The Saturnine Reverie Of Sagittarius

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius identifying folk, you now have less than seven months left of Saturn in your sign.

Given that the Time God first strode into Sagittarius City back in Xmas Eve 2014, you must presumably be a Saturn Pro by now. It’s not just the spread-sheeting, attention to tax and dentistry nor even the sudden onset mature relationship attitudes that set aside a Saturn transit through your sign. It’s the consciousness.

It becomes more streamlined, even as you feel the gravitational heft of whatever time, challenges and wisdom you’ve accumulated to date.  And since you no longer have delusions, defensive drinking, bad but hot lust interests or Dream Weed to keep you contented, your new comfort zone becomes the thrill of just being super on point efficient, the Queen or King of clarity.

From December, Saturn will be in his home constellation of Capricorn, clearly a most suitable and interesting placement – it has a Return of the King sort of a feel – but in the meantime, what have Sagittarius types learned since late 2014?

Share/Vent/Emote at will.

Image: Giovanni Boccaccio – Diana, 1336

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79 thoughts on “The Saturnine Reverie Of Sagittarius

  1. Oh it’s all so beautiful I could weep
    In fact I did today. I mistook it for my sensitivity and after a good cry thought out loud.. ÄNIMALS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL
    … what?
    I mean, I did see the largest most gorgeous sea turtle today
    Full moon in Sag June 9th… lessgoo

  2. Saturn has been such a hard ass joy kill. I just want it to leave Sag..counting down the days.

    It’s been sitting on my NN and Sun forever, went retro on it! It leaves Sag on my birthday, which will be the best day ever!

    I’m tougher, serious, jaded, bored, and more organized. Got some good skills for a major transition at work, which I’m responsible for leading my department through. Very Saturn like.

    I just miss the enthusiasm, freedom, carefree and spontaneous flow. It will return at the right time!

    • I agree, I miss the carefree flow too. I know it will return for me but in a take no bull kind of way. I can thank my taurus ex for that.

  3. Also, got hold of my birth certificate yesterday and found out Saturn’s in my 12th house, not the 11th, and hoo boy does that explain a lot.

  4. All I’m gonna say is I’ll be keeping up with Saturn’s position from now on, so I know when to batten down the fucking hatches and stockpile some spare resources. This HURT. It was necessary, but it hurt.

  5. Huge breakthrough on my Saturn Gemini mid heaven conjunction.

    I got this.
    Send good health vibes.

  6. Had my second Saturn return at 12 Sag during this passage, as well as Saturn transiting my Venus at 21 Sag. Man, it’s been a hard slog. My life has felt pretty joyless for a long time, and lonely, as I approach 60 I’m feeling all the entropy. However, the last few weeks have been a rush of creative energy and ideas. Now I just need time from the Time God! Fewer 55-hour weeks, no more two or three hours of commuting every day, I need space and time and breathing room.

    • Just realized that Black Moon Lilith is also conjunct my natal Saturn in Sag right now. (7th house). That might account for some of the extreme loneliness of the past couple of years along with transiting Saturn in Sag. I welcome any thoughts or experiences anyone has had with this transit! Thanks all.

  7. Phew, hardly remember life before Saturn in Sag because I was truly a different person. Hit my second house hard, plowed over my Moon Neptune and kept going to oppose all my Gemini stuff. I got to really see and know the inner workings of my Moon Neptune – my sensitivities, my fuzzy borders, my need for solid boundaries. Awkwardly began sticking up for myself, and I’m getting better at it. Eyes on the real work, focus on what to build, what to allow to dissolve because it’s just not in my true interests.

    I’ve gained strength in my place in this world, tempered my escapism tendencies to materialize solid foundations and dreams. I can find fulfillment in front of me rather than overreaching, burning out. Optimism is still here but firmly grounded.

  8. I did go the gym and lose 10 lbs.

    I planned an elaborate cross country road trip and actually went on it. In the past i was more of a dreamer when it came to travel plans.

    I discovered some vulnerabilities and limitations, with osteoarthritis developing in my knees, ankle and hips.

  9. Saggo Venus Rising here. I am also a multi conjunct Cap (Sun/Merc/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune) looking forward to a proper Saturn return at the beginning of 2018. Lest we forget Pluto has been in Cap for almost ten years…. It’s been a wild ride.

