Witch + Warrior Vibe – Mars + Hecate

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Mars in mercurial Gemini is quite tricky enough but you can access the shamanic insights of Neptune (square to Mars this week) for an extra good time.  But guess what’s also in orb of Mars right now and until May 27?

Asteroid number 100 – Hecate/Hekate (both spellings are fine) – the Queen of the Witches, guardian of shadows and ghosts, the  protector of outsiders, including Persephone when she was in the underworld.

A la the Hebrew Lilith, she is one of the solitary goddesses, not defined by her relationships but via her strength, prophecies and connection with multiple realms. You meet her at the crossroads – whether literal or within the psyche – and among her symbols are the keys.

What to make of macho Mars, the Warrior God, traveling with the Witch Queen for most of the month?  Each informs the other. Mars gets extra wiles and spooky insights – Hecate gets someone to fight for her.  Or with her?  All power to the Craft, of course.


Image: Morticia Addams

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36 thoughts on “Witch + Warrior Vibe – Mars + Hecate

  1. Love the gif!

    My Scorpion Moon/Neptune at 24/26 are strong in the force atm and this is all good for my big kite/grand trines

    I feel a bit on the brink of big things, not one but two publications have contacted us to use our cushions in their magazines!!! Homes+ and the Brisbane News which is a nice boost of confidence and a “sign” we are going in the right direction at the very least

    Mystic your scopes say it’s all about the power duos and I am in a biz with my twin…. we both work as well, she works 3 weekends out of 4 a month and I work full time hours ( still a casual tho) so it’s been hard to get time together but we make the most of the time and enjoy ourselves and dream big

  2. Day off yesterday. Went to academia safe-haven to tie up loose ends and also cross paths with divine male humans who bring peace and tranquillity to the air. aaah. a few hours for my soul to expand and a taste of the future as I lighten the load

  3. I feel randomly achey and intermittently feverish today like I’m burning off the last remnants of swamp HQ. V into the witch warrior vibes to blast forward into my 10th h Leo.

  4. So w/ Merc direct, I received 2 messages: (1) another not-so-anonymous flyer, searingly hateful & vile, calling me a whore over & over (from an ex-Gemini friend I had to cauterize because she was such a fuqing 2-faced backstabber & ironically, always terribly jealous of my uninhibited sex life); & (2) a subtle message of interest by a colleague, like a single red rose, only it was a delectable dark chocolate with caramel & sea salt – wrapped in a white tissue & shaped like a Hershey’s kiss. It’s been a VERY slow burn for months … he’s a Taurus, you know.

    This FM is intense, as it is also the 6 yr anniversary of the sudden death of my father (a mega Scorp).

    This too shall pass …

    • Go gently TripleL, intense times for you rn. X
      Or, I mean as a triple L maybe go fire-ily? I was assuming L stands for Leo for some reason 🙂

      • Always wise & comforting (often with chuckles) words, pi. Much obliged.
        You are correct: the LLL stands for Libran(sun)Leo(rising/Venus/Mars)Lady.
        I cut her out of my life completely … blocked her on FB, which I know was a major ass chapper. I figure the flyers in my mailbox are her way of finding her voice in all of this ugliness. We had been friends for for almost 20 years; she will not go away quietly. But I will not allow her to provoke me. The flyers tell all. That is how she really feels about me. And every flyer she sends affirms my choice to excise her like a cancerous growth in my life.

        Blessings, pi! Hearts ‘n stuff. 🙂

    • Oooow love the gorillas! Will be checking out asap have seen the new snippets of vision 0 – o

  5. Reminds me of the ages-old RPG dilemma in which your character could never be a warrior AND high-level wizard at the same time – any class w/ offensive capabilities either was denied this option entirely or was automatically relegated to having only a clumsy level of proficiency with very low-grade spells. With Mars conjunct Hekate in Gemini, though, we finally get to be BOTH. #HereForIt

    It’s a “give your White Wizard the Masamune” kind of deal.

