Astrology Fashion Shopping Tips

Astrology Fashion Shopping Tips

Astrology works high and low. It can provide insight into dark nights of the soul and existential crises. Navigating complex career terrain is made more simple with this ancient art. Astrology also aids in understanding our relationships. It even has its own “Venusian Rules” for successful shopping. So voila, Astrology Fashion Shopping Tips!

Shopping can be such exquisite hell: transient body dysmorphia. The Pluto in Capricorn economy. Minimalist freak outs at the mall. Snippy shop assistants. Existential image crisis situations. Haunted changing rooms. Ethics issues. Shit mirrors with Fluorescent Ghoul Lighting.

But we need – in general – to keep warm and conceal our naked humanity with some form of fabric so hence, clothing. Or even fashion. Venus is the Go-To Goddess for such themes and so here are the basic Venusian Rules for Successful Shopping.

(1) Traditionally, Friday is the day of Venus and thus good for any Venusian activity. This day is named after the Norse Venus (Frida/Freya) and of course is Vendredi in French. “Fridays’ child is loving and giving.”

(2) You would think that a time when Venus was in one of her sanctuary signs – Pisces, Taurus or Libra – would be extra good but not necessarily for shopping. When Venus is thus, you can feel fabulous in a pair of track-pants. You’re not necessarily objective because you’re sensual and sedate, in the nicest possible way.

(3) Optimally, although you may find this counter-intuitive, Venus in aspect to Uranus or Saturn is the best energy for genius shopping as you’ll be able to detach from your usual neural settings and have awesome objectivity.  The last five days of July are just such a vibe.

(4) Browse the Style Your Ascendant series for extra inspiration and consider that the time of the year when the Sun is in the sign of your Ascendant is the best time to put forward a fresh image.  So if you have Scorpio Rising, late October through until November 21 is ideal.

(5) Cull and purge from the Full Moon to the New Moon – save your most thorough efforts in this regard for the Dark Moon days right before the New Moon.  Purchase and add-on from the New Moon to the Full Moon.

(6) Don’t buy anything but essentials (new underpants) when Venus is Retrograde and yes, this goes for both genders.

(7) When you have an outer planet in strong aspect to your Venus, that is when your look is organically changing, it is like an urge from within.

(8) This is just classic mundane wisdom but seriously, dress for the life that you have or the life that you want to be having, not the life that somebody else, an expired inner voice or the collective advertising crowd think that you ought to be having.

Image: Steven Klein

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My daughter got me into shopping at consignments and charity or outlet stores and we are totally hooked on it. Love being able to score unique items. Found an amazing vintage fashon place that also sells vintage inspired lingerie (whatkatydid). Crazy thing is that they sell by waist size…so guess what im doing….planks to fit in these awesome vintage pieces…suits from the 1940s and 50s. The jewelry also rocks.

Love getting a steal but scoring something is really amazing.


I find that I always shop for new clothes when the moon is in Leo. Leo, of course, but also my Saturn is in Leo. It just tends to work out for me.


Ohh, I love when you make lists of tips Mystic. I’m feeling scorpiodawn and Charlee above, I’ve been trying to buy/come across mostly second hand clothes lately and actually my wardrobe has been better than ever. Libra rising, with Venus in Scorpio living with Saturn in Sag in my 2nd house – minimalism for the sake of high quality. I have Venus retro natally and I looked back at the astrology of my personal style I’ve noticed that I’ve had some genius style evolutions during retrograde periods, before I was in that deep with astrology enough to know about retrograde… Read more »


i found two wicked tops in the charity shop yesterday.
dont even like whats in the shops right now…


yes! this is why i have started to make my own clothes – it has COMPLETELY changed my life. fabric comes from op/charity shops, and it’s allowing me to be creative in ways i did not think possible.


I work at a landfill it makes this triple Aqua squirm at how much people throw away, actually fills me full of rage! Today was scrounging through Salvo’s dump….there at my feet without even looking was a slightly dusty Oroton leather handbag, this baby in its day (what? 3 years ago) would cost $495. It would still fetch $250 on eBay today I’ve adopted it will clean it up & be sassy because the thing is classy. So yeah shopping doesn’t have to be in a store. That’s the life I’m having don’t have to step into a store sometimes.

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