The “Thy Aim Be True” Full Moon In Sagittarius

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The Full Moon in Sagittarius is not exact for another nine hours as i write but it sure feels intense. Key Concept: May your aim be true. First the Full Moon illumination of the truth/a truth and then the aim-taking. Arrows of truth, arrows of love, arrows of genius…

It’s easy to bag out individual Sagittarius people but at its core this sign really does hold honesty in high regard. Sagittarius James Comey – the former head of the F.B.I. – has been testifying to devastating effect in Washington, his testimony rendered all the more powerful by his sombre, pragmatic delivery. No ranting, no garish critique of the obviously colorful material, just simple facts, plainly stated.

The hubris of attempting to manipulate a person of this caliber is insane. And yes, this is now putting us in a direct line of momentum to the American Eclipse in late August.  If you are interested in astrology and politics, check out this timeline of the events and note that May 17 to 22 was the official ‘shadow of the Eclipse’ that will occur in August.  That is, a strong indicator of themes et al.

And okay, the other big Full Moon geopolitical theme of the day is the U.K. Election, looking like an apparently ‘surprise’ result.

Back to US – the Horoscopes have been dealing in these Full Moon themes for days now but lets discuss here also; in what way are you processing and integrating information better or deploying a more refined thought process to embody more of your truth these days?


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77 thoughts on “The “Thy Aim Be True” Full Moon In Sagittarius

  1. Letting go of a lot of inner foggy self ‘should’ rules around work. Irrespective of how I decide to proceed, the impetus is coming more entirely from within me rather than feeling like I must follow an externally dictated structure. Locating greater faith in myself and rinsing away this tight grip on certain structures and beliefs about how I ‘should’ go about my daily life and …callings.

  2. Full moon was in my 6th house and squaring my Pisces Mars, and guess what…..I ended up at the hospital today! I woke up feeling really dizzy and faint for no reason and it wouldn’t go away. They determined I have benign positional vertigo. Kind of sucks because that is something that can come and go…..wonder why it started up now?? I hit my head badly about 2 1/2 years ago, but other than that, there would be no reason for this. Anyway, they gave me exercises to do. I hope the symptoms don’t come up too often, it’s really uncomfortable and awful! Online it said sometimes it just goes away…..fingers crossed!

    • Sometimes it can be just a wonky positioned C7 if you suspect the cause is physical and not internal.
      I hope you get relief soon!!

      • Ah, interesting….I was wondering about whether it came from neck issues. My bed isn’t so good and been having problems with neck and spine because of it.
        Thanks for your insight and for making that connection for me, and for your good wishes! 🙂

  3. I’ve been learning how to operate in the world now as a newly discovered Leo Rising and what that looks like for me.

    All along I thought I was a Gemini, quick witted but somewhat unreliable with my word – as a Leo it’s like all the sudden I’m like “here’s my deal, this is what works for me, this is doesn’t” in a really clear way. It’s a super unfamiliar way of communicating for me, I have to say being a Leo is fabulous and I’m good with the shifts!

    • I work with a Gem who was mortified to find out she is a
      Leo Asc. Her mum is Leo. I just assuaged her by saying, “Look at your hair!”. We riff crazy stuff all the time. Her Asc Cjs my Merc/Uran Cj.

  4. Afraid I had to get radically candid with a Sag Qi Vampire this week, while the moon was lighting my Pluto-Mercury in Scorpio and gearing up to it’s massive fullness. I have a feeling these consequences with people have been a theme of Saturn in Sag for her. I don’t think she’ll be bothering me again though. Sweet relief.

  5. Actually the truth serum of this phase began throughout the intense void Scorpio moon @ 22-28 degrees…

    I had been discussing detachment / empty states versus an empathic and deep presence to others – the boundary or edge of these realms, so to speak…

    To delineate between ours, and theirs…and then I received this wonderful honest reply…in the metaphor of unclean or unclear water…and this really made sense. It is through our sensual and embodied being we realise too.

    I think it does require courage, self examination…and faith, yes, a spiritual generosity – that is ardent, intentional and with integrity. It seems a promising time.

    • I suppose the saturn square to Chiron / mars in Gemini…

      Now with lillith, moon, saturn opposite sun and ceres too.

  6. FM opp my Saturn in 8th. Loved literary Comey- watched session with Saggo Moon-Jupiter-Pluto eldest. Told him this is how govt is supposed to work- smart people asking good questions and weighing evidence. Reminded me of warching Watergate summer of 1972.

