When You’re Ruled By Venus

Andy Warhol's version of Botticelli's Venus


When You’re Ruled By Venus, you’re attuned to Venus Retrogrades and the shift from Venus sign to Venus sign.

Your taste is immaculate. You’re textural, sensual and romantically intelligent. You’re one of the Venus People.

People seek your relationship advice, and you may work in the field of counseling, beauty therapy, diplomacy, and style.

How do you know if you’re ruled by Venus? Easy. You’ll have Libra or Taurus Rising.

It means that the sign and house placement of your Venus is vital. Always keep an eye on your ruling planet. It’s those aspects which are the most influential.

If you’re ruled by Venus and an Outer Planet such as Uranus, Neptune or Pluto is in hard aspect to your Venus; you’ll be in metamorphosis mode the whole time.

But, you have an advantage. Because Venus is your ruling planet, you’ll pick up on the zeitgeist before it hits. Rather than seeming like something happening “to you,” you’ll feel restless and instigate some changes. Then, by the time the transit is well underway, your ‘eccentric’ moves will have turned out to be bang-on brilliant.

When you are ruled by Venus, never take your eye off that planet. To learn more about your Venus, consider a Love Warp 9 report. Or, to know when the Outer Planet transits are happening (and how to maximize their influence) look into a year ahead report.


Image:  Andy Warhol – Sandro Botticelli

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So Neptune goes retro and Jup goes direct this week (they both rule my 7th piscean house). And I have been told this is powerful.

Venus in the 9th will be allied to Pluto in the 5th and also Mars in 11th will trine Nept in 7th during the last week of June.
Very curious to see where all this stuff leads.



This poem gives me chills. Stops my heart.

It’s like Ansel Elkins swept into my mind and pulled out the thoughts …

Thank you!



Saggi Crab

Just love that poem. I’ve had a fairly rough few weeks, culminating with some real emotional release late last week related to my recently-ended relationship, and what the mistreatment I endured throughout it means moving forward, and honestly, what it means I need to assess brazenly in myself (e.g. what caused me to put up with that for so long? It’s a confronting question to answer). I think I’m making some progress though – clouds starting to clear, getting a stronger conception of and connection to self etc. Something that helped me – I looked at the transits in my… Read more »

Silver Huang

Venus conjunct Chiron in 10th + MC and square Mars in 6th. Yes to liberating/cathartic conversations with people, and yes to chthonic revelations about self, though much of latter is still hazy and slowly and uncomfortably coalescing. The part I’m still trying to work out is, I’ve been working so hard to make sure that I create a healthy professional work life that respects my physical and mental health needs (because I’ve never done so before) and have been working on diet and fitness etc. but then get so discouraged when a workshop I ran that got good feedback knocks… Read more »


Saturn reversing over my sun, at the same time this is happening. I’m just taking the first tentative steps of publicly living my soul purpose as messenger and door opener, but I’m also very much aware that a solid commitment to my art and poetry is required in the coming weeks. I have so much happening I can’t focus on the way I’d like to.


This text, exactly , captures the theme of my thoughts and feelings since about mid may. I’m not intellectualising it or trying to slather on ideas and explanations for once. I’m kind of just letting it exist and trying it on for fit. The notion of embodiment, I think invicta was describing something similar. I used a coin toss to help me decide which city to visit recently. 3 hours before I had to leave, hahaha.
I think I am learning how to leave myself alone but in kind ways not neglectful ways.


Learning to leave myself alone without being neglectful – yes! This! Had the four of cups as a final card in my full moon spread and knew it was about less introspection and less self absorption with the internal realm – so there’s some genuine resonance in this. Thank you!!


Thanks for that note about ,4 of cups. I’ve never quite been able to get a handle on it. To frame it as ‘a bit less introspection’ is helpful 🙂 thank you too!


But you’re right there is a time to ‘look up’ and it’s hard to know when, if we have been doing a lot of navel gazing!


