Brad Does Saturn + Pluto

“For me this period has been about looking at my weaknesses and failures and owning my side of the street.”

Brad Pitt – GQ Magazine

Yes, cynicism, yes movie to promote, yes Brad Pitt has way more a therapy budget than any of us would ever hope to attain BUT i am still moved by his recent interview in GQ mag, link above.

It’s THE most Saturnine-Pluto sounding vibe i have possibly read in mainstream media ever.  And Mr Pitt is having Saturn ON his Sagittarius Sun – Feb to November – plus a long-haul Pluto trek over his Capricorn Mercury, Moon and Venus.

There are few things so humbling as the Saturn-driven self-appraisal with, as he says, the owning of your side of the street.  And he has had Neptune square his Ascendant, for the forced delusion-stripping and ruthless assessment of mind-altering substances used to scatter, block or numb. More:

So then, you stop yourself, but how do you—I don’t know why this comes to mind but I think of a house—how do you renovate yourself?

Yeah, you start by removing all the decor and decorations, I think. You get down to the structure. Wow, we are in some big metaphor here now.… [laughs]

Sitting with those horrible feelings, and needing to understand them, and putting them into place. In the end, you find: I am those things I don’t like. That is a part of me. I can’t deny that. I have to accept that. And in fact, I have to embrace that. I need to face that and take care of that. Because by denying it, I deny myself. I am those mistakes. For me every misstep has been a step toward epiphany, understanding, some kind of joy. Yeah, the avoidance of pain is a real mistake. It’s the real missing out on life. It’s those very things that shape us, those very things that offer growth, that make the world a better place, oddly enough, ironically. That make us better.

And yes, if Jupiter is when you put up some funky new drapes or go ape with the painting/decor or just, you know, MOVE – Saturn is the stripping back to the bare-fundamental-bones of your life and psyche…the structure indeed.  As for Pluto, that’s more like the private life of your inland psychic sea, elemental and with its own tidal system.


Image: Ryan McGinley

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66 thoughts on “Brad Does Saturn + Pluto

  1. “u get down to the structure”! all very saturn (sounds like if he would be experiencing his 1st sat return, which of-co he isnt), and going to the dark side? see it ” embrace it” , he says, very much pluto self journey indeed -going down and back to clean the basement-, bad but good. good 4 him, he is waking” up

  2. I feel him so much. We’re both undergoing Saturn and Pluto and that Neptune-ascendant hell. It’s made me come across as very somber, jaded, and at times seemingly exhausting “positivity”at the expense of my psyche rolling its eyes on myself, and often going home completely energetically spent. Yet we Sagittarians, somehow, in spite of such darkness, have an inextinguishable light within that continues to persist.

  3. All cynicism aside – and I can be quite cynical! – I found that quote very pertinent and uplifting.

  4. I find Saturn and Pluto equally tough, with the former using more practical tops and the latter more psychological ones.
    I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing when they are in positive aspect or when they are in a challenging one.
    What I mean is that one way or another they are never “easy” and light hearted, not even when they trine a planet or a point of my BC.

  5. It’s great to know BP got sober. All best wishes and strength and support to him for that. I’ve read bits and pieces of interviews with him here and there lately, and he’s saying some good things! I would expect the magazine layouts to be cheesy, so I’m not so put off by that, I just don’t look at it, just listen to his words.
    Intense transits for him, eh? He’ll have Saturn going over all his Cap stuff soon, while Pluto is still around, too.

    I’ve had Saturn transiting in my 6th house squaring my Pisces moon and I got sober from alcohol last August, with a few dalliances since then, a one-off night here and there. Just listened to the Hip Sobriety podcast about their stories of getting sober and how it took awhile to stick, there was a bit of back and forth over several months.

    Anyway, I’m also thinking of ‘about-face’ guy I dated late January, then he came back in March, when we parted for good, but then I heard from him last week, after two months of silence. He said ‘I’m sorry about everything’, and then said he has ‘fucked up issues that affect those around him’….really owning his side of the street. He went on to say he thinks he has borderline personality disorder, which is fine, and I feel for him, but that’s not easy to deal with. I was just blown away by receiving the apology. I’m not going to start dating him again, or even really have him in my life because we barely knew each other, but it was nice that he took responsibility for how he behaved with me.
    I mention it because he has Sagg rising and a massive Cap stellium in the 1st house….poor guy right now, in terms of the Saturn/Pluto transits! He’ll be starting his Saturn return soon, too, once Saturn goes into Cap. Fun, fun.
    But…..I think he’s on his way to learning from these transits and handling it all if he’s already owning up to his behaviors and is self-aware of his issues.

  6. As a fellow Sagg, I can so relate to his comments. I’ve stripped my whole life down, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And I am now rebuilding it. And I’ve looked in the mirror and not liked what I’ve seen. My mother died. My marriage ended. I’ve been tested at work – in all areas of my existence. I no longer own a house. I live in a small, rented flat. It’s extraordinary. And all happened in just over two years of my 50 years on this planet….

