The New Fire Sync

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It’s fantastic that Uranus is finishing up its trip through Aries with a dazzling Grand Fire Sync to Saturn and the North Node in Leo. Saturn and Uranus were in trine late last year but not like this. It’s strongest in the next 72 hours but it lingers all May and is then back in November.

Think a la all your most visionary Leo-style creative schemes with the hard-honed pioneer spirit individuation of Uranus in Aries constructed into the formidable this-will-withstand-time endurance Saturn energy. This is not so much rebel on the outside as innovating from within. More in your Horoscopes, of course.

Broadly speaking, we need more enlightened, contemporary and transparent leaders/country managers – can we get them?

And what personal revolution or trail blazed are you going to be grounding and turning pro in your life by the time this snazzy Fire Vibe perfects in November?


Image: Sergei Shutov

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93 thoughts on “The New Fire Sync

  1. It was like being on heat – natal Uranus in Scorpio 6th? I developed a weird crush on an Aries, so so weird, and now that time and love have turned around I am creeped out by it and have a repulsion.

    Also, exhausted from having an amazing life, even though this eclipse on natal Saturn Leo fifth is looming ahead and I wonder what it brings? I tracked my life Saturn as suggested by MM and found that Saturn rx is always amazing for me so I’m totally ok with it and trying to work out whether I can afford to fly to the eclipse and watch it with a dude who invited me to one time….. My life one year ago looked nothing like this.

  2. Sadness this weekend. Feeling lonely and exhausted. I’m really tired and frayed around the edges from fighting this battle with the landlords. I still have that court date in June to get a rent reduction. They are awful, awful people..
    This has been a battle fought alone, too. It’s been scary at times. It makes me lose faith in humanity. And, it looks like they might end up selling the building sometime soon at the end of all this crap I’ve been through, which adds to my stress because that might mean I’d have to move, and I can’t afford to….

    Waiting on friends right now, we’re supposed to go to dinner. I feel like such a low priority for everyone, I’m always getting put off until the last minute.. it’s hurting my self-esteem. I’ve cut so many people out of my life, there’s nearly no one left.

    I continue to get ‘drive by’ texts from the guy I started seeing in January who disappeared twice. Tonight I texted him, “hey, just curious, would you like to become friends? Because this on/off texting is all a bit ‘meh’…..” Haven’t heard back yet, it’s been about a half hour. I won’t write back again. Lately he’s either lagged on replying or replies days later. All games. I’m pretty much done, because I called his bluff tonight….gave him a chance to step up and if he doesn’t, that’s it, he’s had too many chances, and is just attention-seeking now. But…..WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS??!?!? I just don’t do this shit to people… what happened to at least a baseline of common courtesy and respect?!

      • Yep, totally.

        He wrote back and said that’s what he wanted all along — a friendship. And I said, well, the way I become friends with someone new is by spending time with them in person, and that I don’t need a ‘pen pal’, especially one that lives in the same city as me!
        I call b.s. on him because if he wanted to be friends, he wouldn’t be doing these random texts every once in a while and never getting together with me in person. So ridiculous!
        He just wants the attention and instant gratification with no effort or investment that you can get with texting. Total jive!!!

      • My approach is just to roll my eyes or sigh or shrug and just let it go. Ppl have numerous reasons for not replying. Ranging from being self centred right across to a personal issue that might have nothing to do with us, or yes also possibly not that into the idea of dinner / coffee / whatever. I’ve been on the receiving end and I’ve also been the non-reply-er. When I haven’t got back to someone sometimes it comes down to a headspace thing. Not enough bandwidth to accommodate a new connection. So.. I dunno.

        • He’s the one who keeps reaching out, though. He’s perpetuating it, initiating contact. So, if he didn’t have the bandwidth, he just wouldn’t get in touch. Anyway…

          • Oddly enough, (weird!) just as I was writing this, he texted back and said, ‘fair enough, let’s get together for tea again soon’. He’s just scared and skittish, not disinterested..

            What’s weird about this connection is that’s it’s a little psychic, and I don’t think he even realizes it. He seems to get in touch just at the most synchronistic times.
            We have Sun/Moon conjunction in Aqua. My sun, his moon..

            • sounds like a v chilled mindset might mean the friendship works. moon in aqua is, well, moon in aqua…

            • also thats a nice sun moon connection! sometimes we have uranian connections with ppl which if we are on the receiving end can drive us a bit insane as they just are so unpredictable. but part of me wonders if it is simply a cosmic workshop moment to be less invested in stuff. (I have had the same with some people in my life)

              • Yeah, it is a Uranian connection, too, because his Uranus conjuncts my Venus in Cap, and that falls in his 1st house in his chart, in synastry, and close to my descendant in mine.

