Ancestral Hauntings

Ancestor astrology is spooky but amazing.

Traditionally, it is one’s own ancestors who are meant to haunt you, is it not? Neither of my major ghostly apparitions was related to me. One was my then grandmother in law and the other a long-time commenter on this site, who sadly passed a few years back.

But in classical Feng Shui, there is an “ancestors” corner where you can place images of them – if you liked them, presumably. And of course, it used to be the done thing to have whole walls of portraits or photographs of your ancestors in your house.

In part to show off your (perhaps) illustrious heritage and perhaps also to invite extra ‘protection’ from these presumably benevolent spirits. Personally, i am not so big on this but i did recently have a strange experience. My children finally talked me into doing Ancestry DNA, where you basically dribble into a tube, post it away and back comes your ancestry, areas of origin and all. It rules out your airy guesswork or calculations based on what nationality you think some far back relation was.

Ancestor Astrology Has Narrative Logic

This is the weird part, mine was 68% Cornish – as in English Cornwall – and not just that but all from this one TOWN.  So google-image searched the town, as you do and there was this harbor that i have never seen in real life but which i have dreamed about on and off for years.  Only the harbor i dream about is medieval.  I got an electric chill seeing it on my browser.

So, as the Moon is in Scorpio and Void for 22 hours soon – what are your experiences with ancestral hauntings, ghosts, DNA and the concept of praying to or having a corner/shrine etc in your house for them? I know it is the done thing in many cultures but even now?

And of course, there is a kind of strange astrological narrative that runs through the generations. If you ever get the time to go over your ancestor’s astrological data, you often see the same characteristics again and again. A whole run of Moon in Scorpios or lo and behold, the great grandfather you always felt a connection with has your astrological signature.

Some families churn out Uranus types and others have whole runs of one Sun Sign or the same nodes. The family members from the same Soul Pods have the weirdest affinity.


Kris Chau – Fireplace For A Haunted Space

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my best friend saw my dad’s ghost chilling around my old house a while ago. he died when i was 15 and was the epithome of haute pisces. he didn’t appear to anyone prior to that. plus they’re both sagg rising lol. i’ve always felt super connected to her, we look a lot alike, are both psychic and she’s even got some of my family’s astro traits.


To all the ancestors whose pasts weigh upon them; to all those who now seek to make aright–peace keep your souls until all is good and done. There will time enough to quibble about your dna surviving or not but for all is lost you tried surviving and the noblest leaks these stills


My family have an example of ancestors &/or departed family members contacting from the other side: when my father was in ICU close to the end, my mother and younger sister had the same dream at the same time though they were 30kms apart in their own homes; they dreamt our brother/son who passed after 3 days alive (1966) being a month premature, was holding his open arms out to our father and saying he had been waiting so long to be with him again. My mother and sister rang each other the next morning and told each other of… Read more »


your father was a lucky man indeed. receiving this message surely helped him. in her last hours my grandmother told us that she heard “them” singing,”them” being her husband and two sons <3 . I hope that when my time comes me too I see a familiar face beckoning.


Draconic charts show lots of family patterns- Kim F has loads on her website on this.


On ancestors- I just heard the gorgeous, compelling Jennifer Teege speak- author of “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me.” She found out as an adult, that she was related to a Nazi camp commodante. In her astro, she has tight Moon-Saturn in Toro. Also Pluto is in Virgo- home of librarians. Don’t have a birth time and she is necessarily private. She spoke of toxic family secrets, their power and the need to verify assertions, whether in your family or the media. Said she’s empathic (Kataka Sun and Mars.) Very haute soul!


She discovered her family history at the library-in a book-


This is interesting in the context of star lush’s post above. Imho..


Yes, quite!


Sorry due to spouse’s job-


Just sent for kits to test ancestry- Father’s Day special or me, husband and his mum. My dear friend is an ancestor muse and spends more time with her departed family than living folk. She moved to clannish area due to spouse’s. So she spends hours on her family history. Lemons into lemonade.


Well, this is a bit odd, but sense of humour, definitely inherited across generations in my family. Our in-laws, all lovely people, bond over how tight me and my brothers are on the laughs. Maybe a Sagg thing happening? My son has definitely inherited the same sense of humour – knew it would all be ok when, at the age of 10, he was entranced by the word play on The Two Ronnie (yes, I know, ancient history). No idea the Astro, but seems genetic?


