Void Moon in Scorpio-Mercury Retrograde Problems

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The Void Moon in Scorpio – another four hours to go, see the Daily Horoscopes for times in your zone – AND Mercury flippo-retro in Taurus is a great combination for unearthing things but also a bit raw, right?

Add Venus stationing Direct on Dr Chiron – for the next 48 hours – for a good time.Β  AND the Sun is on Uranus….If you have an affinity with Uranian Vibe, this IS your outlet.

The depth emotions or inconvenient truths get dredged up, Venus-Chiron beam out therapy-rays whether you want the insights or not and the Void Moon gives it all a surreal, spooked out sci-fi urban dystopian feel.

BUT the Sun on Uranus means you can transmute all this into just general genius and innovation. New Fave Word Du Jour: Thaumaturgic – the ability to create or work miracles. Let’s do it.Β  Eggs, bunnies, zombie Jesus-Adonis resurrection figures, fertility goddesses, cosmic big bangs and strange moves from Papal-Presidential patriarchal types regardless – we will prevail.


Image: Blade Runner

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81 thoughts on “Void Moon in Scorpio-Mercury Retrograde Problems

  1. Oh yeah. I was so out of whack. I should have stayed home last night but I didn’t, and I was awkward even when I did get home. At the time I was so off and couldn’t work out why and I thought being out might be a good pick up but it wasn’t.

    I realise now that it was sadness and disappointment that had come to me and in processing it I have realised that of course it is natural for people to evolve and detach and move on. I was hurt when I was moved on from by a friend but now I’m ok with it. I am going through this really fundamental deep shift. Mercury and Venus conj sun in Pisces and Neptune in Scorp. Also, not underestimating the power of Saturn just beginning 8th house transit and I’m about to cross my Pluto line in a long trip abroad. I know the train left the station with me in it long ago and it’s probably the orient express going over the alps at night like a roller coaster, so I’m just gonna see if I can find a nice spot by the window so I can enjoy the ride.

  2. I’m having my Chiron return and Venus is going direct at the exact degree of my Chiron, 26 Pisces. The void Scorp Moon is in my 5th house conjunct my natal Neptune. Everything has been feeling pretty icky emotionally, today and last night. I feel lonely.
    My sweet young pen pal has Scorp moon conjunct Pluto in his natal chart…intense. We chatted tonight and that helped. He has a real healing effect on me. We seem to have an easy empathy and ‘get’ each other.
    I wouldn’t LZ over this guy, it’s not that kind of energy, but I just long to have someone like this in my real everyday life because, realistically, I’ll probably never meet this guy. I felt sad tonight when I realized that, but I appreciate the way in which he is in my life now, even though ‘virtually’. He’s been a real gift.

    It definitely does feel like stuff dredged up from very, very deep. I’ll just lay low the next few days, I think…since the Venus station is 48 hours. I think that’s what I’m feeling most. I’m doing spring cleaning around my house and that feels good.

    I like that Sun conjunct Uranus is our ‘out’. That is a bright spot, and those two are conjunct my NN in the 10th. The only thing that has felt good lately is some forward/future directed actions around my career, and also changing or adding another career. I may be joining an in-person social network that could open up my world a bit, too. That Chiron/Venus business is in my 10th, too, so I guess it’s all somehow linked.

    I like the idea of being able to create or work miracles, because that’s what it’s going to take for me to transform my life, and I’m the only one who can do it!

      • Ah, yes, you’d be feeling that, right out front there on the ascendant with Saturn there, too! Wow. Hope you’re doing ok! πŸ™‚
        I have Saturn in Aries, also in the 10th, along with Chiron there, and this Venus retro stuff…

        Venus direct in nine hours, moon moved on to Sag now….. things are still feeling weird, but I’m focusing on a big clear out in my house. I just took my old computer and old cell phone (like from 10 years ago!) to the e-waste place. Weeding through clothes now, have been doing a wardrobe makeover for awhile, slow and steady……this feels good, feeling lighter, feels like the best task for right now…I’m actually a minimalist, yet some stuff accumulates……
        This weekend marks my 7th year in SF. I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve acquired in that time. I arrived here with 2 suitcases! A lot of it is stuff given to me or left here by others, but there’s definitely a bunch of crap that’s mine!

        • transiting Saturn is also sitting bang on my MC which is the Galactic Centre.
          So I’ve been really wanting to push for a new career path, thinking about applying for a degree to start in Sept Oct which I could really enjoy. Also like you have decided that so much of my wardrobe needs recycled so I will take a few bags off to the charity shop.
          It is also a huge show down time with me and my capricorn daughter. This is my wound stuff. She arrived on my saturn return and life was so tough. And now it is all at a head. So much so I have just written her a very strong email rather than phone her. I cannot begin to think of phoning as I am just too livid and tired of it all. So yes feeling lots of stuff. It’ll be great when it is all cleaned out and refreshed. Good luck with all your shifting too.

