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The North Node in Leo is imminent. Suitably, for a sign of the Zodiac renowned for some dramatic flair and the ability to make An Entrance, it comes with the Full Moon in Scorpio next Weds/Thurs. Then the point AKA the “Dragon’s Head” is in Leo until November 2018.  This is only every 19 years so let’s align with it.

Obviously this will be a big feature of the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic but this glamanic (my new word) hot pulse of karma is also going to broadly stimulate Ostentatiously Magical Thinking, the desire to OWN one’s aesthetics – whatever they are, Music, Cinema, Art, Fashion and Bold Relationships – less tribe-vibe signaling and more Self Actualization.

What stocks should we go long on for his? Seriously.

And what do you think of Ostentatious Magical Thinking as a fresh policy?

Yes i know that politicians of all ilk seem to resemble Caligula on crack in their apparent numbness to economic inequality, human/animal rights, environmental emergencies and basic financial common sense.

But even given all that and that not all of us are of an activist mindset, can we still regather our creative wiles and life force to be Ostentatious Magical Thinkers?


The Challenge
Glen Luchford

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68 thoughts on “Ostentatiously Magical Thinking

  1. This NN entry into Leo, has made me realise how much of my character pivots around my Leo MC/Aqua IC axis. I mean, to the point where i’m simultaneously thinking that the opposite of what i’ve just thought re society/self is right as well – it’s like these zen moments which are hard to describe other than visceral – prevent me spiralling further into existential angst.

    With 5 planets plus Vesta & MC in Leo – and an Aqua IC and Chiron directly opposite this Leo stellium, it’s not hard to see why there is a focus on the tribe/self dichotomy.

    And then the realisation hit me that in my Draconic chart (which i’m inclined to think reveals the core essence of one) my Leo/Aqua axis is REVERSED – which really makes sense! And how to positively live out this realisation? I’m hoping that the NN visiting this tribe of Leo planets will help me realise the Zen of this situation even more. Perhaps this will lead to Ostentatiously Magical Thinking.
    I’ve no idea if this remotely makes any sense to anyone else.

    • Thanks. I’ve struggled to relate to this post despite being heavily Uranian inc Merc Cj.

      Im my Draconic chart I’ve a Leo Moon at 0* & Chiron opp an Aqua stellium inc my two Octave Conjunctions (Merc/Uran & Mars/Pluto).

      I’m still trying to make sense of the NN conjuncting my Venus, then my Pluto and, today, my Mars. But I’ve def been introspective lately.

  2. YES YES YES to Ostentatiously Magical Thinking as a new policy. Lock it in.

    Stocks? Lolll…invest in Gold Glitter.

  3. tribe is just another word for clique, says this 11th house Lilith.. do whatever you want, risk being an outcast, and feel damn good about it.
    I’ve had some really wierd experiences lately, or at least insights, about how I am received based on such incredibly obvious appearance based things it’s only recently become clear to me how little energy people expend on perceiving who someone actually is. I’m often surprised / taken aback at the really clear division between people who see me as mousy square, versus others who see some version of occult centrefold or whatever. shrug. pisces i guess? maybe it is to my advantage. also, i don’t really care until they start to fling judgements around.
    but I think part of the Leo vibe lesson for me, from within, is to develop my capacity to confidently manipulate appearances – which I realise that I mistrust because of so much fake-assery – but recognising the shamanic elements of as above so below coming into play. Another aspect of building Leo-ness into my life is finding the right audience.

    thought provoking post MM thank you will keep reflecting…

    • I like your observation about 11th house Lilith, I have mine there, too. Just the other day I was telling someone I’m not a ‘joiner’ in relation to explaining one of the many reasons why I don’t go to Burning Man. My Lilith is in Taurus, so my ‘tribe’ is the Earth, herself, I think. The only thing I’ve ‘joined’ consistently in the past seven years is a local community garden, and not for the people but for the plants and flowers!

      • I am Lilith in Taurus as well, however I have it in the 8th. I sort of agree. Who bothers to see in?

        My Lillith is opposite asteroids Juno/ Karma/ psyche.

        There is no “tribe”, that’s what I know anyway.

        There are just dimensions, that’s it, for me.