  7. Loving the comments. Almost my solar return so full moon in a 2 degree orb of opposition – feeling it. Also ,Therese May needs a better astrologer.

  8. All I know is that I need to go on more walks and bike-rides. I miss that head space – you’re in motion, but where you go doesn’t matter, and you’re not thinking about having to be somewhere in x minutes. It’s more than the low-key exercise – it frees up brain space somehow and reminds me of who I am.

    • I’ve taken up a few new habits as part of my “healing” journey. You know my favourite…a long walk on the beach followed by topless sunbaking 🙂
      (I am lucky enough to live close to a very long and sparsely populated beach)
      Yeah yeah I know it’s one of the world’s most dangerous activities, you know, lying in the sun BUT wow. It is one of the most blissful things I have found to do of late. And yeah, I’m not stupid…I only allow half an hour of bliss. I’ve been combining it with listening to one of Jessica Snow’s guided meditations. Totally awesome.
      So yeah, here’s to blissful you time.

  9. Conjunct Venus and Neptune in my 5th House.

    It’s been very weird these past 48 to 72 hours. Feel restless, fidgety, yet bored, almost disconnected and drifty? Almost like there’s an air sign vibe in the air?

    A lot of paradoxes. Flip-flopping between waves of anxiety and serenity. Vacillating between deep insecurity and absolute confidence. Just sort of sitting still and waiting for the moon to pass, while getting shit done.

    Very good things have been happening this week though. Launched the first session of an online workshop very successfully last night with good feedback. Been having more social interactions with like-minded peers.

    Most everyone I know is going through some deep shit in their lives right now though, deep transformation Tower Card shit that’s consuming their immediate lives. To the point I wonder if I did something right? Or am I doing something wrong LOL

  10. Just noted this moon is conjunct my North Node in Saggitarius, 7th house.

    As a kid (with no t.v.) my day’s highlight was Lord of the Rings as read by Piscean dad every night. My concept of perfection was Elven: living in the tree tops, wicked bow skills, light elven cakes and just being supernaturally beautiful was pretty much my life goal at 8. Lovely image!

  11. Oh Comey, he so took his moment. And the use of language was fantastically exquisite. I love Saggitarians because they are the ones in the game who watch the game from above. That guy was in that job for a reason don’t forget. As for the Potus spokesperson saying Trump is new, he doesn’t know the protocol. What a load of horseshit. That is what the bureaucracy is for- to guide and advise. Do not take those comments on as acceptable. Govt is govt unless it’s under a fascist, which now it actually is. Go Full Moon you good thing. Bring on August.

  12. This full moon is on my asc. I came to grips with the source of my sarcasm. My friends know me irl as someone who is deeply sarcastic and biting but sometimes oscillating on the polar extreme of spouting words of innocence. At various points in my life i be ame so good at it people thought i was hilarious but people feared it would be unleashed on them, which didnt happen much. ..but still disconcerting as it would be like someone walking around with a sword in public.
    That has changed in the past year or so since the Gem has come into my life as i have started being sarcastic a lot less. Then yesterday i realized the source of my sarcasm started with my mother growing up in a restrictive household and never being allowed to say truthful things if those things caused drama or warped HER reality.. Somehow i learned that my mother, for whom English is a 2nd language, could not understand sarcasm esp if delivered with a flat tone and expressionless face. My father who had better english skills caught on about 70-80% of the time, unless he was quietly ignoring me, which i would not put past clever Crabs! Even when he did catch on, he mostly laughed and i was not punished. But sarcasm was my way as a child of secretly bringing truth to things that are lies or at least not congruent to reality because i was not allowed to express any emotions. Crying, anger, complaints, even too much joy or laughing prompted instant beatings from my mother. I could still tell the “truth” in my own twisted way while avoiding corporal punishment using sarcasm. It is weird to realize i haven’t been truly sarcastic (the deep biting kind) in almost a year. At some point, that was such a hallmark trait of mine that i thought it was a part of the real me. I thought and others thought i would never change. I wasnt trying to change, but here it is….

