Can Saturn Transits Revert Back To “Normal”?

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Want Saturn transits advice? You’re in the right place.

To the inexpressibly intelligent and insightful Mystic,

I’m a Sun-Sag who (as I’ve groused about in the comments a few times) has had a hell of a time with Saturn paying me a visit for the last couple of years. In short order, I was offered what looked like my dream job – which I moved halfway across the country to pursue – only to be let go with no reason given (perhaps out of tact) after three months. Cue purging everything I couldn’t fit in my car, which is not big, driving straight back home to my parents, and taking the hugest ego hit of my life. That is, up until three months after that, when the EXACT SAME THING happened again, right down to the going back to my parents.

There was also the part where I found out that I have something like nine different food sensitivities that give me a god-awful autoimmune reaction and throw a serious wrench into my social life. I mean restaurants are close to a complete no-go, and food made by someone else is even scarier. Next to the job nonsense, it almost feels like an afterthought, but it has done some dreadful things to my interpersonal sphere.

Saturn Transits Advice Often Limits Itself To “Suck It Up” But What About The Benefits?

Here’s the thing, though…here on the tail end of it, I’m almost afraid of Saturn leaving. Come Monday, I start a job that sounds like my actual dream job – home based with tons of travel, all kinds of autonomy, detail, and organizing, just like my Sun, Virgo moon and Aqua ascendant love. And that fuckup with the food sensitivities has me down a full sixty pounds since last year, which cleared up so many health issues. There have been other lessons that haven’t been quite so difficult (figuring out I’m asexual, for one), but they’ve been just as life-changing, and in a positive way. It’s been a really rough time, but it’s given me so much.

But now I’m worried, for two reasons. On the one hand, I’m afraid I’ll revert to back to being the dumb kid who didn’t have the work ethic to keep two grown-up jobs in a row. On the other, my actual Saturn return doesn’t even happen until 2020, since it’s in Capricorn (12th house, in case it matters). So, I’m worried I’ll lose this newfound self-discipline once Saturn is done here. But then, I’m also worried it’ll all topple in a few years, once Saturn comes back. Can everything I’ve learned this past couple of years be sustainable? I’m mutable as hell (Mars in Gemini, lord help me), so “sustainable” isn’t really what I’m used to, but it’s absolutely what I want, now.

Thank you so much – your whole site has completely revamped the way I think about astro stuff, and I always appreciate your insight.


What Saturn Changes Does Not Change Back

Dear Syrena,

Thank you for the compliments!  And okay, here is my best Saturn transits advice to date.

Saturn Transits do not revert. What Saturn changes does not change back. I know what you mean but Saturn is usually in charge of the domain where things endure. For instance, when there is a strong Saturn bond between people, that tie is significant. Those people know each other forever, the affiliation only deepening with time.

Saturn IS sustainable which is why so much of the oomph of a Saturn transit is in the sudden realization of what is sustainable and what is merely flimsy.  It does not matter that you move back home twice in a row. You’re doing the Saturnine task of building strong foundations – the job, the consciousness and the clarity around your sexuality.

If you’re THIS Saturn-aware now, your Saturn Return is going to feature the by-products of your success and security. Like what?  Envy from others. Tax liabilities. Dentists. And the food? Don’t focus on what you “can’t eat” or are “intolerant to.”  Think of it as food that feeds your fierceness and counts as actual nutrition versus food that makes you feeble.

Saturn Does Not Topple – It Builds

As for restaurants, it sucks but when you are in Saturn City you learn how to feed yourself – psychically and literally. Turn this into a strength!  Self-generated amazing cuisine with unprocessed ingredients, no cheats and as organic as possible is totally the new Zeitgeist anyway. Congrats on being ahead on Uranus in Taurus.

You have taken charge of a health issue and WON while also scoring an epic job. Why would it not last? The Pluto in Capricorn economy is vicious and in hyper-flux. But could your feeling also spring from unstable self-worth?

