Feng Shui And Kondo Fever

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Feng Shui need not be ornate nor involve Asian-style decoration if that is not your aesthetic. But yes, it does align with the old style Puritan dictate of cleanliness being next to godliness.

Tim Ferriss has a new podcast up with Marie Kondo – the Japanese and Sun/Neptune Capricorn conjunct cleaning guru.

I love her latest quote: “tidying orders the mind while cleaning purifies it.”   I think Kondo epitomizes haute Neptune in Capricorn energy.

And as someone with Mars in Virgo, i fell avidly upon her work the moment i discovered it. It was not so much that it felt drastically new to me – i had already been converted years ago by the Karen Kingston Clear Your Clutter book. Kondo just took it to a new level of hyper-Zen.

Is it still worth worrying about having a dazzling, clutter-free cutlery drawer or gleaming laundry shelves with zero grunge when some of the news and media flow is beginning to resemble a J.G. Ballard dystopian novel or your schedule is so insane that it is only do-able if you clone yourself?

Well, yes. It is an environment within your control, the energy of which you can uplift at Warp Speed. With just a duster and an industrial strength garbage bag – no wands or fussy rituals require. The house, apartment or even just your bedroom IS the spell.   Add in some witchy-goo-goo measures like a line of salt across the threshold or essential oils that you can mop the floor with and voila – House Witched.

Feng Shui is a whole other level again. I don’t personally like the basic Ba Gua method – where there are different sectors of the house according to a predetermined map. I love so-called Flying Star Feng Shui which is complex, super-esoteric and highly effective.  It actually works off the planets – albeit with Chinese names – and has to be done individually for each house, like a birth chart.  It is, in my opinion, one of the most swift to manifest magical things that you can do – it is too lengthy to explain how it works here but think a la the Five Element Cycle of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, only applied to your space.

So i am delighted to announce that the Flash Feng Shui Consult is now available again in the Shop – these are done by my Feng Shui “Master” – Feng Shui Mistress sounds weird, I agree – and include a floor plan + very practical suggestions to maximize your house vibe (Qi) for better flow of prosperity + relationships and health.  Have a look if you are interested or get into some Kondo fever – the Sun into Taurus any minute is a forward echo of Uranus into Taurus in May 2018 – who couldn’t  use a little house witching and re-grounding?


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39 thoughts on “Feng Shui And Kondo Fever

  1. Word!

    I’ve been decluttering during this whole Venus retro, even though there’s not all that much to declutter being minimalist, but it makes the clutter that IS there all that more significant, right?, because it doesn’t belong..

    I have Virgo on 4th house cusp, so I’ve always run a tight ship, tidy AND clean, but have Crab rising, so little bits here and there build up, mostly paperwork type stuff, which is actually easy to declutter, but also lately, clothing…..really trying to purge coinciding with wardrobe makeover, just takes awhile to assess and then toss…I don’t have that much clothing to begin with, so it’s not that big a deal, more symbolic.

    I’ve been trying to house witch lately, too, because of having long drawn out issue with landlord, ceilings leaking from rain last six months, city is involved, landlords cited for code violations, and I’m filling out paperwork now to get rent reduction for living in now compromised dwelling but…..energetically, it has felt like a violation of and contradiction to the way I expect to live. In other words, it’s bringing me down…. I’ve been giving extra care to my home and burning palo santo…

  2. I saw this come up in my podcast feed & I thought MM would love this!

    I’m Mars in Virgo 6th house & I clean my house everyday. It’s not OCD, I really can’t think straight in an untidy house. Being a Gemmy, I need space to be able to think.

    • Mars, Virgo, 6th…..Ooooh! You remind me….I have Venus in Cap in the 6th, can’t get much more austere than that on aesthetics! And I’m Aqua Sun and Mercury, so I also relate to needing space to think…..many thanks for the reflection, baristagem! 🙂

    • Oh wow @baristagem, I had never thought of this.
      I am quadruple Gemini (MC, Saturn, Sun, Mercury) and I hadn’t considered cleaning as a way to create space.
      I did Kondo during last year Mercury Retro in Virgo; I am Virgo Rising, with Pluto sitting there, so a bit of OCD is in order for me.
      I loved all 6 weeks of that MK process. I used all of Mercury Retro, including shadow zone.
      Can’t say my life has changed that much ever since, but I don’t shop as much as I used to do and I hate the thought of “casually stuffing things” like I used to.

      • Quadruple Gemmy! I’m jelly, I’m a Triple Gemini – Sun, Moon & Venus 3rd house. I wished Mercury landed in there too but it I have it in the 4th house.

    • Yes I ghink we should not be scared of the word Mistress as well. It only got weird due to a certain “context” .