                We also have our Mercury’s exact trine each other’s Suns. We have really flowing communication……
                ….when we have it.

                It’s a trip, for sure, and I had someone last night say a similar thing to me about it…she said, just go with it, take it for what it is.
                I have been less invested, too, in a way, than I would usually be in a situation like this. Not emotionally distraught over it, not LZ-ing, just observing, not taking it so personally, though definitely getting very annoyed by some of his behavior! I guess I’m not blaming myself, like I usually do in interpersonal relationships, but I’ve been mentally trying to figure out ‘what this is’, but as you and my friend suggest, I should probably just stop trying to figure it out and either go with it, or just drop it altogether!

                It’s not a bad problem to have, and I’ve got a LOT worse problems in my life right now so maybe this is the gift of distraction..

                • is his sun mutable?

                  ah also with uranus in cap, this guy is young? like millenial young. This is a whole other realm of comms. yeah save yourself the trouble of figuring things out… what if there was actually nothing to figure out? as in, it is what it is… could be a bit tricky maybe if you were originally seeking a connection.

                  • sorry, that sounds like a really blase comment… i guess it was more to find ways to handle stuff,,x

    • Yeah, I’m trying to just take it at face value — it is what it is.

      He’s Cancer sign, by one degree, born at the solstice, June 21st. Yep, millennial. He’ll be 28 next month and about to have his Saturn return. He has Sagg rising, so he’s already had Saturn on him and his natal Saturn is in the 1st house along with Uranus and Neptune. It’s that Cap stellium generation…
      I know….it *is* a whole other way of communicating for them. We ended up sexting last night….I never do that! It was fun but, again, he’s really in a different world than me.
      I think the ‘cosmic workshop’, as you put it, Pi, will be for me to not get emotionally hooked.
      I wonder if he might, though…..he’s kind of clingy, keeps coming back…. I know that can be a Cancerian trait. I have Crab rising, too….

  3. I know it’s off-topic

    But I got the Phoenix blurb last night and I gotta say, “I love Mystic!”.

    “And don’t do projecting Pluto Vibe onto everyone you meet.” I so do this…..for good and bad.

    Thanks for the heads up. You are better than a psychologists.

  4. Transparency – check. Restructuring – check. This is ON my Mars in Sag soooo my work place has a bludging culture and I am FED UP

    When you hear the sales person telling the new girl ” I used to have a big corporate job so I look at this one as a rest” now that new girl comes in at 9.30 but puts 9.00 on her time sheet and is on her phone most of the time – probably because her computer isn’t set up with the net

    I had a spat with said sales person over her asking me to do something and then getting me to undo it – this after a sustained effort to get me to do her job for her. Recently emaliling to say she wants me to do her follow ups for her and check all her orders on hold….

    I am one of those people who go the extra mile in jobs always work it in small businesses so you often do things outside your job role, pitch in, so people like her think great I’ll just get her to to it so I don’t have to.

    In this place the boss is actually a lovely Leo who is a creative type who has a big heart and always tries to see the best in everyone. Plus he is a bit of a push over for a pretty face so gets blinded by that and the charm offensive and thinks all these girls are doing a great job.

    Well it’s all coming out now, the truth is coming thick and fast

    • Tell me where you work and I could get on the pa/sound system and say, “Could (said employee) please get shitfaced tonight…because today is your last day here”.

      I’d be gone before her phone hits the floor.

      • Thanks PF I am now just going to talk straight, on Friday I told the boss how when the sales person was training me she would tell everyone who called that the boss was asleep in bed – truth hurts but I realised in every other job I would just be on Seek by now working on an exit strategy but because I like and respect him he’s going to get the unpleasant truth about the situation.

  5. Hola!

    So, my north node is in Leo, and my Chiron is in saggitarius, my birth sign.
    It’s actually been a better month in comparison to the past few years!?!?

    I’m feeling equipped to get get the money/house/writing career/life I’ve always wanted. Someth No shifted in me last week and all of a sudden I’m feeling, “hey, ima full-capable adult and my past doesn’t matter. I can deal well and happily with the present and am ready to move on witthe future.

    This maybe Chiron healing and north node doing its magic!

  6. Random question
    If Saturn’s elevator pitch is “My Job Is Restructuring ” etc what would Chiron’s be?

    • To “work with your wounds, from working with others wounds”…so that as you are illuminated by other’s wounds, so you also have further knowing into yours…

      Though It’s iterative, and I don’t think one proceeds the other? So the “wounds” arrive from clues of sign, house…

      I’m Chiron conjunct mars (Pisces) opposite uranus/ pluto/ Prometheus (all Virgo). My Chiron return is right now.

