New Neural Vibe Moon

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One of the things that i love about Gemini people is their ability to swiftly transmute turgid atmospheres at Warp Speed. Their ability to lighten a heavy mood with just one witty quip or some perfectly nuanced observation is their Mercurial superpower.

This New Moon in Gemini has a similar efficacy, acting like an astringent on any overly soggy analysis and reminding us of the pleasure in connecting via conversation and feeling understood.  It only goes for about another 36 hours but in this stretch, Luna opposes Lilith and crosses the magical Mars-Hecate in Gemini conjunction – The Warrior God & the Witch Queen. There is something so cool about the combination of bold stoic assertion with wise sorcery and the Craft.

Anticipate ideas and healthy dialogue galore – collaborate with the lunar intent by lifting your approach to any areas or dilemmas where you may have just gotten a little weighted down with unhelpful attitude or resentment. This is a whole new neural vibe.

Happy New Moon…and thoughts?!


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14 thoughts on “New Neural Vibe Moon

  1. Nearly had a junk food bender for my whole four day weekend, but mid-grocery shopping was just like, “I don’t have to do this. I can just eat like a sane person.” Very refreshing. Went home with a pint of ice cream and a few sensible recipes, as a compromise.

  2. I started writing this week again after years of not wanting to. Loving the breezy new merc/nep vibe

  3. Yesterday my mom called to say she found my birth certificate + that she mistakenly told me the wrong time, rendering my Gemini Rising status void. I was disappointed until I did my chart with the new time and found out I’m a LEO Rising!!

    Bring. It. On. Is what I am saying to the work muggles, literally I have a whole new spring in my step as a Leo/Taurus, even my hair looked better today 🙂

  4. New Moon in 11th House, opposite natal Venus & Neptune in 5th and trine natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 3rd—social x creativity x communication, how apt.

    Used to have old resentments about how other people didn’t communicate clearly, especially in social and creative collaboration. Had the opportunity to face down that old resentment and wrote short, simple, direct, friendly messages today to initiate communication and clarify intent.

  5. It feels like a spotlight is being sprayed on my 8th house Gemini these days. Prog moon just entered Gem, slowly following the path of Saturn opposition. It’s magic, a rebirth in the tilled wake of the Saturn stick. Gaining superpowers!

  6. My weekend plans starting today is a big personal project of working/looking at my resentments and then changing my attitudes. Picked this weekend over a month ago without even knowing it was the New Moon.

    • This Gem Moon in the 1st H is on this new tack, as well. Happy weekend & bonne chance on your analysis/clearing/re-set journey, TV! xo

    • Wow I would never think to schedule in something like that. What a great idea, wishing you a productive weekend x

  7. There’s qi vamps at work who won’t leave me alone. HR questioned over something I had apparently said, passed onto someone else, whoch was overheard by someone else which was reported to HR and overheard by two other people. LOOL.something I had said which is insignificant, completely misunderstood, twisted and has spice added to it at every stage.

    It’s just that the previous manager can’t stand i’ve moved on. He wants the control, missing it. Loves drama. I have realised that it was never ever me – I have good working collaborative relationships with people on my floor, department. I love my new role. I’m happy and this organisation can’t stand happy people, they will beat the shit out of your happy. I want to be left alone by this person. He doesn’t to do the work so he stirs things up.

    The gemini moon was in my 9th house. I have sagg 3rd house moon. Realised i do need to hold my tongue. Talk about work at work, less about my personal life and feelings. So thsi incident in some small way has verified this self-analysis.

    I can only change myself.

  8. To unwind after a heavy duty writing deadline (the aqua scope stuff about bringing self-care back into line is very apt) I watched “Thirty day princess” an excellent, witty Preston Sturges comedy from the 1930s starring Cary Grant and Pluto-in-Gemini gen (square her Virgo moon) Sylvia Sidney. It was an absolute delight after a very long day, and I’m about to do a dark moon meditation before I go to bed. Wishing love, wit, and regeneration to all.

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