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So i was reading this very interesting article about Generation X (the Pluto in Virgo generation, basically) and it included a quote from the multiple Capricorn original coiner of the Gen X label, Douglas Coupland: “we are just conditioned to using alarmism as our default setting.

It IS easy to be alarmed or just plain-furious at various failures of leadership, Caligula, North Korea and zones in the world where chaos, cruelty and terror at just, you know, another day.  And there are absolutely some scare-mongering theories and predictions being thrown around about Saturn In Capricorn – something i am seeing as quite positive.

But what if the new Earth energy incoming – Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus – watered by Neptune in Pisces – were actually amazing? What would our most stunning visionary version of this be?  Collective pragmatic action rather than waffle? Ecological innovations?  Less air travel but more amazing, biologically sustainable, local-food sustainable digitally ON cities and towns?  More business models like Kimbal Musk’s Square Roots?  Amazing house inventions? Non-exploitative peer to peer banking?

Most of our experience with Pluto in Capricorn has been with Uranus at a harsh angle to it – now Uranus in Taurus will be augmenting it; the Change Gods in harmony and operating in the signs of power + money + the environment. In 2019 to 2020, Jupiter lines up with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

It is very easy to get gloom-ridden about where the planet/economy is moving some days but there are definitely green shoots & Uranus in Taurus feels like it to me.  So as an exercise in your genius and optimism – plus because the Moon is currently IN Capricorn and coming up to conjoin Uncle Pluto – please share your visionary concepts for the good developments that could go down.


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75 thoughts on “Stunning New Earth Sign Vibe

    • That is why i added the “basically” as it is debatable. I meant “broadly speaking.” Different people define the generations differently.

      • But ya average demographer couldn’t be seen using the outer 2 or 3 as the demarcation of the differing generations. It’d be too revealing…..and offer yet further proof of the astro.

  1. All of the above things will happen.
    As for me I had no idea that Pluto was going to trine my moon again for the 4th time next year while Uranus will be sextile my Venus as soon as it enters Taurus.
    I wanna think “thriving”.
    I think general “thriving”. Not the “exploding one” – though Uranus is involved – but the kind of slowly building, unstopping, green base, environmental, no-shits just facts kinda vibe.

    • Plus I think we will have to be way more “return to the roots/find your roots and cultivate the. Literally sometimes”.
      So maybe the general vibe turns into a more local perspective? Uranus will always remind us of the “long distance future” but maybe we don’t have to run toward it?

  2. i love your inciting us to think positively about these shifts..if we don’t think it first we can’t act on it!

  3. Worm farms, organic vegie patches shared with neighbours or even neighbourhood communal gardens instead of grassy verges punctuated with fruit trees like oranges. And the best of all something amazingly biodegradable or edible (for organisms) to replace the scourge of plastic. And phones that let you add text to blogs without causing trauma

  4. Oh my goodness, Mystic. What a post. I’m early Gen X and have had difficulties identifying with the broad brush of that Generation but this post has prompted me to read and research. Life has thrown up a few curveballs in recent years and I do not fit into the mainstream, Looking back I don’t think I ever did, without medication and squashing my square peg self into a round hole. How many of us had our true paths squished by the wrong job/partner/path? Now that we are getting older we are breaking free of relationships, jobs and circumstances that do not suit and forging a way ahead. I see the future as a kinder place with people focusing on local rather than global. Maybe the Internet did us a favour by showing us so much of what happens everywhere that now we have had enough of other people’s shit and want to concentrate on making our own not stink so much?

  5. Just as an aside, if you liked that article, there’s a book by Jeff Gordiner called ‘X Saves The World’ which is equal parts awesome and vindicating.
    I for one, am welcoming the new earth sign vibe, but then, I would be.

  6. People making stuff that actually works for a long time, because no one gets the shits at spending money on stuff that then breaks, than an earth sign.

    renewed business activity in the “repair and make-good” sector. (unless we just really like phones and tech that dies after 18 months because cheaper! yay capitalism giving us what we want.)

    learning how to cook and eat non-glamorous food, that is. cheap cuts of meat, how to use old vegies, buy and eat local, make plastic packaging the seller’s problem not the buyer’s,

    with any luck, cheap exploitative fashion going down the gurgler, also synthetic fabric a source of microplastics in waterways / oceans via the washing machine

    a more thorough and public accounting of resource use that is accessible to the general public, as in this moving into the general consciousness rather than being the domain of ‘how green is my t shirt’ app developers (not that I have a problem with that), or with the firms that actually buy the cotton, own the dye factories, mill the bamboo, scour the wool, transport the carrots, produce the fertiliser,

    prediction: Uranus in Taurus, something to do with revolutionising electricity markets? a genuine upswing in the development of Smart Grids?