      • LMAO, glad you enjoyed – we are totally friends if you got that reference! Praise be to the current Mercury/Uranus conjunction for helping people to understand nerdspeak – thought it would probably just wind up going waaaay over people’s heads, similar to when we use astro-lingo on the general population. As an aside, I don’t see why nerds and astrology don’t overlap more; they’re both Uranian. Trying to do my part on this Hermetic quest to help the crossover along; translating astrology into a vernacular that helps people from different cliques make the connection between themselves and the Cosmos. Even if one isn’t a native speaker, it helps to be fluent in many “languages” so one can take new and novel approaches to conveying information – astrologers are, first and foremost, interpreters of the stars.

        • I don’t go through all the comments but when I do come across yours I always appreciate the informative commentary you contribute.

          Haha nerdspeak. Its been years since I was active in that realm but talk about melding nostalgia with the present Astro climate and I just had to send some love. It wasn’t just about languages of stars and video games but there was a subtext of personal time involved too which made it extra-ordinary for me. Crossover is important and I *totally* get you on that. Can’t wait til communication goes 5D and stops plodding around in 2D. Happy to share this nerdy moment with you. Cheers!

    • Hmm. although we move in vastly different circles I gave some thought to the notion of warrior x wizard, and from a governance perspective I prefer the separation of powers, in general, when it comes to the use of force and the use of sorcery. You know what they say about absolute power, I guess. Having said that: wise warriors and empowered wizardry are valuable additions.

  6. Haha – love that gif! I’m feeling like that too right now.
    Hekate & Mars are making sexy little trines to my Uranus/Mercury from the 8th House – as are trans Jupiter/Luna from 12th. So I’m flying with it & fighting demon bureaucrats at tax department. So far i’ve managed to hypnotise two minions in order to reach an evasive high-level tax demon. And i even managed to get a meeting with him for later this p.m. That in itself is a victory considering that i was told he wasn’t free for another 6 weeks. I’m hoping this glamour doesn’t fade till after i see him.

    • “evasive high-level tax demon” – I’m LOL’ing so hard rn! 😀 No worries; Sun trine Pluto is on your side for this, and it’s perfect for matters dealing w/ pentacles to boot! If said demon continues to try to evade you, a purpose-designed sigil coupled with the trusty old “Into the Light I command thee!” chant can work wonders 😉 One you’ve successfully summoned the fuqer, trick him into entering a salt pentagram to entrap him so he has to stay put until you no longer have need of his “services” and are ready to banish. Please be sure to consult your copy of the Lesser Key of Solomon for all appropriate procedures first, of course – one can never be too careful when playing w/ goetia!

      • LOL! – thanks for the tips LV! ….of course, yr right.

        So i saw him – in the guise of Sleazebag – a bored sleazebag….So no worries. i was in a mood to play & have plenty of sleazebag-manipulating magic up my sleeve honey, i can tell you….pleanty of practice.
        But yeah – all done & stamped. 😀 Been waiting for this for aaaaaages.

  7. This article is so comforting! It’s been a solitary time where I’ve had to “break up” with my boyfriend, mum and long term childhood friend all in the space of 2 weeks. All three were very toxic relationships and i realised I was holding on so that I wasn’t alone, even though all three of these people made me feel more alone and were never actually there when I truly needed them. I really enjoy being alone most of the time, being around people too much gives me a headache as I don’t understand why people do the things they do. It’s comforting to know other people enjoy being alone too. And we can be alone together in a way ? I also recently bought a book of spells and I get excited thinking about exploring it. Perfect timing. Thank you mystic x

    • Oh and I’m a multi Leo with natal mars in Gemini so feeling like things might be coming together finally. Trying hard to trust in the universe right now.