    Can totally relate to the implementation of spreadsheets, giving up my decade-long daily dream weed habit (sigh), and a newly discovered affinity for weight training.

    Not sure what I’ll be streamlining come next year considering I’ve tackled everything from addictions to dental hygiene to diet. It’s probably time to give up the creative “freelance” lifestyle and find a position that doesn’t leave me eating beans at the end of every month. The kind of job that pays an annual bonus + 401k match but requires me to sell part of my soul. Isn’t that what your Saturn return is about?

    In all seriousness, I’ve learned to let a lot of crap go – including but not limited to drunken nights, sugar addictions, and fast fashion.

    • Funny, that’s exactly what Saturn in Sag has been for me, the soul-killing job. The exact week that Saturn exited Scorpio I got a job – which I needed badly – but what a grind it’s been. It’s supposed to be a “fun” job – at a millennial start-up – but I’m no millennial (turning 60 this year) and have never felt so isolated and lonely in a job, while still working 50 hours a week, long commute, and being told all the time that I don’t fit in and have to try harder. Of course I don’t fucking fit in, the whole work culture is built for 24-year-olds.
      It saved me financially and I have great health insurance, but now as Saturn winds up Sag, I’m not sure how much longer I can take it. My shoulders, neck, jaw, bones are tight and tired and hurt.

  10. I wish there was a Like button on all the above posts. Xmas 2014 it was clear my significant other was very unwell. January 2015 he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He died in June. I plugged away at a very difficult job all the while being bullied by a colleague. The job ended in April 2016. Cue second Saturn return in 3rd house. It’s conjunct Mars. I’ve been in a strange reverie ever since. Grieving still but also in deep reflection. Transiting Saturn makes a second pass this summer. Like Invicta above, I’ve had to reflect on my narcissistic mother’s behaviour yet again. Painful stuff but worth revisiting to reflect on how much I’ve grown away from all that. I’m jobless and broke but the bully couldn’t break me, so I hope I’m learning Saturn’s lessons. Prayers before bedtime are now an essential part of the daily routine.

      • Yes total empathy bypass. Vile person. A serial bully by all accounts. No doubt bullying someone else now. Bullies can hide out in large companies undetected for a long time. The main lesson for me was not to take it personally which I would have done in the past.

    • Hey McFish
      Yes, very Saturn indeed
      I can relate to that bullying story and according to what I’ve read lately, it is fairly common for adult children of narcissistic parents to have that pattern of attracting more of the kind of abuse we experienced as a result. It hurts so much but you’ve done a really brave thing. I don’t want to say this wrong but it’s almost like by turning your back on that situation and all the benefits it held you’re making a bold statement that nothing is worth sacrificing emotional sobriety and mental health for even though you “can” in theory because you know how to do that because of that default setting, the security you had came at a cost. Until now you weren’t aware of how much pain being tolerant of emotional abuse ie bullying was costing you. Or if you were then maybe part of you secretly doubted your ability to create that security without doing that, while actually standing in your power and actively not tolerating shit.
      It’s hard being broke and sad and feeling like our options have dwindled or we’ve wasted time, been hurt and been the victim of general unfairness- even more when these things are combined and you get them all at once. But I think we’re going through some similar experiences in this regard and sometimes it takes that sparseness for us to really see what’s causing these things and people and situations to manifest and how we can heal by creating a better reality for ourselves by reflecting on the initial trauma and disinfecting ourselves.
      I’m feeling like by being denied certain things I’m figuring out what I really want and what I just thought I wanted. It’s like being on autopilot makes it too easy for numbing behaviour to creep in and we lose sight of our essential desires. When we have to fast or do without, we learn a more stoic kind of strength and it’s like steel being tempered.
      It sounds so Chiron – Saturn.
      Well done on giving up smoking.
      That is not easy and you’re managing which is amazing.

        • Ha! As soon as I can scrape the money together I’ll be off to the dentist. I love not having to get the filthy nicotine stains scraped off my teeth now.

      • Like steel being tempered … yes I love this. That’s the Saturn thing, I think. The clarity around this means I’m not wasting time wondering what I did wrong. I can see it for what it was… just a nasty bully, doing what bullies do, nothing more to reflect on. But the most important realisation is that I’ve wasted years trying to fathom my mother’s behaviour and what was wrong with me, whereas the truth is… just a nasty bully.