I loved this post and have been wanting comment but on some other rollercoast. Yes is important to venerate anscestors–hauntings would to my mind depend on the anscestors and the attitude toward them. In Hawaiian culture aumakua anscestor spirits na amakua o ka po for distant ones na amakua o ka ao for near ones. An interesting book written Moke Kupihea Seven Dawns of the Aumakua makes some interesting observations about the lineage in some families for some people who walk closely with aumakua carrying on a lineage (eyes, ears, voice and so on rising up not unlike kundilini). He… Read more »


Im a Virgo sun and rising with a Scorpio moon- I’ve really been trying to work on raising my vibration!!! I have had such negative thoughts and fearful dreams recently- is anyone experiencing this? Is it my Scorpio moon??


My mother is very much against family photographs as deco, especially if the people shown are dead. Someone once told her that it’s bad feng shui (something about how important it is to leave the past in the past etc.) and she believes it to this day. On the other hand, she’s really into family constellation therapy (look it up if you haven’t, it’s bats but also seems to work very well). Something else that comes to mind when thinking of family legacies are the studies in epigenetics, showing how events in the ancestors life alter DNA methylation and expression… Read more »


ooooooh i love this. In Chinese medicine esoterica, the purpose of ancestor worship to assist them in making the voyage back up the veins and into your heart again. Once they have been able to connect back with the great spirit, which our heart is a void and houses, then they are able to shower blessings upon you from heaven, They aren’t able to do this until they have made this journey. The more you love and honor them, the faster they make the trip back to the heart. So lets say you have an ancestor you hated or what… Read more »


there’s even acupuncture points you can do that facilitate this movement. Ive worked on bodies where I can literally feel their mother for ex…trapped in an old injury in their body and we have to work them through it and the challenges they are facing in their life ….correspond exactly with element of that channel.

L Cat

Wow Starlush!! that sounds amazing! I have long been interested in TCM and have chinese roots myself….and the logic of the heart as a place to reside, rest and from which to give blessings from – so beautiful!
thanks for the post!


Shivers. Apparently need to add that to the to do list. Never had acupuncture though all my fam has. I’m still kinda weirded out by the actual entry into the skin.


Some people never get the point of acupuncture


Thank you very much for this info, Starlush.


Oh also, everyone knows about DNA, but not everyone knows about RNA. That is all.


I am haunted by my ancestors. Even by the ones who aren’t dead. They haunt me because they have unfinished business and they need their experiences to be heard and understood. I am also haunted by the ancestors of this land who are actually MY offspring according to lore. Fucking weird shit.


I will say that I’ve learnt to live with them, transform their experiences and integrate them into my life as well. Hard going but.

Jasmine Kamaralli

I’d like to embroider “I’m haunted by my ancestors. Even the ones who aren’t dead” and hang it above my fireplace.


I was with my oldest friend when she passed last year, After getting home from the hospital I fell asleep for a couple of hrs when I dreamt that i was driving her old car down a hill into a deep shady area under a bunch of Morton Bay Figs. I pulled up and thought “oh she’s not here yet”, then I noticed all these dark shadowy aboriginal figures rising up out of the bush (she was Nyoongar) and gathering around so I just said, “she’s on the way” and we all just hung around…but I’ve never seen her again… Read more »


Yeah, they don’t actually want anyone to leave. It’s like a VPN.


whats a VPN?


I felt and heard the gathering of long-past ancestors in the week before a much loved aunt died about ten years ago. Noise, figures in my hallway (half way around the world from where my aunty lived). Lots of intense dreams of people coming for her. I often get ‘interference’ before someone close to me passes – unsettling to say the least. My aunty visits me in my dreams sometimes, and so does my lovely dog whom I know was a guardian angel. But no actual hauntings. There was one strange incident years ago when I moved into the first… Read more »


wow that’s amazing


I get weird shit like that with every house I live in, but it’s usually the spirits from the actual house. Sometimes I cleanse them if they’re getting annoying.


Not Mr. That should have read me!


Four generations of Leo here – grandmother, mother, Mr and daughter. My niece who was meant to be a Scorpio decided to come through at 26 weeks and voila! Leo. Mum, myself and daughter also all Roosters in the Chinese astrology but different types. Hauntings yes! Aries Great grandma, grandfather land old friend whom I named my son after drops in. So good

L Cat

Oops, posted twice – didn’t mean to, first comment wasn’t showing up

L at

Love this.
Astro symmetry patterns: 3 ancestral Leo females + Aqua males = paternal grandparents, my parents, and now my ma and pa in-laws! syncronicity

Kim L

Mystic, what site did you use? I’ve heard of and 23andme, but not of others through the grapevine yet. I’m trying to compare before I decide whether to do it.

