Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is coming. Is anxiety about Saturn into Capricorn from December 2017 warranted?  No, not at all.  Not in my opinion. I don’t read much work by other astrologers – not enough time and well, you know, my Mercury is in Aries. But I have picked up on a general theme of “Saturn is Coming” relayed in ominous tones, much like “Winter is Coming,” if you are a Game of Thrones fan.

In that series, the mythical but broadly medieval/magical land of Westeros is threatened by a Winter unlike any other, terrifically long and complete with a threatening army of zombie white walkers.  Is Saturn in Capricorn anything remotely like such an event? Obviously not.  And yet not a week goes by where i do not receive some sort of concerned email about it.

I think some people are letting their dislike of certain rulers in the world – currently – get between them and their take on the astrology.

Grace Jones and Walt Whitman Are Both Natal Saturn Pluto People

This will be dealt with more depth as we get nearer December but honestly, what is not to like about Saturn in Capricorn? It is Saturn in its home sign.  It is going to be augmented by Uranus in Taurus. And, for a while, Jupiter in Scorpio. It’s going to conjoin Pluto in Capricorn, which will intensify the pair of them.

If you were to talk about such a hook-up on a personal level, it would be a success indicator. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is a knuckle the fuq down and without any pretensions, get on with it transit. It would be the death knell of any idiotic delusions or that a dysfunctional relationship was somehow sustainable.

It would be a power-up of your most potent and ferocious resolve.  Some people who were born with Saturn conjunct Pluto FYI: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Paolo Coelho. Queen Victoria. Orson Welles. Edward Snowden. Hedy Lamarr. Grace Jones. Walt Whitman. Macklemore. Danielle Steele. Brian Eno. Al Gore. Jonas Salk. George Eliot.

You may not align with the sensibility of all of them, but these are not flimsy people. Just watch the Snowden movie for an example of Saturn-Pluto spirit in action.

Saturn-Pluto = True Grit and wise, visionary leadership. So okay, you might be thinking, maybe no army of zombies emerging from some esoteric outlands but what if the whole planet goes to hell in a hand-basket?  The recent news flow has indeed been particularly gruesome and discomforting, regardless of your political affiliation. But astrologically, the most significant chance of global conflict was during the Zap Zone of Uranus square Pluto over 2012 until 2015.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn Is True Grit and Visionary Leadership – Perhaps More Ours Than The Actual Leaders

Purely off the planetary alignments, the arrival of Saturn in Capricorn would seem to more herald a forced reassess of the Central Bank model of running economies and endless low-interest rate fueled debt/ asset price rise even as the rest of the economy falters.  If you think about Uranus in Taurus, it would be a lot more aligned with organic food and agricultural reforms than anything else. These two will be in sync – a new Earth Vibe is entering in from early 2018.

We all pray for and wish good, strong leadership in all regards upon our world – particularly in diplomacy and economic management. Saber rattling and kicking the can down the road for short term political gain at the expense of long term stability and the opportunity to pursue prosperity for all humanity is crap policy.

Foundation Over Short-Term Buzz

But the brilliant thing about Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn augmented by Uranus in Taurus (this is 2018 on) is that it DOES suggest wise leadership.  And even if we are not sure precisely where that is going to come from if we peruse the news at the moment, WE can adopt the values of wisdom and accountability.

Rather than fearing Saturn in Capricorn, we can embody its higher values: Investing in what will last — building strong foundations. Fortifying positive alliances and retaining revenue rather than going into debt to keep a bubble inflated or buy status. And, caring for our resources – which include health, energy, and money – sagaciously — not sacrificing well being and sound policy for a short term buzz.


Image: Vero Navarro

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I have been wondering about all this earthiness. I feel an odd “firming up” in my life after my Uranus opposition. It feels like I am in some secret club called midlife where I have become Saturn instead of being bossed around by him. It is pretty sweet, but I cultivated that outlook – I have no planets in earth in my chart, so no choice. I am concerned about the earth vibe being too heavy but the NN is still in Leo.


Saturn conjunct Pluto definitely has presence.
It gives me serious VIP vibes.
Not in the “parlance of our times” red rope kinda way.
In the inscrutable, understated, well prepared, brings the thunder, gets it done, heavy hitter, power player way.
I’m intrigued.


I’m dreading this, I’ll be honest. This is my Saturn return, and basically my entire chart is in Capricorn (Sun, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune – yeah I’m a real ray of sunshine as you can imagine) AND my natal Pluto is in sextile to Saturn.

I feel like this is going to rip me to shreds. I’m sure I’ll come out of the other side renewed and ready to take over the world or something, but I’m scared nonetheless. Trying to keep your positivity in mind, Mystic.


