A Witch Poem For The Virgo Moon

Witch Poem

For the Virgo Moon, here is the most beautiful Witch Poem by Quadruple Virgo Adelaide Crapsey. She was Sun, Mercury, Mars + Uranus in Virgo. I love how she elegantly parses the themes of reincarnation, religion and the Salem witch-burnings.

The Witch Poem

When I was a girl by Nilus stream

I watched the deserts stars arise;

My lover, he who dreamed the Sphinx,

Learned all his dreaming from eyes.

I bore in Greece a burning name,

And I have been in Italy

Madonna to a painter-lad,

And mistress to a Medici.

And have you heard (and I have heard)

Of puzzled men with decorous mien,

Who judged – the wench knew far too much –

And burnt her on the Salem green?



FYI: What Is A Familiar? 

Image: Kris Chau

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chiron also: the Blues


I just don’t ‘do’ the news anymore, since it’s mostly so biased anyway, there doesn’t seem to be much point. Either that or it’s amping the most minor incident into full-on catastrophe/impending doom. Why bother? It just wrecks my vibe and nothing I do can change what’s going on out there, other than choosing green electrickery etc, so… yes, focusing on your own immediate sphere is, I find, absolutely the best recipe. People can call me an ignoramus and uninformed but, honestly, my vibe is more important that their opinion. I’m mighty pleased to hear there’s some stability in the… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

Yes I have just bought a fridge to replace my 13yo which since the move has sounded like a generator and my ears hurt! I need PEACE AND QUIET I have just had to buy a new phone so am now officially broke but hey not more in debt! Nooooo not me Venus Retro not me I just need to get myself a nice Japanese student in my spare room to help me get some buffer $$$ cause I can feel a tax bill coming on but I could not subject another person to the horror that was waking to… Read more »


Yes to the micro details. Readying myself for full thrust May


“securing your own environment as a safe and clean haven of tranquility”

Sounds good to me! The Virgo moon will be traversing my 4th house, too….perfect! I’m definitely in this sort of mood…


laundry genius – yes!


Loving the last paragraph. So my vibe!

Stella Polaris

Yes – it’s kind of the thing we can have some control over…

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