    • Oh Wow
      Without caps lock and when I’m not about to be very late.
      Back tonight xxx

        • Marsbar I am here!
          Sorry I didn’t come back on this point yet.
          I have wanted to and thought about it, even conversed with you in my head while doing dishes but oh holy crap am just swamped with prepping for this interview tomorrow at the job center and trying to deal with a myriad of issues- earthly and emotional..Things feel bleak. And I’m not going to reduce my feelings to a joke. I got quite enough of that from my father…So actually no witty sign off
          I’m sad and angry and hurt and scared and trying so hard.
          I think it shows courage to express vulnerability and pain without making light of it. It shows your commitment to standing by YOU and sticking up for YOUR feelings and your inner child regardless of the collective or environment or internal parents / Critical Voice. Xxx

          • Aww! Very touching words!
            As a small child i could express hurt or vulnerability to my mother. She used it as a way to hurt me further after taking notes that i was hurt. Real dick move that was. It is no wonder i was so sarcastic.

            Good luck on your interview! It sounded like you were super busy so while i wanted to hear more from you, i know you’ll pop up when you can with some clever fresh post!

    • Wow – I had to let my subscription lapse for the last couple of weeks so I’m out of the loop, but what is going on astro-wise to prompt all these deep, deep realisations? It seems to be an epidemic atm, people everywhere suddenly turning around and seeing themselves and the sources of their behaviours…Is Pluto up to something?

    • Good pattern recognition! What’s changed that you feel like you can safely say your truth without masking it? Here’s to your new ‘real me’.

      • My Gem makes me feel safe without judgment and lets me express how i need to even when it is ugly. It’s not a perfect relationship, and it is certainly not something i could see myself with before 2010. I would’ve said somebody like that is too old and physically broken for me. Partly because I was too scared of aging and being so old with never being married and not having children and losing ability to have children. With Gem, he prefers older women. I have let my hair go grey. I have 2 very prominent white racing stripes on my dark hair. My friends who are my age think I am crazy that I do not dye my hair anymore because I used to identify so strongly with purple and blue hair. I used to identify with looking young because I felt devalued. Now i don’t try. Fuck henna. I haven’t become a slob mind you. I still dress up and groom myself, but i have left go of some of the affectations that are not “real me”.

        Previous bfs would always say something like they are scared of my anger or sarcasm being directed at them but they think its funny directed at others. I had one bf, the virgo think i was just being uncouth and it was something i could control. There was a time i thought i couldn’t control it. And honestly it doesn’t feel like ‘controlling’ it now. It just stopped.
        I used to just say “yeah I’m a scorpio moon. we are just sarcastic mofos”. but current Gem is also a scorpio moon and he said well I am too and I’m not sarcastic. Granted he doesn’t have mercury in Scorpio conjunct lilith , he has it in airy Gemini.

    • Amazing realization! I imagine this felt very freeing, to be able to tell the truth without bitterness. You may already know, this is the etymology of sarcasm: mid 16th century: from French sarcasme, or via late Latin from late Greek sarkasmos, from Greek sarkazein ‘tear flesh,’ in late Greek ‘gnash the teeth, speak bitterly’ (from sarx, sark- ‘flesh’). Here’s to no longer tearing flesh, your own or others’.

      • Yes, feels good to at least be “vegan” in the communications realm since I can’t be in the food realms! 😀 Also Sagg rising likes to be able to say it, as it is.

    • That is sooooo interesting. I’ve never considered the root cause of sarcasm before. Contemplating…

    • this is really valuable.. thank you for sharing this. I have a similar thing that I have consciously tried to curb around gentler souls (which include myself on my more piscean days). For me it’s more like a Joan rivers acid humour. I also had a ‘hard’ family (Aquarius-Capricorn signature) who struggled with their own truths and so therefore could not cope with mine, in particular, need or vulnerability, but many of those things you mentioned too.

      Is this the role of the court jester? Is this a Gemini story?

      My relationship with the neptunian Toro was actually characterized early on by his not being fazed if I spoke my mind/ heart. And he called me on it if I was turning venomous or shaky. That was actually a big deal and a huge trust-builder. A cancer rising friend said once, I never want to be in a relationship where it’s not ok to be not ok.
      Scorpio moon mercury friend is open-door when it comes to hearing *and understanding* the dark, weak moments of the soul.
      This sort of thing is like a soothing balm.

      Thank you again for the thought process here

      Also appreciate the info about the etymology of sarcasm 🙂

      • BUT in defence of humour – wit doesn’t have to be damaging and there are always some richly deserving targets }:]

        • I was never court jester or class clown. I was funny but the common populace in my area preferred more pleb type of humor. Were you a court jester or class clown?

          So good you have had lots of good experiences and good friend invested in you well being! I have a Pisces sister and in some ways she is more damaged than me. Fish are so delicate! She is still crazy sarcastic!

