Mega Mystic Members: Mercury Retro In Virgo Prep Talk

Brace thy selves people.  This is super-adequate warning that Mercury is going to be in Virgo – yes, Virgo – from July 25 until October 1.  Someone needs to option a mini-series on this. It’s backing into the late degrees of Leo for a few days but really, this is VIRGO VISION TO THE MAX.  We are all Virgos now.

So all right, practicality:  The reason that Mercury is in Virgo for so long is that it will be Retrograde for some of this phase. Mercury gets into Virgo on July 25/26 and then turns Retro @11 Virgo on August 12/13 before turning Direct @28 Leo on September 5.  Finally, after non-stop Precision Intensity Warp Core status for weeks on end, Mercury makes it into Libra on October 1.

What to know? Well, Mercury RULES Virgo so it is strong in Virgo. This means that if you deliberately plan to get your shizz together at a higher level than ever before during this time, it will work brilliantly. If you have a heap of writing, broadcast, media or bending the rules of Space and Time to make things happen, go for it.

But if you’re planning to waft along in a blur of slacker charm, beauty or anything remotely resembling complacency than get the hell up of your couch. There will be a Virgo wanting to vacuum underneath it.

This will also render the Solar Eclipse at the end of August (the American Eclipse) dramatic but perhaps also mysterious. Details may not be able to be clarified till, god, late September.

Is there a caution for all this? If you have to sign a contract in this time, go absolutely ape over the fine print and clause aspect of things.  If possible, don’t tech up in this time either. More will be explored re this particularly fierce Retro in your Horoscopes and sign by sign, of course.

Image: Shahrokh Hatami

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Silver Huang
Silver Huang

Yes, have a tonne of videos to publish over this time, am damn glad I got the pivot out of the way now and am spending this next month warming up to the actual retro in Virgo period!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Thank goodness for advanced Merc RX warnings….

I PLAN to have my schizz together fiercely.

anita2MM Member

Perfect!! Thank you Mystic! Ready to jam on some writing projects and have been feeling support in the stars. Nice to know that it will last for a stretch! xo

rachelMM Member

WHAT lol–I’ve got Venus at 29 LEO (2nd), which will get worked by the solar eclipse AND now I guess this retro phase.

My third cusp is in Virgo, not much of anything planets-wise, Juno being the only real notable asteroid. Maybe I could work on writing a book about radical conflict resolution in marriage/long term partnership? Or how to be free from a philandering Jove? HMMM.

krs3MM Member

Woooo! Three passes to my Ascendant/Hecate conjunction. I am psyched. I have Mercury in Gemini but I really like Mercury in Virgo transits and people.

My progressed moon will also move from 28 Leo to 1 Virgo in this time period too, which is kinda nutty and clearly meaningful though I am not sure how — will have to think and witch out about that.

jjt4732MM Member

Thank you, Mystic. This post is so believably well-timed. I actually just made initial moves toward launching a new website – a blog / calendar hybrid that will help people discover new music and facilitate growth for the artists and venues that make up my city’s music community. I hope this thing takes off!

MissDeeMM Member

Last year MR in Virgo was UBER productive: I used to apply Konmari to the whole house, uncover old debts/financial pits I had completely overlook and put a recovery plan on to fix it.
But it meant also having to deal with my ex husband and it was emotionally extremely challenging so, to be honest, I am hoping to for a less dramatic MR this time 🙂

MethinkyMM Member

Superb – bring it! Moving to a new section the day before and ready to crank it up a notch. Merc on midheaven trine Jupiter 2nd, opposite moon in Virgo in 4th (not exact). It will be a distraction from the Venus in Pisces Saturn Bs, I am so over that!

AlouettaMM Member

I’m so excited! I have a mountain of micro and macro planning, writing and management to do over that period and I need all the help I can get… This is just what the doctor ordered 🙂

JacquiMM Member

Looking forward to getting my “shizz together at a higher level” streamlined, sorted, culled and labelled in a plethora of neat colour coded tabs. Books, tax, memorabilia, photos….and don’t even mention work, bring it on!

JacquiMM Member

Pluto n uranus in virgo

MissDeeMM Member

Last mercury retro in Virgo (last year end of august/sept) I – as a Virgo rising with Pluto in fist house – decided to go ape shizz crazy with Marie Kondo and did the whole house.
And sorting my paper house was one of the most tiring but definitely liberating experiences. Ever.

LiliMM Member

Very inspiring! I have Virgo Pluto in 10th square retro Gem Mars. My paper vs screen life is huge struggle- tackling Kondo again while uni kids are home to help-


Yes! I have Mercury in Virgo, 3rd House and my head has been all over the show with baby brain. Time for some focus!

MissDeeMM Member

As a Virgo rising, I am supposed to have fabulous mating/dating aspect right in the days before (august 8 to 11) which, and I quote “it’s not time for tepid compromises or lurking in whatever you deem your safe zone of love/art – it’s a brilliant time to glide out and around in full Awesome”. And apparently is dead close to MR. Does that mean that – whatever happens – might alter my holiday plans or go in stealt mode for the following weeks (god please no). Also for the first 3 weeks of august I’ll be on holiday and… Read more »