Mars Into Magician Mode

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Mars into Gemini = Mars in Magician Mode. The Action Planet in the realms of Mercury lends itself to feats of dexterity, speed-processing and eloquence.  It’s like catnip for the Air signs and the Mutables.  Between now and June 5, Mars makes a number of daring moves, favoring swift evolution, words and word-smiths.  It is also easier to move between worlds, spheres of influence or different terrains when Mars is in Gemini.  Everything auto-updates and at Warp Speed from now on but the pace picks up even more once Mercury turns Direct in early May.  We may be heading into weird times but they won’t be boring. Stay nimble!

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Sailor Moon

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37 thoughts on “Mars Into Magician Mode

  1. At school event several folk shared their journeys of loved ones with the big C- relieved that I did not freak, avoid, or cringe. Bounced between breezy convo – Gem Mars on my Gem Mars and these weighty convos. Pluto squaring Sun. Kaleidescope-

  2. Mmmmm yes! What a shift when Mars moves from one’s 4th to 5th house. Plus I have natal Mars in Libra and Venus in Gemini, so it’s more simpatico. I feel very empowered thinking of my Venus as a Magician—thanks for reminding me of this Gemini archetype!

  3. Great! I can feel it already, simpatico with my Aqua Sun and Merc and mutable Pisces Moon and Mars.. I have Mars exact on my MC, so I guess I’m a bit Martian, too, or relate to Mars energy.
    This vibe is helping me finally get the lead out and put together this looooooooong report for the city rent board where I am filing for a rent reduction for the past six months putting up with rain coming through the ceiling in a few spots in the apartment. There’s so much to write and documents to gather and there are side issues….it’s really hard to organize, but just today I’ve started to make headway on it. This whole endeavor is definitely requiring “feats of dexterity, speed-processing and eloquence.” Thanks, Mars!

  4. Mars into Gemini = lots of Prince death anniversary vibes honorings where I am.
    When you’re from space …but also from Minnesota lol.

  5. I suddenly have full custody of the Uranianan multi-Aries (Sun, Venus, NN, 11th house), Gemini-rising, force of nature that is my 12 year old daughter. I am so proud of her. And it is so…I have no words for it. Like getting divorced twice and being able to call him an abuser this time. There is no joy in that last bit, but a whole lot of clarity. Chiron on my DC – I am entering a new era. Just like Mystic said in her post about Chiron on the angles.

    • Thank you for this share. I’m in the midst of a split myself that will put me in the custody seat, and have Chiron natally exact my DC. Visiting the Chiron archives was eye-opening. Training the warriors to be heroes. This speaks to my Aries Mars/Venus/Black Moon stellium along the 4th/5th cusp. Sometimes I wonder, even when I’m harnessing & channeling it to my best, if the force of my love & passion would always be “too much” as some have said. But my son came along rivalling & complimenting it beautifully. Intensive training panning out for certain heroes (& heroines). Some may have to drop out or simply flunk the test?

      This Martian magic has been prominent for me. With all the tensions of a house divided, I have been getting out & staying busy to the max. I met a gaggle of powerful women by sheer serendipity (& the power of my baby amulet) a couple days ago. One was silent, mute. She walked right up to me & baby, stood staring sidewise, up & off like a bird does. Her caregiver (another one of said women) came by to apologize for her stare. Rather liking her presence & energy, I welcomed her company. She ended up eating my baby’s snack, sitting next to me making hand gestures so like mudras I couldn’t not be stricken. Once I told her, “you are powerful. Thank you.” I truly felt a deep reverence – she was blessing us. Towards the end of this totally surreal coffee shop encounter, I got the names of these women, & the mute one…Kali. I couldn’t draft a better story if I wanted to. How…? Thank you.

      • Oh, & it’s an early degree Gemini DC that Chiron’s cozied up to natally.
        So expecting much more weird magic to unfold the next few days of Mars’s path.

        RuPaul’s “Can I get an Amen?” = power ballad of the moment

    • 12HV, congratulations xxx It’s been a long time coming. May you both enjoy the depth and heck out of your connection xxxxx

  6. Weirder?? what could be weirder than today, I feel like I am in a script right now. Actually I won’t tempt fate to answer that

  7. I’m feeling the energy shift as quite Plutonic feeling as in more aware of people’s true intentions behind statements they make and an unwillingness on my part to play along. There’s a sense of being slightly more grounded and courageous in my reaction than I’d normally be. I have Saturn square mars natally I believe- yeah and Saturn square my moon, but the Saturn mars transit has been going on for few years and I’ve noticed myself more inclined to take umbrage with muggles and take that bait when I’d usually rise above it. It’s definitely become harder to rise above shiz with this transit. I’m working on discerning which situations warrant a reaction- ie those times when actually I SHOULD be standing up for myself and where not doing so creates an anxiety hangover or a feeling of powerlessness and which situations are just taking the bait and being goaded by fuquits.
    Mars in Gemini sounds breezy.
    I like breezy.
    Breezy works.
    Realised I was feeling extremely Capricorn today on the tube and wondered why I felt like a Capricorn Ascendant all of a sudden.
    Thank you Saturn crush x

    • Yes i have been thinking Pluto is gripping me down too.

