Happy Moon Day

A task list that feels like wrangling horses in a s-storm?  Me too. But a Monday (literally, day of the Moon) with the Moon in Cancer is amazing. Just engage your intuition before you hurl yourself into the task vortex.

And, Venus is conjunct asteroid Bast – the cat goddess of ancient Egypt.

There is all manner of mysteries and feelings that are cryptic or nebulous. With this sort of astral-lunar energy, let them stay that way. Up your self-care while being ultra receptive to the omen flow. Who cares if you miss the mark between “enigmatic” and “smug?”

Or just do the Bast Beat. Think Cat – scented, stretched, inscrutable, well-rested and strategic. Claws sheathed but clearly ready to be deployed if you need to scratch/defend.

The Moon in Cancer accentuates emotional intelligence and your ability to scry others headspace. It works for executive meetings. Make out like you’re the empathetic one (not a lie) but then zap your enemies/random vampire types with hideously sharp perceptions.

Less pleasant manifestations include passive-aggressive guilt tripping, becoming a feeder and low-emanation gossip.

Image: Felix Thiollier

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So much to do and sooo sleepy. Just got back from the osteopath and just want to chill and integrate, not sit at a desk and work. I am going to a cat show this weekend and so excited, gonna meet with some breeders and hopefully will get a kitten by end of year. I know the shop don’t adopt ethos and all of my cats growing up were adopted or rescued from the wild as kittens. But I have a passion for a certain breed that I have always wanted (Devon Rex) that is better to buy from respected… Read more »


I actually spent the afternoon visiting with a cat friend of mine I haven’t seen in awhile. He hangs out at the community garden near my house, and I was sitting over there in the sun and he came by and cuddled with me for a long time. I love cats! I have Kataka ascendant, so I feel it when the moon is in that sign. I woke up very irritable for a variety of reasons internal and external, and had to spend a lot of the day calming from that. I do have a long to do list, but… Read more »


I love this! My auto correct always tries to change Sundays to Sunday’s and it irritates the fuq outta me.


Why we won’t be replaced by robots-


You want to make a bet?


robots will do all the things that it is economic to do in an economically hypnotised society.


Question: is it 4th house types who do goth best? And Emo. I’m sort of thinking scorps head more into the fetish realm, and pisceans/12tj house is Metal, but the pure gothic is cancerian . Anyone want to expand/challenge this theory I literally just cooked up then? (Ah, cooking. Also 4th house lol.)


Ah it was the mention of the long black coat up there, and a csncerian friend has this total knack for very interesting and curious photos but totally in the moment.


Or cancerian scorp. The uncanny, the un-homelike, as a dark katakan theme.


Sun/merc/mars/lilith in cancer and pluto in scorpio in 4th… I definitely enjoyed my goth phase and it still influences me musically and in film at the very least. Never thought of the connection tbh


Interesting, i know a lot of Cancers (me included) & not one is outwardly Gothic in appearance – but we all seem to share a love of antiquated coats & gothic literature esp those with a strong Scorp or Pluto. I used to devour it as a teen (Pluto was square Sun/Moon at the timeI think … + love of purple lipstick back then – a tad too scary at my age. I just looked up Anglo Gothic writers & Cancer/Scorp/Pisces & 4th Houses seems to be a thing. Ann Radcliffe – Sun Cancer & Moon in Scorp. Emily Bronte… Read more »

Isabella Gaspardo

I would add anne rice, ‘mother’ of lestat, louis, etc and of the mayfair witches (a dinasty of witches – highly recommend ‘the witching hour’ & following books, much more sexy & dark than the vampire chronicles).


Maybe as the Scorpio influence increases, the vampyre theme moves to the foreground.


