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 Learn about the egg and cut it with a flaming sword. In our world there is a bird more sublime than all others. To search for his egg be thy only concern. The egg of alchemy is a symbol for magical realisation.” Michael Maier – German Alchemist 1687

It is, of course, Easter – always scheduled by even the apparently super-Muggle Vatican to be from the first Friday (day of Venus) after the Full Moon in Libra (the sign of Venus.)  It is the Christian commemoration of Jesus – his demise and resurrection but of course the rabbits associated with this time hark back to the Norse Ostara/or Oestre – a Goddess of the Dawn and of fertility, a variant of Venus, basically.

But really, this is an eerie and amazing remnant of the once-upon-a-time practice of honoring the so-called Cosmic Egg. Also known as the Mundane* Egg, the Orphic Egg and the World Egg, this is referring to how multiple ancient cultures considered the origin of our world/galaxy to be from this primal egg.  *Mundane meaning worldly, not as in the more recent meaning of ‘dull.’  Anima Mundi = World Soul, another very very old belief.

This concept spans Sanskrit, the Ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and Egyptians, Chinese, Finnish and Polynesian cultures. It is even a Gnostic belief a la Herman Hesse;

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.”  Herman Hesse

So as you ponder whether or not to go there with the more contemporary chocolate aspect of this festival (and indeed the old Pagan traditions of Gods dying to ‘save’ the people/help the harvest etc), think on the Cosmic Egg. This is one of the most – if not THE MOST – ancient vibes of all and it’s still here, just like how the old Gods and Goddesses show up in the very days of our week, not to mention our dreams.

Easter is, among the modern meanings built over it, a primal moment of conception, instinct driven change and rebirth. The Cosmic Egg is also linked to the Phoenix, the ultimate in magical birds. This year’s Easter astrology supports this; something great is conceived already, growing and getting ready to hatch.

Below are some rad Cosmic Egg depictions…Thoughts?  And what are you incubating/hatching over Easter?  And while we are at it, the image we can see in the Full Moon is not a “man in the moon” – it is a Hare…aka more magical Rabbit and companion animal to Ostara.

Ernest Fuchs
Jacob Byrant’s Orphic Egg – 1774
Vishnu Within The Cosmic Egg
Emil Bisttram
Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg
Danae Laz – Orphic Egg
Vladimir Kush
Hildegard Von Bingen


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33 thoughts on “Cosmic Egg Theory

  1. For many years l could only ever see the ‘rabbit making chocolate eggs’ until my daughter explained look at Gorbachev and then look at the moon. Voila!

  2. Once I found out Easter has origins in pagan fertility festivals, it became my favorite thing. We should be mating and baby-making, not worshiping a zombie Jesus.

    • My thought was that it was another name for Abraham. I think it can also relate to Osiris.
      (I’m not 100% certain on either, sorry.)

      • Thanks! I tried looking at wikipedia and was confounded. Growing up my best friend’s older half brother had a pet cat named Abraxas but i cant tell if it was named after a demon or some music thing.

    • I’m reading Jung’s Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious (picked it up to read today – full of cosmic eggs !). Abraxas is named as the ‘dominus mundi’ or Lord of the World

    • A union of opposites that remain powerful because they are separate and each calls into being the other, demon and angel, classical masculine and classical feminine (in a way that has always influenced my view of Libra), dark stars and sun face. Full exploration of one bringing full experience of the other (in a way that brought me understanding of Scorpio extremes). Power and complete rulership. Greek or pre-Greek in antiquity.

      Herman Hesse’s “Demian” brings Max Demian to this foundation lord, or rather primal archetype. I was a girl when i read it. I only remember a profound awakening to something familiar and much more relatable than overarching dominating in a single value gods. Hesse’s writing makes me light like aether and is also achingly moving for me. I have it here, an old family edition, but don’t touch it lightly.

  3. Love the images and I didn’t know other people saw the rabbit in the moon! I’ve seen it as that since I did a road trip across Australia and one night, as my friend drove, I watched the rabbit moon racing over the midnight fields to keep up with us.

    And I love this idea of a cosmic egg. Over easter I’m hatching new ideas that I want to research and hopefully a better relationship with my loved one. This Venus retrograde has been intense and some Chironic doctoring will be welcome.

  4. I love Easter for celebrating my homey Jesus in my voodoo practice . I really connect with the concept of resurrection/rebirth, and the compassion and how to extend that to myself as well as others especially as I go through few psycho spiritual dark periods throughout the year.

  5. My Piscean dad told me it was a hare in the full moon. When I was older and someone said look it’s the man in the moon I would always think to myself – oh, you don’t know, it’s really a hare.

    Always love your Easter posts MM! xxx

  6. I have always been comfortable celebrating easter, at the same time felt it odd to celebrate fertility in autumn. I’ve also been drawn to the cosmic egg but didn’t know a lot about it. THANK YOU MYSTIC for tying it all together for me. Now my vibes make total sense.

    I really love learning about the roots and astrology of common festivals/celebrations. I’m interested to know more. It resonates so deeply.