      Best wishes / of luck for your endeavours x

        • It’s in Aries too so its so much inner child and recovering from narcissistic abuse. I’m only starting to see things as they are rather than through the neurotic naivety lense I’ve always worn. It’s early days still but it’s the most meaningful shift of my life I think. I’m starting to experience life and practice a tiny bit of detachment and self compassion. Only the tiniest little bit but enough for it to make a profound difference to my perception of the world and myself. Reality was there all along, I just chose not to engage with it.
          I feel so much more alive and grounded from just the small amount I’m able to experience.
          Today at the job center I was all over the place, so nervous and anxious, stammering and blabbering but I was aware of it and able to say, “I’m so ungrounded today, I’m just really nervous, excuse me.”
          I had a giggle with one of the women working there (not my caseworker) but she was magnificent. She was talking about her anxiety and our eyes met, we laughed and I just raised my hand like “over here!” One of those nice human empathy moments that you get as an unexpected bonus for being brave in the middle of an excruciating day when you feel vulnerable and alone and then suddenly you connect with a stranger about exactly that thing and remember we all feel that way.

  7. I found an online course that I’m starting on Monday. It will give me the qualifications I need to work as a PT in this country.
    I have other qualifications but they’re only recognized in Australia and the US legally. For insurance reasons here you need REPS level 3 minimum.
    I was doing this course full time in a classroom environment 7 years ago but my mom died the weekend of the final exam.
    The college I was attending refused to let me sit the exam because I’d missed too many lessons visiting her in hospital (the flight was 11 hours) during the three months I was there..
    Anyway I was a mess after her death.
    I actually tried returning to the college a few years later and it was really expensive but I paid for it, I just couldn’t apply myself at all. It was weird.
    Pre diagnosis though so makes sense in a way plus after her death I was more PTSD ADHD and PD than usual so…I bailed.
    Tried doing it online since then but couldn’t discipline myself to do the online learning stuff..again lots to do with being severely mentally ill and having so many other things happening at once.

    It’s different now and I paid for the course with my last redundancy payments. Something feels really Saturn-Uranus about finding it for such a low price and the timing being right.

  8. Does the Fire Trine mean l should not work on my Kombi and actually go out? I’m back wow (workn out west) like what is there?
    It’s mainly Earth house stuff 2, 6 & 9/on cusp of 10. Like work is therapy for my lacerated, burnt and squashed heart. Esp having a Virgo cluster in 2nd trine my SatCap in the 6th.

    • Yep
      I cleanup my flat. It’s become my hobby and yes I realize that is lame. More so when my flat is actually not that clean?
      I just do it for therapy. There’s no goal of having it actually be clean…. Virgo stellium. Of course I will never believe it is clean. It can never be clean ENOUGH
      I might just be an incredibly repressed Sagittarius moon rising with dormant Virgo energy?
      Or maybe the Virgo is silent?
      As in, I hear it in my head only…
      I should definitely start going out but it’s SO SCARY.

      • That’s analogous to me. I cut n weld a piece of steel in, then I think, “its not good enough” & end up putting better repair in. Saves me from depression.

  9. So this fire vibe and possibly Mercury and Venus out of Retro shadow may be why I feel more lively. I am planning a hair make over – more curly, lighter nuance of color, like more “sunny”.
    Uranus in my 8th = bold and unconventional power moves, sustained and sustaining Saturn in my 4th like “there’s enough solidity for the aforementioned bold move. And NN in Leo in my 12th: ties power moves and self solidity with a new hairdo touch.
    Just messing I don’t know how to interpret this but I feel relieved I have some optimism after the Death Valley of Venus Retro.

  10. Not for nothing, but the uranus/Saturn trine last December kicked off a tremendously disappointing housing/job situation that endures today – a huge step backwards (and one of the worst Christmases of the last decade). Can the North Node maybe jazz this one up with forward movement? Please? Or is this gonna keep shoving my face into lessons Severus Snape-style until Saturn takes its leave of my neighborhood at the end of the year?

    (I don’t expect an answer, obviously, but I’m having a doozy of a Saturn visit.)

    • Ah, alright then. Just got a text; evidently I’m not the one having a breakdown this round. It’s someone else in my family.

      This is where it gets awkward; there’s always that feeling of “I know what this is but it’s not helpful to you if I explain it”. Gonna have to figure out how to work my intercepted Virgo moon through the inevitable emotional fallout.

