Ask Mystic: Is Venus In Pisces My Downfall?

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Venus in Pisces

Hello Mystic!

I trust you are having a wonderful weekend.

I am seeking your opinion from an astro point of view regarding my Venus sign. My strong  Fire Vibe serves me well in career and academic pursuits, so no real complaints there. However, my Venus sitting in Pisces has been a sore point.

All ex-partners have been Water signs. The men I seem to attract have had issues with alcohol, or diagnosed with a mental disorder, or can only offer an affair in secret. From what I have read up on, it would appear that these characteristics tend to be related to Pisceans. I understand that most people would ordinarily see these traits in men and run for the hills. But yet here I am attracting these types in droves!

Mystic, how do I rewrite my story? One that includes having a relationship with a healthy, stable man that doesn’t need rescuing or needs to be kept in secret. How do I WORK the positive aspects of Venus in Pisces?

Thank you
Fed Up With Fishy Crap

If You Are Not Starring In An Arthurian Romance, Unconditional Love Is Dangerous

Hello, Fed Up With Fishy Crap!

Well, I too have Venus in Pisces so may not be the objective source of wisdom on this that you desire. However, I am sure there will be some super erudite people in the comments.

Venus in Pisces is considered “exalted” in traditional astrology – that is, this Goddess Of Love, Art, Beauty, and Charm functions particularly well in Pisces. One of the explanations I got for this years ago was that it is because Venus in Pisces is capable of “unconditional love.”

It sounds nice, but it is also a formula to be psychologically filleted by some Qi Vamp/Chaos Addict/Drama Magnet.

If you are not starring in an Arthurian Romance or the bloody Bible, unconditional love is dangerous. There are always ‘conditions’ or boundaries. And if not, why not? Is my Saturn-Venus transit showing?

Lower Neptunians Perfect Their Sex, Charm, And Seduction Skills To Cover For Their Inadequacies

So now to you. I don’t personally ascribe these traits to Pisces as such, but it does kind of like what Lower Neptune conduct – the darker manifestation of Neptune-Pisces-12th House energy.

There is probably some Jungian explanation for this. You may not be in touch with the higher energy of your Venus in Pisces, so you are putting out dark or clogged up emanations.

Or, subliminally you don’t feel you are worthy of a person with their shit together and who is available for a hot, healthy relationship.

And voila the queue of Lower Neptune types, complete with a slimy trail behind them on the wet mossy concrete, goo-goo eyes and poetic yearning. But god forbid that you ask them not to get smashed for a couple of days or to make an actual time for anything.

But what is this giving you? Sometimes going “out” with those sorts of people can give you a heap of space for work, friends, family, art, enterprise, and spiritual development.

Skip the self-talk, go full Mars on this: don’t date dickheads, no matter how hot. And stay out of sewers.

It can mean you feel like you’ve got something going on but without all the tedium of having to turn up for them. The fantasy affair – which Neptunians are fantastic at can be more fulfilling than real relationships.

And, the killer-app, these people tend to be sexually very appealing. They realize that they are never going to be the support person at the vet or some hospital. And you would have to be stark slobbering insane to ever blend finances with them.  So they perfect their sex, charm and seduction skills.

I would wager that you were okay with your Venus in Pisces love life until the Saturn Uranus trine began late last year. That would have stimulated your Fire aspects to want stronger alliances.

Sometime in the last seven months, you gazed around at the terrain of your Neptunian lovers, and they seemed insubstantial.

You are already re-scripting this narrative. Awareness of this dynamic will in itself provide the outline for the next chapter. Venus in Pisces – anything in Pisces – responds to visualization and cognitive work, altering your consciousness and changing up your self-talk: I used to be drawn to people like that – now I’m not.  Or I am really looking forward to my relationship with a healthy stable man.

Or, skip the self-talk, go full Mars on this: don’t date dickheads, no matter how hot. And stay out of sewers.



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Princess Balestra
Princess Balestra

Gotta love anythin’ exalto cos it is Full Power Whatever. Venus in Pisces is kinda Full Power Diffusion — a world view meansya can cosy on up to pretty much anythin’, guided hopefully by harmony an’ beauty. Taken that way, this vibe is an abundant sourcea inner gifts an’ mebbe even outer gifts raided from their most exotic lockers. Only problem is, you also got innate unreliability & you mebbe gonna seep sumtimes into dark fissures fulla bad stuff. Charm an’ fortune prolly always gonna bailya out, but not always for free. Lotta hurt comes with this kinda suit …… Read more »

Annabelle Fabriczy
Annabelle Fabriczy

Ughhh this so great thank you for the post and for your response MM

I’ve had a few dreams unwanted fantasy of the dickwads I use to date when I snap out in like gross , just gross

Pisces sun and rising with Mars in the 12th, ya feel me.

But yes agree there is something always a little more appealing than a healthy hot relationship because of the dysfunction the miscommunication the fighting the making etc etc it’s the drama that forces us to wake up move on and fall in love again

thank for the insights ?

JokermanMM Member

Does 2H Mars, Pluto, Vesta & Venus (and other rocks) mean I’m too fussy?
Like, mores the point, how do I overcome it all?

emgMM Member

Shouldn’t the question be how do I best embrace my blueprint (planets) ?

