Prima Venus and The Uranian Week

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As you can see from the Horoscopes, the Love Goddess Venus is aligning with Futuristic Uranus, in synergy to the metaphysically important Moon’s Nodes.  Uranus rules the fateful South Node in Aquarius and Venus has been hanging out at the end/beginning of the astrological galaxy for most of the year. A lot of unseen energy and awareness has been brewing like a cosmic storm.

See your Horoscopes for a more nuanced-sign by sign or rising sign take on this but broadly, Venus on Uranus can = a departure from the norm in romance, aesthetics, cuisine, style, art and/or values. It need not be officially ‘weird’. For example if you’re usually a UFO chasing polygamous micro-doses of L.S.D sort of a person, maybe you move to the suburbs and take up golf.  Avid hippies suddenly shun coconut oil for prescription skincare that has to be stored in the fridge.

It’s a strong time for sudden lightning bolt from another realm attractions and it’s an equally strong time for suddenly feeling fabulous about being single. Innovation in anything Venusian is absolutely supported. That’s the whole point of Uranus-Venus; you can’t call it or predict the flow of this electric current…though i obviously give it a good go.

But two things are clear regarding this: it’s got a big strong ZING of fate – like an electrical surge from other worlds, previous existences – courtesy of the link to the Nodes and unconventional romances can spring up or move along fast with this vibe. At the same time, other situations can just stall – people make abrupt decisions about all sorts of things when Uranus meets Venus and they’re in alignment till June 5. What to do if you’re not sure? Invent, reinvent, experiment and loosen your clutch on anything you’re gripping onto out of need, conformity or because you don’t know what time (era) it is.


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50 thoughts on “Prima Venus and The Uranian Week

  1. Couldn’t stop watching that girl smile, bet it destroyed any spiel the guy was about to pitch to her.

    • Lana del Rey <3 seriously I think she is a genius, as well as exceptionally beautiful.
      & these lyrics tell me that Abel Tesfaye speaks Lana's love language 😉 I reckon that's why she's smiling

  2. The conjunction happens on my natal Mars-Uranus opposition. In the past few days have had relationship things explode and then settle quickly into structure and stability. All the swimming against the current has finally abated. I feel deeply happy and content for the first time in almost 20 months.

    It’s been a full on month though. With a heart attack early on in the month breaking down barriers that had seemed insurmountable in relationships. And yes. The shock and fear of life and death and the prospect of having lost my life partner.

    • Wow Sleepless! not clear if it was you or your partner (thinking partner) that suffered the heart attack, but either way that’s pretty full on.

      The heart is our body’s electrical generator, so not surprising it would blow a fuse around such Uranic times if one is under huge amounts of stress & I know that from previous posts you were – so i’m glad that that is over.

      All the same, after such stress you should look after your own heart – because i’m sure it has taken a beating too. One of the most potent (& simplest) things you can do for it is to do a breathing exercise where you visualise gently breathing in green light into your heart, holding it in for a few seconds & gently breathing out through your mouth. Even if you do this for 5 mins – you can feel it soothing and relaxing your heart muscle straight away. Green is the colour of nature & healing – especially the Heart. This is super potent if you can do it outdoors too. (tho it works fine anywhere)

      Wishing you and yours a speedy recovery. X

      • It was my partner. Happened on the 6th while I was recovering from a 3 day fever during which I dropped 3kg.

        Crazy intense. Yes.

        Have been to my wonderful acupuncturist twice to get myself energetically put back together after it all.

        Thank you so much for the well wishes.

        I’ve been very focused on all the good aspects of it. Has made it (generally m) easier to navigate and be at peace with. It could have been so much worse (he’s done remote fieldwork in PNG, has spent time in rural far flung Qld so for it to happen 5 mins from hospital was truly blessed!)

  3. Its on my MC and have no idea how this will pan out. But I just moved into my first purchased property and am open to a mega awesome career opportunity please! Excited! ?

    • Uranus on my MC as well (as well as opp. Pluto, sq. ASC and trine Sun, Moon, Merc. and Nep.!) and have made some big (to me) moves which have been liberating x stressful all at once, thank you uncertainty and vulnerability!

  4. So that’s why I entered – as of today – a dating app.
    That’s definitely something that, as Virgo Rising, Moon in Taurus and Venus in Kataka, I would not normally do.
    Tried 2 years ago and gave up after very (VERY) weird messages.