  11. I’m really excited by Macron and I think it comes out of being so tired of two-party systems. The endless too-ing and fro-ing from one side to the other. Consensus between really divergent views is so much harder and I think so much more rewarding if you can pull it off. Good luck to him, his lady, and everyone trying something really challenging.

  12. I feel like a shrink-wrapped avocado from which the plastic is finally unfurling.
    It’s a relief to feel energised after being in cold storage.

    Had some free counselling and got some great contacts and tips on prioritising my various challenges which I actioned all of in 24 hours, had a free massage and also a healing.

    • I never feel like a shrink-wrapped Avocado. I like mine fresh.
      With tomato, lemon, ginger, tumeric and pepper. Oh, and sprouts to meld the flavours.

    • Nice for you to be on the receiving end of the counselling and healing, as you have always given so much…

      That big Leo paradigm shift is totally happening atmo. My SO is Lightyears ahead of where he was two months ago!

      I’ve been having massages actually, found a great place where you can have advanced students (really good ones) work on you, for half the price, so having them every couple of weeks for the next while.
      Was thinking other people have their nails or hair done regularly, which I never have, and my body So needs the attention.

      • Hey babe! Thanks, yes, it’s been a full on time but there is a sunny new horizon ahead around the corner.. (the house being reno’d etc).
        The counsellor is awesome, a real practical head on her shoulders. She’s really fascinated by what I do as she studied a bit of hypno. But one thing she made me do was harass my GP for an MRI as my hip issues are not getting better (hot water bottles and panadol are not as helpful as they used to be) and she travelled that road already herself. I also need massage badly and a lot of it. I need me some cheap students too, good for you! Yes – I have zero interest in nails and hair.
        Very interesting re the SO, what’s changed? Sounds fabulous, 😉

        • He has found The work he should be doing, which involves working around the elderly, and he is fantastic with aged people, he’s really patient and listens to them, but he is not actually their carer. Plus 5 min away from home, with super and benefits etc and they like him at work, praise him.
          Instead of flat out dangerous, underpaid work more than an hour away for a super dodgy employer who didn’t always pay on time or appreciate him.

          Home Life is so much better and its been like a paradigm shift which impacts everything…

          It’s been like a little miracle, thinks were quite dire between us for a while there

        • He has found The work he should be doing, which involves working around the elderly, and he is fantastic with aged people, he’s really patient and listens to them, but he is not actually their carer. Plus 5 min away from home, with super and benefits etc and they like him at work, praise him.
          Instead of flat out dangerous, underpaid work more than an hour away for a super dodgy employer who didn’t always pay on time or appreciate him.

          Home Life is so much better and its been like a paradigm shift which impacts everything…

          It’s been like a little miracle, thinks were quite dire between us for a while there

          • This is fabulous news, he seems a super guy – so pleased for you! Stress is awful for relationships and I have only to look at my own behaviour over the last year to verify that.. Happy hearth fire energy to you gorgeous, lovely to hear from you, xx.

  13. so is this why my skin is crawling and it’s taking all i have to not walk off my corporate job for good and tell them to stick it?

  14. Man my life has been soooo hectic and frantic this week. Busy busy busy with more busy to come. Why does doing three things at once become a way of being at work and home. Must find balance!

  15. This fire trine is happening in my 2nd/6th/10th…….cool! I need my new career and a job and really, some money NOW!

    I also have a grand fire trine happening in my progressed chart with Jupiter/Asc conj. in Leo, Mars/Saturn conj. in Aries, and Moon in Sagg…..pretty great, right?! Although I don’t really know how to work with the progressed chart..
    Wonder how these two grand fire trines will propel me forward..?

    Light a fire under my butt! ….because I’ve been feeling sludgy for the past year or two…….that crappy SN transit conj. my Pisces moon, Mars, etc….did not help! …..wonder how SN transit conj. my Aqua Sun will be, though? …….who cares, let’s focus on these grand fire trines for now!

    p.s. I’m feeling really sad about Chris Cornell today. He struggled with depression most of his life, I think, based on interviews I’ve read over the years.

    • Yeah, Chris Cornell was really sad.
      Hear you on the sludgy – been feeling this for the last two to three weeks, since I reached a major decision. I’m putting it down to a case of the temporary blues and disappointment. I’m sure there’s a transit for that. I’ve got moon at 26 P in second house, but Saturn at 4 P in first house. Feeling like a failure in relation to something specific, but not ‘in general’ if that makes sense. I too am interested in progressions because my natal chart has no fire, whereas my progressed chart has it for ascendant (Leo) and 10th house (Aries). Still Pisces moon though…

    • Also very bummed out re Chris, I was thinking he did a Michael Hutchence because I can’t imagine an hour after a sold out concert wanting to stop the world? So sad.