    I’d really love to see innovation in how to handle plastics in the oceans but boy, that’s a fuqing big old problem that I don’t think anyone on planet earth can fix. Maybe if we meed a more advanced Alien species we can contract them for a solution. I wonder what they’d charge, hmm. Because no one loves to do business more than a Taurus or a Capricorn.

    • at some point it would be nice to see an end to NIMBYism (not in my back yard) which is the cause of half the problems here. If we all had a waste landfill in our suburb we’d probably find a solution quick smart. etc. aka Taking responsibility for our crap.

    • and money. it always comes down to money. how much do you want to spend? how much does that country with an average per capita income of $500 want to spend?
      Maybe a big ole market correction, but as always, the money escapes unharmed.

      • but I can see how Neptune might do stuff to capital ‘flows’ and ideas of currency. while the earth signs are busy. hmmmmmmmmmmm

        thought provoking post, MM!

    • I see Uranus apply to Taurus things: futuristic ways of being comfy, technology applied to the luxury good, futuristic cooking tools and makeup, new machines for agriculture.

    • There’s that shopping centre in Sweden that only stocks recycled goods (Retuna?). I think stuff like that will become more common place. And Swop has an excellent business concept. Local council has to get involved though. There’s a lot of potential in the burbs to produce food from yards but little incentive and no guidelines to keep it sound.

      • yeah. people have to want to do it. if we insist on only wanting cheap clean shiny new things that no one else has touched, then we also have to live with chromium plating factories and aluminium smelting, sweatshops and plastic packaging. seems to me. I’d really like to see an end to plastic, that’s for sure. Handy byproduct of the oil industry. Also valuable for hygiene in dirty environments and all the rest. so……. anyway I agree. I really like the scandi models for waste.

      • Maybe once we get storage and business models sorted out then electricity distribution + networks is next, I.e. Uranus in Gemini (hopefuly that transit also means changing how we do media, comms and journalism too.

      • Excellent! I’ve had this feeling that there’s be a break through in storage soon. Personally I’m holding out for actual construction materials as energy storage. And paint on solar panels!

    • The technology is all there already. What is happening is companies whose interests are not in alignment with this happening are buying all the patents and sitting on them!
      >:( Political shifts have to happen first before science can save the day.

  7. “Keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window to look out and see who is there.” (Rumi)

  8. If there is going to be an alignment of power and money with the environment, Saturn will provide discipline to Jupiter’s grandiose schemes and Pluto the (real) power to make it happen. Aside from being a Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Virgo, I’ve also Jupiter, Mercury and Mars in Taurus in my 4th. Uranus will trine UR and Pluto at some stage and conjunct the others. Love a consult on this – something this big might require some advanced personal planning starting, um, now.

  9. I see power, fuel, pharma and food cartels getting stronger. Low Toro expression in them being more greedy in new ways; a la Uran. The Cap stuff being expressed as “We BIG Power, whatever, you will do it our way” like a rogue cop (Saturn) relentlessly crushing (Pluto) all before with major emphasis (Jup) in 2019/20.

    Am I a pessimist? A realist? I don’t fuqn know.

  10. Coffee pods, plastic water bottles and clothes made to only last a season no longer oversupplying our landfill. Recycle into a bin being understood as not being as valuable as reuse.

    The current type of pesticide which is responsible for killing our bees being outlawed.


  11. I hope this signals a slowing down vibe, with energy going to grounding and roots. People more connected to their home space, a la the book about Ferdinand.
    People using their devices for more real time connections and then putting them the eff down. A switch from the Aries electric vibe to a Taurean one – if that’s not a chill out, I don’t know what is.

    • I’ve got 7th house stuff on the brain. Prog moon at 29 deg of Taurus 7th house right now plus Uranus opposition coming up. My DC is early degrees of Taurus & natal Uranus on AC.

      • nice. i’ve been reading about anaretic degrees by progression recently (thanks PF for bringing that wierd term to my attn). Having moon at that point could be a thing?