    • Yes! I almost cry vomit laugh screamed when I saw it!
      It’s so relevant
      Roy, this is Pris calling!!!
      Fire up the spaceship- I have soup and we will survive!
      Let’s go!

  3. The Heavens must be on side as for the first time in since last September my breathing is 80% clearer so that much more energy for physical activity. For a Sagg being inert have to stay still is hell on earth.
    Guess an easter miracle has been given one could almost but won’t say, a resurrection. How christian of me….

  4. I’ve been struggling with my art and a bad case of “artistic block” the likes of which I’d never experienced before—feeling so crap about it.

    Then I remembered venus=art and stationing direct is when it can be a bit harder and trickier right?

    • Ive been finishing up partially done art creations instead of starting new ones! Cos yes…new ideas not flowing yet..

  5. Interesting aspect to start a Mindfulness (MBSR) workshop that will last for the upcoming 8 weeks. Yes MR + shadow between 9/8 house.

  6. I’m eating a salad made from lotus roots, and i thought, hey maybe this is shamanic eating? strong but light, hollow things connecting the mud to the shiny leaves and flowers. They produce this fibre, like spider silk, I just looked it up, apparently it’s spun into a yarn that’s used to weave robes for Buddhist monks. amazing whatcha learn when you order something different. Lotus eater is as lotus eater does, I guess… πŸ˜‰

    • That’s so interesting, Pi! I like the idea of meditating on lotus roots while you eat them. They probably appreciate it.

      I am raising silkworms in my classroom right now. I have silk on the brain too.

      • will definitely be doing some more conscious eating πŸ™‚ I really like the direct statements that the world makes to us.

        • The true meaning of Holistic & Mindfullness. knowing the journey of every thing you choose for the bodymind, it’s history from ‘birth’ to you. Aah, ‘The Land of the Lotus Eaters’. Was that a book? x

        • Pi that is the True meaning of Holistic & Mindfullness, knowing the history and journey of everything that you put into your body and mind.x

    • That is so amazing, just imagining wearing a gorgeous deep red creation made from lotus silk is making me feel incredible

    • Puffed lotus seeds are so good if you havent tried them. They are similar in texture and taste to a breakfast cereal called sugar or honey smacks minus the flood of sweetener.

    • Pi, totally not on topic, but a random message. Wanted to say thanks for something you posted quite some time ago. I dont remember what it was about exactly, but I just remember reading it and it gave me LIFE. I wasnt able to type out my thoughts at the time. For some reason it popped into my head today. Wanted to send some appreciation your way xx Happy Venus rx lol

  7. Its all the bodhitsatvva in you–a unifying sense of enlightenment and collective sense of future–based on the need or thought of sacrifice and catharsis–the kapesh when all the lights switch on you get everything for that sweet moment.

  8. On my walk yesterday, I came upon a deer skull propped up on a tree stump. Looked beautifully eerie with the emerging spring all around it.

    Been wanting to comment on the last few posts but I’ve had a loss for words. I blame Jupiter in my 12th because it feels big but I can’t formulate this movement in words or materialness. Yes I am very Uranian so maybe it is time to make something material to let it out.

    • I’m feeling strangely quiet lately too, like I’ve had to dampen my usually-raging internal world to grow up a bit in the last year (SATURN RETURN) and my competitive childhood Lisa Simpson nature has returned (just started going through Pluto in Capricorn square natal Mars in Aries).

  9. I’m being zapped on all fronts – callouses now where chiron has been rubbing up this past 12+ months, it’s just a numb buzz but a kind of existential release? uranus is back on my venus. Maybe that’s a fugue-like melodic repeat of uranus on MC a couple years ago. Certainly feels unhitched from anything. Would really like to truly begin to unpack though and rest my weary head. I have this amazing idea which is kind of 4th house-ish but meets my needs for internationalism. I even have a list of people to involve. It’s blue sky thinking but I just cannot tell if i am being delusional. Oh well that’s how most entrepreneurial types go isn’t it? blind faith, and a well-thumbed Little Black Book (or message feed). but still. so tired… wandering in search of a home.