    • Sun/Venus/Mercury in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius, (Progressed) rising in Virgo.. which I very much identify with atm…
      Stick with it MissDee 🙂
      I was the same, tried before and gave up after weirdo messages that put me off. This time, instead of deleting the app, I stuck with it for a couple weeks. Didn’t meet up with anyone until I was genuinely interested. First date was an absolute buuuuuust. Second date I met my lovely sensitive Pisces and we have been dating for 6 months next week.
      We both never went on dating apps but decided to give it a serious try that month..
      Best advice I could give is maintain your Virgo standards but be flexible and willing to fail a couple times. Makes for a good story anyway 🙂 Oh! Also – go somewhere you know you’ll be comfortable. I know that Taurus vibe all too well. Good luck!

  5. You know what? All I wanted was a stable romance this year. I almost had it, up until last week I thought things were beginning to settle and I enjoyed the routine. This week lover is MIA, said he is going through an upheaval and he’s writing again.

    The funny thing is, the small separation has unblocked my creative writing and the words wafting and seeping out of my mind are the kind that you know hits the spot :).
    The profound realisations and “ah- ha” moments are scratching against the doors that have been blocked for years!
    The only sad part is that I wish I could share it with someone I intimately care about.

  6. Mystic, it’s always the details that get me in your posts – not just prescription skincare, but prescription skincare that has to be stored in the fridge.

  7. This is such outrageously potent astro for me right now.
    Uranus on my AC/DC axis (love the electrical lexical) and sextile exact my Chiron.
    Plus SN on my Chiron exact too.
    I literally blew my mind this morning while meditating. Still feel the tingling 6hrs later.
    I checked afterwards & found that the Moon was conjunct exact my Mercury at the time of the explosion.

    (Downside: I don’t know if i’ll ever be able to sleep again.)

  8. AH. It’s in my 2nd house (with my girl Pallas Athene, too!). That explains the incredibly sudden – and incredibly detailed – planning/list-making I’ve done regarding the interior decor of an apartment I don’t have.

    I thought I was losing it. I’ve been completely chill about my living situation up until about Sunday. Now it’s full-force blueprint making for a straight-up Power Lair. It’s fun, though!

  9. Stuff is moving
    an ice shelf in the Ross Sea,
    a narcissist in the White House
    a terrorist in the Senate
    the doomsday clock
    the nuclear option
    Really ?
    Get a grip.
    No one knows
    But’s beyond our schema
    End has started , if no-ones Prima
    I’m a hoper
    I’m a dreamer

  10. Uranus equals independence for me & mine. Always the ones depended on but never truly appreciated by our families. We’ve broken through something the past 6 months or so and its all just being solidified right now for ultimate cord cutting. Last few threads, snip snip. My 6th house, his 9th.

    • I hear you on the solidification. Hope the final cord cut is as gentle and as powerful as it can be. For all of you.

      Always being the depended on one sucks. (Know this one well!!)

      • Pi, you have such a way with words. That’s the most concise way I’ve heard the 9th house explained. I always fumble on about higher learning and travel. Thank you.

  11. FWIW, Venus/Uranus is also the “out” to that hamstringing Mars/Saturn/Chiron T-square we’ve got looming in the background as well.

    Speaking of thunderstruck, The Godfather was on this weekend and I found myself reflecting upon what an instantaneous Venus/Uranus thunderbolt it was when Michael and Apollonia met. But there was more to it than that – I also felt the Saturn trine because at the same time there was a respect for tradition that kept it grounded.

    • (I, for one, am grateful for Saturn’s *grounding* qualities in this planetary mix ATM)

      Also your Hollywood reverie reminded me of an article in Vanity Fair about Bette Davis where she claimed:
      “A bolt of lightning hit a tree in front of the house the moment I was born”

      & what a critic said about her:

      “I think that Bette Davis would probably be burned as a witch if she had lived two or three hundred years ago. She gives the curious feeling of being charged with power which can find no ordinary outlet.”

      Checking her chart reveals that she had Uranus square her Sun almost exact and aspecting her Moon, Mercury & Venus…..yeeeeoow!

      • Nice find re: Bette! If that story about her is true, that’s a hell of a marker – not quite a lightning bolt carved into your forehead, but it’ll do!