      But in my case, it seems that i’m at a distance from others because they just don’t like some part of me that they can’t put their finger on. Or they just find something a bit dark. I have to admit i’m not into fitting into any ideas of me, or of what i do, and i am resisting attempts to pry loose the inchoate. I’m not evolved through whatever it is, and i hate the stupid “help” offered when i just responded to a query about my processing some task.

      Love your spelling of “fuquits”, btw (Tickles my Creative Merc in Aries 5th opposed ShakeThem Uranus in Libra 11th)

      Not so breezy here, sorry my love. Your voice sounds quite fine today. Hope you are well xx

  8. Yes yes yes! I’ve been so cranky and feeling horrible the past 3 days, might have been Pluto retro but Mars in Gemini feels awesome! Half my planets are in Gem and the other half are in the 3rd house in Cap. And the guy I’m seeing has Mars in Gem. Like finally, making the moves after weeks of just talking. It’s tiring actually because we talk about mentally exhausting things like economic theories on our dates.

    I love Gemini energy!!!

  9. Mars conjunct mercury in Gemini in the 8 th I enjoy the retros, great for dreaming/journeying numinous dreams and writing. And scheming

  10. Wondering about mars squaring the nodes…

    I know 3rd house energies are sometimes a brother or sister, media and short term studies…all these & their dynamics are on prospectively the table so to speak…yet mercury and Venus are retrograde.

    Wondering if to suspend any action…

    Destiny…one’s intentional current of being is tested through the T-square aspect of forced growth?

    I have personal matrices of this natally and it is really making me question the ethics, timeliness, modes of dialogue.

    I find sometimes air-mutable themes often laden with capriciousness, teflon -slickness and potentially bewildering.

    It’s really not the time for dishonesty or duplicity yet relationships to north & south node indicate some surreal tests of trust, faith….

  11. Natal Mars Gemini – I need this air.

    Been having pretty amazing snake energy. I found a black and white snake in my house after having a snake dream. Def feeling the magic.

    • Snakes to me indicate shifts and shedding. But in powerful potent ways. I think their presence is so primordial though, they can mean many different things, such as wisdom, healing, or messages.

    • Mystic in her art and posts, and something else, has been channelling this energy to us for a while, i think. The goddess with snakes in her hair.

      I am just now thinking back to my slight delve into “Demian”, and the cover does recall the Medusa somehow, and stone images and carvings near my home. Those were always linked in my vision since i read the Hesse book (around 12, i think?) (just now realising i live near the stone carvings now, in this chapter of my life; the universe will not have me leave this neighbourhood yet, though i tried with mind, imagination, practicalities and willpower – it usually gets me through.) And just this moment i see the black and white snakes moving in that slow sinuous curl and softseek through the head of a stone statue.

      In death, is the soft quiet living that is almost blind and lives through its senses, but cannot be trodden down.

      In my lesson this morning i managed to use the word “venom” in another language, though i struggled to find vocab for much else. But now i am quietly quietly blown away by your dream and house find. I think of your recent posts. I feel a blessing is with you. Or a power of blessing, rather than a lucky wish.

      Sorry i’m not able to be succinct like a Gem about it…it’s all a feeling. Having a bit of Moon over Neptune in Pisces thing (Piscean Sun trines my NeptuneJupiterMoon in 12th house and i wondered if i was getting uncle Pluto’d…nearly crying in the car for no exceptional reason…good to be home, i guess. No tears welling.)

      Snakes always show me rebirth after a good long revel in death, they carry death but come from eggs.

  12. PS: loving the Sailor Mercury pic! As a Gemini with Virgo rising she was my favourite character of the Sailor Moon anime.

  13. Oh this sounds like the fire starter I needed!!
    I guess (as a Gemini with MC, Saturn, Sun and Mercury in the sign) it’ll start lifting the mood first and then when sign ruler Mercury goes direct, things will reappear or, as you lovely put it @mystic, they will auto update.
    With all the outer planets being retrograde this is the spicy kick my daily routine needed.

  14. Waiting for Mars to clear Alcyone & the Hyades before I get too pumped – this is a stormy patch of the zodiac, as evidenced by yesterday’s events in Paris. :-/ The Pleiades are often associated with tragedies, and the influence Mars inclines this to be of a violent nature.

    “We know of an ancient radiation
    That haunts dismembered constellations;
    A faintly glimmering radio station…
    While Frank Sinatra sings Stormy Weather…”

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