    • Chiron calluses:)
      I know!
      It’s such a relief to get here and read that it’s not just me/ all in my head/ going crazy while everyone else has a blast and feels fantastic. I don’t mind others feeling fantastic and normally I wouldn’t chime in like YAY Shaudenfreak over here! Because its not that at all. It’s just such an unexpected bonus to feel like there’s a group vibe and a sense of connectedness or a flow and a purpose behind the difficult emotions and the dark memories. Transformation is hard work. I can feel so isolated and sad it gets a bit confusing sometimes and I think “I’m being dramatic ” or there something wrong with me, everyone else is fine etc and it really helps to know I’m not the only one who works on themselves and gets a bit tired.. x

      • The true meaning of Holistic & Mindfullness. knowing the journey of every thing you choose for the bodymind, it’s history from ‘birth’ to you. Aah, ‘The Land of the Lotus Eaters’. Was that a book? x

  10. Venus stationing direct on Dr. Chiron, omg yes! I was reading Wilhelm Reich last night (as one does), and I got a Uranus zap of understanding to my Natal Moon via Reich’s theories. Interestingly, Reich’s Mercury was at 25 Pisces, right where Dr. Chiron and Venus are currently. I had a flash of memory to the root of some of my most perplexing health issues, which began 14 years ago. I now know how I need to approach my healing. Thank you Dr. Chiron via Dr. Reich!

  11. I have joined tinder

    This Venus retro is my natal Chiron 5* @ Aries and NN @ 20* Pisces smack bang in the middle of my massive 7th house opposing my 23* Virgoan Sun conj Pluto SN and my 5* Uranus + 11* Jupiter conj Merc in Libra – relationships and soul mating on my mind

    I am just putting a toe in and then pulling it out for now

    • Ha, tinder gets a bad rep but I’m sure we all know someone who met an amazing person who they are now seriously committed to. My beautiful, loyal, hot and big hearted friend Sam is marrying a woman he met there and actually wasn’t sure he wanted to “do the relationship thing” with at first.
      It just proves that it’s the intention with which you approach something and so many other factors beyond where or how you meet someone that matters.
      I popped in the other day but it was so scary and I wasn’t even close to being in the right mindset. It’s different with a shaved head – more interesting people with the bald filter on and less riff raff random attention though. It’s funny how something that limits the number of possible connections can also improve the calibre of them.

      • With the bald filter on! Way to go on Tinder πŸ˜€

        Do you remember Persis Khambatta? She rocked a bald look in the eighties, i think it was, for a sci-fi film. I was a kid, and it really rocked me. Not certain i’ve spelt her surname correctly, but i’m just going by..er, total recall.

        • Ha!
          It is definitely the only haircut that’s ever changed my life.
          It does weed out the not so cool guys. There’s no way a bloke with a sexist attitude is ever going to hit on a bald woman. And men can be hostile in an entirely unwarranted way, but then ladies with long hair experience plenty of it too if I remember correctly. It’s funny though how some guys are just really drawn to it as a look too. Maybe even slightly disconcerting and creepy although honestly, when no guy has tried to make eye contact except to give you a stink eye / skanky face you’re a lot less offended by a V for Vendetta fetishist!

          • Very interesting – I haven’t been game to do anything other than polite replies atm but can attest to the litmus test a number 4 can be – the Atypes would approach me in clubs when I had a loooong blonde mane and whimsical types when I had a crop

              • Yes, had that experience. I was going to a vloke’s barber in a foreign country, after attempts to have my wavy curls cut nicely. I gave up, lined up with the older blokes, just men. The barber’s wife cut my crop. She chatted andnasked many qs, which the whole barber shop heard. Years later she and her hub came to my country. Years later i married the timsical a-wype. It’s an old chapter. He never saw my hair long.

              • I went for a bloke’s cut for over two years. The a-wype later remarried someone who sort of looked like me, but with longer hair. She left him too.

            • I am!
              Another level of ego death – rebirth – identity refining type stuff.- Quite the challenge for a Venus in Leo 8th house but hey, when in Rome. Or whatever. I’m trying to get my money’s worth since I have dr Chiron booked in and Saturn in the house and uncle Pluto so close. It seemed like the right moment xx

              • Oh wow how wonderful. I’ve often thought I may like a go at shaved but so far have yet to get it round my head!
                Might go violet soon or a grey blue seeing as I am very white blonde
                Domestos blonde !