    I think, Mystic, it was you that once said that the after effects of a Saturn transit of your first house are not really comprehended until the transit is over: “You look back at the person you were before the transit and it’s like looking at a movie of yourself… You don’t even recognise your previous self” (or words to that effect)? I’m certainly getting that feeling now, as we move towards the end of the transit.

  7. It felt it was a genuine attempt at being insightful and remorseful and grown up. I do agree that his talent has not always been appreciated (Benjamin Button was cheesy but also beautiful), but those images are somehow not quite right, and I appreciate he has to go with the flow of the shoot/ stylist but frankly he looks ridiculous in some of those outfits. The haunting expressions are sad. It just seems like the whole earthy/hard work on myself mantra was made a mockery by the fashion, including the jumpsuit.

    • Oh I loved Benjamin Button and as a film & love theme it is very Venus in Capricorn…

      I’m uncertain of Brad Pitt’s acting skills…I saw him with Marion Cottilard and I thought the film’ concepts were interesting…

      Rather like the Wife of Martin Guerre

  8. -So how do you just drop it like that?
    “Don’t want to live that way anymore.”

    Oh, man, this one hit hard. Despite what the avatar may imply, I’ve never paid much attention to him, but I feel this. My situation is nothing like this (thankfully), but I have been feeling this Saturn transit, and his Mercury isn’t terribly far from mine, either.

    That renovation metaphor is almost painfully apt, because I absolutely understand the feeling of getting down to the foundations, seeing if you’ve got rotted floorboards or, god help you, a gas leak just waiting to ignite. I’m not gonna miss Saturn when it finally hits Capricorn, but I won’t deny that the past two-ish years have taught me some THINGS.

  9. The other side of the street has never been owned. Instead, ‘someone’ declared that a saint lives on it.

  10. But enough about Brad.
    My application was approved this morning and I’m feeling positive about it all.
    There are so many transits happening right now and for the next five years. What they all have in common are names like Chiron, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. The big ones involve squares or oppositions and make the Zap Zone feel like kindergarten. I’m like nostalgic for the zap zone.
    One of my transits is Uranus square Pluto and I’m like Awwwe, remember when that was a thing I got scared about?
    When one happens its scary, when ten happen, it’s just life.
    I’m learning to do that shit.
    Complaining is so passé anyway

    My bank account got frozen and I didn’t even withdraw a stash of cash before it happened. I feel like I get more out of it this way.
    No safety net, no back up plan, no guru.

    Today my North Node journey begins.

    Pluto is in da 2nd house .

  11. I love how people have been posting comparisons of the same photographers recent work with Harry styles. Same shots, same vests, same expressions.

    I read the article when it came out. He mentions how he gets things to such a degenerated state in his personal life that he basically tears them down. Things he should cherish I think…

    So I’m not sure if it’s Saturn doing his Reno work. It might be helping with the $1600/roll wallpaper…

  12. Yes. I’m so glad you posted about this since I’ve been wanting to read the interview and haven’t done so yet. Also he’s (to my mind) a seriously talented, hardworking actor with a rich inner life. I could watch this guy waiting for a bus tbh. It’s as if his looks and charisma have made it too easy for people to hate him and pretend that his whole career is built on that six pack moment in Thelma & Louise. It’s been so easy to dismiss him as eye candy and pretend he has no talent or ignore his acting ability. I can’t think of an actor who s been as objectified as he has except maybe Jonny Depp? But brad has a larger body of work behind him now.

    I think the jealousy is normal for people with a strong Jupiter.
    People love to hate on you and can’t wait to watch you fall. Human nature I suppose, we all project and assume the Sagittarius goofy grin is all there is.
    I’m going to read the interview now.

    • He cracked me up in “Burn After Reading” but so did F McDormand, Malkovich & JK Simmons.

      • I thought his burn after reading performance was brilliant. Clooney did similar in that film. I’d never gotten the whole Clooney fascination but the ability to parody himself- both him and brad just took that film to another level for me. Right up there with Big Lebowski. It takes a lot to share the screen with Francis McDormand. I mean shit, that’s like co starring with Bill Murray or something – really difficult
        But he was so good in that film I think his performance almost went over people’s heads. There was no ego or irony to it at all. Brad threw himself into being a twat so convincingly you really believed him.

      • I think he’s very underrated. Particularly as a comedy actor. His timing is flawless.
        But his looks get in the way. That won’t be a problem for long I don’t think. He’s outgrowing the pretty boy thing.

        • He is a great physical actor. He actually has facial blindness and doesn’t recognise people he knows. I think this is partly why he is so charming – it’s compensation for this challenge and his super power in a sea of unknown faces.

        • Agreed about the timing and comedy thing. Omg and also him in Snatch. Same deal. I notice the hotness less than the fact that I actually really enjoy watching him work. Act, whatever.

  13. Protest from a Sagg who has been through the whole lot . I totally disagree with you about Jupiter, Mystic – it ain’t about the exterior trappings, and it aint necessarily about escaping responsibility.

    it’s the planet of the higher mind and personal ethics, after all, and the freedom from a troubled conscience that living by a code of ethics can give you.