  4. Apologies for the cry for help/post above, this Leo has lost her sparkle.. Maybe I should try to digest Gilbert’s book on “big magic: creative living beyond fear”.. hopefully it will lift my spirits.

    • You don’t have to apologise for what you feel.
      Sparkle is still there. The muggles have just made the sky too cloudy to see its brilliance.

      Big virtual hug x

  5. Well I wondering how I’m going to get through the next few days plus this scorp moon. I’ve been in tears ever morning, as I’ve travelled to work. So much change going on and now a info release that potentially pulls the rug from beneath me. I’m just on the brink of loosing my sh*t. Work feels like muggle central. (Some crazy super becon for muggles = government office). I’m Leo sun, aqu rising n aqu moon. I get it with Mercury retro being over and everything is moving again but why is everything else such a mess at the moment? Hope this NN in Leo brightens up the vibe. I have natal NN in aqu – 12 house so not sure what this will bring me.

  6. Natal NN in Leo 7H checking in! I’m long on hair stuff/treatments/nice hairbrushes (in fact getting my hair done today and going to discuss potentially a perm/body wave later this year!); big wow accessories like not-merely-functional hats and jewels that could act as brass knuckles if need be, huge sunglasses, spectacular yet functional footwear (think sandals that have long leg laces, but soft leather) perfect for quick spontaneous chases/getaways; languid and drapey fabrics in excess.

    I also see a lot of drama and bluster on the global/non-fashion horizon. Just a bunch of impotent raging and comeuppance delivery and petty schadenfreude delivered with flair. Lots of ‘big gestures’ in whatever form that may take. But also a lot of hot air and non-productive energy.

  7. Stocks? How about solar energy? Like, the Sun, ruler of Leo?

    Anyway, I look forward to this because it means NN/SN in Virgo/Pisces is finally away from all my stuff in Virgo and Pisces!

    I’m Aqua Sun, so I’ve been enjoying the scopes lately foretelling of things getting good in my love life with NN in Leo about to go through my 7th. That would be nice, for a change!
    I have Crab rising, so in that regard, NN in Leo will actually be going through my 2nd house, and that sounds good, too……perhaps lighting up a way to increase wealth?

    Over the Venus retro I’ve been revamping my style as well as thinking about a hair change. I like the ‘magical thinking’ idea, too. It’s very empowering to get aligned with our own creative energy, and fun, too! This could be a powerful antidote to the attempted soul-crushing from the current political environment. It’s like that talk from Neil Gaiman on “Make good art”, as a response to, and no matter what is going on around you.

  8. Sorry, I will shut up after this but I’m definitely feeling this need to revamp and it is to do with ..well everything but it does feel Venusian/ Plutonic but not in the Plutonic way I’ve always associated with i.e. Black everything!
    It’s more Saturn – Chiron and Uranus influenced. Like the whole lifestyle has to be ethical and sustainable. I’m battling with using those words because I’ve always resisted the crunchy Birkenstock vibe so ferociously and gone for the neon demon vogue death by mini bar at 3am look and err yeah everything else. It was a big part of my identity and not deliberate.
    Lately I am yearning for colour in my wardrobe and textures in my food and so on. I want major changes but not just for the sake of change anymore. The vibe is one of more compassion and a straight edge thrift store kind of hipster. As in, yeah, pre owned, confident and sustainable. Fabric must be worn in already and soft, food needs to be considered from perspectives other than just “what am I getting out of this?”
    So weird to be saying this stuff but GOOD WEIRD.
    And wicked to have it echoed here or affirmed by Astro trends
    Again- that dress in the photo says everything

