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The astrology of the Manchester attack feels irrelevant to me at the moment. Obviously bad things happen every day and i am aware that the Western media tends to give more weight to incidents affecting Westerners than to incidents in some other places.  But geopolitics aside, Manchester is heart breaking.

The barbarity of attacking a bunch of little girls is beyond belief.

As the mother of a highly pop-culture attuned (triple Gemini) teenage daughter who has a vast circle of young female friends, i am more than familiar with the Ariana Grande genre.  She named herself after a princess, she’s an “out” young feminist, wealthy and accomplished.  Girls take their little sisters along to her concerts, there is glitter, dancing and dressing up.

This may be irrational but it feels like a direct attack on women and that somehow, their safety was not secured.

But if you are interested in the astrology of this vile event, one factor does leap out: Pluto exact opposite asteroid Persephone and both square Pallas-Athene + Venus.


Image: Michelle Kingdom

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43 thoughts on “Manchester

  1. Been in the wood camping the last few days and this was the first time I heard of it. Terrible, just read a few articles.

    I actually came on because I was looking at my ephemeris and noting the approaching Mars opposition to Saturn this weekend…. and wondering if it was a bad idea to do a long drive home after a wedding through a mountain pass.

    Maybe I should book a hotel.


  2. Re the astro, just noticed on darkstarastrology that Ariana Grande apparently has natal Mars opposite Saturn. Not sure which signs. I was looking it up not only because of the current transit but because I have Mars-Saturn natally too….square Venus.
    Anyway, Marina’s interp of Mars-Saturn – she calls it “Execution” – feels eerily pertinent to the timing/nature of this event…

  3. It’s horrifying. I feel so angry at our governments in the West.
    To me it is not more surprising that there weren’t more enraged nutters after Hillary gloated over Gaddaffi’s murder the way she did, with the Western media forcing his assassination down the tube into people’s homes in a way I found beyond shocking.
    And now look at Libya, torn apart by dogs.
    All those girls who had free education, free healthcare, and were required to go to school are back under the thumb of patriarchal fundamentalism and rape is the norm again.
    The terrorists all carry U.S. weapons, it’s divide and conquer over and over.
    While our most precious, divine, innocent and beautiful little people are currency in that war, whichever side of the water we are on.
    I keep looking at flowers lately and contemplating how they bloom so quickly and die. I have natal Pluto square Venus as does my Gem who tells me the world has always been this way, always will be, to make peace with that. Rumi’s “You are a drop in the ocean and you are the ocean in a drop” keeps popping up everywhere at the moment.

    • “I have natal Pluto square Venus as does my Gem who tells me the world has always been this way, always will be, to make peace with that.”

      I have railed against that comment, but I feel that I can no longer. We live in a world where bad people can do bad things and get away with it, and where good people can suffer so terribly. Fairness does not come into it. I read similar in a Liz Greene article about Chiron where she said,

      “We may need to give up the idea that the good guys always ride white horses and the bad guys black ones, and we may also have to accept the fact that sometimes very good, decent people suffer unfairly, and very unpleasant, nasty ones manage very nicely and die in their beds rich, comfortable, and well pleased with themselves. ”

      At the time of the bombing, Chiron was quincunx the node which hooks into the fire trine. Still is. We all suffer when humanity is so ill.

      • Yes, I will rail against it inwardly in the sense, you don’t give up your internal vision of perfection, you hold it in your mind gently always. Even if you have to live (and die, hey, Pluto afterall) according to the context and circumstances of your time.

        That is interesting about Chiron quincunx the node of the Fire trine. I just read some girls are still missing. Lord.. poor families.

        • Sphinx, thank-you for so eloquently writing what i could not. My feelings on this subject are strong and i can’t tease apart the anger and sorrow that i feel towards our own governments in the West – without sounding like some sort of deranged traitor. I just don’t believe in “sides”- it does not make any sense and it just produces an on going hell on Earth where innocents pay the price.

          Monte, i’ve been at the same place in thought (& probably will be again many times) that fairness or justice might not come into it. We are living moments where that seems to be the case – but where will we spin to, what depths of darkness will we plunge the next generations into if we don’t rail against such thoughts?

      • “…and very unpleasant, nasty ones manage very nicely and die in their beds rich, comfortable, and well pleased with themselves.”

        I would add the proviso **in THIS lifetime. One cannot escape Divine Justice. Seemingly temporarily evade it perhaps, but on a long enough timeline they will pay for it one way or the other. Whether you believe in reincarnation or think it will be taken care of in the Afterlife, Divinity’s got this, I assure you.

        That’s why I don’t understand why people get so torqued up about seeing “justice served”. Don’t get me wrong; some forms of schadenfreude *are* delicious – but I generally don’t concern myself with other people’s karma and figure Divinity will take care of that regardless of whether or not I happen to be watching at the time. I try to focus on my own ethical conduct and keep my eyes on my own paper.