  3. Carolyn McCallum is a genius and I cannot recommend highly enough!. Years ago, I had a house on the market for 18 months. Inspections but no offers. After a consult, applying some measures. Boom! House sold within a month! Now I get a yearly update. Brilliant stuff

  4. Does feng shui advise on where to keep large but special family heirlooms (that one actually likes) while one is residing in a shoe box? asking 4a friend.

    • APPARENTLY ( advicE from the impossibly wealthy aquaaquaaries who KNOWS evERything) you’re supposed to insure it and hire a security box at the bank. However, one (this piscean one, Mars Cap 2nd, Saturn Tau 6th) does understand that one might also put the security deposit box hire and insurance fee into a better rent, should one have it to hand.

      As for me, while the aquaaquaaries rolls eyes at my being a *god!* flaky piscean sun (that’s ALL she knows of astro) i just make some fqn room at my little flakey plaice – 0ops6s place – so it just goes among the duped up crap designed to look nice. I don’t hide stuff anymore, partly because i’ve kinda-kondo’d. Partly because i figure if thieves find hidden stuff they’ll look for more (unless you’ve got a super amazing spot) – even my siblings and mates don’t feel like messing with my mathematical system of finding the obviously hidden keys should i lock myself out, or they need to get in. Even aaa just says, we’ll take the spares.

      Your stuff is big. Are you in a rip-off neighbourhood? I once was and it was shit, but mostly jewellery went. Can you store it for a fee that wouldn’t equate rent in a more secure place? Is the rest of your stuff quickly thievable to anyone else, that they would take the large piece on their thieving travels through your home? Can you just hide the good piece by draping it in cutesy scarves and knick knacks and blutacked general shit you love that noone else would? (Mentioning for a friend who could be a magpie) xx

  5. I have a feeling I need this. I have tried to sell what is the most stunning house three times now. And have never had one viewing!!!! It has been on the market for two months and not a sniff. Exactly as last time and the time before. I wonder if I have something wrong with the energy in the house. Every one who does get over the door be that the post man or the village bobby or well anyones they gasp as they get in and then wander about cooing and ooing, wow this is stunning. But can I get interest in buying it?!?!?!? None. I have saged, I have washed throughout and painted fully. Have Paulo Santo smoked and leave doors open to allow a shift of air in the place on warm sunny days. Have a feeling It needs a complete bell ringing ceremony or chanting of something.

    • Could it be the market just a bit though too or the price, or the agent?
      Not saying it’s not amazing because it is and Carolyn is awesome.
      But I’m thinking mercury retrograde and contracts or delays favour you now type vibe..
      Also, you had the same thing last time…are you sure you WANT to sell it?
      Then again its a house not a packet of chewing gum. I mean most people don’t go with their gut on these matters..
      Everything has always been an impulse purchase in my life. I didn’t know there was any other kind 🙂
      But yeah you know..not everyone is that way..

      • Venus is still in shadow too though and that is very much about money and the home to me. Ignore comment above- its the perfect time to reassess the aesthetics with a view to selling. What was I thinking?
        Oh right, I wasn’t.
        Doing a hardcore liver and gut cleanse – brain is on annual leave.

        • As usual I have to just sit and wait because it’s obviously not letting me go. I’d be beyond happy to shift it. But Scotland is struggling a bit since 2008 when I built the place. It’s beautiful 5 beds, massive granite clad kitchen big fireplace and sitting in the national park. But no joy. It’ll go when it’s ready but a bit of feng shui might help ?!?!?

  6. I just love it when you invoke JG Ballard.

    Listening to the podcast THIS MINUTE and finding out the year of construction of my Bali aerie for a Flying Star mindset-meets-space makeover.

    • Am using Ballard-spirations to help seriously declutter my place. Have to think of the neighbours i love but keep at loving bay. What if the time should come when..?

      And then, while i was rushing out yesterday, it did. She told me stuff that i think means i should make my place more welcoming, very quickly, and not for a slowbuild friendship, just a helpline rest-stop in comfort and only as much style as i can muster while the time to significantly do so is urgent. She and her man will need quick care, no reciprocation, good hands on deck. Ballard’s apartment blocks have too-close-for-comfort, urgent style, duping-you-the-best undercurrents. Isn’t this partly why we say we’re all too busy?

      I mean my neighbours always call on my advice, but i never have them inside. Except the ones who left and came back to visit with wine and flowers for me. But an introvert could up the compassion game, i guess, or we’re all in a Ballardian dystyopia.