        • This! I had a similar realisation – a trusting fish not really comprehending that ppl actively set out to damage you because it’s not in your realm of things that someone could do – so we assume it is us – then one day realise that people can actually be self centred self serving mean nasty jealous whatever – light bulb moment – suddenly we realise we are actually better than we thought we were. It was them all along

            • It still confounds me, how caught up someone can be in their envy or whatever that they spend so much time trying to destroy someone else instead of taking a big fat look in the mirror.

      • I’ve read your reply several times, Invicta and I get more each time. The healing thing is something I need to appreciate more in this time of sparseness, as you put it. Sparseness is my new buzz word!!! I hadn’t considered the Saturn Chiron aspect ongoing but of course! It’s a time to lick wounds, heal, wait, lie low. Just letting Time Lord Saturn do his thing.

  11. Merc-Pluto in Sagg in the 11th house. Cut off all contact with a ton of people, including my taurean “best friend” and a tres charming but very problematic leo guy, got real about finances and started focusing on my work. It’s incredible what removing certain people out of your life/mind can do to your health, skin, energy and bank account lol

      • Kudos!

        Also I can relate to cutting off contact with lots of people, including some of my closest friends. I thought I was the only one, this makes perfect sense now.

  12. LOVING the daily mystic for tuesday…this fire vibe…..just realised- im sure i have a grand fire trine….saturn in leo, moon aries, and neptune in sagg…whoop!
    oy yeah and i did try being normal and no, it didnt work out….LOL

  13. I have been in almost non-stop Saturn on some shit part of my stellium since 2008. Its hard to know when when the lessons start and when theyve ended, it honestly feels like non stop lessons. 🙁 things did start to improve by winter 2016 so i am not unhappy. Life has just been weird.

  14. i don’t understand how this applies to me … i have a sag moon, 3rd house.

    it is the one of the aspects of my chart i understand the least. and yet, my life has undergone metamorphic changes since 2014. so i guess it is connected, but i don’t really understand how, :-/

    i’m still drained from this dark moon just passed. it really did a whammy on me. holy cow. maybe i’ll understand more later. but help would be appreciated. i can’t seem to brain today.

  15. Zero degree Sag ascendant, with Saturn pinging my exact Uranus/ASC conjunction, squaring my (exact) Pisces Mars, plus squaring my Pisces Mercury and Moon these past few years too.

    There are no words.

    Thanks, Saturn. Deep bow to you.

  16. Heal thyself.

    Walk the talk.

    Trust your instincts and base decisions on how it FEELS: dont psychologise or philosophise them away, or guilt trip yourself out of them.

    Adjust boundaries, buck monkeys off your back, and trample on them too, if they didn’t get the hint. Be ruthless like Saturn when you have to be.

    Don’t let hard-won experience and realism extinguish hope and faith that joy and love are out there for you – or they won’t be.

    Dont create work for yourself by going big/deep when a deadline means skimming the surface/lack of originality/small scope will have to do. Sleep and down-time matters more than perfection

    Stand your ground. Self respect is all that matters.

    Take No Shit From Nobody, but respond – or choose not to respond -strategically when it is flung. Keep your aim focussed on the end target /winning the war and don’t let minor skirmishes/bird shit in your eye distract you.

    While we’re on Sagg – saw these absolutely gorgeous never before seen pictures of Jupiter today, taken by the Juno Mission. A work of art, that planet is – do look!.

    • This! Every word including the images of Jupiter
      Am in the hard press of this with Saturn on my sun, learning how to accept responsibility for myself and issues that are self generated, but also learning how to let go of the things that are not my responsibility. Am trying to recover from a lifetime of uber flakiness and flying by the seat of my pants and actually operate with some semblance of a plan. Am currently revolutionizing my diet.

      Progress is of the slow and steady variety. Sometimes that feels gruelling, sometimes it feels elegant and stately. Am feeling better since Uranus Saturn trine started. Uncluttered, clean and ready for fresh vistas.

  17. will be glad to have saturn in cap…my tenth hse…i guess i’ll b working hard…and itll be out of my money hse…nice….

