Vanadium Lightyear Could Not Wait For Uranus In Taurus


zodiac plants

Vanadium Lightyear knew that Uranus in Taurus would alter her go-to zodiac plants. And that her un-rut process would start with the gut.

Her Aquarius Moon nervous system could no longer stand her non-stop existential crisis over the industrial food system. But she could not maintain the rage without dangerously spiking her cortisol. Gastroenterology and its relation to gut instinct would be the next big thing, she decided. And fuq being wi-fried.

She wanted to eat only what she grew herself in soil infused with invocations to Gaia. She would connect with the spirit of powerful adaptogenic herbs and chew Gotu Kola leaf all day. It would be like a longevity cud. And, it was a herb of Mercury, she mused approvingly. Diatomaceous Earth added to her super-high-altitude coffee would complete the routine.

She would live by Moonrise and Moonset rather than the rhythm of the Sun.

Could she continue her Space Archeology studies if she embraced permaculture? What about the experimental Love Zombie vaccine? Would Vanadium need to cancel Neptunian Life Coaching?  She decided to put off dating until Pluto in Aquarius. At first, she wondered if it was avoidance. But the surge of relief she felt at having an astrological “excuse” to stay single was reassurance enough.

Having it all was not so much ‘scheduling’ as manipulating the Time-Space Continuum.

With a shot of thrilling resolve shooting through her system, Vanadium Lightyear shifted into Uranus in Taurus mode.

Everything was different now. Again.


Image: Ethan James Green

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embarkons7MM Member

LOVE the Vanadium posts — when I run into them in the archives they always cheer me greatly, and I love this one. Of course she has moon in Aqua.

I’m a bit worried about Uranus in Taurus as being about revanchist traditionalist stuff, though if it means more sensual, gaia, gut energy that would be excellent — and of ‘course it may manifest in both ways.


Vanadium all the way ?

RuthMM Member

You have such a lovely writing style Mystic.

PiMM Member

Mercury chart ruler sextile cap moon and Jupiter in taurus says invest in biotech.

PiMM Member

And no not necessarily the evil stuff. Think cyborg, not spywear, but it’s a thin neon line as is everything these days

PiMM Member

Actually another thing might be a take-back of the body from structures of power. Particularly the fecund body. maybe more of a revolution overturn patriarchal control thing in more parts of the world.
” We came to retrieve power over our bodies and we are not leaving until we get it.” The friendly aspect to Pluto tho. Maybe business sees a way to profit from it. Jupiter in scorp opposition tho? Not the way you think buddy.

PiMM Member

Maybe p_orn or sex generally really will go virtual. In a big way. $$$

ElectroMM Member

First paragraph is me at the farmers market seething about people not shopping from farmers directly. We need go turn this trickle into a stream.

LilithLoveMM Member

Mystic you are such a genius. Thank you.

FireandwaterMM Member


InvictaMM Member

Have you been reading my diary again?

PandoraMM Member

Good luck Vanadium, if you also have to earn a living in anything other than permaculture – like, in the jobs most of us have where it is basically a question of employers attempting to manipulate the time space continuum to erase any time we have left for a life – let alone growing our own food. Uranus in Taurus? In my thoroughly Saturnian mindset of the mo, I am yet to be convinced that it will trigger anything but the collapse of polar ice shifts and resultant manifestation of the imminent climage change earth crisis and related uber-competition re… Read more »

FireandwaterMM Member

Maybe Uranus in Aries provided some “scorched earth” that paves a path for some more fertile bursts of life in Taurus? Can be admittedly hard to see far-reaching & objectively on a collective scale when it looks a whole lot like atrocity in the mo. Hold on to hope, dear pony!

LiberatingVenusMM Member

I understand where you’re coming from. Uranus is in its Fall in Taurus, and unless we’re talking about an Electric Daisy style agri-revolution (c’mon – all the *cool* kids are doing it!!) I’m not sure what kind of help Uranus in Taurus might afford us when it comes to facilitating badly-needed socio-political reform. Uranus does not perform well in Taurus because the Change God does not care for ruts and all too often Taurus can be complacent and lazy; albeit also rather peaceful. As lovely as the prospect of neon-hued 21st-century Aquarian Age neo-flower children seems, I’m not entirely convinced… Read more »

FireandwaterMM Member

I’m sitting here sipping my dong quai.reishi.ashwaghanda.hericium.rhodiola-laced coffee pondering what possible further weirdness neptune’s retrograde back & finally forth again over & beyond my IC in my sun sign could hold in store…and this provides the freshest dew to the very base of some newly rooting inspiration.

Bless you, Vanadium, for stirring something familiar and lovely from my own aqua moon undercurrents. Dare we call it hope?


What will be will be.

emgMM Member

Oh shudder. Can’t imagine what dating with Pluto in Aqua is going to entail ! My very cancer soul cringes at the thought.

tw:leoMM Member

hearrrtttt eyeeesss emooojiiiii

HedgepigMM Member

She should be taking her Diatomaceous Earth on an empty stomach. Says this Capricorn.

milleunanotteMM Member

This reminds me of a Leonardo da Vinci short story (VERY short) that i read as a small girl, about a toad, eating earth.

It could be triggered by my listening to a French rap which included the line: Behind every prince is a toad.

It just sort of came up for me that i should listen to this song on my way home from work this evening. I guess i have already stated where my Capricorn is, and its planet.

Thanks, Hedgepig, i will adjust tomorrow’s pre-work routine accordingly.

HedgepigMM Member

Stay hydrated, milleunanotte!

embarkons7MM Member

I ordered some on Amazon after reading up on it, and am interested to try it soon.

currentMM Member

I woke in the middle of the night feeling very strange and disconnected from where I live – the town, the street, the bed, even the sheets.

This piece of writing is strangely comforting.

KelMM Member

I’ll have three heaped tablespoons of vanadium in my salad every day please. Rinse, repeat


I want Vanadium to prescribe me anything.

AquaArcherMM Member

Ohhh, all the feels.

Well, at least as many as possible for this heavy Aqua girl.

Rock on, Vanadium.

dark starMM Member
dark star


AlouettaMM Member

This makes me so happy.

MollyBlueDawnMM Member

I think she’ll find that jiaogulan/gynostemma makes better longevity cud than gotu kola.


Well then, when IS Pluto in Aquarius? Is that too soon for me, still?

KelMM Member

2024… We got some time to prep 😉 the

milleunanotteMM Member

Thanks, gorgeous! I’m almost afraid of what my prep will be…how bout you?

All these beaux are proving to be irritants to, and forces that trigger my being Vanadium Lightyear.

Could end up like one of those invertebrates who endlessly fq themselves as, now i am realising, the best option.


oh i was wondering what happened to Vanadium!


ok. This was my most favorite MM article/art ever. Says this multi Virgo/Gemini 12th house taurus.

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