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Now this is a Leo. Or Was. Whatever. His work makes him immortal in a way. Charles Clyde Ebbets was a stuntman, actor, wrestler, racing car driver and pilot turned photographer. Or maybe all those earlier careers were to prepare him to be a photographer, he got his first camera aged eight, charging it to his mother’s account at the local store without her permission.

Leos do, i feel, have an affinity with photography and cinema.

In 1932, nearly at his Saturn Return (Saturn in Aquarius FYI) he got the gig to photograph the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, as it was being built.  This iconic picture was the result of that epic assignment. It’s been being referenced ever since.


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26 thoughts on “Now This Is A Leo

  1. Just back from holiday so catching up.
    Didn’t notice the shoes or the height or how totally dapper he looks, I could not take my eyes of his fabulous bulge hanging near half way down his left thigh. Glorious !

  2. Many! Indeed Leos have and eye for the right taste, for the detail… I wonder which planet its ruled by?
    No wonder my partner is passionate about image, this couldn’t decribe him more – and the full attention they get…. Oh my, enough with this egocentrism! Who can resist though their enlightening presence??

  3. Geez where’s the neck strap, what would OH&S have been like then???Common sense with a big dose of guts I reckon

    • My first thought was OH&S.
      It took guts/ lack of fear.

      *Fear is the darkroom where negativity is developed*

      (My photographer partner got that quote from a fortune cookie once & kept it in his wallet for ages.)

  4. It’s not bloody Leo month yet! Leo’s get enough bloody attention as it is. Not to mention I’m surrounded by the frackers and they’re not that great on a personal level. ~grumble~

  5. Shoes on point, dapper to the max, and that’s some fantastic core muscles working right there LOL. Though I have to say… my fear of heights extends to my precious technological equipment on-hand… the sight of him oh-so-casually balancing that bulky camera on top of balancing *himself* on a beam makes my fingers twitch. I can’t even hold my iPhone out over the thin air above a ledge!

    Speaking as a Leo Rising, I think peeps with strong Leo influence just take to photog, video, even audio etc. (either subject or creator or both) with more natural on-camera feel. No wonder people mistake us for narcissists LOL.

  6. My 5 turning 6 yr old son is a Leo, and has this kind of affinity with film and camera. He now has his own second hand Canon PowerShot, which he makes little films on, including early experimentation with stop motion and Lego. A little at odds with his Steiner School, but I can totally see him perched on a limb to catch the shot (ala cat up a tree to stalk the bird).

    The ‘Icon’ shot is immortal.
    How Glam and in his element did he look, perched up there with those shoes and suspender belt, perfect hair tussled in the lofty breeze. A whiff of Matthew McConaughey in the concealed face. Timing the exposure just right, never missing a beat. Pinky balancing like it was high tea time.

    Putting Hipsters to shame since the Great Depression! haha

  7. I’m a photographer with cancer rising and Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd house. I’m known for my work with musicians and artists, so perhaps there is something to the kataka link.

  8. Oooh swooooon – that photo of him is superb. LOVE his style!
    Man, the 20s & 30s…..

    I’ve always loved that “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” photo not least because my local dingy hole-in-the-wall kebab joint had a poster of it blown up covering most of the wall. The owner was a NYC lover & funnily enough an eccentric Leo with the hugest handlebar moustache i’ve ever seen. I think Leo suns can do natural flamboyancy like no one.

  9. OK this piques my already existing curiosity about my Saturn in Aquarius — what does it all mean Mystic ?!

  10. Huh, this is the second article I’ve read about this guy in two weeks! Maybe it’s the north node into Leo zeitgeist right now? In awe of his amazing style whilst balancing on a height that makes me literally want to hide in a hole and cry and vomit. Why was that generation so amazing?

  11. I have a theory on the cinema correlation — light! Light- based medium, light-based babes. Also, immortality.

  12. What a dapper fella – peep those shoes, yo! While effortlessly straddling a massive steel girder goddess-only-knows how high up in the air – damn, this guy is my Power Animal, LOL!

    Haute Leo men are *the best* – love the confidence, playfulness, & warmth! They have turned “swagger w/o being full of yourself” into an Art form. Plus, they know how to properly woo a girl and do romance like a page right out of the screenplay of an old Hollywood classic.

    LOL re: “…he got his first camera aged eight, charging it to his mother’s account at the local store without her permission.” – that is sooooo Leo! Pisces on the Solar 8th H cusp has a lax attitude about credit and can finagle a way to finance their lifestyle dreams through others one way or the other – my Leo best friend in high school used to get her parents’ credit card to go on shopping trips at the local mall all the time!

  13. Love his shoes!

    I thought it was Cancers that were supposed to be gifted with photgraphy of others. Fascinating though!
    I have always felt Leo was more about live theatre, being filmed, etc…

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