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We have a horse!!! Named Pluto!!  As Mega Mystic members know, this site has no ads, promoted posts, affiliate links or cookies tracking you – it is the subscribers who support it and now we are also sponsoring a rescued racehorse named Pluto.

She came to me via an avid horse woman and triple Taurus, the editor who first gave me the Mystic Medusa column in a newspaper and thus set all this in motion. And weirdly enough with asteroid Epona on my Vertex, trine my Ceres.

Anyway, Pluto’s racing name was Cosmic Wanderer – FYI the word “planet” means “wanderer” – and that did not work out too well for her. Not fast enough or enough of an earner for her owners, this beautiful multiple Libra mare was put into service as a brood mare.  When that did not transpire – miscarriages etc – she was en route to an early demise BUT Save A Horse saved her, re-naming her Pluto, after her penchant for multiple lives and N.D.E.s

So now a portion of your Mega Mystic fees are going toward paying for all of Pluto’s food, farrier fees, vet care and new peaceful happy life fostering foals who have also been rescued.  Thank you!

  •  Epona is the Celtic Horse Goddess and it is from her we get the word “pony.”

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95 thoughts on “Our Horse Named Pluto

  1. I’m glad I just noticed a post to take me back here as I missed this whole thing from a comment perspective… there was a lot going on.

    I remember the bottom pic of her from the SAHA site.

    What a pity I didn’t know she was in Byron. I’d have met her on my recent trip back up to old homes and hangs.

    Have followed SAHA for some a few years but only after I moved away or I’d have volunteered time for sure. They do some great work.

    Have also had several of my own over the years and imagine a time where I can at least have one again as a rescue or retiree as I’m kinda done with the riding thing but not done with my equine soft spot.

    This is really awesome and makes being a sub even better. Really chaffed (haha.. sorry… chuffed) to be part of this Mystic x

  2. I love that some of my subscriber fees and going to care for this beautiful girl! And she’s a fellow Libra girl…if the 13th is her birthday, its the same as mine. Although I was born way before 2004, lol. This was such a lovely way to end the week!

  3. Thank you for doing this beautiful thing on our behalf. She is a gorgeous girl and now free to live a happy life. Just wonderful! Looking forward to many Pluto updates xo

  4. Good on you Mystic – she’s a gorgeous lucky lady!
    This makes my Rhiannon (16912) Rising very happy. 🙂

  5. Mystic can we have detail She’s 16 something hands ?
    How old ?
    Etc etc
    She looks super and she’s landed on her feet, in clover to mix my metaphors !

  6. I love sport but have never understood horse racing. Flogging an animal is against my understanding. I wished this could hapen to all horses and dogs.

    Now she can run in her own Plutonic ellipse instead of the racecourse type. She will of course now need a Dalmatian.

  7. How lovelyl! So glad to be part of her care and upkeep. Congratulations to us all, especially Pluto!

  8. This is so lovely Mystic, a beautiful gesture. And what good Ju Ju for your work to have Epona honoured via the subs!
    Cosmic Wanderer is lovely and I love that after all she has been through she is valued for being her sweet self and not her body.

  9. Lovely! I’m so happy we are looking after her ?. Can we please have the occasional pic and update on her?

  10. Lovely! I’m so happy we are looking after her ?. Can we please have the occasional pic and update on her?

  11. Also, i wanted to say that if any of you are in the area and wanted to visit her at the horse sanctuary, please email me and i will arrange.

  12. Her silent name is Pegasus. The adage ‘different course for horses’ comes to mind.It came from a Taurus coincidently 🙂
    Last time i rode a horse had to eat my dinner from the mantlepiece! The ranch was named Santana perhaps that explains it ( and i let her have her head…freedom and loose reins.)
    LOve your guts Myst. The energy of money is tres important, to keep it moving, and tracking it.
    Beautifully eponious of you.

    BTW much news about hacking and viruses. Had a recording from apple mac interrupt my browsing to tell me my airbook was infected and they were going to pull the plug if i didn’t have it de-bugged from an apple genius or send it away. It’s coming tho’ on google but not chrome.
    THis could be why my avatar has gone into hiding regardless of my various ways of resurrecting her.

  13. That’s so great! Some of my family are involved in racing and it’s a cruel world those horses have to navigate. Glad you’re taking her on.
    With a name like Pluto though I thought she’d be scarier – she’s beautiful.

  14. Brilliant!! I’m so excited, used to have an ex-racehorse myself. She’s beautiful, please keep us updated.

  15. She looks beautiful and dare I say it…..a bit sad too. I hope she will be happy with so many well wishes being sent to the lovely her. Fabulous Mystic. Fabulous

  16. LOVE!!!! This is awesome! Good vibes! I love animals, and I love that this is something we are all a part of together. Thanks, Mystic, and I hope Pluto can feel all our love and support!

  17. This is beautiful and so is Pluto. Such magnificent creatures and so mystical. Thanks Mystic xx

  18. Lovely, make sure you check on her personally. I’m sure she is being looked after well. Certainly with active gallopers, syndicated ownership is pretty horrible for them, nobody really gives a…
    Happy for you. Horses make the best people.

    • Yes of course – check out the link in the post – I know the president of the Save a Racehorse sanctuary personally and her cred is impeccable. The conditions are beautiful and we are paying to top notch food, medical care everything.

  19. She looks to be in excellent condition and well cared for! She also has a Prophets Thumb on her neck!

  20. Wow Great idea! Look at Pluto’s face/mouth…What is she saying thank you for? a big juicy apple?

  21. That is the most beautiful thing to read this morning. What a deep and wonderful soul you are, Mystic. This is a real gift to all of us. Thank you from the warm cockles of my heart. xxx

  22. YESSSS!!!! Such an awesome addition to the team 🙂 What a shiny and spectacular creature. Thank you again for expanding your business model to be so much more than what capitalist constraints enable! 🙂

  23. Beautiful dark chocolatey thoroughbred lady. I want to kiss her smooshy velvety nose. Thank you mystic! Rescue creatures are the best. What’s the astro for being snatched from an uncertain (or certain) fate?

      • Well Persephone was snatched.. I am in love with this young lady horse but I am thinking a triple Libran would NOT call herself Pluto. Maybe Epona, maybe Ishtar but yes definitely Persephone!

  24. Good for you, MM! Another reason why I love you & this site. Please do keep us posted on Pluto & her new life. Goddess bless you both! XX

  25. Thrilled to be part of tribe support for Lady Pluto’s out to pasture retirement fund. Thanks Mystic and Pluto (an old soul she tells me) looks happy with the news too

    • She is in Byron Bay – Australia – if you click through to the Save a Racehorse site via the link above, i think they have visiting details on there. Or let me know if you are in that area and i put you in touch with Triple Taurus to arrange it

  26. Well done Mystic…a beautiful creature and like all of us she deserves her life.
    She will foster with much love and gratitude and is certainly experiencing her rebirth. .xx

  27. Oh! Such wonderful news, Mystic. Blessings to you and to gorgeous Pluto. This is just so good xx

  28. Oh Mystic, this is the most wonderful news! Amid all the horror stories of animal cruelty that pop up on social media every day (including the racing industry’s horrendous attitude that non-winning horses are nothing more than ‘wastage’), this is a ray of cosmic sunshine! I’m so thrilled that part of my subscription fee is going towards this beautiful girl’s happy retirement. Congratulations and thank you! xo

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