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Welcome to the Venusian Vortex: Venus – the Goddess of Beauty, Art, Romance and Magic – among other things – is strong in Taurus, one of the two signs that she rules. This naturally enhances awareness of personal aesthetics, sensual feelings and creative vibe. It inspires a re-grounding or settling into what you know to be right for you.Β  This dimension of the Venusian Vortex is ideal for personal style statements or for making a definitive move in anything artistic/enterprising.

But She is also about to make a whole series of dazzling aspects to the outer planets Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Chiron. Mars is likewise revving up for a few zaps of his own, albeit from a less powerful position than our lady Venus. All this will be parsed in the Horoscopes but in general, existing trends in relationships/attractions/situations are set to become stronger. If you are falling in love, that deepens. If you’re detaching from a person, that process accelerates.

From when? From now. It is already happening.



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24 thoughts on “The Venusian Vortex

  1. mmm shall I call this sos? ?
    I finish a relationship the same day venus went stationary direct/may 14th…
    And yesterday just couldnt keep represing my desire to talk to him…

  2. I have Venus in Taurus and my romantic interest of the last three months left the country today, probably never to return (visa issues). To say I am heartbroken is an understatement. Not sure how this aligns with the current astrological climate but I thought I would post to see if anyone has some insights to soothe my soul. Long time lurker, first post… thank you…

  3. Where Venus & Neptune is concerned, you either see things as they are or cloud yourself to what it actually is. I’m beginning to see some of mine, including friends who keep me for convenience rather than actually liking me. (We can only disagree so much.)

    More importantly though, my relationship with myself: I wanna know if this path I’ve begun is real or beneficial to me or not. I’ve thought about becoming a crystal healer, or a creator of crystal healing jewelry. My empathic abilities have been getting stronger, but what’s the use of them other than to protect myself?

  4. Venus no w currently in my 2nd. And a shizz storm has erupted in a very long legal battle for damage compensation. Long story I’m taking a local big shot millionaire (likes to brag about it) to court or rather have been to court. Got my decree, couldn’t get the money. So am now bankrupting him to get my cash as he has not made a single effort to communicate and he now decides to argue his case which he had over a year to do. I am furious beyond imagining as I’ve spent thousands so as not to fail in this arena again (court decrees unpaid to me) My lawyer considers he’s got no chance but still he’s prolonging this. He’s a very nasty narcissistic man, makes me shudder as well as fume. Zen zen zen. Oooommmmm.

  5. *looks at writing binge from the last few days* Hoo boy, does this explain a lot. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, creatively speaking!

  6. My Art has been dormant for quite a long time, but the combination of a stationary Rx Neptune in sextile to Venus in Taurus has mysteriously roused it from Hibernation Mode. I woke up and went for a run the other day – sometimes I like doing this while half asleep because it allows my mind to just kind of wander while I connect with Nature and ruminate over my dreams. About a quarter mile into my run, out of absolutely nowhere I received a spiritual Art directive that very much involves earthy, natural themes. I’ve not worked with the specific medium called for so this will be new territory for me, but I have a very clear vision of the finished products in my head and think I can do this. So off to the art supply store I went and I purchased what I needed to stock up for this project. It will be a whole series, and provided I perfect my technique I will likely keep producing these pieces for the rest of my life. It’s amazing – I went from zero to Divinely inspired in an artistic sense in nothing flat; the inspiration completely came out of thin air!

  7. So, what’s the deal with Neptune Rx?
    I just read some astrologer who thinks artists will find themselves deeply involved in projects but may find it difficult to share them or to find a receptive audience until this planet goes direct again in November. What?!!! That’s crazy!! I’ve got a group exhibition coming up very soon. The show must go on but I’m nervous now. At least Venus is well placed and Jupiter in Libra is direct (natal Venus and midheaven in Libra)

    • I don’t think Neptune has nothing to do with “finding a receptive audience”. My guess is that it has more to do with personal perceptions, haute and low vibe. But to say that “all artist” won’t find a receptive audience until November feels way too generic. And also: not every art is protected/related to Neptune.

        • Mind you about 2 hours after writing this I met a COMPLETE BABE who I would very much like to tangle with, there are unknown unknowns in this equation, so, I’ll see.

          • “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”
            (Soz, l know it is Rumsfeld….l wished l could unknow that)

            • You could try get some of his “enhanced interrogation techniques” done and you’ll unknow all the unknowns that you never even knew you unknew.

  8. There’s has been quite a push in focusing on my look. I am coming out of a very long winter and a pretty dull and sometimes unusually dark spring, dominated by a dark mood Venus Retro.
    So now it’s good to give more attention to that area.
    Plus I am a moon in Taurus person, so it’s nice to feel pretty again, it kinda soothes my emotions too.

  9. Oooo! So that’s what this is!

    Venus is conjunct natal Chiron and Chiron is transiting across Pisces rising degree.

    This would also explain my dream last night… 😯

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