        And yes, I’m digging Saturn holding it all down and “keepin’ it real”, too! xoxo

  12. I’m not feeling it yet, I’m having a hard time emotionally and under a lot of stress. Feeling really unhappy and stuck today.. 🙁

    I’d love to feel it, though. Uranus/Venus are on my NN in Aries in my 10th, and transiting SN in Aqua is on my natal Mercury in the 9th. Seems like this could be positive and I’m waiting for the ZING, but really just feeling weighted down by lack of employment, lack of money, landlord problems.. in a funk and depressed again..

    ‘Uranian’ guy who flickered on and off with me since mid-January is ‘off’ now. I’ve really lost interest. He’s got a difficult personality, and is selfish, there’s nothing ‘there’ for me, really. Doesn’t feel emotionally safe, either. We had his Uranus conjunct my Venus in Cap, in synastry, and it was right in his 1st house, my 7th house cusp. We had a lot of other nice synastry, but this seemed to dominate. I’m done with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a text from him again, because he’s impulsive, but I’m no longer going to encourage him. I’ve got a lot of important things to figure out in my life and can’t make time for someone who isn’t even that nice or respectful to me.
    I’m definitely open to some other new exciting ZING person to enter my life, but that would have to come right out of the blue in real life since I’m not doing online dating right now.

    I think where Uranus/Venus, SN, and Saturn are currently transiting for me, it’s not really about romance anyway. 10th house, 9th, and 6th, respectively, not so sexy and lovey dovey, right?!

    • Flowerchild, I was just thinking of you. Hope things get a little less heavy for you in all fronts, soon. By the way, are you familiar with a health company called One Medical? They are SF based, and today they sent me an email saying they’re hiring. Perhaps not in your specific area of expertise, but who knows it would be worth a look? Sending you good vibes!

      • Aw thanks, ICPluto!

        Funny coincidence, just walked by a new One Medical office that has opened in my neighborhood and thought of checking their job lists. They don’t have anything in my field right now but maybe I should send them a resume anyway…hmmmm……thanks for the reminder! 🙂

        • Well, it seems we were in sync. 🙂 I’d say, send your resumé anyway – nothing to lose, right? xx

          • Totally! Thanks! 🙂

            I just sent them a message via their practice partnership / practice integration platform, since there were no actual jobs open, perhaps I can partner my private practice with them.
            …..a sort of Uranian/alternative solution?

  13. Oh my goddessing over this!

    LOVE IT.

    I think I’m letting go of traditional relationship crap

    • Traditional relationships and all their attendant expectations are over rated. I’m all for letting it go and broadening horizons and opportunities.

  14. Uranus for me has always been “higher knowledge” as in esotericism, occultism since I was a child (Uranus in Cancer in 5th house) My mother introduced me to the work of Rudolf Steiner – last century spiritual scientist – when I was 12 years old. While taking to it like a duck to water I was also well out of my depth – mentally – to process his work. So the journey has been a lifetime of trying to do that. One major break through was realising how much of “what Rudolf Steiner said” was an animus figure inside my psyche. I finally started to integrate that and have a few thoughts of my own. Next was the challenge to see some of Steiner’s literal concrete expressions/descriptors, especially of historical events, as symbols of my own inner psychological process. I mean why the hell was I obsessed with Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia and its black and white/ good and evil duality? Perhaps it had something symbolically to do with growing up white in black Africa. And so on. And now with Venus conjunct Uranus which is inconjunct Chiron, my nodes and natal Saturn and all that making a grand mutable cross with Saturn in Sag and Mars in Gemini what am I obsessing about now(pluto/scorpio that I am)? Well guess what -nothing less than Hiram building the temple of Solomon and the visit of Queen of Sheba and the debacle with the casting of the Molten Sea and where was the Golden Triangle? This time it is not just of historical significance, and even symbology and occultism. It is a question of what is happening inside not only my higher mind and psyche but also in my physical and subtle bodies with this triangulation of Solomon, Hiram and the feminine figure of Sheba.. To hell with the secrecy of Masonry around this material. Inside my body I am experiencing the pouring of the Molten Sea – the fire of passion and will-based emotions swirling together – (yes reflecting on a recently ended real life lust driven threesome relationship). Not only played out with great drama in real life but also profoundly inner transformative processes.
    The observer/ but jealous stance of Solomon as he witnesses the unfolding relationship between Hiram and Sheba- the Solomon in me, the Hiram in me and the movement of Sheba the feminine between these two inner polarities of my being. It is a very useful exercise and I think I might gain some inner cohesion and growth as in chakra alignment and the flow of feminine water and masculine fire up the spinal kundalini channel, linking all chakras, Here’s hoping.
    I really like being able to post here on MM’s site. I put it out in all earnest seriousness, but I have come to realise that it is not about seeking outer validation and affrimation from others but rather it is a process of clarifying on an inner level where I am at. Thanks Mystic for this safe space. And love and blessings to all you guys sharing your journeys.