You would not have this job if you did not deserve it and if the employer did not think you would be good at it/deliver them revenue. It’s not a “dream” job. It’s a Saturn job, it is real and it is part of your new foundation. Same with your newly made over the gut and endocrine system via the revved-up nutrition.

Mars in Gemini is HOT. When Mars in Gemini gets fixed on a job, it gets done. My daughter has Mars in Gemini and can very easily turn out a world-class productivity work performance for more or less anything if she needs to earn snazzy new sneakers.  But seriously. congratulations.  Remember: Saturn does not topple – Saturn builds. And so do you.

Image: Sebastian Faena

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saturnplutofluxMM Member

what?? it looks like Saturn will be back on my sun round about the same time Venus hits my ascendant – no fair!!!!

TripleLMM Member

Saturn helped me to grow a jumbo, coconut-sized pair of huevos & finally kick every user/parasite/Qi vamping/chaos addict/liar/manipulator/douchelord/inauthentic asswipe/back-stabbing beeatch to the curb.

Peaceful, quiet & drama-free ’round here these days. Not to mention, wallet plumper.

Go, Team Saturn!


Dear Syrena stop copying my life! Just kidding of course!! 😀 Feeling the same as you and im only a sagg rising. Dont worry about not holding a job for a long time. Jobs are not what they used to be where people kept the same job for like their lifetime. Worry about being in the right job for you and everything else should go fine. Hells yes about conquering food sensitivities! Ever since i found my food allergies i lost a total of 40 lbs sans extra exercise. I only exercise 3 days a week instead of 5-7 days.… Read more »

saturnplutofluxMM Member

yeh, hey? interesting that these seem to be the themes of a saturn transit…I had all the same issues when he went through my 6th house Libra (work/food sensitivities/health), there was a tad respite in Scorpio (although that was opposing my ascendant) but things were still tough due to the fall out from the Libra session. I honestly can’t tell what the results of the transit to my Saggi sun/merc/jupiter/neptune have been because I have been neck deep in Saturn for so long “encased in concrete” feels like normal…. although I am literally far more solid than I was before… Read more »

saturnplutofluxMM Member

oh yeh, and the point of this post – i was worried i might revert too, but I’m pretty sure the changes are irreversible….

CassieMM Member

Thanks for that read. I am also Sag sun and my goodness…. the past few years have turned me upside down and inside out. Sometimes I am not sure I am even swimming in the right direction. Also huge change in jobs, love life has been a literal horror story you would see on Lifetime, a complete change in my social circle, obstacle after deep obstacle, spirituality change, I also experienced a diet change. Eating outside of my home is pretty much a big no no for me… I feel like Ive been a gypsy trying to build roots with… Read more »

PiMM Member

Good perspective shift in your reply there mystic. Thank you.

SyrenaMM Member

Bless you all. And thank you, Mystic!! It’s been quite the ride, I will say, but I’m doing my best to acknowledge the work I’ve been doing, and where it’s gotten me. ?


I’ve been on Saturn track this semester too. I’ve morphed so much to 2.0 that I can’t recognize pre-Saturn me. Not only have I dropped almost 20 lbs. effortlessly through better self care(nutrition and exercise), I’ve literally shed my past and it’s grip on me. Just in the last week its become crystal clear how much I’ve moved past issues because I’ve had two different specialists give me the all clear and go out of their way to tell me how well I am doing. It took awhile to sink in because I had old neurons expecting the typical response… Read more »

quintileMM Member

hey good insights – thanks! currently I have saturn squaring my sun, moon and mercury so its an interesting (!) phase.

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

I think ‘dream job’ is a myth: every job has pros and cons and until you get there you won’t be aware of the cons. Saturn is then about taking those on board and integrating them so your response is not the same as last time because you remember the lesson of what happened last time and try a different approach. Saturn through my first was a life changing transit for me. Discovered my self-discipline, drive and determination which was good to rediscover, having lost the plot for a few years. Health issues flared last year but courtesy of the… Read more »


Agree on the dream job being a myth. I am just a few years older than the OP but one of the lessons I learned in my mid to late 20s was that so much of what actually makes you happy at a job has to do with the people and the environment and not so much the title or the nuances of the work itself.

nattyMM Member

I’m so pleased to read this! I’d been having similar thoughts. I have loved this whole Saturn vibe.