L Cat

Love this post.
Astro synergy and symmetry in my ancestors: I have 3! Leo female + Aquarius male couples, grandparents, parents and now, my parent in-laws.
Find it so fascinating!!


i agree with how you’ve expressed the photo thing! i don’t need those kinds of reminders. it would be as distracting for me as a harry potter style moving painting.


i was just talking with a friend the other day ago about the ancestral DNA test as she had done it, and i got the hugest urge to do it myself. i haven’t yet done it. before that moment though i was kind of “meh” about it. but also lately i have been musing on past lives and psychological and instinctual characteristics that i may have which may be passed down from generations past. also with my dreams being so vivid i would love to know if i have ever dreamt of a place that i actually have a connection… Read more »


This is all very fascinating, I have never felt I ‘belong’ in Australia…much more a European in thought and attitude and am drawn to England over and over, once dreamed of an initiation in a cave but have no idea where it is but keep looking for clues from time to time, in it I was given a ring with the seal of a rearing horse or a lion. Have family ties to Devon and Northumberland as well as northern Germany and Ireland so rich pickings might abound, if possible I will visit in the next couple of years and… Read more »

aqua kat

MM, this is an amazing post on so many levels. I have Cornish ancestry, my mother’s father’s side all came to the US from Cornwall in the late 19th century. My mother’s last name is Cornish (or Welsh?), and nobody every pronounces it correctly. I too want to know which DNA testing service you used. I have researched this quite a bit and didn’t know of a test that got more specific than “Northwestern Europe”. There are quite a few electronic musicians from Cornwall whose talent I would describe as…otherwordly. I want to visit to feel the vibes there! I… Read more »

aqua kat

I just confirmed with my mother that the Cornish ancestors lived in Land’s End at the tip of Cornwall. I currently live in Land’s End, at the edge of a high cliff overlooking the ocean (in the US). And this has been the most majestic and inspiring location I’ve ever lived in!


Aphex Twin FTW!


yeah, me too I was thinking of aphex twin… wondering who else kataqua was referring to…

aqua kat

🙂 Yes of course Richard D. James was the prime example in my mind. But also, Luke Vibert and Tom Middleton. Maybe I was exaggerating “quite a few” but at least there’s a few! 😉 Manchester takes the cake as a hotspot for avant-garde electronic musicians in the UK…I tend to think there’s a lot of Neptunian and Uranian energy on that island.


I remember him saying that his music was a direct product of being a bored kid in a weird sleepy place.


So many ancestral hauntings to discuss. It is so magnificent what we are imprinted with via our DNA. I would have haunting memories of being in the bottom of a slave boat. I first thought they were past lives, but after doing major genetic work and testing, it turns out descendants on my Father’s side were indeed slaves from West Africa brought to the Americas. So many other things like a castle in Burgos, Spain too, but trippy non the less, in a fantastic way.


DNA memory.

Roxy Scorpio


I had a dream last night about my grandparents´ place. It was empty and deserted (obviously, for they both have passed), though neat and clean. I was happy that I managed to get the keys from the landlady (?) because I was homeless and I had nowhere else to go, so I could at least find shelter there.
(When I was a child I used to live there when my mom was working in a different city.)

Hm. And the whole thing with Pluto passing back and forth over my IC/4th…


Love this! I haven’t been able to go back very far myself but my girl cousin, my mom, 2 aunts and myself all have Leo moons. And the one brother to my mom and her sisters was a big leo (RIP uncle Mikey!). I also had a conversation with a fellow astrologer about the idea that everyone was once an egg in their mother’s womb. And that our mother’s had their/our eggs in them while they were a fetus in our grandmother’s womb. So whatever our grandmother’s experienced/put in their body actually affected us in the present day! (Hopefully not… Read more »


Whoa…. This is so weird to think about. (The fact that we physically existed in our grandmother’s.)


In astro cartography, is there a line for the moon’s nodes as well? If so would south node direct us to Past Places so to speak?


Ooh I love this idea!


