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Amethyst for sobriety, they say.

“The human body is vapor materialized by sunshine mixed with the life of the stars.”


If you are ever in the mood to wow out at one of the most forward-thinkers ever, look into Paracelsus – the triple Scorpio, Swiss alchemist, occult philosopher, doctor, astrologer, mathematician, toxicologist and social rights activist… in the 15th century.

This small extract from his Wikipedia gives some concept of the extent of the man:

“Paracelsus is credited as providing the first clinical/scientific mention of the unconscious…Carl Gustav Jung studied Paracelsus intensively. His work Mysterium Conjunctionis further drew from alchemical symbolism as a tool in psychotherapy. Following Paracelsus’ path, it was Jung who first theorised that the symbolic language of alchemy was an expression of innate but unconscious psychological processes.


…Paracelsus called for the humane treatment of the mentally ill (but was ignored for several centuries) as he saw them not to be possessed by evil spirits, but merely ‘brothers’ ensnared in a treatable malady.”

And anyway, if you are an Astro-School person, there is a new post up: How To Find Your Soul Pod and if you are a Mega Mystic member, the Weekly Horoscopes from May 20 are posted already!

Image: Iris Van Herpen

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8 thoughts on “Soul Pods & Weekly Horoscopes Ahead

  1. One of my lectures at uni said there’s a (apparently convincing but i haven’t looked into it personally) theory that Paracelsus was actually a WOMAN in drag! How cool! <3

  2. A dude for sure now is the time to marshall all the evolutionary consciousness available especially from our own biology and magical substance and energy at play

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