JokermanMM Member

I’ll go with that.

saggenieMM Member

I have venus in capricorn in the 12th house, so have had a lot of struggles with these same themes as well, but more in the realm of desiring unattainable men, spending a lot of time fantasizing or daydreaming, or letting basically crushes develop into elaborate narratives. Years and years of this, as well as total qi vampire relationships where I was unable to deal with raging issues with a partner but blindly “accepted” them out of desire for a relationship – cue me actually having a voice inside myself screaming at all times, subliminal stress ruining my sanity etc.… Read more »

emgMM Member

What degree is your Venus ? It could be that you need to leap in and experience these things almost regardless of their suitability or it could be the universal love which says you can accept each human relationship, each human and where they are at in that moment. It’s a gift really but that love needs to be tempered with a loving boundary that states this is me, my stuff, that’s you, your stuff. But we can mix it up in a safe space. I’m heavy Pisces so speak from some experience. Each of my male mate encounters has… Read more »



Venusian8MM Member


emgMM Member

Then you are experiential. Leap in where others may fear to tread. Each connection after all is a connection. Accept it, leap in with grace and be able to leap out with grace too.

Fishy by Progression
Fishy by Progression

I can’t even begin to say how much I appreciate this post. Thank you! I’ve just had an astrologer–the 4th I’ve worked with and the best so far, who’s also a Sun in Pisces, where my North Node is–tell me that my progressed Venus has been in Pisces (my natal Venus is in Capricorn, as are my natal Sun, Moon and Mercury) since 2003, which is why I’ve been lost in my romantic life. So true! That’s when I succumbed to my first relationship with a married man and it’s been downhill for me in the romance department ever since… Read more »

PiMM Member

I can’t help with much else but just wanted to reassure you that Venus in Aries is VERY FUN but might be quite the change of pace 😉 and also perhaps make sure you date men who aren’t weird about tomboyish tendencies (fuq those guys who are, srsly lol – competition is a turn on for Venus in Aries)

Fishy by Progression
Fishy by Progression

Thank you for sharing, Pi. That’s really good to know!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Venus is Aries–they like ’em feisty 🙂

amystarMM Member

venus in cancer in the 12th house here, this is all feeling like a letter to me…think the 12th house flavour feels strong for my venus ! Chironx8 your wording of ‘thinker and drinker’ types with creative, anti ambition philosophies and confidence problems – that just… is bang on to the archetype!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I know those types–anti ambition philopsphies URRRRGH avoid avoid avoid.

Saggi Crab
Saggi Crab

My pattern so far as well in long term relationships. Agree with you Lux – avoid avoid avoid!

bossladyMM Member

I think you nailed it, Mystic. I’m also a Venus in Pisces; there’s always some tendency toward…fantasy? in love / relationships. But as you get older (i.e. more Saturnine), it’s easier to set boundaries. What is good vs what is unacceptable behavior for a lover. And such, easier to cut ties when it’s not a good match.

Kim S
Kim S

Blown away by the lucid insight.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Ohhh I totally get this.

At least you have developed this awareness! (hello Saturn) and once you’ve got Saturn onside you can work at polishing the gem.

Maybe look at your moon and work that instead?


As a mutliple Pisces, with Venus also in Pisces, i have never really analysed why but from my teenage years i have always been drawn to the dark/moody type. My crushes are usually the clean cut good guy next door and guess what – they have never been interested in me romantically… but “the thinker and drinker” types with creative, anti-ambition philosophies and confidence problems … yep, like moths to the flame. I’ve propped them up, at a great cost to myself but i didn’t realise because when i am in it, it just becomes all-encompassing, like the air we… Read more »

dark starMM Member
dark star

As a fellow piscey venus I can so relate! And completely believe mm is right about the relation of self worth to this.
I define unconditional love as not love without boundaries because that’s no good. Instead, i think of it as love without judgement- someone who is honest but holds space for you to grow and work through problems etc.

Year of the Phoenix
Year of the Phoenix

With you sister! I have a LeonianVenus in the 12th square my Moon/Neptune and yes to a string of Mr Wrongs and Chaos Addicts

I am now a little scared to trust my judgement as every time my life is detailed – last one was a controlling and abusive who has left me scarred

I see that I need to do some more inner work and begin to retrain my brain and BELIEVE I deserve someone together who isn’t going to turn into someone else on me

mooninthe12thMM Member

Spot on, Mystic. My Venus is progressed to pisces but I am also sun conjunct neptune (and my newly recognized Hecate!!) with my moon in the twelfth (I’m cancer rising so its a significant part of me).

Definitely restructuring my approach to love and relationships. Saturn leaving my natal Saturn and 5th house also helps too. I’m ready for grown up things and have absolutely no time for the toxic drama I allowed into my life due to bo5 boundaries and no sense of self / self worth. It’s absolutely empowering.

Nina Raffaela
Nina Raffaela

Fedupwithfishcrap thank you for the question.
I feel there will come the time where you can enjoy your lovelife and attractions again. (Cause….come on, i can’t find a bad thing with an affair with an scorpio …..sigh)
Plus I am happy for MMs points on visualisation as every woman has the exact relationship she is wishing for.

I’m Pisces Sun/Venus/Merc/Jup ….. currently pretty unsatisfied with my relationship/Future and the last der weeks quite a b*tch with all my nagging… maybe it’s really just an actual thing for us to be unhappy with our lovelife.