          My form of sarcasm was usually more positive than negative. More like if my mom was being as ass to me at a shop, i would go:
          “Hey can you get Princess Starshine a coffee over here? Thanks.”
          And mom would go, ” yeah cos i am a princess.” Completely oblivious to the meaning of the exchange.

  13. I am out of the US until June 25th I decided when I get back to the states I am completely withdrawing from politics. that may sound lazy or whatever, but other then state votes not much I can really do. Im not even going to follow it, and I havent been. this is the first time Ive clicked anything political, and to read Comey’s intelligence statement. this whole all eyes on russia, selling billions$$ of weapons to saudis, sometiems u really gotta stop and realize hey we’re all spinning on this needle in the sky, wtfs really going on

  14. This full moon is exactly ON my natal moon at 18 degrees Sagittarius.
    I looked it up because …well, um yes, anyway

    • yeh, it’s bang on my Jupiter (18 Sagg) and next door to my Sun (19) and Merc (20)…all I feel is overwhelmed by this non-stop media trolling we’ve been subjected to since the Trump election.
      I hate conspiracy theories because they are too simplistic and seem to short circuit the believer’s ability to actually dissect a thought or an argument, go and research it and examine it’s validity. That doesn’t mean I think we should just believe what we’re told – the accumulation and maintenance of power have always relied on deception and manipulation i.e.. The Art of War, The Prince etc., but “the media” (mainstream and alternative) is so busy throwing conflicting “information” at us, people are just running to the nut case fringes and staying there…
      I have met so many young people recently who are convinced that the earth is flat. Yes really. Plus they claim that they have the “maths to prove it” or that “physics can’t prove anything, science is just theories” that I’m actually scared. For them, for me, for everyone.

      Never mind if you suggest that they go and look up Eratosthenes of Cyrene and that actually the majority of people have been well aware that the earth is round since ancient times…apparently that’s all just propaganda to cover up the reality that the earth is flat…. And this is just one of many crazy crazy ideas they’re holding to, all because the mainstream media has become so schizophrenic.

      I’m over it.

      • hahaha just realised the irony of complaining about the demise of science on an astrology blog…lol. I don’t think they’re incompatible…

  15. Full moon is on my nodes (NN at 17 Gem). Saturn is on my moon (25 Sag). I’m actually not feeling anything other than tired and looking forward to the Aussie long weekend. LOL. Perhaps this one will – that looks strong on paper – will pass me by? xxxx

  16. My aim was true today at the court hearing I attended to get my rent reduction. My landlord was outright lying during it, and the judge wasn’t having it, shut him down….bam. Not a good time to lie, during the honesty full moon, I guess! Landlord is a definite muggle, so he wouldn’t have known..
    alas, it’s not over…..arbitration hearing next month because we couldn’t come to an agreement in mediation. Tired of this dragging out but I will eventually get my rent reduction.

    Oh, and Legolas! <3

    • That is fantastic that you had a good judge! You’re right, that was great timing for a hearing.

      And yes… <3 Legolas…

      • Thanks, dizzarina! I only hope I get an equally good judge and a good moon for the new court date next month! I don’t know the date yet, but will be checking the astro for that date when I get it.

  17. It’s funny that “integration” came up a lot in my Morning Pages (free-writing) this morning, and I read MM’s marvelous question about “processing and integrating information better”. I’m currently putting together a syllabus for an exciting undergrad course I’m teaching in a few months (intro to performance/performing arts!). I’m not very familiar with this branch of study but it is absolutely the direction I want to go in, both as an artist and as a performer myself. Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon-Neptune-Vesta, Gemini Rising, Prog Moon in Aries—channeling my Higher/Inner Fire as celebration of Self, in SERVICE to the collective. Also being both teacher & student and mastering that balance (which requires an aim that is true as f-ck—balance hinges on a single point!).

  18. I saw Wonder Woman today, LOL.

    I have been feeling a draw toward physical strength building–especially as an outlet for emotional build up. (Kataka rising trine pluto in Scorpio) Deeply desiring a more solid foundation of self esteem, working toward carving my own identity rather than being so impressionable. Noticing all the ways I sway to and fro by the thoughts and opinions of others.

    • I loved WW! It’s campy as hell and seeing strong women’s bodies in motion like that is like getting a tall cool glass of water after stumbling out of the desert.