  9. Is anyone here a Paleo Vegan?
    I’m so drawn to this way of life suddenly but I always thought It wasn’t an option for someone who is basically allergic to carbs, grains and sugars.
    I’ve always eaten a high protein, very high fat diet because cabs make me seriously sick but I’m so off the whole eating animals lately and can’t get myself back into this GAPS diet because of the animal protein…
    It works so well for me health wise but …..struggling to relate to it on other levels. Sorry I know this is an astrological site and this is off topic but it’s definitely related on some level 🙂
    I’m doing a food budget and looking for information about high protein high fat – low carb vegetarian diets to develop a Saturn inspired lifestyle.
    It started with all the below the breadline YouTube videos about people living on one pound or less per day. I’m fascinated by the idea of spending the absolute minimum and living a more sustainable lifestyle. I recently picked up some clothes from Oxfam and instead of begrossed out by wearing “someone else’s clothes” as I expected I would, I felt so good about having spent ten quid on pre owned items. It felt way better than buying new clothes ever has. The guys at Oxfam had folded the items so neatly and they were clean and pressed and they felt SOFT and LOVED rather than all prickly and cheap or sweat shopped fast fashion and flashy. It’s probably the first time I’ve actually felt GOOD about purchasing clothes in my life. Like, after the initial shoppers high fades I usually feel really low. I remember bursting in to tears one day when I was in my mid 20s after a mild shopping spree in Harvey Nichols. I hadn’t spent THAT much and the stuff I’d bought was decent enough. It was more about the underlying emotional issues not having been resolved and this sense of futility and waste or something..it’s always kind of been there but faintly so I didn’t realize how good it would feel to do the opposite- i.e. Spend under a tenner and chose carefully and for a good cause etc.. this has made me question whether consuming food differently would have similar benefits to how I feel about my daily life..

    • Yes dear. I’ve done paleo vegan But I can do pulses and beans really well so that is my booster. There are a few books on the regime and I always figure its best to fit it to you And how your system reacts.

      • Thanks lol
        Googled Bodybuilding on a Plant Based Diet and found some good info. At the very least it is inspirational. I think for me the important thing is to transition into these things slowly. If anything is revolutionary and radical it’s that concept more than the changes themselves. Moderation is the ultimate in extremism for someone obsessed with the edges of things. Just moving slowly in a direction is more difficult but probably important than drastic changes. Apologies for banging on excessively here. X

        • I love the educational experience finding out just where you can find huge amounts of proteins. Then listening to my body, does this work ? Does this feel good ? Am I stronger, cleaner? And always… leaner ?
          I’m one of gods survivors. I can live on half a box of sunshine and still have handles.
          Next thing I’d love to try is “crapsules” For that micro biome shift. Oh and consider your blood group. I’m an A rh neg. So vegan is supposed to be my diet.

          • And another thing. I wish I could bang on as easily as you. I always consider myself far too succinct. I write in text speak these days. You flow consciousness. Blissful ability.

            • i feel the same way! i really appreciate your comments, invicta. my issue though is that i monitor myself too closely and often don’t say exactly what i mean, so sometimes just choose to not bother!

    • avocados!

      probably about 80% of my clothing is secondhand and i have a literal room as a closet. i find the best things, stuff that no one else has, and i always feel good about it. all the thrift stores in my city have proceeds going to charity or local causes.

    • Invicta, what are you tapping into right now, because I swear you are bringing up things that are on my mind too. Clamping down on how the money goes out is where I’m at too. I don’t need clothes right now but I’ve been thinking when it’s time I’m going to go thrift shopping and sew more. I also want to ferment more. I think adverts affect us on a deep level that we don’t even realize and people are caught up in this elaborate game of spend spend. Like a bacteria of modern life.

    • There is a wonderful book called the “The self healing cookbook” – generally based on the macrobiotic diet. An oldie but a goodie.. But wanted to share as it was a game changer for me and still return to it.

      • Ah! I LOVE that cookbook! Started using it back in the early 90’s and it really set the foundation for me for food as a healing tool.

        Also, Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford, which was published around that same time. I recommend these books to my patients, too.

      • Hmmm thanks
        So no giving in to major revamping urges yet.
        It’s a good practice for me to resist my urges in any case. I can be so compulsive about dramatic changes and usually it ends up as having been a diversion tactic which distracted me from whatever I didn’t want to deal with just then more than an actual need to only wear white or repaint a flat I am only renting or whatever…

  10. This is going to be big – I have natal and Pr. placements being juiced by this and am looking forward to the shift in the astro-terrain. The prospect of creative self-actualization sounds hot as fuq. And “bold relationships” would be delish…almost married a double Leo once upon a time – our composite featured a Leo stellium (including Jupiter and Venus!) and dating him was a ton of fun. I like that playful vibe and do appreciate the capacity it gives to also co-create. His Sun was on my Ceres and he enjoyed being in the kitchen almost as much as I do – we would cook together all the time. 🙂 I’d be up for similar; maybe someone awesome I could do ballroom dance lessons with – that’s not a bad intention to set, actually.