  8. Something is going down. Nodes are sitting on mc/merc (south) and ic/saturn and saturn and pluto are plodding through natal 8th. Hecate conj sn in aries 11 while mars and aries transit 1st….
    I am on a literal five week journey of change where i feel like a lighter and happier version of myself is returning from a deep slumber, and its all through being with people and engaging in ideas – there is almost too much to process, but its a sweet ride!

  9. I love this too.
    Packed 12 th house here, no more than my tenth actually but I’m so comfortable in my 12th and doubt if I have ever connected with the energy of the 10th or the 6th house yet..
    Lilith is Scorpio, Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius but all in my 12th means it feels like home, family. Solitude is comforting to me. Maybe too much.
    I think I need to step out from the familiar shadows soon.
    No scratch that, moonlight is healthy and space is necessary for me.
    I can’t help it if I only want to be outside when it’s dark and quiet.
    Earth is so noisy. Daylight garish.

    • Actually I just submitted my official application online which is pretty in line with this energy. I’m entitled to a spot of skulking and chilling.

  10. Natally, I’ve got hekate at 1 deg Cancer in the 8th, trine Eros-Psyche in Scorp 12th (2-3 degs), and jupe/chiron in pisces 4th (5-6 degs), and square moon at Aries 3 degs in my 4th also.
    With Mars opposing and Neptune squaring my Sun right now, my energy is low, and on a very low ebb weekend, I had a sudden vision during meditation: me, growing into some Xena like figure (like literally, growing taller and stronger), accompanied by two massive tigers as my steadfast companions: tigress on my right, and tiger on my left. We travel as a trilogy, invincible, and sleep, in a huddle, in caves, or wherever we land. Every now and then, I stroke either one, but if the time comes, I don’t have to signal attack or defend. They just know.
    I am year of the tiger, and I have a prized photo-print of this tiger couple in my house. But ever since I saw this on Saturday, they’ve been beside me – like powerful ghosts no one else can see, ready to take on whatever I might not have the strength to best alone, growling gently under the earshot of muggles occasionally, just nuzzling me like cats do every now and then (yes, am also pretty deprived of affection right now).
    They were in the car with me on the way to work, and curl up together under my desk.
    In fact, I know they were there when I was mugged about 10 years ago – the growl of warning I let out as a stalker came up behind me was pure animal, and shocked me. It was them. I hurt him more than he hurt me, on pure instinct, and it was them. They are me.
    I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since this reminder that they are there, and yes, it’s like I have Xena breastplates on under my workclothes as a result. Mars opp and Neptune square Sun be damned.
    Feels very Hekate. Watch out world when Mars hits 1 cancer…

  11. Yay! Being a witch who works with (and loves) Hekate, married to an Aries…this feels so harmonious!

  12. Just went to oracle here and it said ‘There are no more than 5 music notes but a combination of these give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard’.
    How sweetly on flick for my work! Music being so much a part of it. Happiness 🙂

  13. Am experiencing a new energy a la maison and psyche, both so connected to each other as am such a hermit.
    This could be due to stopping the weed habit as lung specialist said there is unfriendly bacteria in it that is inhaled damages the lungs.
    Feel so much better w/o it. There goes my old link to the 60’s…lol.
    This is the time to bring out my divination equipage in the form of I Ching and Egyptian stones.
    Everything is cleared and cleaned ready to see if there is work around in these tight financial times after a year hiatus.
    Of course i am in my Hecate time of life. The old moon in the new moon’s arms.
    Love Scorp energy, it’s deep and profound, very real
    compared to my flighty Sagg and quite propitious with Sun in Taurus for bodywork.
    Going to do the hot rock placement and massage with wrapping from head to toe with bamboo rugs,memory foam pillows added with earphones and transcendental music to warm the cockles of the heart, appropriate for our winter.

  14. This is so weird cause I have Mars in Gemini + BML conj.on ASC I can relate cause they opp. my Neptune …last night dream was … of a giant Black wolf following me ! Behold the pic. above so auspicious!

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