    • Ah! Richard Grannon is constantly talking about this guy, and I’ve been meaning to check him out. Nice coincidence!

  15. Just booked 2 YOLO flights this week. First one I thought of visiting my friend that morning, messaged to check if she’d be in the country, booked the flight. Decision making to settling flights was about 2 hours.

    Second flight, there was a cheap promo to Europe ending in 30 minutes, my colleague/friend bought her ticket and asked me to buy, I said ok. No plans and no consideration that we cover each other at work (i.e. no one’s gona do our roles when we’re gone). Now I’m planning to resign and working out when’s the last day to do so before this trip.

    Might be ’cause my natal Mars is in 9th? YOLO all the way.

  16. Other things is: Uranian vibes ALWAYS screw up my sleep patterns, make feel like I am high on caffeine, frenzy and with an overactive mind.
    I am SO NOT URANIAN: it’ really tough some times.

  17. Venus /Uranus is transiting the in 8th…
    (Just past north node)

    It is quincunx / in conjunct to a sextile of neptune (scorpio 3rd) and a conjunction of pluto / uranus (Virgo 1st).

    It is a YOD.

    Well I took time away from a passion of mine, and Ive been ill, now I’m considering getting involved, fit…

    Then mars is transiting my 10th…it is trine my sun 6th…in wide trine/ sextile aspect to south and north nodes again…

    The north node in Leo is in the 12th…

    Sun is near my mid heaven sextile my Saturn in Aries 7th/8th…

    Jupiter is trine – almost exact to MC, too…sextile my IC, in 1st/ near 2nd

    I have transiting Pluto on my natal venus…5th…

    Then saturn is in my 4th…health challenges…and a strict older man who tests me – in more ways than I can bear…what is real devotion, to a spiritual pratice? What is true, false?

    I have been trying to escape intimacy for years….I think self intimacy here is the matter. Spiritual commitment asks for more – no insincerity – everything is revealed, held up…my partnership is still on strange and uncertain foundations, though I try to keep everything contained, safe it is just impossible…

    Neptune is in my 7th, square my MC and IC, so I must be mindful of entering into weird and potentially mid bending cults, trippy or deceitful relationships….unless I suppose the square of Neptune were to expose this…Graphically….and its almost conjunct my vertex…

    the Venus retrograde and my Chiron return brought a person into my life who has upset everything…I cannot find a way to settle the upheaval…

    All I really need is to recover, I don’t need to fall in love, or be swept off my feet…especially when there’s an undertow…

  18. All i can say is spare me Aries men at the mo. Somehow I always end up having Aries types in my life of both genders, and most of the time, I can put up with the negatives of their archetype and see their native aggression/lust for life/Tarot Fool type qualities as inspiration to be more assertive, and less in my head.
    But right now – the men…just want to deck them – so many I know are NOT manifesting higher pos’s of Venus Uranus – and let’s not forget Eris – they’re just being more bratty, domineering and downright impractical (rather than simply eccentric – a quality I don’t mind) than usual. And they’re blithely oblivious to the way they are alienating groups they think they are leading/people they think they are loved by….

  19. The Aries arrangement is offsetting Saturn and mars on my asc dsc axis. Jupiter is on my ic. Everywhere I turn, something is up for grabs /change / opportunity / hustle. There is only so much I can do, but I am probably in the right place to do it. I think the shade and rest is to be found in stopping every day to breathe, take stock, pray/ invoke sacred choices (am Pisces after all)… I’m finding more and more that the only good guidance is found within, and continually re-learning that occupying a 100% responsibility for my own life is a Big Fuqing Deal but nothing to fear

  20. Uranus x Venus in 9th opp. Pluto. Relationship-wise at the best place one can arrive at after nearly 20 years of abusive x emotionally unavailable x manipulative men. I consider myself lucky that I’m no longer a statistic but it has been two long years of hard work building a strong, healthy relationship through mental health and trauma on both parts.