  18. Sagg sun in 8th house, still not finding it easier even though I know I should…I know Saturn is right but my Taurus rising is sooo much more comfortable..any more suggestions to boot myself along with more enthusiasm..?

  19. I’m not even remotely a sagg (though I was married to one… until this transit), but this is my saturn return in the seventh house. Also my Uranus is there. Maybe I’m more of a sagg than I think.

    It’s been a complete remake (still very much in progress) from the inside out and the ground up.

    I finished my degree. Dedicated to my spiritual path (I accidentally did that the exact day transit hit my natal Saturn). Healed a devastating illness. Decided I’m here on earth for the duration. Had to learn to move my body again (still working on that – lying in bed for years means you lose all these muscles you never knew you had until you find yourself listing, slouching or otherwise compensating). Separated. Getting divorce (unmarriage ceremony date is coming up). Deeply explored my Started my second degree and will finish in December.

    Of course all the inner stuff is so much bigger and harder to talk about. I think the easiest way to sum it up is I’ve moved from a life based in fear to one not based in fear. Even if the top of the stack hasn’t always caught on, I am rooted in something like love or calmness. At any rate, not fear.

    It’s all very beautiful, but I do wonder sometimes if my life is always going to be all obligation. Even when I’m resting, it’s like I have to, and I rarely get any rest.

    Still haven’t seen the dentist. It’s been years now.

    • Oops, meant to finish the sentence: deeply explored all my crazy issues that were hiding in my marriage, including the fear is literally die without him. Turns out I didn’t die. Just very content on my own for the first time ever in my life.

  20. I have learned that I have not yet recovered from the actual PTSD that was my Saturn Return in Libra… Please can’t we skip Saturn in Capricorn (my Sun sign), I’m already having a difficult enough time!!!

  21. Scarily unfit Sag stellium gets bored easily. Saturn transit says, CrossFit – it’s always a different workout. Sag says, why not? Loses 10kgs and can now deadlift more than her bodyweight. Saturn says, oh yes, we’ll get along just fine…

  22. In other news
    ( hear me whinge:)

    That should be roar but well, it’s just a rumble right now because going out a buzz cut from shaving my head once a month is a painfully slow process when you decide to stop shaving it (or Venus stations direct again and your sartorial choices make drunk driving look sensible.
    Its murder on the ego in a good way, long term. Yawn.
    Like being trapped in whatever your bespoke version of fitness hell is. For me that’s like boot camp or a spin class with hysterical screaming and pumping music and lead pedals on satan’s instrument of torture and the ultimate in misogyny disguised as health.
    (For me at least)
    Make me perch on a sadistic sadle bearing all my weight on the most sensitive part of my entire body, make me push my legs uncomfortably forwards but not move and have enthusiastic happy people bellow encouragement at me on Sunday on no sleep, in public on my period.

    I digress
    What do you do?

    I think it was Chrysalis who coined the PIAB Astro Venus leonine beauty catch phrase “my hair is my superpower”
    Dr Chiron and Saturn in my first house and all over my sun and any other delicate bits they can get to has been so draining on my mojo that shaving it off was the only fitting look. Matches the tar and feather you know..looks great with mud and bruises which is all the rage for me this season.

    Yeah but bleach?
    I caught myself on autopilot this week applying that hair splitting poison to my 1cm virgin buzz cut and thought WHY ?
    What is this fixation with having the hair colour of my childhood?
    What the hell am I trying to prove by doing this?
    That I’m still 5?
    I’m surprised I even have pubes with that attitude to grooming..oh yes Im broke so waxing became a luxury instead of a necessary monthly expense.
    Well yay poverty then at least I have an adult vajayjay so maybe its time to rethink the hair.
    I decided
    1. Bleach is evil and bad for my hair
    2. What I said before
    3. That whole striking “you get away with it” thing is such a lame act, especially if its bleached. What’s next, stonewashed double denim ?
    Bleach bleh.

    Threw it away. I’d stocked up on it in prep for the lean years but without considering the health of my scalp or if I even related to looking uber blonde anymore. It was just assumed that this was my fallback look.
    Terrible way to define your beauty ethos.

    So I went into the Lush shop for the first time in 20 years maybe and it was a few quid and I had enough for one block of caca marron ? Red. Done.
    and the long haired dude said you should use some bruin too and I said, no, this is fine, but he gave me the bruin and said to use half and half.