          • No prob, I had just mentioned that I have Chiron on my DC natally. So I get my Uranus opposition AND a Chiron conjunction. Yay me!

            I’ve been having this convo with a friend with Pisces moon at 29. There is something to it but it can get mixed in with all the Astro going on. There’s always something going on, right? I don’t have any personal planets in earth, so the prog Toro moon has been great. What’s yours in? Was it Leo?

            • Oh wow that would be quite the um developmental pile up…!
              My moon is natally in cap, but progressing in kataka right now (not coping very well, lol.) Looking forward to progressed moon in Leo though yes. As long as I don’t hermit & carb myself out of existence, urfh

  12. I have natal saturn in cap in my 6th house (Pluto has been there and crossed it…hmm) But my 2nd Saturn return will be in Jan ’19 and then retro back over it in Sept ’19…etc. For me natally..Uranus into Taurus may be my husband (my 7th is ruled by Aqua) and Im hoping for him to cut back on working so much and to taking a month off in winter (we’ve planned this every year for 3yrs now and it’s never happened) My first Saturn return was about starting a company for my husband with his brothers…I wonder if the 2nd will bring a end of said company due to retirement? Globally ..definitely Uranus into Taurus will be a money/power thing. (My Cap nephew has been working on a fuel cell battery …with the govt backing. its a generator that can power a bldg ..he was featured in Forbes magazine online.)

    • I have Saturn in the 6th too.
      I’ve been struck lately by how the way how we earn a living is really “who we are” and how that has impacted on my sense of self/ identity. People always say that who you are is more important than what you do but even I ask “what does he/she do” if I don’t know someone yet.
      I’ve always thought the 6th house was health and maybe in a way it is but to me having Saturn there is about finding a vocation and my insecurities around not having been operating from that space. It’s something I want to dwell on for a few years.

      • Once I raised my kids and saw them thru college etc…I felt guilty not working so I tried numerous ‘careers’….sold real estate, worked retail, we had a restaurant that I worked, worked at a bank…and now I work here and there for elder law attorneys ….the weird thing about my jobs were they were all 10th house related (my 10th is taurus) but also they were mostly all in a 2yr cycle (Saturn?)

  13. Empathy and compassion become the must have status symbols.
    People host workshops on food fermentation and share skills instead of bringing wine to dinner parties, they bring presence.
    Mobile phones and social media addicts are the new homeless- give them eye contact and some attention, they are so starved for human connection the screen zombies.
    Absolutel simplicity is the ultimate luxury.

  14. I see “free-ganism lite” being more popular and mainstream.

    A lot of the Gen Z peeps have a lot in common with the Great Generation (grandparents for many Gen Xers). They are more thrifty and don’t care about name brands. Plus strong work ethic.

    Gen X couldn’t really effect the kind of change we wanted to because there were not enough of us. I had this discussion with someone else who brought that up to my attention. I hadn’t really considered the numbers. So unless we can get millennials to go along with our ideas our ideas will not amount to much.

    Gen X is also the first generation to truly have to date outside of generation lines by default, hence all the sexist “cougar” crap and ageism shite. We literally have run out of people matches that we (as a generation) have to look for considerably older or considerably younger partners by default. The Boomers and millenials may thumb their nose at us for it (poaching their peeps) but fuck it, the GAME IS RIGGED. The only way to win is to throw up the table.

  15. Earth homes- chic and sustainable and healthy places to live. and WAY more gardening for food, sharing food and tools with neighbors. getting to know your neighbors at all!

  16. Sounds good to me! Anything grounding and earth based focus and wisdom I intuitively trust.

    I find I feel best and most clear headed when the moon is in Cap. I have Venus in Cap in the 6th, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo, and also a loaded 10th house, including Saturn there. I think the upcoming years will be ‘speaking my language’.

    Thanks for mentioning Gen X, too. We are so often ignored for our gifts and contributions, which include a great capacity to GET SHIT DONE without all the fanfare.

  17. I’m hoping large institutions will start encouraging people to work at least part of the time from home via online technologies. It’s already starting unofficially but if it took off think about how decentralising could change: traffic/parking, local businesses, work-life balance, where people choose to live, and general levels of sanity. I love working from home with all my things around me and a fast Internet connection and I’m just as productive. Bring it on.