    Career-wise, definitely innovating, at least started in April but innovation is hard when starting out: The aloneness, the uncertainty, the vulnerability. Innovation always looks easy when we’re thinking about it, talking about it, planning about it, but once you actually start, nothing looks like or behaves like whatever it is you hoped it would be. All part of the learning process obviously but can be so disheartening at moments. Just sticking to my own Capricornian advice: Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    • The key to working successfully with Uranian energy is to develop a sense of community and to really get yourself connected. I had a very similar experience when I first started out – it can indeed be isolating being a solopreneur, so I ameliorated this by getting plugged in. I’m not sure what industry you are in, but I would encourage you do some research as to the networking events, groups, and meetups in your area to find your Tribe. Networking doesn’t always necessarily have to be dry and “strictly business” – it can help you make honest-to-goddess heart-centered connections with peers in your field who are all going through the same general kinds of things. The Saturn/Uranus Trine is wonderful for building supportive social networks, whether vocational or otherwise!

      Networking was actually what brought me in touch with my current best friend – we’re in different but overlapping areas of work and met at an event, then we just kept bumping into each other. Connecting with her has literally changed my life! Look for opportunities to befriend people who have your same general interests, are in your field of work, etc. Be adventurous and go places you’ve never been and hang out with total strangers – you never know who you’ll meet, and that’s how you create space for synchronicity to work its magic! And definitely rub elbows with people whose work you respect – it’s inspirational on so many levels! For one, it can facilitate a meeting of the minds – it’s awesome to connect with people who operate on a similar professional level but with a different slant, because then there’s room to support and learn from each other. Secondly, if you connect with people you admire and they happen to be more established, they could even wind up being be a mentor figure who might be willing to show you the ropes. Third, how cool is it if in the process of doing so you actually meet a personal idol?! I went to an event recently and could not fuqing *believe* who I was talking to – people who I’ve looked up to for *years* and consider Kind Of A Big Deal. It makes you want to reach higher and elevate your own work to the level they’ve elevated theirs. Never be afraid to chat someone up, because you never know where it may lead!

      So the moral of this story is: Connect, my Goat friend! It’s your ruler linked up to Uranus, so you are uniquely positioned to utilize that Uranian energy in a big way! xo

      • Thanks for the advice and encouragement LiberatingVenus! And for affirming my gut intuition that I followed which was exactly to connect!

        I started a daily vlog on creative practice as methodology for reclaiming authenticity and decided that I wanted to learn how to help others with their process better, so I put out the call for volunteers who would like to help me develop my process via a beta community and it’s now end of second week, slow and steady start and everyone’s slowly warming up and I’m slowly learning, nervous AF but it’s been so nourishing on a soul level to know I *can* help others when I felt so lonely and ineffectual before.

        It was a huge lesson in daring to be vulnerable and putting aside the cultural stereotype of “must know it all to be a leader” to *be* a leader, to start and daring to show that you can learn and still lead and help others.

  21. oy, i’m venus-uranus conjunct natally @ 27 sag so this venus/uranus in aries is exactly trine my own. except saturn is also in the mix here – my own saturn return, bang on my MC, still on venus/ura, etc. I’ve actually just decided to move across the country for a unique school/career opportunity (art therapy) and am breaking my own heart to do it (leaving my beautiful boyfriend, apartment, friends, family). Everything about my transits is agitating for change, and i know that if i choose romance over self-dev., my SN libra will bite me in the ass. I’m hoping to fulfill my venus in other ways since it’s in my 10th natally and clearly some sort of karmic hot spot.

  22. Help! I had no idea about the Uranus-Venus conjunction (until now) but this past week has been wild for me. I’m 41, partnered for 14 years, have kid…life is so settled. And out of nowhere (Uranus ha ha!) I have developed this most intense attraction to a coworker– whom I have always admired, been friends with, etc. But suddenly it is totally overwhelming, when I am around him I am so electrified I feel like I can’t breathe. Ah! It’s affecting my work and my mind buzzing. Ah! Of course I knew his birthday (though without birth time) and of course we have tons of synastry which I can’t even deal with, because we’re both unavailable. Ah! Freaking out. When will this end??

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