I`m currently having my Saturn return in Sag in 12th, body issues, food issues, job/work related issues. I feel stuck, no matter what I do doesn`t seem to get me anywhere.. With Cap Ascendant I always had a lot of self confidence issues. I really want to stick to a food regime that allows me healthier life style but I cant seem to find a way to start that. I realized that I need a lot of work on my self and my issues. I don`t want t the transit to end without me doing the needed changes. I want… Read more »

joolzMM Member

We are feeling the same angst.

baristagemMM Member

There’s no going back after Saturn transits! Saturn has changed my life completely and I can’t even imagine wanting my pre Saturn life back. Mystic has been such an amazing Saturn guide and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to navigate it without this site. I work in hospitality and know food pretty well but since Saturn I rarely eat at restaurants unless I know them because i want to know how my food is being prepared/cook/plated. I have such an eye for detail that i recognise the cleanliness of a cafe/restaurant in an instant. I could easily change careers… Read more »


This: “Enjoy Saturn because it makes your life real.”


Oh my god yes!!! Saturn has worked me to DEATH and still is (I mean, just when I thought I was juggling everything already post-crises, I have just signed on to a 2nd job just to make ends meet) but I REALLY can’t believe the ME that I was, and the kind of mistreatment and unfairness I allowed, pre-Saturn. Sag 3H sun & mercury with a Virgo Ascendant

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


My Saturn transit (virgo here) was job/boss from hell and the discovering of food/health issues. But I got the fuq out of there and into a much better work situation.

Wishing you all the best! Saturn can be a bitch, but OH THE LESSONS.

ChrysalisMM Member

Haha I read the headline, laughed out loud and said, “No.”
Post-Saturn transit is the new normal… what seems to happen is it brings hyper-clarity about the consequences of choices, hence the fear of going backwards. At least that’s been my experience.

baristagemMM Member

I said the same thing when I read it too! hahah

joolzMM Member

So Mystic and dear readers here’s my question: what if we feel like we haven’t done all we should with Saturn? The changes have been huge and the lessons, too. But there are still areas where I need more discipline – admin, food, exercise. Good intentions, but was absorbed with bigger curveballs – like post-partum depression, motherhood, blowing up my business twice. Any advice on rocking and prioritizing the final six for the life housekeeping stuff that has not stuck?

DMM Member

I am 100% wondering this too. I am finishing up my Saturn return and have Saturn opposite my sun in Gemini again. So I’ve had him in the 7th house as a Gemini sun and 2nd house as a Scorpio rising. While I feel like I’ve learned and integrated a lot of lessons in partnerships, and managed to increase my income substantially (2nd house), I’m still dealing with utter financial chaos. If I don’t manage to sort out that chaos in the next 6 months then what happens? I guess on the upside I have the sun, Mercury and Mars… Read more »

PiMM Member

Believe me, you have. I think post partum depression, motherhood, business challenges, is in fact the Saturn transit?!? Maybe give yourself 4 weeks annual leave from Saturn so you can breathe and take stock. .. x

joolzMM Member

Thanks for the encouragement guys! I tend to dwell and what I have not done / stumbled vs the good I have.

Sometimes I read Saturn stuff and feel like if it ends before I’ve morphed into the hottest, healthiest, uber organized ass kicking superhuman I’m fuqed.

PiMM Member

Maybe look out for other Saturn stuff that is a little less anxiety inducing…

PiMM Member

Also, here is some Saturn style advice, every single human being on the planet has Saturn transits. All the time, everywhere. If everyone went all übermensch as a result, we’d all be perfect wouldn’t we? Lol. So, yes. LIFE is saturnian – the slow accumulation of wisdom and experience through the general practical demands of physical existence. You’re doing ok x

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