  18. Disclosure of extra terrestrial involvement on planet earth, readmission into the Galactic playground for the human race hoooooo that would be so nice…. Maybe I gotta wait till Pluto hits aqua for that one but I’m optimistic 🙂

    It seems to be all about getting real with everything and seeing deep into the true story of all things and not being glamoured by the smoke and mirrors. Large examples include the political scenes taking place that constantly try and trigger those knee jerk fear reactions in humanity… I mean it’s getting so obvious that these scenes are manipulating collective consciousness in a black magic sense and using the cultivated energy for ill will. Even my dad, an avid reader of newspapers and any news channel is beginning to call bullshit on these things and this is after a lifetime of mainstream media brainwashing.

    On a more immediate level, what is in our cleaning products and what can we use that doesn’t scourge this delightful earth just so we can have clean tiles in the bathroom? What is being pumped into conventional fruit n veg produce and where is there space in our lives to cultivate organic produce… Since the start of this year i been testing hay bale gardening (western Australia has really poor soul quality in the metro region) and wow i cant believe how easy it is to grow delicious organic food!

    Also… Becoming more sensitive to the energies and consciousness of plants animals, stones… The living breathing world all around us. Once seen can not be ignored. And then we make more conscious choices 🙂

    I gotta say, the stellium of personal planets i have in cap had me whingeing and grumbling for a few years but it’s getting tasty now that I’ve faced some of my lower aspects and morphed them. I’m particularly proud of overcoming the huge cancer ascendant streak of passive aggression i had going on… It’s a trophy of personal success that I’m still polishing and showing everyone haha 🙂

  19. Late capitalism, desperate for another boom and buckling under political pressure from humans instead of entrenched corporations, points the investment cannons at geoengineering, environmental cleanup/rebuild and environmental science.

    ‘Traditional’ semiconductor tech shrugs off Moore’s Law by shifting to new production methods/types, resulting in tinier, faster, and lower-consumption microprocessors. This dovetails with the enviro push above = new golden age of environmental/ecological research.

    Post-collapse of overvalued housing bubbles globally results in fundamental restructuring of much of the foundational global order, resulting in better overall global coordination – primarily because the local regions will become more self-sufficient, more self-reliant, and less concerned with what happens outside of their regional ‘hood.

    A lot of (human) die-offs ramping up due to long term birth rate collapse + aging populations dying off. One of the major religions (Catholicism?) embraces environmental stewardship and advocacy. Most advanced economies end up like Japan, a struggling and diminishing younger population supporting the elderly, and increasing numbers of them split the ‘rat race’ and move on to the depopulated rural areas to restart the agrarian cycle, while maintaining internet-based work.

    • Oooo yeah!!! Housing bubble indeed!

      I absolutely love the directions you went in… Ah the burgeoning capitalism monster has known about free energy tech for so long now. As soon as we collectively embrace ‘win win’ mentality then we can see beyond the need for capitalism and I raise my cup of peppermint tea to that happening now

    • And breakdown in money, currencies, force people to find more creative ways to trade, going local, going back to the land.

      There’s been a very long-term trend for populations to move to cities, so it maybe that cycle is about to reverse and rural areas will be repopulated.

      Agrarian revolution? New farming methods, new values, new currencies? Going back to our roots?

    • 😀

      definitely into the property market splosion and also a transmogrification of physical computing. Maybe with neptune sextiling, the quantum computing stuff starts to be commercialised?

      hey wouldn’t this be amazing: as we develop ways to store information in crystalline structures set at certain vibrations, rather than the solid state memory (flash drives), some post-docs messing around in the lab one day decide to test out a sliver of apophyllite (“oh it belongs to my hippy sister lolz”). They’re getting information alright, but it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before…. ooeeeoooo

    • Ohmygosh, yes! Thanks for mentioning this! I learned about ASMR from the gals on Hip Sobriety, and it is BRILLIANT! I could totally see this becoming more popular during an earthy astro phase….anything sensory, anything to help us feel grounded in our bodies will appeal and be relevant, right?!

  20. I suspect it had to be this way.

    The unravelling we see… the inevitability of Trump etc.

    Things have to really, properly fall apart before people really understand the need to put them together differently.

    Clothes in early 00s neo-liberalism, we didn’t generate the crash thus we could no conceive a ‘new world order’.

    Important, and hopefully eventually excellent, time ahead.

  21. Hello,

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