  7. Did Phoenix-style pro consult feng shui consult to my amazing place in Santa Cruz mountains back in 2005, replete with flinging of Cinnabar (highly toxic, highly potent) around the place and within a few months was ordered out of there, moved to Oakland briefly with continued chaotic housing experiences and then finally to Sacramento for a few lucrative years before moving on to the UK, more chaos, back to the Bay Area, chaos, then settling down after seven years, but still fighting for my home…………the message is: Don’t ‘F***’ with feng shui unless you’re ready to move A LOT of energy!!!!!!
    Y’all mostly ignore me on here, but know what I said above is very true and seriously, don’t casually work with feng shui……..it is very powerful!

    • I’ve no doubt about it, but more so after reading your words here, flowerchild. Be careful what you might wish for…and who might wish it from!

  8. “tidying orders the mind while cleaning purifies it.” <—absolutely. when my ex moved out i scrubbed down every inch of this house. reclaimed it. made it my own. absolute purification. and the tidying? yeah. i have always instinctively tidied to find my zen. (those who know me would say "tidying" is an understatement of epic proportion) virgo ascendant i suppose. it brings me peace. and vacuuming? bliss.

    will have to look more into "Flying Star Feng Shui" sounds like it makes so much more sense than a standard template for all. everything has its nuances, why should this be any different?

    wish i could do a mini consult. have my house on the market. would love to know how to ooph the sell vibe, but not worth a consult on a house that IS GOING to someone else. bummer. sounds super cool.

    love that you always bring new stuff to the table.

    ~in gratitude

  9. I was really struggling a few days ago and I couldn’t believe how much better cleaning the whole kitchen made me feel. Not at the time but afterwards I really did feel just calmer and more in control. It was dramatic and made me wonder why I’ve never been neurotic about cleaning. It’s a good kind of neurosis to have IMO.
    I aim to become thoroughly obsessive and dysfunctional about housework
    I have a long way to go but, yeah.

  10. It’s true for me when I tidy up my place I just feel more centered and my thoughts feel more organised.
    I’m all for throwing things out if I’m no longer using them unless they are sentimental. Nothing like a good purge and donating stuff. I love vacuuming and dusting but ironing I avoid like the black plague. I wonder where would be a good placement for my ironing board in my apartment? Aka my washer and dryer is in the kitchen closet.

  11. The other day I was joking to someone that I want to sue Marie Kondo
    because “Yo bitch I want my shiz back!” But I was obviously just kidding.
    I am totally bulimic where stuff is concerned- or I was. I’d go through cycles of buying and a few months later I’d fling it all out convinced the “energy was bad” or some other excuse to be ridiculous and excessive.
    It’s just my pre Chiron pattern and what happens when you’re all Jupiter and no Saturn. Plenty of Saturn / Chiron action now though so yes, cleaning is my favourite thing and it’s easy because there’s barely anything to clean.
    I’m glad I don’t have lots of clothes because I’d be fixated on storing them or having them dry cleaned or washing and drying them and should I fold or hang that? And I’m glad I don’t have money because if I did I’d be buying new clothes right now.

  12. I have been diving into feng shui for two years or so now–in prep for and working with Jupiter transiting my 4th in libra.

    Here’s my struggle: budget inspired, I have relied heavily on any info I can glean from thrift and library books–not much of anything on flying star school.

    Secondarily–I am currently living in a v old home–literally unknown when exactly it was built–and no blueprints, lol. Eventually, I will be actually building my own Cobb home on the land, and will at that point likely reach out for a variety of consult re design. Until then though, working with what I can. Redoing the floors and roof, as we soon will, might count it as a period 8 home? Idk

    My third and largest struggle is the people I live with generally not being totally on board and having ideas of their own. How to konmari and feng shui when Roomies don’t have the desire? This has been my big challenge. I adjust and move things, only to have things moved back or adjusted, lol.

    I do also have Lilith in libra in the 4th…which pluto is square, pluto also opposing my ascendant, Pallas in Aries completing the grand cross vibe

  13. What about Feng Shui your friends? or declutter them using Kondo method?
    I’m starting to feel less is more, quality over quantity. The wrong friends can really drag you down.
    anyone else spring cleaning their home, friend’s list?

      • with Frenemies like this, who needs enemies?
        Finding out “friends” are creating drama and gossiping, unforgivable and it’s time for the big purge.

  14. I’m pretty much a convert. I got flash feng shui done and it rocked.

    Also cleaning and decluttering on the dark moon=awesome. Burning sage or palo santo at the end feels SO RIGHT.

  15. I just read her line on p 223 “Everything you own wants to be of service to you” and thought “my Saturn in Pisces respects you, Lady”. So Saturn/Cappy (ownership) so Pisces/Neptune (service)
    Then saw you had posted this MM. synchronicity rocks lol. Or transiting Neptune over my Saturn does… 🙂

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