        Also, some pay the price in different ways that aren’t as readily apparent to the outside observer, i.e. professionally their life seems “successful” but their personal life is falling apart. I believe there is always a greater balance at work (says Libra, LOL).

      • In fact, the attacker (and there are many question about whether the named attacker really IS the attacker…?! Remember, these things are HARD to figure out in a suicide bombing!!) was born and raised a Manc. So let’s see what the investigation turns up before making judgements, please. The media generally forces assumptions on people in the wake of these attacks and in retrospect, many of those assumptions end up being false… but by then, no one is interested in reading the story anymore due to information-overload.

        Please have patience, ppl… justice is worth it.

        • Perhaps this concept is larger than Libya, so the example is useful still as an example. Because the story of Libya is simply one more in a network of atrocities across the middle east planned before WW1. I knew a diplomat’s daughter from Iran who spoke 13 languages and was a charming, jewess of great education and singular thoughtfulness. She stated that the artificial division of the countries at that time created the problems we have today, that it was purposeful to create division. We live with the legacy of those choices, the intent of which is unchanged by current administrations:

      • Everything moves in cycles for pattern seekers, which I admit to being. Just as the sun revolves around another sun and earth we revolve around our own. It seems like we obey these cycles or are created by these cycles or just linked to these cycles (and apparently dark matter is involved too, which just makes my brain shut down). I don’t think coincidence really exists, everything is synchronicity in my tiny mind.

  4. Sun conjunct Alcyone in The Pleiades, right where Mars was almost exactly a month ago when the Champs-Elysees shooting took place in Paris. :-/ I mentioned then The Pleiades are often associated with tragedies – it’s a terrible shame to see this once again bearing out as true.

    It does feel like an attack specifically targeting women & girls – this was a nocturnal chart, so the Moon, Venus, and Mars held sway. The Moon in Aries conjunct Venus was ripe for inciting violence against the female species when Pluto and Pallas/Eris/Uranus are thrown into the mix – Aries Moon in aspect to Mars was definitely the trigger, though. A good example of why sextiles and trines aren’t necessarily “nice” – all they do is constitute ease of expression. And in the case of an Aries Moon + Moon aspecting Mars, that ease of expression frequently = anger and/or violence due Mars’ malefic nature. I note that Venus & the Moon had recently passed over the degree sensitized by the last hit of the Zap Zone (15).

    Moon/Pluto mashups – in their lowest expression – can definitely have a misogynistic feel in my mind….Hades Moon men tend to elicit some uneasy side-eye from me precisely for this reason. I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for this muthafuqer – targeting an event where lots of innocent young girls are going to be in order to kill as many of them as possible is a whole new level of twisted. Prayers of healing for Manchester and for people everywhere around the world who are shaken and traumatized by this heinous act – I know that sickening feeling all too well…

    • Interesting, thank-you.

      Can’t even comment – not just about him but all fuqers who target innocent people. Just cowards.

      • A cogent, cosmic analysis, LV & quite frankly, does help one process this barbarity, somewhat.
        Goddess speed to all who are suffering. xx

        • Thanks, TripleL. Yes, absolutely re: god(dess)speed in healing. At the same time, let us balance this by also holding space for grief and all that it entails. In these Jupiter square Pluto times, it is important to honor the magnitude of loss while doing our best to uplift.

      • Completely understandable. I hate that a shared sense of bereavement is becoming an increasingly common covalent bond these days….on some level I suppose I am hardwired for it being a Venus/Pluto native, but goddamn, all things being equal I’d prefer *not* to have a horrific sense of devastation in common w/ someone, you know? Not for my sake, you understand; for theirs. Would not wish this on anybody – I can relate, but man what an awful thing to be able to relate to…

  5. Manchester has been my adopted home for the past four years and the big city closest to where I grew up. I’ve been to countless gigs at Manchester Arena. I can’t stop thinking about those poor little children. My heart hurts.

  6. And here I was every morning for the last week repeating the same response to my better half.
    BH: there’s nothing in the news today
    Me: then it’s a good day.

  7. Pluto exact opposite asteroid Persephone and both square Pallas-Athene + Venus.

    What’s this even mean, Mystic? If you could please break down the jargon for us (I haven’t been studying :p)

    • I am not really parsing it simply that it was the signature astrology of the event, if anyone is interested, Pluto can be seen as an eruption from the underworld, Persephone was a young girl taken…Venus with Athene in Aries is classic feminist energy…but i was really just providing that information for people interested, i am still a bit raw about this to parse it properly

      • An art curator Im friends with posted an old , 1890’s drawing of the
        Stars and constellations visible over Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester during the month of May, 1890.
        Very poignant.
        I had just read your post about the asteroid, Mystic, , when he posted it.

