Yes Mercury Is Still Retrograde

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If it seems like you’re just waiting or revving up but going nowhere, you could try and do it elegantly.  I said try. It’s difficult astral terrain, I  know. Yes, Mercury is still Retrograde.  Not only that, it’s hyper-boosted by strong Uranian Vibe for the next two weeks.  Subliminal scenarios turned mini-series.  Rapid onset psycho-somatic health irks. Super strong sensitivity to the energy of people and dynamics. Genius ideas – nervy physical systems. To hopefully help with some extra insight into this surreal turf…the Weekly Horoscopes from April 29 are posted.


Image: Michelle Phillips

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28 thoughts on “Yes Mercury Is Still Retrograde

    • Yes i had someone texting me from there – but okay, Mercury Retrograde YES and on Uranus so over the top whacko issues with everything and Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, so everything is transmitted with this. It’s not like some minor mess up…Mercury-Uranus Retro square Saturn of Ja Rule…Uranus takes the basic Mercury Retro potential for fuqery and turns it surreal

    • Whoa! Looks like some kind of Jupiter-Neptune organisational blowout. Fascinating. Also hideous and a teensy bit hilarious, but mostly fascinating lol

      • The organiser was 25, wut?? Big ideas and ambitions but hello not-being-over-the-details and over-trusting others. Sure the punters had no idea of the organiser’s lack of experience. And why not, how was it marketed, i’d like to know.

  1. Mercury retro conjunct Uranus is hanging around my natal NN in the 10th..

    I got super sick this week, bad head cold, constant headache, nighttime cough waking me at 4AM every night, sore throat, fatigue/achy, and…..I lost my voice!!! 🙁 …’s that for Merc retro? Not able to directly communicate!
    It’s just dragging on and on, too, it’s been over a week, and feeling somewhat better just since today, but it’s still there….ugh! I’m not patient about being sick, because normally I don’t get sick often.

    All the while I have been sick I’ve been dealing with house stuff….they put the new roof on this week and didn’t tell us when they were coming so all of a sudden early one morning it was….Surprise! REALLY LOUD NOISES on the roof! Now, tomorrow, on my weekend, they are coming to fix the bathroom walls that have water damage….. and I’m still sick……. it’s like everything is happening at once, but I’m glad this shit is finally getting done! I’m really, really, really, exhausted…..

    In the background I have been planning for my second career….I think this is where we get back to the Merc retro/Uranus/NN conjunction/10th house thing……I am going to do a one month program to get a certificate to teach English as a second language to adults. I didn’t know where I was going to get the money for that and then, all of a sudden, I qualified for a credit card that will help me pay for this… 0% for a year! And, my credit score went way up, too! So, my long term dreadful financial situation has some light at the end of the tunnel, though I’m still woefully under-employed, until I can get this next thing going.
    There’s just no ‘Qi’ around my career of 20 years for me at this time, so because of that, it’s extremely difficult for me to put energy into my business and if you’re in private practice and really not into it, you just don’t grow your business….it’s an energy/attraction thing. It’s like a marriage that’s gone caput and I want a divorce. I think I’ll go back to it and do it in a different way and get re-inspired at some point, but I’m super burnt out on it right now……

  2. Jesus take the wheel!

    Yes I’ve been hurting as well : physically, emotionally – all my old stuff churning up. When Chiron gets me he really really gets me.

  3. The article on Michelle Phillips (link via photo cred) is amazing. It is epic and I will have to go back to finish it. Lots of drama going on behind the music.

  4. This week – I just can’t even. NOTHING went the way it should have, or even remotely smooth. I am hiding until Cinco de Mayo. Also, lovely new moon on Weds –super not feeling it. Overarch of merc retro makes this new moon feel like it’s holding its breath. Grrrrrr and argh.

  5. Yes to the psychosomatic irks….

    The Rapid onset of stress and anxiety all this week. I was coasting along just fine and then a whole week of this plus sleepless nights.aaggh!! Think I might go off and play one of mystics little neptunian night MP3s

  6. Been wondering if this was the Astro or early onset menopause.
    There’s been a lot of onion layers trying to work towards an answer re anything.

  7. In classic mercury retro in the 3rd house fashion, I spent a lot more than I wanted too on an uber so I could get to campus on national strike day hoping I’d meet my senior thesis tutor to discuss some results he’s been meaning to email me for almost a month now. As expected, he’s not here, but I came anyway because I could not deal with the thought of him actually being at his office and thinking I bailed last minute using the lack of public transport as an excuse (saturn in sagittarius = working out daddy issues through academia).

    The reminder to try and deal with these situations gracefully is greatly appreciated, Mystic. Might as well enjoy the silent faculty building and catch up. on my writing.

  8. Just as I was starting to read this post I got into a heated discussion with a colleague. Everything is heated and explosive. Plans get to change every minute.
    I am embracing sudden changes the best that I can but sometimes I feel like I want to hide in a cave until may 5th.

  9. Very true – insight flow is rad. Even I ching is onto the ‘elegantly’ too a la hex. 49.6: true transformation (think Venus-Sat-Chiron + new moon realisations) is profound and only expressed restrainedly/elegantly, like a leopard delicately altering it’s spotwork. Right now, less spoken seems to be more. But ugh with Merc-Uranus upping the impatience factor? Breathe, transcend – hanged man… STILL!

  10. That image, Mystic. This is my morning routine, besides the plaits. I spend about an hour fluffing around. First dream diary, then gratitude journal, maybe some night time ideas into journal number 2, 15 minutes meditation, check email and horoscope, some texts, all supported by coffee brought to the bed. Then, only then, do I get up. Yes, Merc Retro a bit of an interesting holding pattern.

  11. just waiting …. agh, signed papers to sell house before retro, have TWO offers, but we’re just hovering, and i need to find a place to live and everything is stalled and moving through quicksand! holy crap. at least the first inspection is scheduled for the day merc goes direct so i just have to hang on till then and breathe through the shadow afterwards.

  12. I’ve done child custody/support papers twice now – I am thinking I’ll wait and file with court when Mercury goes direct. I really don’t want to wait.

  13. oh my god yes. Subliminal scenarios turned mini-series. Genius ideas – nervy physical systems–YAH

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