    It’s just as integral to personal growth as Pluto or Saturn are – just in a different way. It’s about the learning (expansion of understanding) through experience/research/discovering new philosophies or cultural perspectives all of which can help you perceive/understand yourself and your behaviours/relationship dynamics/other people in a different light. These things can give you the road map to change, and the optimism that you CAN change and will still be able to enjoy life without whatever your higher self is telling you that you need to stop.

    Sure – Saturn can be the whip hand that forces maturity, accountability and economical/efficient use of your time/resources. But Saturn is really about how you are seen in the world – your reputation, how you are seen to have handled your responsibilities, and the rewards or status or lack thereof you have as a consequence.

    If you’ve been doing your Jupiter/9th house right, Saturn don’t kick your butt quite as hard – it probably just hands you MORE responsibility. That’s what Saturn crossing my Sun did with me.

      • Thanks! I think that in the rush to de-malefy Saturn, people forget that good ol’ Kronos – our new mate Saturn – castrated his father and ate his own goddam kids, because he was so concerned to ensure that they didn’t usurp his power/reputation by outshining him in the public sphere. End justifies the means and all that – perfect example of conscience (Jupiter/Sagg, the Cap 12th) denied, and suppressed til the son who escaped (Zeus, aka Jupiter) made Saturn vomit up his siblings, or some such. Ok, so Zeus as next god wasn’t perfect. But he is about examining the inner landscape that Pitt is talking about; he is about hope. Saturn just drives you forward with discipline to walk your new talk. One without the other just ain’t happening.

    • I think you are misunderstanding me. I meant more in comparison to a Saturn transit – a Jupiter transit you tend to add on – you learn something, you are in growth mode. Saturn and Pluto are more the strip back mode.

      • I totally understand what you meant
        I have a really strong Jupiter and I’ve just felt bloated from the Jupiter transits.
        Saturn is about foundations for me
        Chiron is digging out the land mines and making sacred the earth before you lay them.
        But that’s my experience

      • I’m not misunderstanding you, Mystic. Loyal subscriber of 10 years or so – have read everything you’ve ever said about Jupiter. “Drapes’ etc were just the tipping point that prompted me to say something about it. More respect for Jupiter, as serious INNER growth please.

        • Okay i am obviously not being clear – i did not say that Jupiter was not about growth – “INNER” or outer. But the process in my opinion is more expansive than the contraction or the stripping back that Pluto and Saturn tend to involve. “Drapes” was a metaphor. If you look back at the thousands of words on this site, you will find plenty of respect for Jupiter. This post – above – was about someone’s Saturn and Pluto transit.

          • You are being clear.

            And I love your work Mystic.

            I just think you have a blind spot re Jupiter: i.e. I don’t agree that your words in relation to Jupiter have always come across in the way you think they have over the years.

            Obviously drapes was a metaphor!

            Never mind.

            As per Hall’s defence of Voltaire, I am sure you’d accept my right to articulate something I’ve noticed over the years re your words on Jupiter, even if my take on what you have said isn’t in keeping with how you meant to come across, right?

            Just as I accept that others might not give a shit, right?

            Cheers Mystic x

    • hmm I like this.. I have Jupiter conj my Sagg sun/mercury and have always wondered if there were a better way to express him than get drunk and tell everyone to get stuffed…

      • seeker of knowledge! Maria Callas and William Blake has this exact same triple conjunction FYI. Jimi Hendrix had the Sun-Mercury in Sagg

        • oh wow – thanks Mystic! Thats a positive expression of the big mouthed Saggi excess and philosophising… I have always been studying something, even if it was just old national geographic mags as a kid… I also had a phase in my late teens that would have given Jimi a run for his money…haha

  14. Shirt, $750, by Valentino / Sunglasses, $440, by Eyevan 7285 / Necklace by Miansai. Emotions, Priceless.

  15. I had no idea there was some mysterious drama around the Brangelina split, thought it was just the usual Hollywood go-you-own-way thing (gotta catch up on my gossip mags lol).

    Hated those photos, I thought he sounded genuine, but those photos weren’t…they were straight up “emote for the camera”. I’ve quite liked Brad as an actor but I dont feel any sympathy for him after this…weird.

    • Should be shots in a fluoro-lit suburban home-office of a regular psychologist. Brad keeps it real, on a budget. Or maybe a screenshot of his search history when on a self awareness bender. These things etc would be Awesome lol 😀

        • yeh it just seemed weird to juxtapose his “coming to terms with reality” journey with such wanky fashion shots featuring clothing that is way beyond the reach of most of the magazine’s readership (I imagine…I don’t know, but not that many people are up for shelling out $700 for a shirt..). And posed as a “road trip” (the hero’s journey?) fantasy…there’s something really off about the whole article…


        • I always imagine them as plush, but comfortable dark neutrals? A range of seating options to accommodate the range of clientele… Probably a result of the various depictions in Hollywood films…

  16. There’s nothing like an inventory report of our own inner crap. Then you know what you’re working with. The precious ego and its vicelike grip, the fudgy compromises with an old self, the Conscious compromises to get us by in a complex world, what we can live with. What we can’t live without. And why. Etc. Good on u brad.

  17. Uncle Pluto + master Saturn tell no lies. This interview made me tear up a bit. Also loved the mcginley photos

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