  8. My daughter and I saw Ariana G with her friends two years ago- all too vivid and but for the grace of Goddess… AG was dating a Big Sean a home grown rapper now star- and she was gracious sweet, entertaining- Many younger teens there with mums and dads- and many mid teens 16 plus were without adults.

    I was surprised that the PM had no remarks after- not even -We are on this, prayers for victims etc.

    kc, Wishing peace and healing to your Manchester- and all affected.

  9. Such a terrible thing. I live a mile away from the arena and have friends who were there with children (teenage girls) . They are ok but confirmed fatalities and much shock. Nail bomb and possible shooter. Yes I feel horrified but Manchester has had its share of terrorist attacks. Aside from feeling great sympathy and anger at the targeting of young women taking their own power also wondering how Theresa may will use this to garner votes for tories and more racist immigration policies.also to undermine corbyn. We so need the tories out.

    • Yes, that’s a scary point. This may well be a genuine terrorist attack but I am on high alert for ‘false flags’ these days – I don’t trust these events are all they’re said to be, especially in the lead up to an election.

    • I also feel that astrology is irrelevant here, because misogynist attacks happen everyday and are not covered until they’re extreme like this… For me, this is first and foremost a misogynist attack and not a terror attack (well, not anymore than any rape or beating of a female ever is a terror attack, and in a sense they all are an attack of male terrorists against females). There’s as yet no sign that this person was anything more than a misogynist loony, blaming his hatred on a terror group he never met. In that sense, he’s no different from the Alt Right. It’s tougher than ever to be female in these times, but the common enemy of all women and liberal minded folks is always intolerance. I’m glad that Manchester seems to understand this.

  10. So terrible on every level. It does feel like an attack on girls’ freedoms and safety.

  11. Unfamiliar with Ms Grande, I was struck by her album and tour name, “Dangerous Woman” in all the press. Presumed dangerous by her feminism? beauty? or *gasp* power and influence over an incoming generation? One where gender is fluid and connection is everything.
    When Malala recovered from the attempt on her life she commented that extremists had shown what frightens them most was a girl with a book. I’m gathering we can now add singing and dancing to that abhorrent list.
    Much love to those terrified and torn apart by this world gone mad. Again.

  12. In line with the Astro-theme of power over women’s bodies and protecting our daughters (although clearly less tragic) I just caught my 12 year old Aries Gem-rising daughter sexting!! The recipient is a fellow 12 year old Aries porn-hub watching male! Both of them have yet to have their first kiss with anyone ever.?!? Wtf is happening to human connection on this planet? And how to get them to see the problem? It’s clear at home – no iphone. One thing I can control for now. But in the world at large? I don’t even know where to begin…

    • I just he to restrict my daughter from watching inappropriate things in YouTube. She’s strictly on YouTube kids as of yesterday no exceptions.

      • I am going to make mine do a research report on the effects of porn on adolescents. If she ever wants to use her restricted computer in private again she will have to report to me and cite sources. I need her to see this as a problem.

        • I think that’s a truly brilliant approach! Kudos to you on an awesome act of parenting. I’m going to be storing that one up for future deployment – thank you!

    • Unfortunately this is a thing and it is disheartening. As a mother to teenage boys as well as girls, have you spoken to the mum of the boy? I know I would want to be able to discuss this with him and if I don’t know, I wouldn’t necessarily think to make it a priority.
      Here’s to raising humans who seek connection rather than run from it. Biggest love to you, and to your daughter xx

      • I don’t know the mom at all. Ugh! I would want to know about it too – which is why I monitor my daughter’s phone. Maybe she will catch him too? I can only clean my side of the street. Hmm. Maybe I will talk to the school counselor. At least they should be aware of the porn epidemic and discuss.

        • The comedian Sarah Silverman talks frankly about her experience with this issue.

            • Am I the only one who finds this a bit harsh? Definitely very serious, but also I’m sure very embarrassing on both ends. IMO… and only my opinion, feel free to dismiss it.. telling the boy’s mother would be overkill and not your place. Boys watch porn. Girls watch porn. They will all eventually watch regardless of what their parents restrict – even more so if they were once restricted. Sexting is not harmless of course. But I can’t imagine forcing a research assignment on a 12 year old, making her dig deep into the interwebs about the very issues you want her to avoid.. will solve any problems, can only imagine it would confuse and generate resentment in her. My advice would be to approach in a loving way.. and that one day it will be clear to her the harm in giving her power away.. it’s hard to shut down and not listen to your mother when she’s being loving and gentle with you. Sorry for ridiculously long rant. Hope I didn’t offend. Shew

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