  19. I’d like addressed the fact that Comey was hugely responsible for the destruction of HRC’s chance to become president. Then for him to turn around and try to cause trouble for the disastrous president he helped get elected–and _then_ for him to get fired for that–so ironic and at the same time a senseless loss for a supremely capable woman. Where’s the justice in any of this? How do the stars help account for this chaos and these incalculable reversals and sudden falls?

    • Comey has treated all the shennanigans fairly; both Trump’s and HRC’s. Don’t forget HRC crueled Bernie’s run by doing, broadly, the same thing to him as Trump did to her.

      • Hilary ruined her own chances…the trail on wikileaks is impossible to ignore.
        Not that I’m condoning trump.
        But yeah…they’re both in the same bargain bin in that regard.

        • I have been living in the USA for over twenty years but I have decided to leave this coming fall. There is something truly unhealthy and demeaning in the way people are living. There is a facade of democracy and the supposed American dream is as hollow as it ever was… The soul of this county is dead. I don’t know how this can be turned around. Hopefully Pluto in Capricorn will finish the job it started, and a new era will dawn.

          • Agreed!!! I would like to leave, too. I’m almost 50, so I’ve lived long enough to notice the decline of our quality of life here.

            Alas, I am an American citizen, born here, so it’s difficult to go anywhere else. I moved to England once, and even that was difficult with visas and stuff.

            I’m still looking into it, though. Wouldn’t go back to England this time, not sure where else, yet….. If I were younger, I could do all that ‘work abroad’ stuff, there’s a lot of programs for people under 25. And, if I had more money, I could just retire in Europe or something, but alas, again, no money…..

            If I never get to leave, at least I live in California, so that gives some respite to the insanity of the direction this country is going..

      • Two tainted candidates, although you could say that Hilary would have been the better of the two!! Perhaps Comey was dealing with things as he saw them but I don’t know the level of Comey’s integrity and am naturally suspicious of anyone who rises to power in these organisations. Politics is a dirty business. Very interesting to see how the Trump presidency will pan out and if Mystic is correct about the walk out in a snit…UK election proves that public is over politics as is and there needs to be a radical shift!

      • Word! I hope the DNC will be exposed for the fraudulent voting that took place in the Dem primary. They are trying to use as a defense that people knew the primary was rigged from the get go. Pure evil to give people hope and semblance of choice when there was none. I hope all the Bernie supporters get their $$ donated to DNC back.

  20. I was lucky to have therapy today. I was able to see how much of a large experience I’ve been having is just my story. Feeling excited to start testing the edges of my reality to find maybe it’s not so bleak as I assume.

    I’m also trying to get back on the straight and narrow as far as food goes. That’s less fun.

      • Same here. Have been counting the minutes the past 24 hours until therapy and before that hours and days as the intensity has been building.
        Also moving between feeling incredibly grateful, hopeful, shocked and saddened, basically embracing the acceptance stage of grief is the best way to describe it. I’ve been doing denial and bargaining all my life but recently like water corrodes rocks rather the dramatic cracking through my denial I’d imagined, this is softness, maybe love.
        Not like goo goo flowery, romantic or even new agey love, friendship or self love but Cancerian or maternal, genuine human heart opening stuff.

        By the effect of the sustained and consistent human connection with my therapist II’m beginning to feel for the first time. To trust myself, just a bit, and her.
        After a year I can see on her face and I don’t …its hard to explain but she may be the first person I’ve been able to believe in.

        It’s funny how therapy works and how important those boundaries are. There’s just so much I don’t understand about it but it’s better that way.

        To feel something for me is to know it.
        If I can google it before I’ve experienced it I’ve shot myself in the foot before it can happen.

        Words have helped me survive, like denial and like the internet. They do have their place and in context they are immensely valuable but experiencing something in my body grounds me and it and there is certainty.

        I’m moved in ways I can’t put into words (so I use lots, like now because how else can I chime in and comment on my favorite virtual village?)
        I feel so much like the village idiot here because I always plan to keep it brief and succinct and fail spectacularly but people here are almost never mean to me.
        I was mean to someone once because I thought they were being disrespectful and Internet rude to MM and abusing her web territory, this garden she so carefully curates . Because clearly I NEVER do that. Right?
        Ha, quite.
        I’m so aware of how kind this space is and how against type, how rare it is to find a website where people don’t behave with cynicism and spite or sell your email address to spammers or crud up tour screen with whatever you left in an online shopping cart three days ago.