There is there is! I’ve traveled to quite a lot of places on mine without knowing about astrocartography previously and can affirm that many of the places I went did indeed feel like previous homes


I was born on the line denoting my ascendant and true node


Ah, thank you 🙂


Oh, and there’s a story my dad told me, so it’s a bit hearsay-y or whatever, but it’s about my grandma when she was much younger.
She answered the door one day to find a couple on the doorstep saying that they wanted their clothing. She did not know who they were or the clothes they kept insisting about. Eventually they left, but she later found out that the family had recently given away her (deceased) grandparents clothes.


Ugh, goddess no – my gene pool is more like a cesspool so dead relations can stay gone, TYVM! There’s certainly no illustrious past here and much of my family was actually pretty fuqed up, TBH, so couldn’t imaging plastering the walls of my home with images of my forbearers – too much bad juju! That aside, a while back I had an experience similar to the one MM described above and it really got me to thinking about the difference and/or interconnectedness between soul memory vs. ancestral memory. The experience happened via cinema; the scene on the screen shifted… Read more »


your last paragraph i think has a lot to do with why i haven’t taken the test yet!






Dude, if you are that paranoid, better be really careful about drinking from a straw or glass, holding anything without gloves, or standing in line without all of your hair hidden under a beanie. Not to mention, your hairdresser.


LOL, what a kind and tolerant thing to say. But instead of mocking others who happen to see things a bit differently, let’s avail ourselves of a quick history refresher. And we need look no further than the Holocaust for this, which is a comparatively recent event on the Greater Timeline of Human History – remember they had a registry for the jews. Now isn’t it odd they’ve been talking about a muslim registry here in The States? Why, just the other day Fox news caught a bunch of flak for openly discussing muslim internment camps on air. But people… Read more »


Same here!


I’ve had the same experience with a cinema scene shot in India – I saw the scene and suddenly I “remembered” being there, my nose was full of the smell, the heat, the clammy air…I could feel the dust on my feet, the sun beating down. It was bizarre and so, so real (I can conjure the whole thing back just thinking about it) but I have never been there and have absolutely no connections to the subcontinent. Maybe the idea that we reincarnate in family lines isn’t where it’s at (fingers crossed!)


Somewhere, I heard the idea that reincarnations often happen within family lineages. I’m not sure if it’s true, but it’s an interesting idea. So that great-great-great uncle that you look and act a lot like? – you in a past life. Family karma/issues that need healing? – your own path, continued between lifetimes.
I love looking at family astro patterns. Unfortunately, older generations seem to have incomplete or unreliable birth data.

Could there be a post on family astro?


Liz Greene’s Astrology of Fate was really interesting for this – she does a couple of case studies on a set of family charts, tracing chart signatures and how the themes are expressed through different family members. Fascinating! I so wanted to read more examples after that.
(I hope I’m thinking of the right Liz Greene book, I read a ton of them all at once, lol.)


Oh, I have that book! I can’t remember if I finished it or not… But I should reread it!

dark star

Does it mention north node connections among family members? I’ve always felt a connection with my grandfather who died when I was 3. I looked at his chart recently- he was uber air (v charming businessman type) but we have the same north node in Pisces! So does my aunt, his daughter. I’ve also noted that my brother has the same nn in Scorpio as my parents. Nn is supposedly people that are on the same soul journey. Interesting to think on re: family


what a horrible idea-having to reincarnate in the same family line!!!


Disturbing to me too, yet I feel a truth here. Maybe when we reach a level of enlightenment from that ancestral karma and work through our lessons from symbolic Aries(seedling) to Pisces(transcendence), we get to leave the line and start with another lesson elsewhere…?


There doesn’t seem to be an astral DNA in my family that I know of – but 3 out of 4 grandparents had the same birthday which is kind of weird when you think about it


I have visits from many spirits (neighbors, hippies, Victorian gentleman in green velvet suit and small Russian girl in some traditional clothing for example). But I have dream visits lots too (many times my daughter and I dream of my mother-in-law on the same night). On the other topic, My Scorpio moon conjuncts my granddaughters mercury And her Leo moon conjuncts my Leo sun. I feel such joy with her!