    Also? I think I’m going to need to sport a deep tan for this.

  11. I’m seriously considering going blonde. I have some reservations, never done full color before…. but the pull to dye it is stronger. It feels like a vibe/aura thing lol. I’ve been researching shades. Libra rising though, may wait until Jupiter goes direct early next month not sure…

  12. Myst you are such a cool writer.
    Read galvanic before i realised it was glamanic. Then searched dicksionary for meaning…doh.
    Whatta word. Brilliant. Have just painted my nails bright red. That must count.
    Have washed all floors with added lavender ess oil and it seems to have really upped the energy of my home. Huge bunches of rosemary next to bed.
    Finished an extremely well written book called Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. About a poor leonic type lad that is accepted to an expensive Arcanum University free of charge. A fantasy novel set in an indeterminable age. Worth a read for those who love the written word.

  13. Is there any special meaning fir this node positions when i have my IC and MC in aqua/leo respectively? Can’t find any info about it. Thank you!!!

    • and …Mine are Dc Leo and Ac Aqua – well almost on those points will cross exact (conjunct?) on the 25/4/18

      • Actually on that day so much is happening Sun on natal Mercury, Venus near natal north node, Jupiter on natal Neptune (10th H), Neptune on natal Chiron the list goes on. Oh yeah Mars is ON Pluto…is this destiny calling? planning on doing a Mediterranean with sister-in-law/school bestie cruise around then!

    • U r drawn toward your vocational bliss more readily and more boldly actualizing your unique goals…This is what the Reign consult (in the Shop covers) but they are all booked at the moment…

    • I have Aqua IC and Leo MC as well. I’m thinking this will be an actualized self expression, as opposed to the Aqua influence on the IC. There are good points to Aqua IC but one’s self tends to get ‘lost in the sauce’. That’s my experience with it anyway.

  14. That dress is just EVERYTHING
    I’m feeling this intense rush of fresh cosmic blast energy.
    It feels so rut busting and confident.
    I attributed it to Saturn being conjunct the Galactic Centre, i.e. On my Ascendant and I have been dreading it, fearing the worst etc for a while.
    Yesterday felt like a rebirth moment, as did the new moon in Taurus that just passed.
    And reading the comment above this I went OH WOW YES!
    I have been feeling energetic openings in my solar plexus and heart are that are anything but subtle. Really profound pulsing movements just above my skin, about 3cm beyond my body. I’m not currently meditating or doing yoga or any kind of exercise practice so this isn’t something I was expecting.
    Also the emotional shifts have been powerful and impossible to ignore.
    When the physical sensations began I actually wondered if I had an ulcer or a serious health issue for a second- but at the same time I knew that I didn’t. I felt my heart constricting and releasing too and then started feeling …I wanna say sad but that’s not quite right. It was more a kind of of self compassion urge and an awareness of the need to rest more. It’s so interesting to be experiencing life in my body instead of just thinking about my life in the abstract. Yesterday I was IN THE ROOM with my therapist for the entire session. That sounds odd perhaps but it’s not odd to me. I’ve been mystified and annoyed by this “you need to be more grounded” idea my whole life. I started eating meat as a teenager in an attempt to “get grounded” and my entire life I’ve felt so frustrated by this obsession with “being grounded”. As in How do I do that? And Why can’t I do that? And How does everyone else do that?
    Yesterday while I was enjoying being in the room and in my body and totally connected with another human being everything that’s been happening in my life made sense and felt plausible. It was like all these lose ends from childhood from dreams to significant events, relationships, coping strategies linked up with what’s going on right now. It felt so clear and obvious but natural and yes, grounded.
    I am loving this Astro moment homies :)))

      • My oriental sci-fi goddess has lost it’s way. Gravatar confirmed twice, but alas, she is hiding.
        Feel nekkid without her, that and i can’t find what i have written when searching for my bloopers 🙂

            • Have you cleared your cache? Its the new cnl alt delete 🙂
              Or switch it on an off at the wall for the Internet.
              This is the fix for every problem I’ve had recently:-P
              In other words I’m spending waaaaaay too much time online!