        I’ve been guilty of using this place as my own personal/ impersonal confession booth, therapy couch, members lounge and padded cell. I’m normally too embarrassed to read my own comments after I post them and cringe when I read old blog posts in the archive or on a link and oh god third degree sphincter cringe there’s two pages of narcissistic waffling with my avatar above it. Who is that woman? She’s awful. I’m never commenting ever again… and yet..

        So thanks

        The physical, emotional and neurological effects of burying trauma and emotional abuse and the levels of self harm from denial and bargaining include ingesting foods which are toxic and addictive. People and substances too but those choices are sometimes easier to identify.
        Bright Lines is interesting and I’m not as familiar as I’d like but it intrigues me hugely.
        The idea that we all have to find what nourishes and what destroys us and stick to that without assuming it’s going to work for anyone else resonates.

        I’m finding my own way of healing and sealing my gut and the link between a healthy digestive system and emotional sobriety and long term genuine health is so profound that again I cant overstate it without sounding preachy.
        I’m feeling better than ever and worse but I’m feeling.
        Me, my feelings.
        Not scanning the environment for how everyone else is feeling and adapting myself to that state.
        I could delete this but it’s a full moon on my moon so Virgonator (me three) Big mouth strikes again, sorry!

        The edited version would be – yes therapy is awesome, isn’t it?
        Very excited to be traveling to the middle having spent my life of the edges of extremes.
        I’m also finding reality to be less bleak than I’d expected.
        I’m grateful too and sorting out my diet/ food …well for me it is fun because I have Saturn in the 6th so Beet Kvass is sexy to me.
        Virgos are kinky like that:)

        • I dig your posts! Also beets!! Love them!

          Also regarding gut healing, my new silver bullet is zinc carnosine. It is holy shit amazing when combined with glutamine. Gut stabilizes in a few days versus weeks the old gut healing protocol, which worked but was slow. Zinc carnosine has been used by doctors for peptic ulcers but someone hacked it can work for anything causing lesions or holes there.

        • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
          It was a full moon exactly conjunct her natal moon at 18 degrees Sagittarius.
          Saturn and Mars squared that moon and the weight of those heavy red triangles kept locked the iron door of the underground basement where she lay pinned down and broken. Wings torn off and atrophied selfhood, eyes burning from the light coming in now through the little crack in that heavy door.
          All trines are happy in the same way but every T square is unhappy in a different way.
          Ugh shoo over and out, I’m through.

        • <3 I loved your response. You have a lot of brilliant things to express and you write wonderfully. I get that awkward "oh god here comes big mouth again" feeling- I'm a Merc/Mars conjunct in Virgo myself and it's square my sagg asc, which this full moon is ON. So I have a similar push/pull and I usually channel that need to blab into writing. So yay! Don't stop being you! 🙂

          • Thanks homies
            Crying my eyes out and just feeling so raw. My therapist actually shed a few tears today which is so out of character. Normally she makes Spock from Star Trek look positively gushy and emotionally flamboyant- which is a good thing in a therapeutic relationship! But things I spoke about and processed today were so horrifying and it touched me so much that her empathy was visible. It felt like I had an ally going back into those moments when I made key decisions based on the instinct to survive and still keep a part of myself honest. To be continued or filed under “deal with this when you’re able to”
            The strange thing is I’d never told anyone, not even myself. These events were pushed so far out of my mind I’d never pondered them or asked myself how they affected me.
            Those small but scorching ordeals which fire one’s irresolute clay.
            It hurts so much to acknowledge though- not sure why but maybe its like anesthesia wearing off when you accept reality and feel the pain instead of repressing it.
            Yeah Virgo Sun Mars and Mercury all between 18 and 22 degrees can be a bitch of a control freak to that Sagittarius Moon 18 ‘ and 27’ rising hey?
            It’s kind of revenge is a dish best served cold at the time. That’s not how it feels now but I guess not feeling and not participating in the charade was the whole point. My inner child just froze into this fuck you kind of passive resistance. I started digging out the root of my self sabotage pattern. I know its a good thing long term, big picture etc but jeeez it hurts like a mofo right now.
            I could so easily just hit the self destruct button.
            My goal is to get through today basically…
            Full moons eh?

            • Invicta I love hearing you voice your thoughts honestly- I think it’s gold for anyone processing trauma. Seriously your point about not being grounded / disassociation from the body/ being seen falsely as a spacey kid awhile ago triggered a bunch of connections for me. Keep sharing !!!!also sphincter cringe made me lol

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