  7. Surrounded by eggs (not easter chocolat) of quartz, fluorite, rose quartz, coloured paper mache from Kashmir, even dove’s eggs she tossed from her nest.
    Carlos Castenada, Tahitian creation myths and many other cultures mention the cosmic eggs and the energy one that envelopes us.
    Really have a thing for eggs, such a soothing shape that symbolizes Life.
    As for easter and christmas, couldn’t care less, don’t celebrate it not even acknowledge it as part of my reality.
    Years ago maybe 20 told people of their benefits as a new age sex accessory, NOW it’s hit the media as such for PC for strength and tone. Sometimes just sometimes i’m NOt behind the 8 ball 🙂

  8. O just read all of the post, doubling up on what Myst wrote. Fab pictures. Wonder if Pinterest has a board of egg depictions? Must look.
    A heated egg (wrapped in cloth not direct) is good for swollen eyelids if an infection is present. Sides of neck for stiffness also.

  9. Love this, thanks Mystic. Particularly your line: “Easter is… a primal moment of conception, instinct driven change and rebirth.” It has always felt so fertile to me. So feminine and fertile. Like a new beginning – more so than Xmas/New Year…
    Happy Oestre and egg-hatching everyone!

  10. The pressure in my neck has been building up for 9 months. It feels like one of those choke chains fighting dogs lunge with anyway.

    This is labor.

    Full progressed moon on algol, sure, yeah, of course. This weekend a Pegasus with all these stories will find a writing partner?

      • Neck discomfort is a bitch that is sending messages, none of which are welcome.
        Can be arthritis if an elder, strain from reading writing, concentrating, a ‘spur’ on vertebrae, tension of day to day living or something nastier that a cranial adjuster /chiropractor is needed for.
        Heat in the form of tiger balm, heated wheat pad, self massage,volcanic hot stone placement,rotation excercises from Physio and memory foam pillows especially ease it.
        After 9 months a referral to a neurologist maybe the call.
        Pain? I say replace it with Pleasure 🙂

        • And there is fine line between surf fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot…

          Hang on…I meant to say there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain

          I got my Chrissie’s and Steve’s mixed up.

      • From an energetic POV, neck, throat, mouth, or thyroid issues all tend to point to imbalance in the Throat Chakra. Are you holding back words, my love, and perhaps not expressing your Truth? I know you have expressed feeling like you have difficulty with communication in general, but might it be just a matter of connecting to people who speak your language? FWIW, I hear you loud and clear <3

        Blocked or overactive, imbalance can go either way. On the other end of the spectrum, I knew a woman with thyroid problems and such severe neck issues she was actually in need of surgery. Extremely critical (misdirected Virgo energy) and never liked to talk about her feelings; just kind of compartmentalized everything and tucked it away….the correlation was just so bleeding obvious. An overactive Throat Chakra can also relate to too much complaining, negative talk, gossip, or just excessive chattering in general.

        Music and singing help this chakra; music because it so often expresses how we feel when we can’t find the words, and singing helps to move the energy in a very physical way regardless of whether or not one is a particularly “good” singer – try to let go of that judgment and look at it purely as a health thing. If you practice yoga (and even if you don’t), try playing with the ujjayi breath regularly because that slight constriction of the throat as the air swirls over it and energizes the lungs improves the flow of energy through this center. Another thing is to use hot or cool beverages (hot for underactive issues, cool for overactive problems) and really focus on the sensation when swallowing, visualizing that liquid as bringing out the beautiful and vibrant blue of the Throat Chakra as it helps to warm an underactive one or cool an overactive. You could also adorn your neck with a turquoise necklace/choker or blue-colored scarf to augment this energy center. Definitely work your Mercury and give it constructive outlets.

        Somewhat as an aside, this may sound crazy but for physical neck problems checking the eyes is actually important – especially as we age. If we’re having vision problems and can’t see/read something well, we tend to stretch our neck forward or back (depending on whether we are nearsighted or farsighted) to compensate and that can fuq neck alignment while putting unnecessary tension on the surrounding muscles as well. Love to you!

    • I hear sometimes has nothing to do with neck but can be a hip alignment thing or even a foot or ankle injury that we never quite re-adjusted our settings from.

    • These are all amazing and I ironically can’t respond atm, but all duly noted, will type response soon. Lovelies.

    • actually i can’t form a response. i’ve thought about it a lot, and my voice is unable to tell the truth because the whole truth isn’t short and all the words in the world don’t convey it anyway.

      its all just a hot mess. chakras, vertebrae, all out of my hands. silence in an echo chamber, in real life. thank you, always, for being real where you are and i’m sorry i can’t figure out how to real on here.

  11. I love the post MM. Thank you for the info on the cosmic egg and the beautiful images. After almost a decade of living in the Northern Hemisphere, I find it hard wrapping my head around celebrating rebirth in Autumn now I’m back in the Southern Henisphere.

  12. my check-out chick’s name today was Gaia–and i thought this must be a sign, i am on the gaian way–the beautiful thing either way sign or not

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