The Astrological Decor And Occult Styling Of Zardoz

Seventies Astrology

 “You have penetrated me. There is no escape. You are within me. Come into my center. Come into the center of the crystal!”

Holy harlots – how the hell have I never heard of the Seventies Sci-Fi movie Zardoz before now?  At literal first glance, I thought this image (thank you Tumblr) was some insane retro astrologer – the Taurus symbol, the zodiac chart, the red nappies.

But no it is cult-haute art.  And apparently about a culture with Uranian values, according to this extract from The Astrology Of Film.   It even has Charlotte Rampling and a giant disembodied alien head thing.

Can we please discuss this? Who has seen Zardoz and is there any astrology in it?

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Total fan here. One of my fave utopia:dystopia.

Kim S

the magic bullets for sure are over-rated would love an updated slicker version of astro-funk noir taking down dictators, cult-leaders and the sychophant classes in an underground special love mission death defying looks and outfits that would hollywood look staid–kinda like reverse labotomies for all the goons who gave their brains away fo NASA research would combine electric koolaid acid test with consciousness bending martial arts beginning from bio-geometrical life refigurements in early life memory retrievals–the look into my eyes moment that stuns someone into past/present/future in 10 directions with the ten thousand things laughing for joy–not a title with… Read more »

Maxene Schreck

“The penis shoots seeds, and makes new Life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as it once was. But the gun shoots death and purifies the Earth of the filth of brutals.”

Yeah, cult classic, I’ve seen this movie quite a bit but I never looked for astrological symbolism in it. I will have to next time I go to a Zardoz viewing party.


Is this the male version of Barbarella/lilith?


Most importantly, can we look up an asteroid?

Unicorn Sparkles

Oh my f’in g


This is one of my fav films of all time… I frakkin love that you’ve posted about it mystic!



what, so people know this film and recognise it?

My Sag stuff is tickled pink, but kind of nodding yeh yeh of course. Unreal!


Of course i saw it being a sci-fi fan and alive in the 70’s. The giant head floating in the sky, hunky Sean Connery & sexy Charlotte. It was a sleeper easy to miss it.


I am dying to know what precisely he is looking at. Seriously Sean, when brandishing yer pistol, you should really look at your target.


Sean Connery + red budgie smuggler = Augh! Myeyes!!!


Went to a party with friends and we watched it together. Totally fun.


Vague memories of cheezy, daggy & camp 70s production. I couldn’t get past Sean Connery & his stunningly bad outfit. Apparently Burt Reynolds was the first choice for the role – which would have been more fitting. As the article mentions, Uranus was square his Sun during production & premiere, but i’m surprised they don’t mention that it was also conjunct his Moon & opposite natal Uranus at the beginning & during time of production. As well as trans Chiron being ON his Uranus during this time. That’s a lot of Uranus. Gawd, i’m going to have to watch it… Read more »


Wow – just watched it – i really enjoyed it. Loved the shoe-string 70s sci-fi effects. Yes, it has Uranus vibes in as much as it discusses technology & artificial intelligence leading to immortality & all its pitfalls. A look at what happens during detachment of mind from body/Nature.
I’m glad i watched it again – it’s a shame Sean Connery marred its impact on me all these years.
Anyways, thanks for the side trip here.


Dude, you..watched it?

Then watched it again???

And you feel like the shame is all Sean Connery????????????

Where’s your Sag?


Yes & yes – it’s fabulous – in fact i can’t stop thinking about it 24 hrs later. I might have to watch it again! Once you get over Sean Connery & the “THE GUN IS GOOD! THE PENIS IS EVIL” bit it’s so good. The visuals are great The sex stuff was hilarious (sex being obsolete in the life of the Eternals), the genders were leaning towards androgyny – tho they both seemed feminised, curiously enough – I detected an undercurrent of that generation’s (Boorman’s) Chiron transit to Uranus issues. AND opp his Moon. It’s almost as if he… Read more »


Man, maybe I should be making plans for my Uranus opposition t-square a go-go coming up here soon. Watch this for inspiration?


Definitely! And then you should listen to this Uranus anthem 😉


You lost me at vintage Sean Connery in a banana hammock.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl


Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot



Lost me enough when i vaguely wondered if it was Burt Reynolds


Second vague thought was Stacey Keach 😀


I thnk I tried to watch many years ago and decided it was too surreal for me to watch. I am a bit more earthly and some times even very dreamy when it comes to movies but “2001 space odissey” from Kubrick and most of Start Trek movies (or some old fashion Star Wars) is the most sci-fi stuff I can watch. But then again those are nothing compared to Zardoz.


I have seen it, and it is soooo Uranian that my main response was “I am definitely not on the right drugs for this”


I love this. My first thought was about spirtuality? Most connect with spirit while in nature. Does Uranian spirituality exist? How would it be represented astrologically ? This will be rolling around in the back of my mind all day. Pluto, Mars and Saturn will all meet in a few short years. Passion, Repression, Depression or a Revival ?I think Jupiter will be close to the cluster too.


So that’s what happens when Uranus squares your Sun? You get to make sci-fi movies with Sean Connery? All I did was change jobs, boyfriends and my living abode. Looks very trippy. Must see it now. I like the book too. I wonder what they have to say about Steven Spielburg and Close Encounters of the Third Kind …


Uh, actually read the synopsis. Yes it is Bond.


is that Sean Connery?!


Hahahaha! My thoughts exactly 😀


As if my whole world were not already tipping up…Will now channel THIS Connery as my icon for workplace living.

Because my workplace currently deserves it. And will not get 007 from me. Not even remotely.

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