Oh also my mothers scorpio sun loosely conjuncts my moon. Her Leo m/c conjuncts my sun 🙂


OMG! Your harbor story gave me chills! I’ve had my husbands grandfather that I never met in a few dreams, always helping us and watching. Just last night I dreamed of hanging out with and then having to say goodbye to my soul sisters. I was so sad, sobbing and hugging them sooooo tight when it was time to say goodbye. I had asked my powerful clear quartz to show me what I needed to know before I put it under my pillow last night. I’m going to repeat the same ritual tonight and see what comes up. Love a… Read more »


I had that experience. Had to say goodbye to soul sister. She said ‘See you on the other side!’ x


oh yes, definitely there’s an astrological dna. from my mother’s side there’s a huge recurrence of scorpio values (suns, mars, venuses and moons – for ascendants it’s difficult to say, because being them born between 1898 and 1984, and in the countryside, for the older family members times of birth were not accurate at all). sadly, cancer seems to run together with these scorpio values, not only in the same individuals, but also all the way down to their nephews. I don’t believe in stereotypes or easy cause-reaction explanations, but it really seems to be a family karma. me, I… Read more »


Well, that is good to hear – Cornwall is a city of witchcraft, an incredible museum is there in fact.

Most of the history, artefacts collected are there to view, know.

My family are of Cornish ancestry – a relative frequently flies there to research…

I know I am vesta conjunct sun + stellium of asteroids 6th…

Fire is an important part of my past, life.


Wow, that’s exciting! I’m from Cornwall and I know everyone says the same about where they are from BUT it’s one of the most magic, special places in the world. You would love it. No doubt your ancestors had something to do with mining?


been meaning to search out a photo of me, my mum and my nan, to have it framed. its around somewhere.
i do think its funny how there r three generations born in jan-my mum, my nan, and my son…maybe my great nan aswell, i just dont know


Which dna service was this? I did 23andme, but it doesn’t get specific to town, just countries or region. And that’s so crazy about the harbor!


One of my grandfathers visits from time to time, and one grandmother (well, the other is still alive) is very close to my daughter. And I’ve heard from my ex’s grandmother. Other than that, not too many visits. I keep a picture of my grandfather on an altar (and also my beloved dog who’s passed) – I’d like to expand that. I think it’s good to keep the family stories alive and the ancestors felt consciously to keep from getting entangled unconsciously. When I lived in Latin America I really felt the difference to be in a culture that did… Read more »

Redlipstick Virgo

OMG Mystic – please tell me that the Harbour was Boscastle it’s like the most amazing place in Cornwall and has a genuine witch craft museum! Plus incredible ancient circle sculpture and King Arthur’s supposed original birthplace up the road at Tintagel. Totally amazing area! Whole of Cornwall is amazing lots of hidden carvings and sacred wells. Lucky you!


Cornwall is very ancient and a marvellous road trip from London. Peoples from Cornwall do have a mysterious air about them. Nice memories from staying there.


This is lovely – very romantic!

I have recently started looking at the charts of my family and the correlations are astounding – definitely more than just chance. We all have heavy Saturn-Uranus combos, including my 2-year-old son. How? Why was he born at that moment and not 15 mins later? I didn’t do it on purpose, lol.
Also, me and my grandmother were like girlfriends despite a 60 year age difference – sure enough, we both have Saturn-Jupiter-Sun conjunction in Libra and a challenging aspect between Mars and Uranus. Magic.


Funny you bring this up. While meditating the other night, out of nowhere, I got the image of a grandfather I know nothing about. He died when my father was still a child, and no one in my family ever speaks of him. He looked an awful lot like one of my uncles, but he had a very different energy/presence about him. I don’t even know how he died and I’m not quick to bring him up to anyone who knew/remembers him. A lot of trauma involved, repressed trauma I could always feel from my family while growing up.




I dodged the family Scorpio Moon and the 2nd house Sun, but cousins, nephew, mother all have these.

cosmic fleece

Oh that is beautiful Mystic – i recall you mentioned shuddering near armour – like Knights armour … Is Cornwall round Tintagel where King Arthurs / mystic druids are from, there’s a cave there called Merlin’s Cave no less !! .. and the Mists of Avalon based . .Uther of Pendragon Or am I crossing wires here … Cool Freaky Stuff.

And the long-time commenting libran .. I think of her still when sunflowers spotted…


I remember her too. I hope it’s ok for you MM

cosmic fleece

You did post it Myst, with a divine piece of art when you shared the tragic news. x


She was in the same town as me, There were 4 of us from Adders,commentators in the early days of Myst’s blogette.
Felt her etheric presence for many moons after.
Survivor’s guilt? Maybe a little.
Hah, Scorpio Moon and deep rumi inations before she’s Full.

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