Pluto in sextile to Saturn gives you sexy easy survival power. You see it in that dry, wry Capricorn humour (“yeah, i’m a real ray of sunshine”). Worry and anxiety is part of the Capricorn / Saturn vibe, and it’s those fears and guilt trips that can drive you on and on. As long as you’re not in a dust storm of earthy churning. Uranus in Cap, Venus in Cap, Neptune in Cap…when the shit hits the fan it’s a dust storm. Even your “rip me to shreds” has tones of this. The fear-desire-guilt matrix is powerful. Earth is great… Read more »


Thank you so much for this. It’s incredibly helpful. And spot on (fear-desire-guilt matrix is pretty much my default vibe, yep).

Funnily enough I had a seemingly-random urge to buy a nice water bottle this week and did so. Sadly I don’t have access to a bath in my crappy tiny flat although I do take very long ones when I go to visit my mum, who does have one.

I’m gonna work on putting all of this into practice. Thanks again <3


Honey, i love Capricorns and i find them..well, kinda playful, actually! Sorry, if that doesn’t seem dour enough, but yes it’s so beautifully true. Capricorns pull me up, say it like it is, work up up up yet somehow make me smile. I listen when they say it: i’m notorious for resisting. There’s a gentle heart in a Capricorn. A hard core and gentle heart all in one. They’re often alone, even the social / socialite ones deeply connected to family, for reasons of their own. I have found that our Cap is still a stalwart of now their own… Read more »


THANK YOU. I am printing this out and sticking it in my journal for when I feel low.


I liked reading about Pluto and Saturn coming together for the good. I have Saturn Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn conjunct my MC. Both of my children, born two years apart, have Saturn in Capricorn. Yes, I had my babies on my first Saturn return. So, when they experience their first return I will be in my second. But, I have imagined some horrible manifestations of what my upcoming return will be. Thanks for some much needed positivity.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I’m excited about Saturn in Cap. Just think of the filing system and spreadsheets!


Mystic for prime minister perhaps?


Don’t you like Mystic?

Nike Vk

Will be Saturn return for me–first transiting natal uranus, then Saturn, and Neptune–all three conjunct in the 6th


Funny, I keep thinking, “August is coming” for those of us here in the U.S.



I like the idea of the Earth vibe entering for 2018. We need some grounding, for sure — it will be welcome. Saturn in Cap will traverse my 6th and 7th houses, mostly 7th, where Pluto has been transiting for a long time now. The main thing, though, will be Saturn transiting conjunct my Venus in Cap, which is at 6 degrees in the 6th house, and simultaneously squaring my natal Saturn in Aries at 8 degrees, in the 10th house. That natal Saturn/Venus square is hard enough, and with extra Saturn there, I don’t know…..well, I’ve already had Pluto… Read more »

aqua kat

quick thought on how to work it: since Pluto already blasted through and burned down old Venusian ideals, Saturn can now come through and build solid, new haute Cap Venusian supporting structures? I know it’s a conjunct not a trine, but fuq that, I’m made of conjuncts, squares and oppositions and they bring the power 😉


Sounds good to me, as a possibility! Thanks for the insights. 🙂

I wonder what the Saturn square natal Saturn will feel like on its own? I remember the Saturn opposition natal Saturn and that didn’t feel too good!

Oh well, there’s always some sort of difficult transit going on, I’m sure I’ll just deal with it…


I’ve natal Saturn in Cap, along with a bunch of other things. So Saturn return is coming. Since the beginning of the year it’s like a lightbulb went off in my head and I needed to grow up and be an adult. Now I want a house, better salary, more benefits, getting my fitness on, eating better, going on those dating apps and getting out there networking. This time last year, I’d have laughed at even exercising and continued working overtime for overtime’s sake, was a love zombie for the better half of 2016 and was content to stay with… Read more »


Here here, natal Saturn in Cap too and am so tried off going in circles on the money ride…. need to move forward, make so sort off progress.
Bring on Saturn, dig in the heels to climb that mountain and make my life a thing to celebrate and enjoy!!
So tried off just going to work and seeing nothing for my efforts…..
PS….. put me in charge off the world problems for a bit, use to sending naughty kids to their room to cool their heels and sort the S… out… lol lol

dark star

Feeling this too


mmhm I feel ya. Major earth vibe energy over here. 10th house Saturn/Uranus/Neptune in Cap aspecting a load of Taurean planets.

Urge to get my priorities straight and set some long-term goals. Access that real-world pragmatism…


Its coming people – beter to know, you know? I am doing zen breathing and sage burning while Merc is retro. See you in May – then we talk.

Kim S

right now that moon is a soul train…people get ready A game


If Saturn is gonna follow the audit trail from my 7th house I’m actually curious(?) to know where it ends up.

Might use the rest of its transit over my dsc to lift my game re Other People..

Kim S

Sensational moon shining out there in the sun. I CHING meets Ka Ching and Vlad moment where the caricatures and their brutal realities face off–all the marbles rolling around on the floor, blood stains on the carpet and Walter Benjamin condemnation of barborous civilisation, squealing profane illuminations that flash on cosmopolitan streets and in the nationalist puddles. The Angel of History continues the ultimate retro-course. The conumdrum of the mystery of inaction leading to right order begs one to differ but to know it, embody a wisdom for onace; to continue in the most simplest naked, purloined letter fashion seeding… Read more »


As told to me by the Horation Nelson ensemble.