Wow you guys, thanks for this! That’s actually awesome to understand better <3 xx


Maybe I mean Pisces as subconscious surreal (if scorps get vampires and cancerians get gothic hehe.). I just looked at the chart of the argh-mazing Andrei tarkovsky. Super Aries, but moon exact north node in Pisces and Neptune in Leo. A legacy of neptunian work famed for its dreamy beauty, worlds within worlds, faith, and the search for redemption (sometimes with intrepid Aries plotlines)

Isabella Gaspardo

YES!!! cancer asc, venus & mars & neptune in scorpio in the 4th and 5th, sun in the third (4th if using koch), moon conjunct pluto, jupiter in cancer in the 12th. always been a goth inside, but found it really hard to wear black (except from age 15 to 22 roughly, when it was sort of spontaneous). what draws me in of goth fashion is the preciousness of velvet, the lustre of black satin, jet, crystals, latex, leather, etc (à la siouxsie). shoes: as a girl used to swing between kitten or stiletto heels with suuuper sharp toes and… Read more »


love this Isabella… maybe the eyeliner thing is to the gothically inclined as pastels(?) are to pisces – it is etherically aligned hence never looks bad <3

yes death-Lite (TM) and its accessories, vs actual existential comprehension of death and its cousins, a big deal…. i think this is the reason i can't involve myself sartorially in these themes without a great deal of awareness


oops … without awareness of its energy in my life which now has a direct line to, well, something


I am getting smacked from ALL sides right now. This post made me feel a bit better. Horse wrangling in a snowstorm feels like the perfect metaphor, would love to be a cat today- demand food and lie down somewhere warm


I have Bast in 12th conjunct my Libra Moon Mercury. Have had bonded pairs of kits as adult, my first babes. Mum’s regal Maine Coon too came to us too; greeted all visitors. She kit is jealous other females- including bunny and son’s GF. She liked her when they were just friends. Now it’s narrowed green eyes and The Look. Loves my Mergirl, though and tucks her in nightly.

They are psychic border guards- safeguard home from vermin and qi vamps.


i got bast conj my sun…mayb i shud get a cat…

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

All hail Bast!


Geez, I love that picture. There’s something about old pictures taken in the snow that I love. I have one of my great great grandma wearing a dress in the snow. This weekend has been a scrub the brain cells of old caustic residue kind of time. Damn the sticky mess that you work at for years but its not released until it sees the full brightness of day. I used to belong to a caving club and the times underground have been vivid for me lately. You know, Persephone can’t just pop out of the ground for a grand… Read more »

Isabella Gaspardo

me too! I find this picture magnetic, and it catapulted me into “cold mountain” <3 <3 <3 . first thing I saw in this pic was ada monroe in her black long coat. how telling for a cancer moon like today.


That last paragraph is pure gold and so comforting….


Thank you. I used to get claustrophobic everytime I’d go in but the experience was worth it. Really drawing on those times recently.


Yes….Pluto exact on my moon in the 9th kicking off a two-year transit, just before a dental filling and the taxman (which sounds more like Saturn stationing in my 8th). No cats, but a Monday with a very long list of pushing rocks uphill, spinning straw into gold, facing down dragons and paying pieces of gold to crooks and liars.


Hail Lovely Bast and all her off spring!Just fed and played with my feline great nephew- and his grande dame sibling. My ginger girl kit was displeased- one ear cocked but purring and settling down.

Gem Moon in 8th opp my Saturn- cleared closets, cobwebs, despite gorgeous sunny day. Had to- worked straight through. Moved old heavy Euro art from dead mum and hung New Orleans masks instead. Much fresher! Jupiter on my NN. I begin with the walls and move down to drawers last.

Mind the Muggles!


I love cats so much & just rescued a gorgeous white tabby-Siamese mix from a hoarder. His left eye is beyond salvaging, I fear, but he is otherwise healthy, lovable, & full of spunk.

I named him Oz – for strength. Love this little shit already.


Glad you have a fluffy fluffball to cuddle, Triple L. Maybe he can have a li’l eyepatch, a pirate cat.
Rescuing pets from hoarders… I saw something about hoarding Chihuahuas recently. mind boggles..
pi xxx


Something here just pinged – the words astral-lunar. The distinction between the two. For me lunar represents among many other things but principally the emotional vibe, while astral – also among many other things – represents mental vibe and here we can have a mental vibe that is low or haute – as Mystic is always at pains to mention. I now have a touchstone when my emotional vibe is hooking into low astral energy and when it is not. When it is high and not hooking into the low and the lunar then I can see myself divided from… Read more »

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