    • We have a similar chart. I’m also Aqua sun and Cancer Rising. I’ve been slowly hatching my business plan. Something that I was too scared to pursue before because I did not have enough confidence in myself to pull it off.

  16. I have an interview at 9am at the job center on Monday morning.
    Applying for help with finding employment and income support while I do that. I feel so many different emotions about it.
    A mix of gratitude, hope, anxiety anger, fear, fear, fear, fear uh oh I said fear um and inappropriate excitement or a sense of possibility and relief. Insomnia is back
    He’s such a player.
    Not heard from him in months and now…

    • You can’t staunch the flow of fear. But the only thing you can do is keep thanking it for being there after you recognise each nasty self-trashing thought as fear. Thank it and let it be, It’s just there.

      Apart from the feeling of the crap, you can also thank yourself for going for a job regardless of the intensity etc of fear. It’s all you, but you have also actioned your plan. Regardless of the outcome, the first action can be a success, or a draft of other actions despite the fears.

      Wishing you the most of all luck and strength to find the work for now or for a while that will help take you through a little bit of life journey, until the next bit xxxxxxx

      • Thank you milleunanotte
        This is huge for me and it’s the start of something wonderful..not that I’m expecting the experiences involved to feel wonderful but it’s definitely the sense of feeling that there is support for me. As a survivor I always thought it was just on me and while yes of course we all have to take care of our own survival, that mindset of the lone survivor is very “do whatever it takes” and telling myself that the end justifies the means because I have no other options and necessitates disconnection from my values, feelings etc because those things are a luxury when one is metaphorically running from the reaper and just thinking “get through today, survive etc. it’s running from original trauma and then finding somewhere quiet to isolate and keep playing the old tapes.
        It’s so much like a spiritual experience or awakening actually and I can see why it’s associated with depression.
        I am definitely depressed but simultaneously so excited to belong to a community and feel supported and that my life matters and that I have options.

    • I want to utter the very Australian reassurance of “you’ll be right”

      It is Uranus I feel it too

        • While I admire their intrepid spirits, I believe they were running on poor information, and the wrong kind of single-mindedness. #colonials

          • Interesting that Australians remember their failures (Gallipoli, B n W) more than their successes. Yet at about the same time Stuart actually made it to the Top End and back (Adel). What’s more he saw the sea. B n W didn’t.

            A very Capricorn position; nationally speaking.

            Now we have trouble with Work n Bills.

            • I suspect because Australian successes quite often tend to have a poor correlation with the wellbeing of the indigenous population.

              • Australia has had successes…we just don’t celebrate them. Like Stuart’s, above, and in WW2 Aust inflicted the first battle defeats on all 3 Axis powers. I’m not sure how the Indigenous relates.

    • Play the game with the Job Centre. It’s the best thing to do so don’t have mixed emotions. Plus it will help you focus on finding work. Ditch the fear and go with sense of possibility and relief. See it as a time of transition. Such times are always the most difficult, but if you can see that you can see a new era dawning. Writing from experience. 😉

  17. Uranus trine Saturn makes me think of Twyla Sharp and her wonderful book The Creative Habit.
    I’m starting to feel that vibe again

  18. I sure hope so. Seeing some crappy effects of crappy leadership locally and it’s bumming me the f out. This week has been like sh*t news central lol.

  19. Currently I feel like a squashed bug hobbling through. When I reach my summer vacation and chill a bit, I’ll be all about the breathing and spinning of fire. Open to inspiration.

    • Saturn and Uranus are both trine my Mercury, and the NN is on my Mercury. I feel a complete pull towards the NN energy and away from the SN energy, which is my 4th house. It’s liberating yet painful. Old family wounds and childhood haunts are being stirred up but my Prog moon in Gemini can’t get too emotionally involved which is such a relief. Clearing out for better things, I’m sure of it.

  20. Yass. I think the culture will shift under the old order and earth forces will propel an emergent form of Synergastic Ninjas who are strong outwardly and empty inwardly nigh invisible in daylight and soaring in the firmament at night. Ideas will be desseminated virally as if the fungi overcodes the www. Be the change foresure..,

    • That may be so but we will not allow it to infiltrate here, right? If it is indeed the case.

      And if it is, it might be any one of us, muggle theory be damned. Shields up to your own best self first and foremost, from your own NOT worst self but all the creeps that you can sustain while living any small lie.

      Whoops, i might be your fungi. Or you and i and a thousand others might. Who am i to judge – noone, but only be watchful and compassionately vigilant.

      • did not mean it that way–not interested in IT per se more like thought, culture and ecology but point taken

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