I recently checked my progressed sun and it is in TAURUS pretty much until I retire lol, so all of this self-oriented slow down / body focus / less switch-board-y mindset does make sense


I joined the gym this week… Realised that my emotional eating habit not only has me punishing myself mentally for being weak and greedy but it also totally has me in a state of splitting off from any feelings of sexuality because I’m just not turned on about anything when I’m in a cheese-chocolate coma. Especially not turned on by myself. So enough of that malarkey, I’ve run on the treadmill for half an hour every day this week and I think I even got a little high off exercise today. If I keep this up I might even *shudder*… Read more »


oh my gosh i feel ya on the first bit about the emotional eating and downward spiral of self-loathing and un-sexiness. currently pulling myself out of that, too. it is extra frustrating for me to have been dealing with that whole scene because i LOVE exercising and being strong, and being able to brag about having practised jiu jitsu and stuff without feeling like a marshmallowy poser.


Yes, I hear you


Yesss to all of this. I also still have Saturn on my ascendant so that’s in play too, but it feels good, like finally let’s kick this thing’s ass once and for all. I’m determined to lose 8-10 pounds and even with Venus in “eat it all” Taurus, I think I’m finally hitting my stride. It’s all for beauty and health and self love so I think that’s why it’s working now. Not sure why I was hitting a wall with Venus in Aries but maybe because I am a Libra with Venus in Scorpio. Venus in Taurus feels like… Read more »


Wait, oh fuq, it’s Jupiter Direct!! That’s what I am feeling! It’s my ruling planet (Sagg ascendant) and I have it conjunct Venus in Scorpio. So Venus into Taurus and Jupiter direct are my liberation. Praise the Goddess, I’m free at last! 🙂


I needed both Venus and Jupiter direct to get my groove back. Whew!


i am a sadge rising too. so happy about jupe direct. also i finally feel like i have been “embracing” the lessons of saturn on my ascendant. its trip over my lilith at 1 sag was pretty intense too but it’s all coming together. natally i am venus-jupe conjunct so also super happy about venus into toro. just a few days ago began using rosehip seed oil on my skin and it’s working out beautifully. i have an appointment to get my lashes and brows tinted in a week or so and i can’t wait to roll thru this summer… Read more »


For all of you into mermaid beauty routines, I am enjoying a super gentle new face scrub made of irish moss and ground up grape seed. It stinks like the sea vomited on my face (despite essential oils) but it truly lives up to it promises on the bottle. My face feels smooth but not tore the f* up like the more harsh seed scrubs i am used to…cough…st.ives…cough. I needed a change from the microfiber cloths!


Hahahaha !!! This reminds me of that time I got right into superfood smoothies and was dropping marine phytoplankton in them for an extra kick. I think a similar flavour could have been achieved by having a dolphin shit in my mouth. Good times

Ali Constable



Favourite warphole ever– damn reminds of the Dorothy Parker quip “tell him i was too fuckin busy or vice a versa” so I walked to town and built the future. What I love about the whole idea of orbits and the pathways they purpose


haha love that quote!

Unicorn Sparkles

I reorganised and decluttered my pantry this morning. The old the stale the unwanted. Gone.


I know I need to do this. Is summonsing enough energy, from a limited pool, to do it. Does it feel good?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Totally re-embracing curves for venus in toro.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Cleaning out the wardrobe….soo excited for this!


There’s a rodoe in town tonight. I’m scared to go because I actually might meet someone. Fuq, I’m such a Crab in these matters. This stuff cruels me.


Rodeo; duh


Are you afraid you might meet someone and love zombie over them straight away?

I’d love to meet someone in the real world. Better than online dating


I wished…..& the rodeo wasn’t that inhabited.

And I’m not to fussy on how I meet a real person.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

omg, goooo. sexy cowboys!


Go! You should def go!


Yes ma’am. Often endearing traits, very polite with women, protective & loyal.

Cheers to the skid marks leading from your place to there!


I’ve got a washing machine.


Just go ya muppet.


I didn’t see Miss Piggy.


It’s ok, maybe the purpose is that at some point if you meet miss piggy, maybe rodeo comes up in conversation (a farm girl?), and you (whoa!) find that you can then talk about how you went to X rodeo, and she says, what a coincidence, my nephew was competing, and then oh look suddenly you’re continuing the conversation over lunch, etc… You know. The clsssic Gemini Opening


I had to google chthonic, but I knew. Polyphonic chthonic




and I needed to hear its pronunciation (twice)

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