a helmet crab.
3 guesses where she smuggled the gear.



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