    Fire engine red!
    The little bleached toothbrush on my head was so parched and fragile it just soaked up all the pigment it could.
    More like an orange q tip now than a toothbrush.
    Henna makes hair feel so soft and cuddly. Even though its only 1cm it feels really nourished from that mud bake. I’m going to stick with the henna and let my hair grow healthy.

    Venus in shhhhhh she’s not dead, just sleeping..
    God I need some sleep
    That rambling was supposed to reflect Venus Pluto but someone needs a nap 🙂

  23. Return of the king.
    I like the sound of that.
    Interesting post.
    I’ve had the feeling of turning a major corner in my fool/ heroine’s journey building all week but super strong on Friday and these past 12 hours. It’s been a tapestry of emotional realisations like falling stars or looking at the haul from mining the bog of eternal stench. Some of what I’ve found has made me so sad but more of a hello hope, goodbye denial kind of thing.
    I feel more now than I ever have and experience life instead of defending against it. I’m sure I still defend against being present but I’m understanding through the sensations in my body and psyche. Like some things hurt and they never did before. Family stuff and father/ mother and dysfunctional dynamics. The most powerful thing is realising what it was that happened and how it affected me. Its like being in a haunted house. I was finally able in therapy to get behind myself as a child and feel what I needed and resolved to be there for the me that was crushed under the Mars square Saturn in my natal chart that IS two same birthday Taurus narcissistic parents who because they were so wounded and fragile had to project what they couldn’t own onto me. I am reading Will I Ever Be Good Enough? A book about the daughters of narcissistic mothers and its broken me into bits with Its spine chilling accuracy.

    You know when you read a book that you’ve had for ages but haven’t read and start it thinking meh I’m not sure I can be bothered with THIS but it’s here and I need a new book…and then find yourself sitting bolt upright and rereading because that CAN’T be right. Read it again..holy fuq those exact words. How the F?
    That “the author has been reading my diary/ mind / watching me. This is a joke or..looks over shoulder. Fuck. Swallow, feel really really sad and don’t want to read on but have to.
    I haven’t had that in a while from a book.
    The pennies dropping, not like blaming them or feeling angry but more waking up and feeling the pain of addressing and dressing the wound.

    Hey Dr Chiron.
    Also, finally being there for me emotionally and witnessing instead of denying how long I’ve been playing this role of the scapegoat and feeling self compassion and empathy for the little girl who held it all together so the family could function and tried and tried and tried to be what they needed me to be because I wanted them to notice me and to love me.

    Understanding that they never will and that challenging the dynamic- even the “how come you never ask me how I am/” episode which shouldn’t have been an episode. A healthy parent would react with concern and pause instead of attacking. It made me decide to advocate for myself. To start.

    My mind is racing now, I’ve been up all night tonight, enjoying the rain and the heat and cutting myself some slack.
    No forcing myself to do anything- even though yes, I SHOULD.
    I will, and without anxiety or the neurotic need to self sabotage automatically.
    I’m slowing down massively and feeling what I need to do and what really feels important for me instead of blindly pushing against the current.

    I think when we have a challenging aspect in our natal chart we don’t realise it but somehow we learn to do that THING – for me Mars square Saturn and my Moon. I always felt resentful of that T square and wished my chart was easier and I’d happily swap with a Leo sun, Libra moon and a bunch of trines to Saturn but yeah, I have experienced this Mars Saturn square just passing in the sky as fortifying in the extreme.

  24. Right on point. I thought I was losing my personality but I guess there is a reason why I have quit drinking and chainsmoking everyday and being so caught up in day dreams about “success” of what could be.. Pining to be someone that people admire and listen to. Being very afraid of endings.. These things have defined my personality for MORE than 2 years..
    And its sort of an uncomfy feeling I’m sure will only get better with time.

    I’ve learned alot about self sufficiency and that I can’t keep running away when things get difficult. No significant other will ever make me feel whole. No one but myself can heal me.

  25. 7th house Sag cusp here! Saturn on my DC (opposite Chiron on my AC), with Sag Uranus, Moon, and Cap Mars conjunct in the 7th.