    • I’ve always felt the same way about “being grounded”. What does that even mean? How do you do it? What’s it supposed to feel like? Can I get an example? Maybe I over-analyze it too much.

      Also, same as when people talk about “integrating the shadow side”, etc. I have such trouble grasping these vague concepts without really solid examples.

      • Ah thanks I’m so happy to hear someone else had/has this ..It’s not what other people say I need or whatever in this particular case, but more a sense of gnawing frustration when people say, “walk north or Turn left or taxes or I feel or what are you in touch with? And What do you need? Etc..I’m sort of kidding here but not. It basically- and this is just MY experience of it but it relates to a very primal feeling of not having ever felt safe, specifically during my first few years on this weird planet. My parents were young when they had me and they fought a lot.. I could make a trillion excuses for them, and I have because I never wanted to be that woman. See above “my therapist says” and “when I was little” etc so I avoided the obvious
        I had never grown roots on a basic psychic and emotional level.
        I’d feel unsafe in the midst of shouting and yelling or blind rage from one or both of them and I would “disappear ” it was like leaving my body and my feelings on a shelf in the fridge and mentally checking out. It helped me deal with the fears and anxiety. It was like disassociation and it was a survival skill, it did help at the time and it allowed me to keep a spiritual connection to some sense of being connected with all that is and feel loved without needing to rely on my parents for safety and love or a feeling I belonged.
        It came in so useful that I stopped being aware I was even doing it and later whenever I felt scared I’d retreat into fantasy or imagination land and just be “somewhere else”
        So I accepted that “being kinda spacey” was just part of my identity. I thought that’s who I was.
        What I’m getting in touch with now though is a feeling of inhabiting my life through being present in my body and having a sense of physically being in in. About half the time right now I get these weird pains, like shooting pains in unexpected places and I’ll be like “OWE!” Loudly and it does feel scary.
        I think that unless It’s a terrible illness and I’m in denial its my awareness coming back to the body.
        I’ve heard of children in African tribal cultures who experienced trauma described as the should having separated from the body. A kind of retreat into spirit and that elders or shamans would pray for the soul to return to the body. That’s what this feels like. It’s not comfortable but It’s definitely worth the pain.

        • Autocorrect said “should ” but I wrote “soul”
          I was born in Africa and I relate to a lot of traditional African legends.
          They are pretty archetypal though so you’ll have an equivalent story in whichever part of the world you’re from. I like Clarissa’s telling of The Stone Child for this archetype too.
          It’s a feeling of being disconnected from my own pain and having no proprioception – like sense of where I physically am in space and even time. I’ve always been able to figure out what other people wanted me to be and to project that because that’s how I’ve survived.
          So for instance when I started therapy, my therapist would ask how I felt about something and I had no idea. I still struggle massively. I find I mostly do life and relationships through my head and my empathy. It’s so risky to admit when something she says or does makes me angry for example. I’m not even aware I’m angry, or even sad. I get really anxious when something doesn’t go as planned because I assume it’s my fault and I’m in trouble. This isn’t conscious but a learned neurological pattern which I’m re wiring. So taking responsibility for other people’s behavior or forces beyond my control isn’t something I was aware I did until yesterday. Then as a result of an event and our interaction between sessions I felt myself doing that and went “holy fuck this is interesting..that can’t be healthy or optimal as a default reaction.” So we discussed it and all this stuff came teeming out of the woodwork which lined it all up.
          That’s how therapy is working for me about 9 months in. It’s not about dramatic emotions or major cathartis as much as it is about my being able to be more “in the room” with her, which then means I am able to be more present in my life because I’ve observed what it feels like in that relationship.
          I guess its like having a witness and also having someone I can trust.
          So I can see on her face when she feels connected with me now and I enjoy that but a few weeks ago when she said she felt connected with me, it terrified me.’
          I’m not sure if that helps but that’s how I’m experiencing it. That sense of being angry that I couldn’t feel grounded and everyone else just “was” and wanting to feel it so badly but not knowing how is making sense now. Little things like having a sense of the direction my body is facing as I wake up in the morning. Just like a camera shooting up to the roof of my building and getting a shot of the area from above is one moment I had a few weeks ago which felt significant and was unplanned and not intentional but it was new. I woke up knowing where I was. Other times I wake up feeling pain and realizing the only thing I have control over is how I treat myself.
          It’s stuff like that.