  12. I had a really interesting “conversation” this morning with my father.
    I tried to wish him happy Easter (I know, how boring of me) but the two hours of weird monologue I got in return was super weird and also illuminating. It was like I’d accidentally wandered into a stand up comedian improv – open mic night or something. I’m just trying to say “oh hi, happy Easter to my dad in another country who I hardly ever speak to” and I’ve forgotten why that is. I was just “the audience” to him. It felt so strange like I really could have been anyone. At first I wondered if he was drunk because it just felt so bizarre. Then I realised that I’ve been in therapy for a while now and I’ve gotten used to a level of appropriateness and reciprocity conversationally that one should not expect when interacting with him. It took me a while to figure it out and it was so kind of painful and strange. Just things I’d never noticed before that I experienced emotionally for the first time. Like asking how someone is and listening and then noticing it hurts when they don’t ask you how you are. I mean, he never asks how I am. He tells me but asking? Hmmm. I just listened to him throwing the most random noise at me for two hours. It didn’t make sense, nothing was connected to the thing he said before. And the strange thing is he was expecting me find it adorable. That’s how people always treat him and that’s how I’m supposed to treat him.. one of those odd unwritten family rules that I’d never really questioned because I’d assumed it was just how it was..that omg this guy is such a narcissist..holy crap how did I never notice this? moment.
    So Dr Chiron paging Venus retro Scorpio- Freud/ Saturn whatever flashback
    I’ve been reeling from it all day. I might have understood it intellectually but encountering it emotionally like a wall of weirdness was interesting indeed.
    I can see the funny side of it now but ya. It has been an interesting day…
    Feeling a bunch of different emotions and remembering things with a whole other perspective now. Dr Chiron in da house

    • It’s mad how that stuff just echoes through the psyche
      The story of Echo and Narcissis is just so perfect too.
      I have been wondering what the lingering seductive appeal of vaguely toxic, emotionally unavailable man boy / bad men who mean well but always do the wrong thing and apologise but you already know they’ll do it again if you let them is for a long time. I’ve been on my own for years now because I just have no interest in “someone nice” just to be with someone and no intention of hooking up with someone married or hot but bad news or just looking to get laid, or looking for something serious or whatever.. I know that pretty much anyone I hooked up with wouldn’t be good for me yet. It’s kind of a strange place to be. I’m so deeply involved with myself and I have no intention of dropping the ball or losing my balance or distracting myself from err myself? Why? It’s just so unfashionable to be ..”single but not fabulous at all and still have no intention of being in a relationship merely as a way of escaping the not fabulousness of it all. It made so much sense to experience the familiar patriarchal energy of La Dad as so Californication type dude and to really appreciate that daughter character as really tired of being the only grownup in the room but also be this woman dating younger versions of the father she’s so protective of and ambivalent about/ in thrall to / angry with and all the strangeness in between

    • Not sure if you’re still with a counsellor (that’s expensive, even though a good one is worth their weight in gold) but i found that after seeing one for some time, the next time i caught up with a long distance tricky key family member, i had that weird sense of observing the interaction dynamic, too. The pattern was so clear, and my emotional response was still triggered but i didn’t really act on it. Not because i meant to hold back or anything, i was just…still, feeling, watching.

      That fam member is no longer long distance, but having the dispassionate observation really helps now, even when it’s just a weird phone call full of nothing really you can put your finger on, but undercurrents.

      • I know what you mean.
        Yeah my therapist is totally worth her weight in gold and she keeps halving her fees. I’m spacing the sessions out a bit and stretching the budget but I’ll get a job to pay for her if need be. Yeah, I also noticed that although listening to him was quite painful I didn’t react to it. I just listened and afterwards I was able to understand the experience without needing to stay hurt or hold a position or whatever.. Just very useful to know, ah he’s got a habit of doing this which makes me want to do that and oh that’s useful for navigating future discussions.

    • I have 3 parents….I never talk to them.
      I wouldn’t know how they are going.
      Its a country verboten on my passport.

      • Not really. I think I’m at rock bottom. Only way is up from here. I have given up both of my children. I can’t fight anymore.

        • Christ! Keep crying, Janey. And drink water. And call on friends if you can, don’t be shy. Get looked after for a bit. And make sure you have food/water/teas/blankets and soft things around. That’s a hard basket to carry so whatever helps give ease xx

          • There’s obviously a huge back story to all of this. And if sitting at the bottom and bawling your eyes out is where you are at, it is just where you are at.
            Let it flow and for your sake forgive yourself.

    • sending you wordless compassion. what ever has happened/is happening, it will get better. Just hang on – however long it takes.

  13. A little heartbroken. I had a fling with this guy, the first I had seen since my ltr ended. For some reason we had a bad falling out right before Venus turned retrograde six weeks ago, and we recently started talking again. I realized I had feelings and brought it up, but he said it was too late to start dating, as he was looking to get serious with someone else. πŸ™ Bad timing, but maybe it’s just not meant to be.

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