Kim S

on the burning decks no less


Thank you.




My head is pounding.

Can we just get through this insane month of April first before I freak out about what is to come in December/January. I sometimes wonder if this does more bad than good knowing the shiz that is to come.

Is it possible for one to officially change their birthdate to something that will bring more “good flow” into their life?



If you keep the date and come to Australia, you’ll find you’re born in the 30th month which, er, hasn’t currently got any astro assigned to it yet. Voila! Clean slate.


I am Australian lol


Maybe you should’ve asked ya parents to hold of on all the ‘xmas’ celebrations.


Too much eggnog and mistletoe ?


I am totally looking forward to Saturn at home. Seems to me that the leaders of the world need the wisdom of solomon at the moment so Saturn pitching up is right on time. I enjoy the universe pointing out my problem areas for me, so at least I can sort my own s*** out. And having a cappi daughter who is slightly off the rails currently, I do hope this will also bring her feet firmly back to terra firma so that she can also sort her s*** out. Then thinking further ahead, saturn into Aqua should mean we… Read more »


I’ll have the Sun, Pluto and Venus opp my Cancer Sun/Asc midpoint when Saturn conjuncts my Saturn at 2* on the 6th of Jan. At the end of March Saturn cjs my Dsc 8*53′ with Mars applying at 5*.

I know this energy as my natal Virgoan Mars/Pluto cj is a very close trine to my natal Saturn. But for a more nuanced take I’m struggling.


For a more nuanced take, you’ll always be struggling. Look, i have enough water and woo-woo in my driving chart to be attuned to nuance up the betsy. And still, with the three heavy Earth Hitters (Saturn Taurus 6th earthy house, Pluto and Liilith in Virgo 11th house, Mars in Capricorn 2nd House) i still find myself rocked by whatever’s coming up. Though i’m Mutable to the Max, and Fire on the Rise , Moon, my rulers Neptune and Jupiter and in my 12th House trining my Piscean leonine 5th house Sun. You’d think such a chart could roll with… Read more »


I think l gotta re-read “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” (or some such). Esp as the the sky will be wearing a Cap.

Ta. Your words are strangely reassuring. I’m very Fixed/Cardinal. My only Mutables are Earth.


A redux of the zap zone which squared a chart axis including Pluto and Eris. Well, if I fuqed up any of that era I’m sure Saturn will be keen to let me know.


cant wait. looking forward


me too – my life has been a non stop saturn transit since 2009, now it’s heading for my venus, and after that I should get a couple of yrs break. I have become accustomed to a Saturnine outlook and don’t want it to change lol


Saturn love homie!
It’s true.


I was kinda excited ’bout Saturn in Cap. But lately it has been feeling very lonely and I am afraid of having to experience that since it’s going to be opposing my Venus.
I am a bit freaked out it’ll get all very very slow. And slower than the current feeling is basically death.


Ah you just named it for me. I know, they say when you most feel alone is when you most need to be alone…perhaps that’s one on the Oracle. And it’s true. But it’s a tug of war. Pluto went over my Mars in Capricorn. I have no idea the effect of Saturn going over my Mars. Mars is such a huge hard aspect-maker in my chart. *tears while rolling up sleeves and filling the mop bucket* I’m gonna lighten it by making fun of myself while chopping firewood. Is Saturn the planet of ashes? Well then, Cinderella it is.… Read more »


Oh, say, you mention the feeling is death. Well look at this *sweeps the hearth* You know what comes out of the ashes?

*great philosophical thought drowned out in choking coughs as her face is caught in a cloud of soot*


I didn’t know this one. I guess it’s true. I hope to get bit more action in autumn when Jup enters Scorpio (i.e. my 3rd house).
As for Saturn in Cap: if I reason more rationally about it, Saturn at home can be pretty amazing.
After all Caps are rarely anonymous peeps and they are very much into achieving what they want.


You gotta love those myths hey? The tough transits do seem to have been the making of me in retrospect. If only the favourable aspects to Venus and jolly Jupiter yeilded more than sunshine and butterflies. I always come out of those transits with too many shoes I never wore and a hangover from questionable lifestyle choices. It’s always the transits I wish were over that push me to find strengths I didn’t know I had. It’s like a trainer or a coach I get to bitch about at the time who I’ll be more misty eyed reminiscing about every… Read more »


I’m personally excited any time a planet enters its home turf. It’s like we have access to the highest and best form of its energy, even if we don’t have it natally.

I have Saturn in Scopio (1) conjunct Pluto in Libra (29), so even though those two energies aren’t the same, I am also excited for that conjunction. It’s such a bold invitation to step into our power.


This should be interesting as a Taurus sun and Capricorn rising. I wonder what both these transits will bring to me personally. Positive things and transformation hopefully

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