          • ?? Yes. All of this. Similar but different… Of course. Only now at 32 am I beginning to dig deep to understand some of the reactions I have to life and why I am how I am. Albeit without the help of therapy. Something about it scares me.
            But I want to understand why I have never felt like I was ever connected to anything or anyone, not even my parents. I’ve always felt lost in another world entirely… it’s frustrating when you begin to realize that the way you “do” life, and the way you process things through your head is very strange to most people.

        • Your second and third paragraphs describe my childhood coping mechanisms exactly. Moon-Neptune saved me but also created an unhealthy retreat into dissociation/fantasy life. I have almost no memories of my childhood, because I wasn’t there. And YES to thinking it was part of my identity to be spacey.

          • Damn, I get this too. For me, one of the worst parts of disassociating is not being able to cry. I have Neptune square my Moon Neptune right now and I am looking at my escapism in ways I haven’t been able to reach before.

          • Ha. I had no childhood either. My life began the moment I turned a car motor on.(escape from Stalag 17)…..and the rendezvous? Sinsemilla heads.

        • Same re childhood experience of adults fighting. In my case Dad who drank too much, his Mum, my grandmother who lost her husband and 17 year old son in the same week due to heart problems the her daughter from a cerebral haemorrhage when the daughter was pregnant with her second child -so deep sadness – and occasionally my Mum who would be dragged into it. We all shared Nanna’s house.
          I too learned to withdraw unto my own world and haven’t shaken off this habit, or perhaps, haven’t found a new mthod to deal.
          When I achieve said state of groundedness, my mind is still but I feel empty.

    • Am wary of people who say ‘you need’
      Look up the words to a Dylan song ‘She Belongs to Me’.
      ‘She has everything she needs, she’s an artist she don’t look back….etc.’

      • Oh I hear that Pegasus
        I’ve cut contact with so many people lately because our relationship was mainly them telling me about myself and me taking that as gospel.
        It’s an awful thing to admit but only when I started experiencing the relationship through my body was I aware of the dynamic and that it hurt me.
        Before that I would read “XYZ is toxic in a relationship” but it didn’t FEEL toxic.
        It felt like how relationships “are supposed ” to feel and I felt even less self respect or self trust, self esteem because I needed these “toxic” relationships so badly. I didn’t know what it was to experience my own feelings and its first awakenings were just a shit load of pain and sadness and a feeling of despair.
        Then after a few months of that I’ve started becoming aware of other feelings and also that the shitty feelings can occasionally feel..I don’t know, less oppressive and just “the new normal” ..
        I’m definitely aware now of how much I use not being present as an escape from things I don’t want to feel. I can feel when I’m doing it and I try to catch myself and just be more mindful that I’m doing that thing again where I go off somewhere with beating myself up for doing it.
        It’s so much about having any change be sustainable for me though. I thought mindfulness was wearing white robes and speaking in a deepak chopra voice or burning incense and meditating in a tipi all day.
        It’s just going “oh yeah, I’m disappearing from myself again, interesting ” and not going into YOU SUCK AT LIFE AND EVERYTHING GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM AND FEEL BAD mode

  15. I can genuinely feel this, its like I have a lioness in my solar plexus right now and its roaring. NN is on my mars-regulus now and it is ON point. If this is the new vibe then woah. Im between merc-uranus power insights and a plutoian dali esque backdrop of everything melting with this as my drumbeat

    • Well then you are my Muse.

      Speaking of Art and Cinema, i saw Get Out today – loved it. It’s a really tight quirky thriller -psychological horror story layered with lucid social commentary and styled-soundtracked to perfection.

      • And then you are my Seer.

        There is such electricity in the air with the rumbling of the NN I woke up today having full fashion art visual pangs with lucid visionary insights and leo style lioness prowlings about how to inject a new level of authentic glamour in the current climate and new stage being set, and actually I am going to build one in my new abode

        this film sounds great, I will put it on the list.

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