    It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. If I looked back on myself from December 2014 to me now, I wouldn’t recognize myself. It is honestly like having your brain swept clean of malware and having Capricorn/Saturn programs installed. Granted, the computer had to start going haywire before I bothered to start looking at it but OMG how could I ever go back? I wouldn’t, and I couldn’t even when I wanted to because all those old 7th house issues just DO NOT COMPUTE anymore.

  26. Sag in my 1st house… complete identity change. Not at all the person I used to be. Super on point with my life purpose. Next stop… my 2nd house where I have 5 major planets & my Saturn Return. The Saturnine makeover continues!

  27. Where to even start?..Nothing is the same. Im happy now with the new direction imposed on me through being seriously derailed by the Saturn transit to my 6th house Libra stellium. Saturn through my Sagg stellium (straddling 7th & 8th house) has finalised the rebuild and fine tuned the recalibration.
    Once upon a time I literally danced on tables, jumped on aeroplanes with only the vaguest idea of where they were going and fell in and out of love with the phase of the moon. These days it’s all balancing accounts, decluttering and watching back to back Dr Who while cross stitching quotes from Neil Gaiman’s Death of the Sandman series…(yeh I know – cross stitch??!) I actually turned down a date last night with a cute muso to do just this haha 😀 😀 .
    What have I learned?
    1. Time is short. You do not have as much as you think.
    2.It is also far more elastic than you’d think and you can pack a week into a day in the right mind frame.
    3.Never explain, never complain etc – everyone else is wrapped up in their own dramas and genuinely doesn’t care. Not in a bad way, it’s just that you are not them and thats that.
    4. That doesn’t mean you should stop caring.
    5. Work is the key – just do it smart and direct your attentions to what will give the best ROI.
    6. The universe is a cruel and empty space – it’s up to you to fill it with the warmth and love you want.

    That was all a bit heavy, but I can feel a lightening of the atmosphere and am wondering what the world will look like once I get to remove the Saturn specs for a bit before he drops in on my Capricorn Venus chart ruler.
    I just felt an internal voice say “well, if he thinks he’s going to just march in here and start ordering me around…” lol, Im hoping for a restructuring on my creative process.

    • i just thought of a heap of other stuff -all variations of “invest your time wisely”…not sure if I’m actually doing it but highly aware of when I’m not..

    • I like your list. As a Sagittarius rising, I have a hard time with #6. Jupiter chart ruler makes it seem like good times are always near at hand. But I have danced with that concept a bit…I think my version of that is “There is no solace in others.” Which incorporates, for me anyway, 3, 4, & 6 of your list.

      • yeh, looking back over that list I think it might sound harsh, but I don’t feel it like that. It’s almost comforting to know that on one hand your life is your own responsibility, but on the other you can be dealt some really heavy blows that are totally not your fault. Being ok with the paradox is very relaxing and frees you up to just get on with things…

  28. I have learned a fair bit, though the last 6 months have felt like I consolidated it all in a very inconsistent way. I have been wondering though, since my ascendant is in Capricorn what does this mean for the shifting Saturn transit beyond the obvious- any thing I should be thinking about in particular? I’m more than ready for this I think….

    • I recommend Saturn in Transit by Erin Sullivan to fill in that knowledge. Saturn across the ascendant is a significant aspect. I have no doubt you are ready for it since yours is Cap.

      My experience of Saturn across asc into my Sagittarius first house was a real dialing in of what I could do versus what I thought I could do as well as a great deal of hermit time in the cave. Lots and lots of rest. Without guilt.

      • Gosh, I have that coming too but meaning it’s currently in the 12th house… I thought THAT was the solitary cave time!!

  29. NN in Saggitarius/7th House
    As could be expected, I have learned a lot about myself in conjunction with others via my relationship with parents, my siblings, my children – all of them as individuals, because there was no way to have a relationship of trust without there being personalised responses.

    And I have had to reevaluate friends and realised my impact on others, their impact on me – even my relationship with Spirit has had ups and downs!

    All in all I have restructured the family dynamics by managing changes that impact us all. They are people who didn’t trust me to walk their dog because of their fears about what I represent, out of touch with their inner core as they are, but now I have repeatedly earned their trust and respect as far as that kind of thing goes.. it wasn’t fun and I have found it largely unrewarding so far. 😉

    But I hope that going forward they accept my efforts without being triggered by insecurity as far as I am concerned. Good times! Ha..

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